Birdman Production List

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There're 323 aircraft made by Birdman.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
C-GXZL1979 Birdman TL-14 9 5111Manitoba, Canada
C-IABS1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC121911Alberta, Canada
C-IACF1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC13611Alberta, Canada
C-IACU1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC132111Alberta, Canada
C-IADW1981 Birdman ATLAS XC0109207111Manitoba, Canada
C-IAER1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC151811Alberta, Canada
C-IAEY1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC152511Alberta, Canada
C-IAFV1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT IITC162211Alberta, Canada
C-IAGB1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0122212Saskatchewan, Canada
  C-IAGQ1981 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC171711Alberta, Canada
C-IAGX1981 Birdman ATLAS XCTC172411Alberta, Canada
C-IAHJ1981 Birdman ATLASTC181011Alberta, Canada
C-IAHP1983 Birdman ATLASTC181611Alberta, Canada
C-IAHV1981 Birdman ATLASTC182211Alberta, Canada
C-IAIK1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC191111Alberta, Canada
C-IAJA1982 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC110111Manitoba, Canada
C-IAJE1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC110511Alberta, Canada
C-IAJT1980 Birdman ATLAS0101311011Alberta, Canada
C-IAKP1982 Birdman ATLAS XC 300TC1111611Alberta, Canada
C-IAKV1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC1112211Alberta, Canada
C-IALM1982 Birdman ATLAS XCTC1121311Alberta, Canada
C-IAMB1982 Birdman ATLAS XC 300TC113211Ontario, Canada
C-IAMJ1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC1131011Alberta, Canada
C-IAMK1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0126711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAMP1982 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC1131611Alberta, Canada
C-IAMW1984 Birdman CHINOOK0011711Ontario, Canada
C-IANB1982 Birdman ATLAS XC 21500911Alberta, Canada
C-IANY1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC1142511Alberta, Canada
C-IAOR1986 Birdman CHINOOK 2S0090212Prince Edward Island, Canada
C-IAOZ1987 Birdman CHINOOK 2S0127212Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAPM1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II1611Nova Scotia, Canada
C-IAPR1983 Birdman CHINOOK3911British Columbia, Canada
C-IAQE1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0140212British Columbia, Canada
C-IAQJ1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0138212British Columbia, Canada
C-IAQO1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0136212Ontario, Canada
C-IAQR1982 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC 1171811Quebec, Canada
C-IAQW1987 Birdman CHINOOK 2S0141212Yukon, Canada
C-IARQ1981 Birdman ATLASTC1181711Alberta, Canada
C-IARS1983 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC1181911Alberta, Canada
C-IASA1986 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0065212Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-IASG1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0134212Alberta, Canada
C-IASU1983 Birdman ATLAS 2-ATC1192111Quebec, Canada
C-IASV1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC1192211Alberta, Canada
C-IATF1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC01200611Alberta, Canada
C-IATI1987 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0137212Alberta, Canada
C-IATM1982 Birdman ATLAS 3A314273011Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAUO1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC1211511Alberta, Canada
C-IAUP1982 Birdman ATLAS XCTC01211611Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAUU1984 Birdman CHINOOK WT II216711Alberta, Canada
C-IAVA1982 Birdman ATLASTC122111Alberta, Canada
C-IAVL1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC1221211Alberta, Canada
C-IAVS1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC1221911Alberta, Canada
C-IAWA1982 Birdman ATLASTC123111Quebec, Canada
C-IAWP1982 Birdman ATLAS0105704111Ontario, Canada
C-IAWQ1981 Birdman ATLAS A-215 WEIGHT SHIFT0109707111Alberta, Canada
C-IAWT1983 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC01232011Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAWZ1983 Birdman ATLAS 3ATC01232611British Columbia, Canada
C-IAXF1982 Birdman ATLAS XCTC01240611Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAXK1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0020711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAXP1982 Birdman ATLAS XCTC1241611Nunavut, Canada
C-IAYL1982 Birdman ATLAS SONARTC01251211Quebec, Canada
C-IAYY1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0021711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAZF1981 Birdman ATLAS176 895211Ontario, Canada
C-IAZO1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT IITC1261512Alberta, Canada
C-IAZT1984 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0203711Alberta, Canada
C-IBAJ1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC211011Alberta, Canada
C-IBBR1988 Birdman CHINOOK WT-2S0143212Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBDU1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II2311Yukon, Canada
C-IBEF1983 Birdman CHINOOK IITC25611Alberta, Canada
C-IBEN1985 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0340711Quebec, Canada
C-IBES1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0160712Ontario, Canada
C-IBEY1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC252511Alberta, Canada
C-IBFA1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0078711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBFE1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC26511Alberta, Canada
C-IBFP1982 Birdman ATLAS 300TC261611Alberta, Canada
C-IBFW1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0152711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBFY1981 Birdman THE ATLAS0107706112Ontario, Canada
C-IBGK1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II1811Alberta, Canada
C-IBGR1984 Birdman CHINOOK II0153711Alberta, Canada
C-IBIA1981 Birdman ATLAS 215 XC0104204111Alberta, Canada
C-IBIK1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0007711Alberta, Canada
C-IBIU1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC292111Alberta, Canada
C-IBIZ1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0009711Alberta, Canada
C-IBJE1982 Birdman ATLAS 300 XCTC210511Alberta, Canada
C-IBJH1983 Birdman CHINOOK6511Quebec, Canada
C-IBJM1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II6611Quebec, Canada
C-IBJQ1988 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0092711Ontario, Canada
C-IBKJ1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0008711Alberta, Canada
C-IBKV1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0001711Alberta, Canada
C-IBLG1981 Birdman ATLASTC212711Alberta, Canada
C-IBLN1984 Birdman ATLAS 2-ATC02121411Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBLS1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0026711Alberta, Canada
C-IBLY1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC2122511Alberta, Canada
C-IBNN1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0161711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBOJ1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC02151011Alberta, Canada
C-IBOW1984 Birdman CHINOOK0017212Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBPE1988 Birdman CHINOOK 2S0144212Manitoba, Canada
C-IBPU1983 Birdman CHINOOK WT II0053711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IBQC1982 Birdman ATLAS 215 XCTC02170311Alberta, Canada
C-IBQG1983 Birdman CHINOOK0040711British Columbia, Canada