Beechcraft Production List

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There're 1191 aircraft made by Beechcraft.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  06-38510000 Beechcraft T-6APT-40612Ohio, United States
  07431979 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-460211Argentina
08-03362008 Beechcraft MC-12W HuronFL-3362United States
08-03762008 Beechcraft MC-12W HuronFL-3762United States
  09-006442009 Beechcraft MC-12S HuronFL-6442United States
  097710000 Beechcraft RC-45J Expeditor43426Pensacola, FL, United States
  10-002572010 Beechcraft C-12V-1 Huron (B200)BL-160213
  10-002580000 Beechcraft C-12V-1 HuronBL-163213New Jersey, United States
  10-002590000 Beechcraft C-12V HuronBL-164215Alabama, United States
  10-002602010 Beechcraft C-12V-1 HuronBL-165213Germany
  10-002610000 Beechcraft C-12V HuronBL-169211United States
  10-007392010 Beechcraft MC-12S EMARSSFL-7392United States
  10-06462010 Beechcraft MC-12W LibertyFL-6462
  10182016 Beechcraft 350ER/ALSRFL-10182France
13070000 Beechcraft T-6C+ Texan IIPM-3112Mexico
  14-000642014 Beechcraft T-6D Texan IIn/a12AL, United States
14-000652015 Beechcraft T-6D Texan IINot found 14-006512Alabama, United States
14-000660000 Beechcraft T-6D Texan IINot found 14-0006612Alabama, United States
14-000672015 Beechcraft T-6D Texan IINot found 14-0006712Alabama, United States
14-000680000 Beechcraft T-6D Texan IINot found 14-006812Alabama, United States
1406740000 Beechcraft T-34BBG-802United States
1406870000 Beechcraft T-34BBG-2112United States
1608401977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-228Texas, United States
  1608421977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-428Washington, United States
  1608431977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-526United States
  1608451977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-72
  1608481977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1028United States
  1608491977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1126United States
  1608501977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1226United States
  1608511977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1328Washington, United States
1608521977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1428United States
  1608531977 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1528United States
  1608551978 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1728Washington, United States
  1608561978 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1828Washington, United States
1608580000 Beechcraft T-44A PegesusLL-4028United States
  1609570000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-14312United States
1609680000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-202Texas, United States
  1609690000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-2128Washington, United States
  1609731978 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-2528Washington, United States
  1609741978 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-262United States
1609750000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-2728United States
  1609770000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-2926United States
  1609790000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3126United States
  1609811978 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3326United States
1609820000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-342Texas, United States
  1609830000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3526United States
  1609840000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3626United States
  1609850000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3726United States
  1610460000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-17412United States
  1610500000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-17812United States
  1610571979 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-3926Washington, United States
  1610581979 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-1028United States
  1610600000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4226Washington, United States
  1610610000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4326Washington, United States
  1610620000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4426United States
  1610630000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4526Washington, United States
  1610640000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4626Washington, United States
  1610650000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4726United States
  1610660000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-4826Washington, United States
  1610701979 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5226Washington, United States
  1610720000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5426United States
  1610730000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5526Washington, United States
  1610740000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5626Washington, United States
  1610750000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5726Washington, United States
  1610770000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-5926United States
  1610790000 Beechcraft T-44A PegasusLL-6126United States
  1611990000 Beechcraft TC-12B HuronBJ-15217United States
  1622910000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-28912United States
  1626420000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-32712United States
  1626440000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-32912United States
  1641610000 Beechcraft T-34C MentorGL-34112United States
  1693192015 Beechcraft UC-12W HuronFM-61218USA, United States
1695390000 Beechcraft UC-12WFM-712Japan
20-11010000 Beechcraft AT-6E WolverineNot found 20-110112Georgia, United States
20-11020000 Beechcraft AT-6E WolverineNot found 20-110212Georgia, United States
20070000 Beechcraft T-6C+ Texan IIPM-5612Mexico
  23-0552002 Beechcraft King Air 350 (LR-2 Hayabusa)FL-331219Japan
  230540000 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-30728Japan
230560000 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-38228Japan
230572009 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-677219Japan
230582016 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-10132Japan
231331978 Beechcraft JC-12CBC-69213Maryland, United States
237331944 Beechcraft UC-43 Traveler691314United States
  296460000 Beechcraft TC-45J Navigator782226Arizona, United States
  4020000 Beechcraft C-12R HuronBB-17332Greece
43-354921943 Beechcraft C-45-3T Expeditor I58682United States
  44-760681944 Beechcraft UC-43 Traveler691314Dayton, OH, United States
  4X-AIJ0000 Beechcraft C24RMC-65514Israel
  50-7351950 Beechcraft YT-34-BH MentorG-412Castle AFB, CA, United States
  50011990 Beechcraft B200 Super King AirBB-1375211Turkey
  58-13591958 Beechcraft RU-8D-BH SeminoleLH-18628Ft. Rucker, AL, United States
  5B-CJM1991 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-14062France
  5H-SPB1997 Beechcraft 1900DUE-300220Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-SPC1997 Beechcraft 1900DUE-319220Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-TZX1985 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-11960Tanzania, United Republic of
  5N-MPB1999 Beechcraft 350 Super King AirFL-238219
  5U-ABV0000 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-431211Niger
  66-153611966 Beechcraft VC-6ALJ-1532United States
66020000 Beechcraft T-6C+ Texan IIPM-2612Chihuahua, Mexico
66040000 Beechcraft T-6C+ Texan IIPM-2812Chihuahua, Mexico