Agusta-Bell Production List

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There're 25 aircraft made by Agusta-Bell.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  40-HEK0000 Agusta-Bell AB-412EP25931215Montenegro
  5010000 Agusta-Bell AB-412EP25931215Turkey
5B-CAF0000 Agusta-Bell 47-J2A Ranger20711Cyprus
  D-HACK0000 Agusta-Bell 47-J2A Ranger20711United Kingdom
  D-HAFC1972 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II832315Germany
  D-HGAR1992 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger III973515Netherlands
  D-HMIT0000 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger III825615
  D-HOON0000 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger III859715Germany
G-BFRW1964 Agusta-Bell Sioux AH.1155713United Kingdom
G-USAI0000 Agusta-Bell 47-J2A Ranger20711East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  HA18-60000 Agusta-Bell 212Plus55620Spain
HB-XDY0000 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II833515Switzerland
I-AGSF0000 Agusta-Bell AB-41225542218Italy
  I-AGSO0000 Agusta-Bell AB-41225560218Italy
JW95070000 Agusta-Bell AB-412EP25977215Tanzania, United Republic of
JW95080000 Agusta-Bell AB-412EP25980215Tanzania, United Republic of
  L-5580000 Agusta-Bell AB-21232107115Lebanon
L-5600000 Agusta-Bell AB-21232...214Lebanon
  MM813590000 Agusta-Bell AB-412 Griffon255832Italy
  OH-HID0000 Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger210314Finland
PK-HCO0000 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II833515Indonesia
  VF-590000 Agusta-Bell AB-412VF-592
VH-MQU1964 Agusta-Bell Sioux AH.1155713Australia
VH-UTB1984 Agusta-Bell 206B867615New South Wales, Australia
XT1451964 Agusta-Bell Sioux AH.1155713United Kingdom