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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

N646RW @ ORF - Turning off the active, headed for the terminal
N646RW @ ORF
N519LR @ ORF - Headed out  for the day
N519LR @ ORF
N161GJ @ ORF - Headed for the terminal as the sun dips lower
N161GJ @ ORF
N77195 @ IAD - Yet another arrival.  All day busy at Dulles!
N77195 @ IAD
N75996 @ IAD - One of their CL-600s, not as prolific as thier EMB-145s
N75996 @ IAD
N75987 @ IAD - The flaps at work
N75987 @ IAD
N851HK @ IAD - An angle like this makes those wings look tiny
N851HK @ IAD
N849HK @ IAD - Even from a distance, love that dark blue
N849HK @ IAD
N834HK @ IAD - Very sleek
N834HK @ IAD