Macair Production List

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There're 66 aircraft made by Macair.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
C-FHVL1999 Macair MERLIN GTMB-9912Alberta, Canada
C-FRXR1989 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M116612Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FRZO1989 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113912British Columbia, Canada
C-FSSQ1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113712British Columbia, Canada
C-FTJY1991 Macair MERLIN GTM118712Manitoba, Canada
  C-FTLV1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM116112Ontario, Canada
C-FYNH1991 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM117412Manitoba, Canada
C-IAUK1987 Macair THE MERLINM111312Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-IAVZ1988 Macair MERLINM111512Ontario, Canada
C-IBFR1988 Macair MERLINM111612Ontario, Canada
C-IBPD1988 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M111712Ontario, Canada
C-IBPO1988 Macair MERLIN M-50M111912Quebec, Canada
C-IBST1988 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M111812Ontario, Canada
C-IBVP1989 Macair MERLIN MISSLEM112312Ontario, Canada
C-IBVV1988 Macair MERLIN M-50M112112Manitoba, Canada
C-IBZV1989 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M112812Ontario, Canada
C-ICCC1989 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113012Ontario, Canada
C-ICGP1989 Macair MERLINM114212Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-ICIW1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M114612Alberta, Canada
  C-ICNR1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M114412Ontario, Canada
C-ICQE1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM112212Ontario, Canada
C-ICVP1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113512Alberta, Canada
C-ICWO1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM115112British Columbia, Canada
C-ICYO1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M115012Saskatchewan, Canada
C-ICYT1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM117312N/F, Canada
C-ICZA1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM117012Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-ICZG1990 Macair MERLIN M50DM117512Alberta, Canada
C-IDBI1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M-50012Ontario, Canada
C-IDCN1990 Macair Merlin Sport 65M114912ON, Canada
C-IDDI1991 Macair MERLINM118612Ontario, Canada
C-IDDN1991 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M116512Alberta, Canada
C-IDDT1991 Macair MERLIN GTM118412New Brunswick, Canada
C-IDEM1991 Macair MERLINM113412Alberta, Canada
C-IDFB1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM116412Quebec, Canada
C-IDGR1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113212Quebec, Canada
C-IDHX1991 Macair MERLIN GT STDM118512Ontario, Canada
C-IDIB1991 Macair MERLIN GT STDM119512Ontario, Canada
C-IDJM1991 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M113112Ontario, Canada
C-IDRU1991 Macair MERLIN GTM118012Ontario, Canada
C-IDVM1992 Macair MERLIN GTM119012Ontario, Canada
C-IEFW1993 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM116012New Brunswick, Canada
C-IEYF1995 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M114312Ontario, Canada
C-IGEY1999 Macair MERLIN GTM115412Ontario, Canada
C-IHRP1987 Macair MERLINM111112Ontario, Canada
C-IJJJ1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M114812Ontario, Canada
C-IKAS1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM115912Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
  C-IKDQ1991 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M115212Alberta, Canada
C-ILIZ1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM115812Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-IMDR1992 Macair MERLIN GTM118812Ontario, Canada
  C-IMFP1989 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M112412Ontario, Canada
C-IMGT1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM116912Ontario, Canada
C-IPIX1991 Macair MERLIN GTM119412Ontario, Canada
C-IRJB1990 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65DM116212Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-ISJC1989 Macair MERLIN M-50M112612Quebec, Canada
G-BTAD0000 Macair MERLINPFA 208-1166112United Kingdom
G-BWEN1995 Macair MERLIN GTPFA 208A-1285912United Kingdom
N138MS0000 Macair MERLIN SPT65DM116312MI, United States
  N190ED1990 Macair Merlin Sport 651-9012AK, United States
N414BJ0000 Macair Merlin GT9401612TN, United States
N4172G1991 Macair MERLIN GTM117712WI, United States
N4283Y1991 Macair MERLIN GTM118312MI, United States
N509630000 Macair Merlin GTM111812TN, United States
N522LZ1993 Macair MERLIN GTM119112VA, United States
N8108L1988 Macair MERLIN SPORT 65M111212FL, United States
N946471994 Macair MERLIN GT17117912WA, United States
  ZK-ROS0000 Macair Merlin GTM117612Feilding, New Zealand