Murphy Production List

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There're 741 aircraft made by Murphy.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  06CE0000 Murphy RenegadeNot found 06CE12
  19-18090000 Murphy Renegade Spirit53812Australia
  19-36760000 Murphy Rebel65912Australia
  33ABA0000 Murphy Renegade SpiritNot found 33ABA12
  54KS0000 Murphy Renegade Spiritnot found 54KS12Belgium
  59CTG0000 Murphy Renegade Spirit24112France
  89SB0000 Murphy RenegadeNot found 89SB12France
  955R1995 Murphy Renegade10912GA,
  971-DC0000 Murphy Renegade II35212France
  C-FAPZ1987 Murphy Renegade Spirit003412Canada
C-FAWP2004 Murphy Rebel727R12Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FAZC2006 Murphy Rebel762R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FBIF1989 Murphy Renegade Spirit010012British Columbia, Canada
C-FBJU2008 Murphy SR3500 Moose021SR1Ontario, Canada
C-FBPD1999 Murphy Rebel18212Alberta, Canada
C-FBRM1992 Murphy Renegade Spirit7912Alberta, Canada
C-FBYB1988 Murphy Renegade Spirit1712British Columbia, Canada
C-FCBH2005 Murphy Rebel730R12Ontario, Canada
C-FCEL2006 Murphy Rebel234R12Ontario, Canada
  C-FDBN2005 Murphy SR3500 Moose TurboSR 16416Quebec, Canada
C-FDWC2003 Murphy SR30000081Saskatchewan, Canada
  C-FDYF2008 Murphy Elite551 ELT1British Columbia, Canada
C-FEFO2005 Murphy SR3500 Moose1391British Columbia, Canada
C-FEWD2004 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel10014Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FEWT1998 Murphy Rebel284R12Manitoba, Canada
C-FEZT2010 Murphy SR3500 MooseSR 1071Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FFEY2005 Murphy Rebel11512Ontario, Canada
  C-FFIB2002 Murphy Elite642E-31Ontario, Canada
C-FFJQ1999 Murphy Rebel432R12Ontario, Canada
  C-FFQZ1989 Murphy Renegade Spirit05112Ontario, Canada
C-FFYN2003 Murphy Elite573E1Ontario, Canada
C-FGAH2005 Murphy Elite587E1Ontario, Canada
C-FGBC2001 Murphy Rebel236R12Alberta, Canada
  C-FGEL2006 Murphy RebelR77612Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FGVT2005 Murphy Rebel743R12Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FHBP1993 Murphy RebelR3141Ontario, Canada
C-FIBG2006 Murphy Rebel777R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FIGW1996 Murphy Rebel UL4812British Columbia, Canada
C-FINR1990 Murphy Rebel0011Ontario, Canada
  C-FISH2005 Murphy SR3500 Moose09714Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FIXZ2008 Murphy Rebel483 REB12Ontario, Canada
  C-FJCI2000 Murphy Rebel491R1Alberta, Canada
C-FJCS1995 Murphy RebelR-1361Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FJLV1993 Murphy Rebel1681Canada
C-FKKE1993 Murphy Rebel UL40R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FKNK2007 Murphy Rebel766R1Ontario, Canada
C-FKXL1991 Murphy Renegade Spirit044612British Columbia, Canada
C-FLJM1997 Murphy Rebel4651Ontario, Canada
C-FLOJ2006 Murphy Rebel128R1Manitoba, Canada
C-FMBM1996 Murphy Rebel282R1Ontario, Canada
C-FMCT2007 Murphy SR3500 MooseSR2701Quebec, Canada
C-FMDM2004 Murphy SR3500 Moose145SR14Ontario, Canada
C-FMIB2007 Murphy SR3500 Moose0411British Columbia, Canada
C-FNBO2007 Murphy Rebel305R1Ontario, Canada
C-FNBX2007 Murphy Elite760E1Alberta, Canada
C-FNLW1992 Murphy Rebel0411British Columbia, Canada
  C-FNQW1992 Murphy RenegadeBM 62010112Quebec, Canada
C-FNST1992 Murphy Renegade Spirit06512Ontario, Canada
C-FOBK2010 Murphy SR3500 Moose282SR1Manitoba, Canada
  C-FOKM1992 Murphy Rebel068R1Alberta, Canada
C-FONL1992 Murphy Rebel UL063R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOPQ2008 Murphy SR3500 Moose299SR1Nova Scotia, Canada
C-FOVS1992 Murphy Rebel UL0095R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOYI1992 Murphy Rebel UL0013R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOYK1992 Murphy Rebel UL114R12Quebec, Canada
  C-FPES1992 Murphy Rebel060R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
  C-FPFT1993 Murphy RebelR-0531Ontario, Canada
  C-FPOG1993 Murphy Rebel1171Alberta, Canada
C-FPPE2002 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR01614Manitoba, Canada
C-FPSR1995 Murphy Rebel077R1Ontario, Canada
C-FPSU1993 Murphy RebelR2191British Columbia, Canada
C-FPTL1993 Murphy Renegade Spirit020812British Columbia, Canada
C-FPVC2006 Murphy SR3500 Moose174SR1Ontario, Canada
C-FPYQ1993 Murphy Rebel0014R1Ontario, Canada
C-FQCM1993 Murphy Rebel UL0103R-UL12Quebec, Canada
C-FQCZ1993 Murphy Rebel0381Canada
C-FQNF1993 Murphy RebelR1231British Columbia, Canada
C-FQQY1997 Murphy Rebel101R12Quebec, Canada
C-FQZQ1992 Murphy Rebel006-R1Canada
  C-FRBL1999 Murphy Rebel3281Ontario, Canada
C-FREP1995 Murphy Rebel012912British Columbia, Canada
C-FRFP1998 Murphy Rebel492R1Ontario, Canada
  C-FRGV1995 Murphy Rebel295R12Ontario, Canada
C-FRMK1998 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel028SR14Ontario, Canada
C-FRPK2005 Murphy SR3500 Moose206 SR1Alberta, Canada
  C-FRRD2006 Murphy Rebel119R1Ontario, Canada
C-FSLT1994 Murphy Rebel34612Quebec, Canada
C-FSNS1994 Murphy Renegade Spirit49112Alberta, Canada
  C-FSZG2004 Murphy Rebel720R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FSZT1994 Murphy Renegade Spirit50312Ontario, Canada
  C-FTDM2008 Murphy Rebel01941Ontario, Canada
C-FTEV1996 Murphy Rebel228R12Ontario, Canada
C-FTGJ1995 Murphy Rebel267R12Ontario, Canada
  C-FTGO2017 Murphy Radical01112BC, Canada
C-FTGW1994 Murphy Rebel240R1Ontario, Canada
C-FTHI1994 Murphy Rebel311R12British Columbia, Canada
  C-FTHS2017 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel06014Canada
C-FTIM1994 Murphy Rebel UL290R-U.L.12Ontario, Canada
C-FTPD1998 Murphy Rebel286R1Ontario, Canada
C-FTPK2005 Murphy Elite762E1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada