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N7087U @ 0O4 - 7087U is now a Robinson R66. 87U was on short final at the Corning airport.
N7087U @ 0O4
N137P @ 0O4 - 37P on a recent stop in Corning, Ca.
N137P @ 0O4
N522LL @ 0O4 - 2LL being loaded.
N522LL @ 0O4
N522LL @ 0O4 - Truck moving in to load 2LL.
N522LL @ 0O4
N2999S @ 0O4 - 99S during a recent visit to Corning.
N2999S @ 0O4
N522LL @ 0O4 - 2LL about to pick up its last load of dust at the Corning airport.
N522LL @ 0O4
N38214 @ 0O4 - 214 on short final at Corning, Ca. airport.
N38214 @ 0O4
N4321 @ O37 - Departing Orland, Ca after a several hour stop.
N4321 @ O37
N4321 @ O37 - 321 made this stop for gas and waited several hours for conditions to improve as they flew north. You can see how dark it is in the picture.
N4321 @ O37
N4321 - A stop at Orland for gas and conditions to improve as they fly north.
N750RW @ MCE - N750RW (no its not a Ford) doing a fly by at one of the last Merced airshows.During the 70s & 80s Merced had fantastic flyins and airshows with great attendance in both display aircraft and flyins.By 2000+,not so good.
N750RW @ MCE
N9323Z @ WVI - N9323Z (Sentimental Journey) doing a flyby at the Watsonville Airshow in Calif.
N9323Z @ WVI