Northrop Production List

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There're 1350 aircraft made by Northrop.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  01-3830000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN65050Korea, Republic of
01-6301973 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.107921Korea, Republic of
013781970 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.650021Morocco
013800000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.650221Greece
013820000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.650421Greece
015690000 Northrop YF-1722United States
016130000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.808322Greece
016201970 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRF.106021Greece
10-2771971 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRF.106321South Ghungcheong, Korea, Republic of
10-2781971 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRF.106421Korea, Republic of
10-5290000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.619021Korea, Republic of
1000000 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRFG.100121Norway
  1051968 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRFG.100621Norway
105011965 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.616221Philippines
105041965 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.616521Philippines
105051965 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.616621Philippines
  105071965 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.616821Philippines
105410000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.620221Greece
105690000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.701721Greece
  105770000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.702521Greece
1060000 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRFG.100721Norway
1081968 Northrop RF-5A Freedom Fighter100921Norway
11-0291971 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRF.106621Korea, Republic of
  1101968 Northrop RF-5A Freedom FighterRFG.101121Norway
  11511978 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.137921Jordan
12241966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.628721Taiwan
12700000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.646421Taiwan
1280000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707221Norway
1300000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707421Norway
  1311969 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707521Norway
  1321969 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707621Norway
  1330000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707721Norway
133241964 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.609321Pampanga, Philippines
133260000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.609521Philippines
133531964 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.612221Greece
133661964 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.613521Crete, Greece
133680000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700121Norway
133710000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700421Greece
  1341969 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.707821Norway
  1361969 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.901422Norway
  1415400000 Northrop F-5Eunknown_14154021United States
  148961967 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.705921Oslo, Norway
  149041967 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.706721Norway
  149071967 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.901022Norway
1581981968 Northrop T-38C TalonT.621422Maryland, United States
1582001968 Northrop T-38AT.621922Maryland, United States
1598780000 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.107421California, United States
1598790000 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.107521California, United States
1598820000 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.111621California, United States
  1607921973 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.103921CA,
1607961973 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIR.109221Nevada, United States
1609650000 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIW100721Nevada, United States
  1623070000 Northrop F-5ER.119121NY, United States
1640000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.705521Norway
17501975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIW.100822Jordan
17531979 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIW.104222Jordan
17541979 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIW.104322Jordan
17551979 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIW.104422Jordan
20-4420000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.809322Korea, Republic of
20-4470000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.809822North Gyeongsang, Korea, Republic of
20-4480000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.809922Korea, Republic of
2061984 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIIT103121Sudan
  2071966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703021United States
  2081966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703121Norway
  2091966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703221Norway
21-2760000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.805322South Ghungcheong, Korea, Republic of
2101966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703321Norway
2111966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703421Norway
211771967 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.636421Pampanga, Philippines
2120000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703521Norway
212431967 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.632621Morocco
  2151966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.703821Norway
2201966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.704321Norway
2281966 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.705121Norway
  2410000 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.900522Norway
  2421966 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.900622Norway
  2431966 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.900722Norway
  2441966 Northrop F-5B Freedom FighterN.900822Norway
  26011961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520922Portugal
  26021961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521922Portugal
  26051961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.526322Lisbon, Portugal
26081961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520322Portugal
  26091961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520622Portugal
  26111961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.523822Portugal
3-71541975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.100122Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71551975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.100222Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71591975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.100622Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71691975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.101622Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71711975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.101822Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71721975 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.101922Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-71810000 Northrop F-5F Tiger IIZ.102822Iran (Islamic Republic of)
3-73660000 Northrop F-5E SaeghehS110-0012Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  3200000 Northrop N-3PB32013Oslo, Norway
  36-02071936 Northrop A-17A23412Dayton, OH, United States
  36-2071936 Northrop A-17A23412OH, United States
3680000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700121Norway
3710000 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700421Norway
3731964 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700621Norway
  3761964 Northrop F-5A Freedom FighterN.700921Norway
38021961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521522Taiwan