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N768NA @ NGU - North American Airlines N768NA parked on the ramp at Naval Station Norfolk.
N768NA @ NGU
N802TJ @ LAX - Swift Air N802TJ (FLT SWQ802) from Denver Int'l (KDEN) on short final to RWY 25L.
N802TJ @ LAX
N752NA @ LAX - North American Airlines N752NA taxiing to parking after arrival on the North Complex.
N752NA @ LAX
HZ-HM7 @ LAX - Saudi Arabian HZ-HM7 MD-11 (FLT SVA7) from Shannon (EINN) on short-final to RWY 25L.
VP-BLK @ LAS - Las Vegas Sands Corporation's 1979 747SP-31 VP-BLK, from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (LLBG) landing on RWY 25L. Originally with TWA as N58201, then in UAE as A6-SMR, then in US as N992MS.
F-WWOW @ LAX - Airbus Industries A380-841 F-WWOW (c/n 1) seconds from touchdown on RWY 24R with a crowd of people looking on.
F-WWOW @ LAX - Airbus Industries A380-841 F-WWOW (c/n 1) on short-final to RWY 24R for it's innaugural visit to U.S. soil. Although the weather wasn't the best, it was still an historic event to witness.
VP-BDJ @ LAX - Donald Trump VP-BDJ climbing out from RWY 25R enroute to New York La Guardia (KLGA).
N211DB @ VCV - Sky One N211DB at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville.
N211DB @ VCV