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G-CLLR - Over Potters Bar, Herts
G-IIYI - 1943 Stearman No.5 in the wing-walking team
G-RUVE - Vans RV-8 with its new paint job over Potters Bar, Herts
ZA325 @ EGMH - Nose section of the 1979 Tornado GR.1(T) still outside the museum at RAF Manston
ZA325 @ EGMH
XA312 @ EGMH - Now sporting its correct registration suspended from the roof at RAF Manston Museum, Kent
XA312 @ EGMH
XR770 @ EGMH - Displayed in its original 5 Squadron livery
XR770 @ EGMH
XR770 @ EGMH - Bought by the RAF Museum at Manson, Kent in March, 2015 having been on a roundabout in Grimsby, an exhibit in a Lincs. Museum & a gate guard at RAF Waddington
XR770 @ EGMH
XR658 @ EGMH - On static display at RAF Manston Museum, Kent since 1.10.16
XR658 @ EGMH
XV864 @ EGMH - On static display at RAF Manston Museum in Kent
XV864 @ EGMH