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CP-2521 @ MIA - Aerosur 767-200 been sitting on MIA northeast ramp for a while.  Hard to get a good picture of.  I had to climb to second floor of George T Baker Aviation school to even get this obstructed shot.
CP-2521 @ MIA
CP-2659 @ MIA - My goal is to get this plane in the air at El Dorado.  All shots of this plane I have are mediocre quality distant or at gate shots.  Apparently no one else has gotten Sharko either.
CP-2659 @ MIA
CP-2659 @ MIA - Aerosur Sharko 767-200
CP-2659 @ MIA
CP-2659 @ MIA - Aerosur from Bolivia, special Sharko paintjob.  I wish I could have gotten this from much closer.  It was sitting on the Northeast ramp the whole weekend I was in Miami, it was finally towed Sunday night to a gate.
CP-2659 @ MIA