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N65AT photo, click to enlarge
1981 Arctic Aircraft-Interstate S-1B2 ARCTIC TERN, Lycoming O-320 150 Hp, originally built to CAR.042 (Aerobatic), strengthened by Arctic, on EDO Floats, wing root & wing tip airfoils NACA 23012, Experimental class, Takeoff
N7174A photo, click to enlarge
as NC7174A 1940 Piper J3F-65 CUB, Continental C90 90Hp upgrade from original Franklin 4AC-176B 65 Hp, a rara avis, Note: rod/gun case carried on struts
N4444Z photo, click to enlarge
1958 DeHavilland BEAVER DHC-2 MK.1, P&W R-985 Wasp Jr. 450 Hp, descent on final for landing left water lane, chartered flight. Note: ANC tower-left horizon.
N2899J photo, click to enlarge
1961 DeHavilland OTTER DHC-3, P&W-C PT6A 675 shp turboprop conversion from P&W R-1340 600 Hp radial, of Rust Air, restricted class, landing. Fortuitous artistic shot.
N675HP photo, click to enlarge
2006 Cessna 208 CARAVAN, P&W-C PT6A turboprop 675 shp, of Rust Air, near splashdown
N221X photo, click to enlarge
1977 Maule M-5-235C LUNAR ROCKET, Lycoming O-540 235 Hp, near splashdown
N443BD photo, click to enlarge
1953 Bucker-Jungmann C.A.S.A. 1.131, Lycoming 180 Hp upgrade, cockpits, aircraft decoration commemorates the Gold Medal won by a Bucker aerobatic aircraft at the 1936 World Olympic Games in Berlin. (Only aircraft to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal)
N5852H photo, click to enlarge
1949 Piper PA-16 CLIPPER, Lycoming O-235-C1 115 Hp, another early evening takeoff climb Rwy 22. Lawsuit threat by Pan American Airways over Piper's use of Clipper name resulted in 1950 Piper PA-20 Pacer name change, with other aircraft changes.
N724DC photo, click to enlarge
2005 Gray/Sherick GRAY SPECIAL TURBINE LEGEND, Walter M-601D 724 shp free-turbine turboprop, Vne 400 mph, high speed pass over Rwy 22
N4155U photo, click to enlarge
1993 Piper PA-18-150 SUPER CUB, Lycoming O-320 150 Hp, oversize tires, near touchdown with flaps Rwy 22
N255H photo, click to enlarge
2001 Hutchinson/Briegleb VAN's RV-6A, on short final for Rwy 22, Winner of Bronze Lindy Homebuilt Kit RV-6A Award-EAA Airventure 2001
N233N photo, click to enlarge
1956 DeHavilland (Canada) DHC-2 Mk 1 BEAVER, P&W R-985 Wasp Jr. 450 Hp, quick liftoff Rwy 22