Gulfstream Production List

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There're 337 aircraft made by Gulfstream.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  0031992 Gulfstream Gulfstream IV1163222Turkey
  01-00292002 Gulfstream C-37A6242United States
  020000 Gulfstream C-37A638212United States
100760000 Gulfstream C-37ANot Found 100762United States
  1020000 Gulfstream Gulfstream V6382United States
  1020010000 Gulfstream Tp102C (Gulfstream IV)10142Sweden
  11-05502010 Gulfstream C-37B Gulfstream II5297220
  2-GJJA2017 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6306220Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2491983 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III413221Ireland
3D-ABH0000 Gulfstream 980 Commander950092Swaziland
  6762002 Gulfstream G-V Nachshon Shavit676220Israel
  6792002 Gulfstream G-V Nachshon Shavit679220Israel
  6842002 Gulfstream G-V Nachshon Shavit684220Israel
75-32511996 Gulfstream U-412702Japan
  8P-ASD2016 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)62452Barbados
  9H-OAM0000 Gulfstream G45040182Malta
  9M-ISJ1989 Gulfstream IVSP11062Malaysia
  A40-AD0000 Gulfstream V-SP (G-550)53202Oman
  A6-DEJ1999 Gulfstream G1159D5640United Arab Emirates
A6-HEH1982 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III356221United Arab Emirates
  A6-INF0000 Gulfstream III4912United Arab Emirates
  A6-ZAB1981 Gulfstream G1159A Gulfstream III3292United Arab Emirates
  A7-CGA2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61532Qatar
  A7-CGC2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61792Qatar
A7-CGF2018 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63662Qatar
  A7-CGG2019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)64012Qatar
  A9C-BHR2008 Gulfstream 450 (IVSP)41562Bahrain
AF-0012018 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63352Zambia
AF0012018 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63352Zambia
  B-39880000 Gulfstream G5505532220China
  B-KDP0000 Gulfstream G-V5142
  C-FNAO1983 Gulfstream 690C117312Saskatchewan, Canada
  C-FNRM1981 Gulfstream 690C116922Alberta, Canada
C-GLFG2015 Gulfstream GV-SP54912Alberta, Canada
C-GMPP1983 Gulfstream 690C11732211Alberta, Canada
C-GPBX1983 Gulfstream 695A96060211Alberta, Canada
C-GSHQ1982 Gulfstream 695A96054211British Columbia, Canada
  CC-CWK2006 Gulfstream G1502192Chile
  CN-ANU1982 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III365220Morocco
  CN-MMT0000 Gulfstream G55052712Morocco
CP-16401981 Gulfstream 980 Commander950492Bolivia
CP-20501983 Gulfstream 695A96055211Bolivia
CP-21401983 Gulfstream 695A96056211Bolivia
CP-27101983 Gulfstream 695A96066211Bolivia
  D-ADCL2013 Gulfstream G55054352Germany
  D-CKDM2007 Gulfstream G150235211Germany
D-IBAR0000 Gulfstream 980 Commander950542Germany
D-IBEI0000 Gulfstream 840 Commander116232Germany
D-IBOY1983 Gulfstream 690C11732211Germany
  D-IHOP1981 Gulfstream 695A96005211Germany
  D-IHSI1980 Gulfstream Commander 695 Jetprop 980950392Germany
EC-KUM2008 Gulfstream Gulfstream V51550Spain
  EC-LZU2013 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)60662Spain
  EC-MUS2018 Gulfstream 65062972Spain
EJ-ADMI2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61712Ireland
  F-GGGY1961 Gulfstream G-159 Gulfstream I0802France
FAB-0191981 Gulfstream 980 Commander950492Bolivia
FAC54540000 Gulfstream 690D15010211Colombia
FAH-0061983 Gulfstream 695A96060211Honduras
G-BIEV1979 Gulfstream AA-5A CheetahAA5A-080314United Kingdom
G-BIJT1979 Gulfstream AA-5A CheetahAA5A-083314United Kingdom
  G-DSMR2018 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6329218United Kingdom
G-HADI1979 Gulfstream G-1159 Gulfstream II2352United Kingdom
  G-MSTC1979 Gulfstream AA-5A CheetahAA5A-083314United Kingdom
  G-VIOF2017 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63552United Kingdom
HK-3194X1983 Gulfstream 695A96060211Colombia
HK-32791981 Gulfstream 695A96072211Colombia
HL83722019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63782Korea, Republic of
  HS-KVS2019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6363218Thailand
HS-TFC1982 Gulfstream 690D15013211Thailand
  HZ-AFO1982 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III365220
  HZ-AFR1984 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III4102Saudi Arabia
  HZ-MS30000 Gulfstream G1159A Gulfstream III3850Saudi Arabia
  HZ-MS40000 Gulfstream G1159 IV SP13652Saudi Arabia
  JA500A2002 Gulfstream G-V6832Japan
  JA501A2003 Gulfstream G-V6892Japan
JA86002006 Gulfstream Commmander 695950700Tokyo, Japan
K-29600000 Gulfstream III SRA-1420221India
K-29621986 Gulfstream III SRA-14952India
LX-RAY2019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6417218Luxembourg
  M-ABJL2016 Gulfstream G650ER (G-VI)61982Isle of Man
M-ARDI2018 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63372Isle of Man
M-CKDM2007 Gulfstream G150235211Isle of Man
  M-FISH0000 Gulfstream Gulfstream V5062Isle of Man
M-GAGA2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61732Isle of Man
M-JSWB2017 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)62922Isle of Man
M-SOZO2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61342Isle of Man
M-SZSZ2019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63892Isle of Man
  M-YGIG2017 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63052Isle of Man
M-YGLF2017 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6291219Isle of Man
  M-YNNS2019 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)63942
M-YSIX2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)61562Isle of Man
  MM622932016 Gulfstream E-550A54292Italy
  MM623032017 Gulfstream E-550A54542Italy
N11983 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III413221
  N100ES2011 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)6014219California, United States
N100JS2019 Gulfstream GVII-G50072033222Utah, United States
  N105VS1982 Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream III370221CO, United States
N107AL2013 Gulfstream V-SP G55053952Delaware, United States
  N113CS2014 Gulfstream G-VI (G650ER)60902United States