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N91689 photo, click to enlarge
1946 North American NAVION, Continental E-225 upgrade. tip tanks, window mods, Pilot/plane come from WHP each First Sunday to give Young Eagles Flight rides, takeoff climb Rwy 22 with Young Eagles aboard.
N8926P photo, click to enlarge
1966 Piper PA-24-260 COMANCHE, Lycoming IO-540-D4A5 260 Hp, takeoff climb. The Comanche sleek design was Pug Piper's answer to high wing tube & fabric dated designs, bearing a stabilator movable tailplane, eliminating the elevator, and with swept tailfin.
N133JU photo, click to enlarge
1936 Bucker 133C JUNGMEISTER as NX133JU, (Serial No. 1001-1st production JUNGMEISTER), four ailerons, classic aerobatic performer, Siemens-Halske SH 14 A-4 seven cylinder radial 160 Hp, GRAND CHAMPION-ANTIQUE, OSHKOSH 1995
N618AC photo, click to enlarge
1997 Bell 407, one Rolls Royce (Allison) 250-C47 Turboshaft with FADEC, 814 shp for takeoff, 700 shp continuous. Max hook capacity 2,645 lbs. Max takeoff with internal load 5,000 lbs. Max takeoff with sling load 5,500 lbs. At SUN AIR JETS ramp on dolly
N5035N photo, click to enlarge
1978 Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon, Lycoming AEIO-320 150 Hp, upset by big crosswind gust with subsequent good landing Rwy 22. I was at right place at right time for this fortuitous shot.
N1702B photo, click to enlarge
1942 Boeing Stearman PT-13D 'Ruthies Doll', Continental W670 220 Hp. Photo #20,000 here!, See the Boeing Stearman article here re this aircraft.
N18ZQ photo, click to enlarge
2009 CubCrafters CC-11-160 CARBON CUB SS, CubCrafters CC 340 80 Hp continuous, 180 Hp for up to 5 minutes, tundra tires, performance paint scheme, Micro vortex generators. S-LSA Certification. See in-flight demo photos.
N57LG photo, click to enlarge
1983 Godsey/Klaus Savier modified VARI-EZE, Continental highly modified O-200 100+ Hp, Winner 2009 Fuelventure 400 1,104-1,654 lb weight class at 207.39 mph getting 45.97 mpg. Overall Top CAFE score 1.683 million, takeoff climb Rwy 22 nose gear already up
N5017N photo, click to enlarge
1944 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Aluminum Overcast' , Local World War II B-17 Aircrew Veteran reliving personal history
N412AC photo, click to enlarge
2003 Bell 412EP (Enhanced Performance), P&W(C)PT6T-3D TWIN PAC 1,800 shp for takeoff, 1,600 shp max continuous, on SUN AIR JETS ramp, in a shaft of sunlight between rain showers
N5287K photo, click to enlarge
1950 Ryan B as L17B SUPER B 'At Your Command!', Lycoming GO-435 C&D 240/260 Hp geared engine, on final Rwy 04
N619VM photo, click to enlarge
1981 Cessna A185F SKYWAGON II, Continental IO-520-D 300 Hp, on final Rwy 22