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N17334 @ KSYI - Made a fuel stop headed from KRBD to KINT.
N17334 @ KSYI
N91040 @ KSYI - Fuel stop after a flight from KRBD headed on to KINT. Seems to be getting a little engine work done.
N91040 @ KSYI
N386M @ KZEF - Sitting in the front of a large hangar, sharing space with a Luscombe and a J3 among others.
N386M @ KZEF
82-8000 @ KPHF - I was completing a Patient Airlift Services (PALS) compassion flight dropping a Veteran and his wife off at Newport News Virginia. This was shooting touch and goes.
82-8000 @ KPHF
N2603N @ 5NC2 - I've recently acquired 50% of this beautiful airplane. Nothing but grass runways and boring holes in the air.
N2603N @ 5NC2
N9015Q @ KRBW - The C54 on the right was damaged in a tornado a while back and N9015Q has been brought in. I do not know (I'm sure someone does) which airframe will survive.
N9015Q @ KRBW
N5588Z @ MRN - Sitting in the big hangar at Morganton, NC
N5588Z @ MRN
N747BC @ KCHS - As I was leaving Charleston, this happened to land. You cannot describe the size of it. Even though they are perhaps 2 miles away, you can notice the C17s under the tail.
N938AN @ KINT - New Tenants at Smith Reynolds
N96912 @ 8A7 - Sitting in the grass at Twin Lakes, Advance, NC
N96912 @ 8A7
N675CZ @ KMCN - 15 of so of these hanging out in Macon Georgia waiting for what we all hope is a return to normal life
N5080G @ KMCN - This has had the engine mod from the geared engines into a relatively more modern design.
N5080G @ KMCN