Helio Production List

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There're 393 aircraft made by Helio.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
59-59561959 Helio H-500/U-5A Twin Courier0226United States
5B-CIH1984 Helio H-700 CourierH-712Cyprus
5Y-ANM0000 Helio H-250 Courier250516Kenya
62-36031961 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier53215United States
62-36040000 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier52716United States
  62-36061962 Helio U-10A Super Courier54015Hurlburt Field, FL, United States
62-36070000 Helio U-10A Super Courier53815United States
62-59141962 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier55415United States
62-59161962 Helio H-395/U10B Super Courier55615United States
63-130940000 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier59915United States
  63-130961963 Helio U-10D Super Courier60116United States
63-131700000 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier61715United States
63-131731963 Helio H-395/U10A Super Courier62615United States
63-131810000 Helio HT-295/U10A Super Courier63416United States
63-131851978 Helio H-395/U10B Super Courier63815AK, United States
63-81031963 Helio U-10B Super Courier57615United States
66-143371967 Helio H-295/U10D Super Courier123916United States
66-143441967 Helio H-295/U10D Super Courier124616United States
  66-143451967 Helio U-10D Super Courier124716Thailand
66-143471967 Helio H-295/U-10D Super Courier124916United States
66-143481967 Helio H-295/U10D Super Courier125016United States
66-143491966 Helio U-10D Super Courier125116United States
66-143531967 Helio U-10D Super Courier125516California, United States
  66-143601967 Helio HT-295/U-10D Super Courier126216United States
66-143611967 Helio U-10D Super Courier126316United States
66-143631966 Helio H-295/U10D Super Courier126516United States
66-143661967 Helio H-295/U10D Super Courier126816United States
66-143681967 Helio H-195/U-10D Super Courier127016United States
  71351963 Helio U-10B Super Courier57615Thailand
72-13241970 Helio AU-24A StallionHE-0091United States
9J-AAZ1968 Helio H-250 Courier253916Zambia
C-FCWP1965 Helio H-295 Super Cruiser250616Newfoundland, Canada
  C-FDIY1955 Helio H-391B Courier01114British Columbia, Canada
  C-FEFT1967 Helio H-250 Courier253316Manitoba, Canada
C-FEYZ1959 Helio H-395 Super Courier51415Alberta, Canada
C-FHKK1966 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier121216Alberta, Canada
C-FIPI1971 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier143416Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FIYZ1957 Helio H-391B Courier04514British Columbia, Canada
  C-FJRL1957 Helio H-391B Courier04914British Columbia, Canada
C-FLYZ1959 Helio H-395 Super Courier51016Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FNNB1961 Helio H-395A Super Courier100616Alberta, Canada
C-FSAA1961 Helio H-395 Super Courier52016Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FXOH1984 Helio H-800 CourierH-1412Nunavut, Canada
  C-FXQY1970 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier142316Alberta, Canada
  C-FYVI1965 Helio H-250 Courier252116Alberta, Canada
  C-FZTR1974 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier147316British Columbia, Canada
  C-FZWL1965 Helio H-250 Courier252512Quebec, Canada
  C-GBYA1965 Helio H-295 Super Cruiser250616Quebec, Canada
  C-GDAU1983 Helio H-800 CourierH-312Quebec, Canada
  C-GHDT1967 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier140116Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GIDG1964 Helio H-250 Courier251016British Columbia, Canada
C-GJHT1957 Helio H-391B Courier06214Quebec, Canada
C-GLKM1956 Helio H-391B Courier03414British Columbia, Canada
  C-GMHC1984 Helio H-700 CourierH-812Alberta, Canada
  C-GMYR1969 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier142516Ontario, Canada
  C-GOII1955 Helio H-391B Courier01114Canada
  C-GOOI1954 Helio H-391B Courier00114Quebec, Canada
C-GPRQ1966 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier123016Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
  C-GRRU1965 Helio H-250 Courier250916Alberta, Canada
C-GSFJ1963 Helio H-395 Super Courier58416Alberta, Canada
C-GSYO1958 Helio H-391B Courier09214Ontario, Canada
  C-GVKG1959 Helio H-395 Super Courier51915Yukon, Canada
  C-GXFB1966 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier122316Yukon, Canada
  C-GZZA1966 Helio H-250 II Courier252716Quebec, Canada
  C-GZZL1967 Helio U-10D Super Courier126316Ontario, Canada
CF-AFA1960 Helio H-395A Super Courier100416Alberta, Canada
CF-FIH1969 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier140916Canada
  CF-IKF1955 Helio H-391B Courier01814Alberta, Canada
CF-MQJ1958 Helio H-391B Courier07714British Columbia, Canada
CF-XUQ1959 Helio H-395 Super Courier51016Ontario, Canada
CR-LJG1968 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier128816Portugal
CS-AJE1968 Helio H-29514041Portugal
G-APXH0000 Helio H-391B Courier06114United Kingdom
G-ARLD1961 Helio H-395 Super Courier52216United Kingdom
G-ARMU1961 Helio H-395 Super Courier52316United Kingdom
G-ATGM1963 Helio H-395 Super Courier59316United Kingdom
  G-BAGT1968 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier128816United Kingdom
G-BGIX1974 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier146716United Kingdom
HB-EZA1957 Helio H-391B Courier06214Switzerland
MM910010000 Helio H-395 Super Courier Super Courier52916Italy
  N100AB1974 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier147816LA, United States
N101BL1963 Helio U-10B Super Courier63615HI, United States
N103CM1963 Helio H-395/U10A Super Courier62615TX, United States
N106FL0000 Helio H-295/U-10A Super Courier59915FL, United States
  N108R1974 Helio HT-295 Super Courier170616
  N10CJ1958 Helio H-391B Courier09914AK, United States
N111LD1965 Helio H-295 Super Cruiser250616CA, United States
N118CB1969 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier141516
  N126201956 Helio H-391B Courier02814CA, United States
  N12TB1960 Helio H-395 Super Courier100515UT, United States
N139T1984 Helio H-700 CourierH-812TN, United States
N13B1973 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier145016KS,
  N142KY1960 Helio H-395 Super Courier51815FL, United States
N1447Z1962 Helio H-395 Super Courier55315UT, United States
  N169E1966 Helio H-250 Courier253116AK, United States
N170811957 Helio H-391B Courier06814AK, United States
  N173K1957 Helio H-391B Courier07414AK, United States
  N18JC1974 Helio HT-295 Super Courier171916MD, United States
  N222LT1971 Helio H-295-1400 Super Courier144216NY, United States
  N2267Z1967 Helio H-295-1200 Super Courier128216AK, United States