WSK-PZL Production List

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There're 13 aircraft made by WSK-PZL.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
ER-AJA0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ003-07220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJB0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ003-09220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJC0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ003-12220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJE0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ006-12220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJF0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ005-25220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJG0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ004-09220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJH0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ004-07220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJI0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ004-01220Moldova, Republic of
ER-AJK0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ005-12220Moldova, Republic of
ES-DAB0000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ005-13220Estonia
  HA-ANH1972 WSK-PZL An-2P1G132-54114Hungary
  LY-AER1981 WSK-PZL An-2R1G191-15112Lithuania
YV17560000 WSK-PZL An-281AJ005-13220Venezuela