Airbus Production List

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There're 25193 aircraft made by Airbus.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  00012001 Airbus ACJ319 (A319-133/CJ)14682Venezuela
  00072013 Airbus A400M Atlas0074116Orléans – Bricy, France
  00080000 Airbus A400M Atlas0084France
  00102014 Airbus A400M Atlas0104Orléans – Bricy, France
00112013 Airbus A400M Atlas0114Orléans-Bricy, France
  00122014 Airbus A400M Atlas0124Orléans – Bricy, France
  00142014 Airbus A400M Atlas0144Orléans-Bricy, France
  00192015 Airbus A400M Atlas0194Orléans – Bricy, France
00312015 Airbus A400M Atlas0314Orléans – Bricy, France
00532016 Airbus A400M Atlas0534Orléans – Bricy, France
00622017 Airbus A400M Atlas0624Orléans-Bricy, France
  00732018 Airbus A400M Atlas0734Orléans-Bricy, France
00892019 Airbus A400M-180 Atlas0894France
  0412018 Airbus A330-203/MRTT Phénix173523Istres-Le Tubé, France
0412016 Airbus A330-200MRTT Phoenix17352France
0472021 Airbus A330-243MRTT19982France
  0482021 Airbus A330-243MRTT20072France
  0502022 Airbus A330-243MRTT20112France
0811995 Airbus A340-2110814France
0871989 Airbus A320-2110872
  0H-LXC2001 Airbus A320-21415442159Finland
  10 021989 Airbus A310-3044992Germany
  10 032020 Airbus A350-9414162Germany
  10 211989 Airbus A310-3044982185Germany
  10 221989 Airbus A310-3044992Germany
  10 231989 Airbus A310-3045032Germany
  10 241987 Airbus A310-304/MRT4342Germany
  10 251988 Airbus A310-304/MRTT4842Germany
  10 261989 Airbus A310-304/MRTT5222Germany
  10 271989 Airbus A310-304/MRTT5232Germany
  13-00092013 Airbus A400M Atlas0094Turkey
  13002009 Airbus A330-243/MRTT10802United Arab Emirates
  13012010 Airbus A330-243/MRTT118623United Arab Emirates
13022011 Airbus A330-243/MRTT12502United Arab Emirates
13742001 Airbus A320-23313742300
14-00132014 Airbus A400M Atlas0134Turkey
  15 012009 Airbus ACJ319 (A319-133/CJ)38972Germany
  15 022009 Airbus ACJ319 (A319-133/CJ)40602Germany
  15 020000 Airbus A319-115(CJ)46464660Germany
  15 022009 Airbus A319-115X40602
  15 032000 Airbus A319-133CJ12122Germany
  15 042000 Airbus A321-23112142190Germany
  15+012009 Airbus A319-133(CJ)38972
  15+030000 Airbus A319-10012122Germany
  15+040000 Airbus A321-20012142
15-00282015 Airbus A400M Atlas0284Turkey
  15-00510000 Airbus A400M-1800514Turkey
  150011998 Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304(F))4462194Ontario, Canada
  150021988 Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304(F))4822194Ontario, Canada
  150031986 Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304(F))4252194Canada
  150041987 Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304(F))4442194Ontario, Canada
  150051987 Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304(F))4412194Ontario, Canada
  16 011999 Airbus A340-313X2744Germany
  16 022000 Airbus A340-313X3554247Germany
  16+011999 Airbus A340-3132744Germany
  16+022000 Airbus A340-3133554Germany
  16-00552017 Airbus A400M-180 Atlas0554Turkey
  17-00780000 Airbus A400M0784
  17-00802017 Airbus A400M Atlas0804
  1772019 Airbus C-295MS-1772Philippines
  18-0012017 Airbus KC-330 Cygnus17872Korea, Republic of
  18-00930000 Airbus A400M Atlas0934Turkey
  18-00940000 Airbus A400M Atlas0944Turkey
19-0032018 Airbus KC-330 Cygnus18832Korea, Republic of
19-0042018 Airbus A330-243MRTT18912Korea, Republic of
2-AAFG2006 Airbus A320-21427642Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ABIE2008 Airbus A319-11233852100United Kingdom
2-ABIF2008 Airbus A319-11233882100United Kingdom
2-ACSB2007 Airbus A319-11230432Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSC2007 Airbus A319-11230942135Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ACSE2008 Airbus A319-11234362135Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSF2008 Airbus A319-11136602135Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSG2008 Airbus A319-11234062135Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSJ2002 Airbus A320-21418732178Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSL2004 Airbus A319-11122452156Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ACSN1999 Airbus A320-2149732Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ACUA2008 Airbus A330-2029472Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ACUB2008 Airbus A330-2029562253Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ADET2001 Airbus A319-11216012Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AERD1999 Airbus A330-2232752202Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AERE2006 Airbus A319-13227392132Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-AGCC2006 Airbus A340-6427664Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AGDD2007 Airbus A340-642X7984Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ANBA2006 Airbus A320-21429642162Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATCD2000 Airbus A321-23113662Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATTE1999 Airbus A319-11210182126United Kingdom
  2-ATTF1997 Airbus A319-1127342116Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AVLD2012 Airbus A320-21451662180Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AVOF2007 Airbus A319-13330772Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AVRA1996 Airbus A340-3111154270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-AVRB1997 Airbus A340-313X1804270Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-BHXG1998 Airbus A340-3132084265
2-CAIY2004 Airbus A319-11122142156Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CCLF2004 Airbus A319-11220782Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CCLN2009 Airbus ACJ318 (A318-112/CJ)38862United Kingdom
2-CETH1999 Airbus A321-2319682210Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CETJ1999 Airbus A321-2319742214Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CGLE1996 Airbus A340-3131464289Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-COTJ2004 Airbus A330-2436322Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CPRO2013 Airbus A330-343X14822Guernsey, United Kingdom