Reims Production List

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There're 4962 aircraft made by Reims.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  00081987 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0008214France
  00101987 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0010212France
  137010000 Reims FTB337G000224Portugal
137050000 Reims FTB337G001624Portugal
137100000 Reims FTB337G001124Portugal
  137320000 Reims FTB337G003326Portugal
15750000 Reims FA150L012012
  2031972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034314Ireland
2041972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034414Ireland
  2051972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034514Ireland
  2061972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034614Ireland
2071972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034714Ireland
  2081972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034814Ireland
2091972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket034914Ireland
  2101972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket035014Ireland
2430000 Reims FR172K Reims Rocket067114Ireland
2550000 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket025514United Kingdom
37070000 Reims FTB337G000824Portugal
  37090000 Reims FTB337G001026Portugal
37140000 Reims FTB337G001524Portugal
37190000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002026Portugal
37200000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002126Portugal
37210000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002226Portugal
37220000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002326Portugal
37231974 Reims FTB337G Milirole002426Portugal
37240000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002526Portugal
37260000 Reims F337G Super Skymaster002726Portugal
37311975 Reims F337G Super SkymasterF337007326Portugal
4O-DNA1979 Reims F172N SkyhawkF172-0181914Montenegro
4R-ASB1965 Reims F172G022514Sri Lanka
4X-ALU1979 Reims F152158212Israel
4X-CEZ1966 Reims F150F005112Israel
5A-DFA0000 Reims F150L102112Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  5A-DKW2005 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0092210TRIPOLI, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  5B-CBW0000 Reims F172M099914Cyprus
5B-CIC1980 Reims FA152 Aerobat036212Cyprus
  5B-CIY1967 Reims F172H Skyhawk044814Cyprus
5H-AWK1988 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0030212Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-BIG1973 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket042414Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAY1989 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-00350Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-TZE1990 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0046212Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-WOW1992 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0060212Tanzania, United Republic of
5Y-BAA1976 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket057914Kenya
  5Y-BYX1987 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0010212Kenya
5Y-ING1988 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0024212Kenya
5Y-JJA1986 Reims F406 VigilantF406-0013212Kenya
5Y-JJB1985 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0003212Kenya
5Y-WAW1986 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0012212Kenya
9810011998 Reims F406F406-0081212Korea, Republic of
9A-BDR1967 Reims F172H Skyhawk041214Croatia
9A-BPR0000 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket057814Croatia
  9A-BTT1973 Reims F172M097214Vrsar, Croatia
  9A-DDK1973 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket035314Croatia
9A-DDO1975 Reims F182P II SkylaneF1820004214Croatia
9A-DFH1979 Reims F172N Skyhawk188014Croatia
  9A-DFK0000 Reims F172N Skyhawk197814Croatia
9A-DNG1964 Reims F172F Skyhawk011114Croatia
9A-NOR1979 Reims F172N Skyhawk185514Croatia
  9A-RED1978 Reims F182QF182008514Croatia
9H-AAA1969 Reims F172H Skyhawk060614Malta
9H-AAD1970 Reims F172H Skyhawk071614Malta
  9H-AEX0000 Reims F172M102314Malta
9Q-CDC1970 Reims F150K057112Congo
9V-BEG1972 Reims FRA150L AerobatFRA150-012212Singapore
  A2-AJN0000 Reims F172H Skyhawk046414
A2-WHO0000 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket047814Botswana
AP-BBT1978 Reims FA337H00852Pakistan
AP-BFB1988 Reims F406 Caravan IIF406-0034212Pakistan
C-FCKY1973 Reims F150L090912Ontario, Canada
  C-FVAK1975 Reims FT337GP001326British Columbia, Canada
C-GHWB1980 Reims FR182FR182000541Alberta, Canada
C-GRBR1977 Reims F337G Super Skymaster008326Alberta, Canada
  C-GZTC1977 Reims F172N Skyhawk172-6983514Canada
  CN-TBZ1978 Reims F152152184812Morocco
CN-TKM1967 Reims F172H Skyhawk038114Morocco
CS-ABD1974 Reims FTB337G Milirole002426Portugal
CS-AHQ1972 Reims FR172H Reims Rocket031814Portugal
  CS-AJG0000 Reims FR172J Reims Rocket038014Portugal
CS-AKH0000 Reims F172H SkyhawkF172015314Portugal
CS-AQW1980 Reims F172N Skyhawk191414Portugal
  CS-AQX0000 Reims F172N 100 Skyhawk190314Portugal
  CS-AYC0000 Reims FR172K Hawk XP305614Portugal
  CS-DAG0000 Reims F172RG Cutlass RG IIF172RG00003/000914Portugal
  CS-DBD1975 Reims F337G Super SkymasterF337007326
CS-DCL1969 Reims FR172F Reims Rocket013314Portugal
  D-EAAL0000 Reims F182Q SkylaneF1820005914Germany
  D-EAAO1977 Reims 182QF1820006314
D-EAAZ1977 Reims F172N SkyhawkF172-0166014Germany
  D-EABG1969 Reims FR172F Reims Rocket008414Germany
D-EABI1983 Reims F172P221114Germany
D-EABO1969 Reims F150J044412Germany
  D-EABP0000 Reims F152157512Germany
D-EABZ1969 Reims F172H Skyhawk065314Germany
  D-EACO0000 Reims FRA150M Aerobat033012Germany
  D-EAEL1978 Reims F152149512Germany
D-EAEL1983 Reims F172P221114Germany
  D-EAEX1980 Reims F172N Skyhawk202714Germany
  D-EAFT1973 Reims FRA150L Aerobat018712Germany
  D-EAGC0000 Reims F172H Skyhawk063714Germany
D-EAHO1965 Reims F172F016214Germany