Douglas Production List

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There're 11900 aircraft made by Douglas.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  0-208550000 Douglas C-124 Globemaster IINot found 0-208554Germany
  0-490471944 Douglas C-54E Skymaster272734Korea, Republic of
00581944 Douglas CT-32 Condor103854Argentina
0061944 Douglas DC3C (C-47B-30-DK)33049232Israel
0081943 Douglas C-47B Skytrain14609/26054232Israel
0161943 Douglas DC3C-R (C-47B-5-DK)14423232Israel
0160000 Douglas C-47B Skytrain14424/258692Israel
0170000 Douglas C-47A Skytrain19446232Israel
  01721942 Douglas C-47A-30-DL Skytrain9578232Argentina
030000 Douglas A-4H Ayit1393711Israel
0351943 Douglas C-47B-25-DK Skytrain (Dakota III)16007/32755232Israel
0401943 Douglas C-47A-1-DK Dakota III (C-47A)11923232Israel
0421944 Douglas C-47B Skytrain162832Israel
0441943 Douglas C-47B-25-DK Skytrain (Dakota III)16007/32755232Israel
  049590000 Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer0495911NY, United States
050601942 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (R4D-1)4660232United States
059281945 Douglas C-47B Skytrain16931/34189232Morocco
  065080000 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless124512FL, United States
06540000 Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk1211811Argentina
06550000 Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk1212811Buenos Aires, Argentina
06570000 Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk1216111Argentina
  065830000 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless132012Mobile, AL, United States
  066240000 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless143912Kalamazoo, MI, United States
  066940000 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless150912United States
  068330000 Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless170812FL, United States
  069000000 Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless177512California, United States
07440000 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk1228111Bahía Blanca, Argentina
08221952 Douglas C-479041232
  091020000 Douglas XBT2D-1 Skyraider193011NY, United States
092571947 Douglas AD-1 Skyraider09257/208511United States
093-7041943 Douglas EC-47Q136452Korea, Republic of
1010121942 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (C-47A)19475232Norway
103581944 Douglas C-54A Skymaster10358460France
  105750000 Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless256512IL, United States
  1061942 Douglas C-47A Skytrain11867232El Salvador
1080000 Douglas C-47D Skytrain15321232
  1091944 Douglas TC-47D15962/327102El Salvador
109161944 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (C-47B)16095232Canada
1101944 Douglas VC-47D Skytrain33546232El Salvador
  1111940 Douglas C-47A Skytrain19460232Germany
  1141943 Douglas C-47B Skytrain20745232El Salvador
1185161942 Douglas C-4746082Chad
12-0031943 Douglas C-47B Skytrain25970232Turkey
  1228110000 Douglas A-1E Skyraider693311Philadelphia, PA, United States
123001944 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (C-47A)12300232
123041943 Douglas C-47 Dakota 312304232Greece
1238271949 Douglas AD-4713311United States
  1241943 Douglas C-47A-30-DL Skytrain9568232El Salvador
124041942 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (R4D-1)6070232United States
  124121942 Douglas RD4-8433992AZ, United States
  1241430000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider744913
1241560000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider746213United States
  124181942 Douglas LC-47H-20-DL Skytrain9358230Florida, United States
124201951 Douglas DC-3S/R4D-8 (C-117D Skytrain)43312332United States
  124361942 Douglas C-47H0961922FL, United States
124371952 Douglas Super R4D-843393232United States
124431952 Douglas C-117D Skytrain43327232United States
124581942 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (C-47A)12458232Canada
  1245870000 Douglas XF4D-1 Skyray746411California, United States
  1245981951 Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight746822Pensacola, Florida, United States
  1246180000 Douglas F3D-2748022VA, United States
  1246200000 Douglas EF-10B Skynight749022Rhode Island, United States
  1246290000 Douglas TF-10B Skynight749922AZ, United States
  1246300000 Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight750022California, United States
  1246630000 Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight753322United States
  124711943 Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Dakota III)12471232
  1254130000 Douglas XA3D-1 Skywarrior75892United States
  1254851954 Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark759611Idaho Falls, ID, United States
1257160000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider760913United States
1257390000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider763213California, United States
  1258071953 Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight800122United States
  1258500000 Douglas EF-10B SkyknightNot found 12585022CA, United States
  1258690000 Douglas EF-1B Skyknight806422United States
1258700000 Douglas EF-10B Skynight806422California, United States
1269030000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider770313France,
1269221948 Douglas A-1D Skyraider (AD-4NA)772212
1269240000 Douglas A-1D (AD-4N Skyraider)772412United States
1269351952 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider773512
1269590000 Douglas A-1D Skyraider (AD-4NA)775911
1269651952 Douglas A-1D Skyraider (AD-4NA)776512Chad
1269700000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider777013United States
1269700000 Douglas AD-4777011United States
  1269790000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider777911France
  1269970000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider779711United States
1269980000 Douglas A-1D Skyraider (AD-4NA)779811United States
  1270020000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider780211
  1270070000 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider780713United States
  1270740000 Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight813222NY, United States
1278891952 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider790412California, United States
  1279220000 Douglas AD-4W Skyraider793713CA, United States
  1284241951 Douglas VC-118B Liftmaster43207496
1284271952 Douglas VC-118B Liftmaster432104North Carolina, United States
  1284311952 Douglas VC-118B Liftmaster (R6D-1)43404496United States
  1284321952 Douglas VC-118B Liftmaster (R6D-1)43405496United States
1284330000 Douglas C-118B Liftmaster43517496United States
128720000 Douglas CC-129 Dakota15196/266412Alberta, Canada
129011943 Douglas CC-129 Dakota 4264412Canada
129071945 Douglas C-47B Skytrain27187232Canada
129120000 Douglas CC-129 Dakota 312307232Canada
129131943 Douglas CC-129 (C-47A-5-DK) Dakota 312327232Canada