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N174RS photo, click to enlarge
1937 Fleet 7B, Kinner 5B 125 hp 5 cylinder radial, engine rebuilt by Kinner expert at SZP, on short final for Rwy 22. N174RS is shown aloft in DVD 'One Six Right', not to be missed!
N2051S photo, click to enlarge
1975 Cessna 210L CENTURION, Continental IO-520-L 300 Hp, takeoff climb Rwy 04 with 'Crazylegs' gear retraction. (6,704 foot Hines Peak beyond the saddle).
N25108 photo, click to enlarge
1939 Luscombe 8A, Continental A&C65 65 Hp, on final for landing Rwy 22, beautifully detailed vintage Luscombe
N555BF photo, click to enlarge
1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 as Navy N2S-4, Continental W670 220 hp
N5852H photo, click to enlarge
1949 Piper PA-16 CLIPPER, Lycoming O-235-C1 115 Hp, very pretty airplane! formerly Texas-based
N63727 photo, click to enlarge
1977 Nanchang China CJ-6A as NX63727 'NOTAYAK', Huosai 6A 9 cylinder radial 285 Hp, proud & happy owner/pilot
N687 photo, click to enlarge
1953 Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15UTI as NX687 'Red Bull', NATO code name Midget, Klimov VK-1A afterburning 5,952 lb st turbojet, Max speed: 668 mph, climb rate: 11,480 ft/min., Ceiling: 50,855 ft, MIG-15s first seen by the West in Korean War.
N151RK photo, click to enlarge
1998 Oliver TF-51 MUSTANG, tandem seats, LS6 Corvette engine 410/400 Hp, 250 mph, 70% scale, taxi after landing Rwy 26. Want one?- http://www.
N925DJ photo, click to enlarge
1958 Beech D50A TWIN BONANZA (T-BONE), two Lycoming geared GO-480-G2F6 295 Hp each, three abreast cockpit seating-pilot, one co-pilot & one passenger, two passsengers behind, pristine, as-new appearance!
N4417S photo, click to enlarge
1944 Beech D17S STAGGERWING, P&W R-985 Wasp Junior 450 Hp, taxi
N124YK photo, click to enlarge
1984 Intreprinderea de Avioane Bacau-Romania (Yakovlev) YAK 52, Vedeneev MP-14P 9 cylinder 360 Hp radial, taxi shutdown
N919EH photo, click to enlarge
1959 Cessna 182C SKYLANE, VERY RARELY SEEN taildragger conversion, Continental O-470-S 230 Hp, taxi