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N1037Y photo, click to enlarge
1947 Societe Stampe et Renard S.V.4C, Renault H.P03 140 Hp, Experimental class, French Navy & Tricolor, Belgian 4B replacement version of DeHavilland DH.82 Tiger Moth with conversion to French 4C version open cockpits, Clear?
N724DG photo, click to enlarge
2002 GRAY-SPECIAL TURBINE LEGEND, C/N 1, Walter 601D 724 shp Turbine, Vne 400 mph, taxi to Runway 22. Aircraft sold to Shadetree Aviation, Inc. 2007.
N133JU photo, click to enlarge
1936 Bucker JUNGMEISTER 133C (Serial No. 1001-1st Production JUNGMEISTER) Siemens-Halske SH 14 A-4 Radial 160 Hp, GRAND CHAMPION ANTIQUE-OSHKOSH 1995
N4638N photo, click to enlarge
1944 Howard DGA-15P P & W R985-AN Wasp Junior 450 Hp The Dickenson's 'White Bear', Originally built as US Navy NH-1 'Nightingale' navigation trainer. Shot at SZP's 55th Anniversary Airshow.