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N50380 photo, click to enlarge
1979 Bellanca 7ECA CITABRIA, Lycoming O-235 115 Hp, forward slip on final Rwy 22 left crosswind correction
N354X photo, click to enlarge
1957 Cessna L-19E BIRD DOG, Continental O-470-11B 213 Hp, STOL climbout with flaps Rwy 22. N354X is probably the finest, originally fully equipped L-19E regularly flying! By 1952 the Cessna L-19 had replaced most all other US made L aircraft.
N1078Z photo, click to enlarge
1963 S&S SPECIAL/Grumman F6F-5 HELLCAT 'MINSI III', P&W R2800-10W Double Wasp 2,200 Hp, impressive confirmed kill record, viewed by WWII Veteran USN pilot in wheelchair with son at Wings Over Camarillo 2011 Airshow
N104M photo, click to enlarge
1992 Galpin BUCKER JUNGMANN AERO Z 131, Lycoming IO-360-A&C 200 Hp conversion, at the 2011 Bucker National Fly-In
N52TH photo, click to enlarge
1999 Hastings Cirrus Design VK-30, Continental IO-550 300 Hp pusher. Cirrus Design sold 34 VK-30 kits, this is first one completed, flying after 9 year build. Ten are flying. Trailing link retract. gear. Landing Rwy 04. See aloft in DVD 'One Six Right".
N18E photo, click to enlarge
1958 Beech SUPER E18S, 2 P&W R-985 Wasp Jrs. 450 Hp each, smoke one main on landing Rwy 04. The E model 18 starting in 1954 was the first of the Super models, followed by the G18S & choice of H18 tri-gear or conventional gear versions. Shot timing lucky!
N93012 photo, click to enlarge
1944 Boeing B-17G FLYING FORTRESS 'Nine O Nine', four Turbocharged Wright Cyclone R-1820-97 1,200 Hp each, ONE of JUST ELEVEN B-17s STILL FLYING in the WORLD, on final Rwy 26
N224J photo, click to enlarge
1944 Consolidated B-24J LIBERATOR 'Witchcraft', four Turbocharged P&W R-1830-65 Twin Wasp 1,200 Hp each. World's SOLE REMAINING FLYING EXAMPLE! On final Rwy 26
N251MX photo, click to enlarge
1943 North American TP-51C-10 MUSTANG 'Betty Jane', Packard Liberty/RR V-1650-3 1,380 Hp, mod. for tandem dual control. World's SOLE REMAINING EXAMPLE of just five TP-51Cs built. Limited class.
6572 photo, click to enlarge
Aerospatiale MH-65C DOLPHIN of USCG, two Turbomeca Arriel 2C-CG Turboshaft engines 934 shp each, seldom seen sight-low pass over Rwy 04 with a big wave to photographer-Thanks Guys!
N805WL photo, click to enlarge
2011 Dierenfield DIERENFIELD SPECIAL WHITE LIGHTNING, Continental IO-360 200 Hp, Rare model, Dan Gray Test Pilot for very first flight takeoff Runway 22, panned shot
N6134S photo, click to enlarge
1965 Air & Space Mfg. Inc. 18A jump start Autogyro, Lycoming O&VO-360 180 Hp pusher, two place rare production aircraft derived from Umbaugh 18 Autogyro. Remember that?