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N2MU photo, click to enlarge
2002 Garrison MELMOTH 2, Continental TSIO-360 turbo-supercharged 220 Hp at fuel dock. Peter Garrison contributed to initial design of the Practavia SPRITE in London, U.K. The Melmoth 1 & 2 are more properly high-tech light aircraft research prototypes.
N190AK photo, click to enlarge
2004 Kozloff PULSAR 'Crystal', Rotax 912, built, owned/flown by a UFO (United Flying Octogenarians), on final Rwy 22. Hopefully, I will qualify for UFO membership next year.
N37BY photo, click to enlarge
2004 American Champion 8KCAB SUPER DECATHLON, Lycoming AEIO-360 180 Hp, formerly owned by Master CFI-Advanced Aerobatics. FAA 2006 Certified Flight Instructor of the Year Award.
N369AS photo, click to enlarge
1992 Classic Aircraft Corp. WACO YMF-5C upgrade to -5D SUPER, Jacobs R755 A2 300 Hp. The 275 Hp -5C BARNSTORMER & 300 Hp -5D SUPER are the ONLY ATC'd production biplanes now built in America. N369AS will be shown at LGB this week at AOPA Aviation Summit.
N25190 photo, click to enlarge
1940 Bellanca 14-9 CRUISAIR JUNIOR, Lycoming O&VO-360 180 Hp conversion from original Ken Royce LeBlond 90 Hp radial, retractible gear. Standard class, takeoff climb Rwy 22. Read my early Bellancas article this site.
N313YK photo, click to enlarge
1964 Nanchang China CJ-6A, Vedeneev (Ivchenko) M-14P 360 Hp upgrade, newly refinished, takeoff climb Rwy 22, gear already up
N1038A photo, click to enlarge
1944 North American SNJ-5 'War Dog', P&W R-1340 Wasp 600 Hp, aerobatics low level show at 2010 Wings Over Camarillo 30th Annual AirShow.
N595JF photo, click to enlarge
Four Nanchang China CJ-6As, N595JF #81 Jeffrey, N147M #23 Hal, N556TR #43 Craig & N9278F #15 Ernie. See formation flights under N595JF.
N806EY photo, click to enlarge
2002 Mahnke LANCAIR IV-T (Turbine), Walter M601-D 724 shp Turbine, Federation Aeronautique Internationale World Speed Record holder-3 Km C-I.c 354.38 mph
N7654X photo, click to enlarge
1928 Stinson SM1-B 'DETROITER', Packard Diesel DR-980 225 Hp, sole surviving example-World's FIRST Diesel-powered airplane, at Golden Wings Museum
N6989 photo, click to enlarge
2008 Lightsey Societe des avions Caudron C.460 RAFALE (Squall) racer replica, LOM 260 HP inverted in-line engine, (original built in 1934 for Coupe Deutsche de la Meurthe contest). Shown at 2009 Paris Air Show, 2010 Oshkosh. Remarkable re-creation!
N9MB photo, click to enlarge
1945 Northrop N-9M FLYING WING long-range bomber XB-35 prototype, two Franklin XO-540-7 pushers, 300 Hp each, NACA 65-019 airfoil, tandem seats pilot & observer. Restored by Planes of Fame Air Museum-Chino CNO. See in-flight photos.