Champion Production List

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There're 2770 aircraft made by Champion.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
C-FNVF1958 Champion 7FC7FC-2261Ontario, Canada
C-FOFQ1962 Champion 7GCB7GCB 1371Quebec, Canada
C-FOFS1962 Champion 7EC7621Ontario, Canada
C-FOFY1962 Champion 7GCB7GCB 1421Quebec, Canada
C-FOGW1956 Champion 7GC7GC-301Ontario, Canada
C-FOGX1959 Champion 7GC541British Columbia, Canada
C-FOHJ1962 Champion 7GCB1181Ontario, Canada
C-FOJB1958 Champion 7FC7FC 1251Alberta, Canada
C-FOMA1962 Champion 7GCB7GCB-1301Alberta, Canada
C-FOMT1959 Champion 7GC1601Ontario, Canada
C-FOMY1961 Champion 7GCB7GCB 891Saskatchewan, Canada
  C-FOVA1960 Champion 7GCB441Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FOVD1959 Champion 7GC7GC-5013British Columbia, Canada
C-FOWK1962 Champion 7EC7EC 7671Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FPAX1968 Champion 7GCBC1321Quebec, Canada
C-FPLF1963 Champion 7GCB7GCB 1831Quebec, Canada
  C-FPTR1962 Champion 7GCB1491Ontario, Canada
C-FPZF1964 Champion 7GCB1911Quebec, Canada
  C-FPZQ1964 Champion 7FC4701Quebec, Canada
C-FQFU1966 Champion 7GCAA Citabria101Alberta, Canada
C-FQIT1957 Champion 7FC841Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FQKY1967 Champion 7GCBC161Quebec, Canada
C-FQYY1967 Champion 7GCAA Citabria1421Quebec, Canada
  C-FRDW1946 Champion 7AC7AC-31691Quebec, Canada
C-FRLX1964 Champion 7ECA Citabria151Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FRMI1960 Champion 7GCB7GCB-541Manitoba, Canada
C-FRNX1964 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 51Quebec, Canada
C-FRNY1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria291British Columbia, Canada
C-FRPE1960 Champion 7GC7GC-1611Ontario, Canada
C-FRTM1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 3191Manitoba, Canada
C-FSCQ1965 Champion 7ECAX Citabria76X1Ontario, Canada
C-FSEM1966 Champion 7GCBC131Quebec, Canada
C-FSEO1965 Champion 7GCB7GCB 3251Quebec, Canada
C-FSIA1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria1831Manitoba, Canada
  C-FSIB1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria18413Quebec, Canada
C-FSKT0000 Champion 7GCBC1713Alberta, Canada
C-FSOL1965 Champion 7GCAA Citabria7GCAA 191Ontario, Canada
  C-FSPH1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 26713British Columbia, Canada
C-FSPI1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 2681Alberta, Canada
  C-FSPJ1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 33213Alberta, Canada
C-FSRR1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 2951Manitoba, Canada
C-FSSE2009 Champion 7ECA Citabria1403-20091Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FSUX1968 Champion 7GCBC561Ontario, Canada
C-FSVR1957 Champion 7FC7FC-331Manitoba, Canada
C-FTBE1965 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 491British Columbia, Canada
C-FTBW1966 Champion 7GCAA Citabria6712Manitoba, Canada
  C-FTEY1958 Champion 7FC1811Quebec, Canada
C-FTRU1969 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 7211Quebec, Canada
  C-FTSP1969 Champion 7GCBC202-701Ontario, Canada
C-FUBV1955 Champion 7ECX7EC 364X1Quebec, Canada
C-FUBY1960 Champion 7EC7JC-241Alberta, Canada
C-FUMR1966 Champion 7GCAA Citabria831British Columbia, Canada
C-FUMS1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria4241British Columbia, Canada
C-FUNP1966 Champion 7GCBC511Alberta, Canada
C-FUPV2002 Champion 7GCAA Citabria466-20021Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FUVT1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria4831British Columbia, Canada
  C-FUZM1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria52313Yukon, Canada
C-FUZN1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria5241Ontario, Canada
C-FUZX1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria2421Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FVAQ1967 Champion 7ECAX Citabria7ECA 564X1Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FVCU1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 4801Alberta, Canada
C-FVEE1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria5261Quebec, Canada
C-FVMT1966 Champion 7GCBC851Ontario, Canada
C-FVOO1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 2891Quebec, Canada
C-FVPG1960 Champion 7GCB7GCB 81Ontario, Canada
C-FVTG1967 Champion 7GCBC931Manitoba, Canada
C-FVVT1967 Champion 7GCBC361British Columbia, Canada
C-FVYL1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria3431British Columbia, Canada
C-FWEQ1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 4361Ontario, Canada
C-FWEX1959 Champion 7GC7GC 1371Manitoba, Canada
C-FWEY1960 Champion 7GC1531Quebec, Canada
  C-FWJA1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria5521Manitoba, Canada
C-FWOQ1959 Champion 7FC7FC-32713Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FWRU1968 Champion 7ECA Citabria5921Quebec, Canada
C-FWTZ1957 Champion 7EC7EC-6291Ontario, Canada
C-FWUN1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria4871British Columbia, Canada
C-FWVB1967 Champion 7ECA Citabria4911British Columbia, Canada
C-FWYD1963 Champion 7GCB7GCB-1811Ontario, Canada
C-FWYP1962 Champion 7GC7HC-361Manitoba, Canada
  C-FXAN1968 Champion 7GCBC581Ontario, Canada
C-FXEK1968 Champion 7ECA Citabria5881Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FXPY1967 Champion 7GCAA Citabria1641New Brunswick, Canada
C-FXRN1996 Champion 7ECA Citabria1358-961Alberta, Canada
  C-FXSZ1968 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 60213Ontario, Canada
C-FXTL1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 2081Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FXVV1959 Champion 7EC3201Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FXYW1962 Champion 7GCB1211Ontario, Canada
C-FYEG1969 Champion 7ECA Citabria6581Ontario, Canada
C-FYHK1961 Champion 7GCB7GCBA 871British Columbia, Canada
C-FYOW1969 Champion 7GCBC1721Alberta, Canada
C-FYQA1960 Champion 7GCA42013Manitoba, Canada
C-FYQM1946 Champion 7BCM 7DC (CONV)X4292X1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
  C-FYSP1969 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 69613Ontario, Canada
C-FYTI1969 Champion 7ECA Citabria7ECA 6971British Columbia, Canada
C-FZFR1958 Champion 7EC7EC 6761Manitoba, Canada
C-FZIO1960 Champion 7GCB251Quebec, Canada
C-FZKN1971 Champion 7GCBC311-711Manitoba, Canada
C-FZLE1970 Champion 7ECA Citabria791 711Ontario, Canada
C-FZLF1970 Champion 7GCBC297 711British Columbia, Canada
C-FZUC1966 Champion 7ECA Citabria4351Ontario, Canada