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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5H-PAM1995 ATR 72-2024552Tanzania, United Republic of
5N-BPE1992 ATR 72-2023962Nigeria
5N-BPG1993 ATR 72-2023652Nigeria
9M-AMA1995 ATR 72-2024492Malaysia
B-227071992 ATR 72-2023112China
B-227081992 ATR 72-2023222China
B-227111993 ATR 72-2023612China
B-227121993 ATR 72-202364272China
B-227171994 ATR 72-2024352China
C-FCRZ1993 ATR 72-202357276Manitoba, Canada
C-FINB1997 ATR 72-2025082Canada
C-FTAR1991 ATR 72-202217276Alberta, Canada
C-FTMN1991 ATR 72-2022292Alberta, Canada
C-FTMY1992 ATR 72-202292276Alberta, Canada
C-FULE1991 ATR 72-2022152Canada
C-GJPY1995 ATR 72-2024442Northwest Territory, Canada
C-GOSA1994 ATR 72-2024372Northwest Territory, Canada
C-GPBR1991 ATR 72-2022372MB, Canada
C-GUSA1993 ATR 72-2023532Canada
CN-COA1995 ATR 72-202441266Morocco
CN-COB1995 ATR 72-2024442Morocco
CN-COC1995 ATR 72-2024702Morocco
CN-COD1996 ATR 72-2024832Morocco
D-ANFA1991 ATR 72-2022242Germany
D-ANFB1991 ATR 72-2022292Germany
D-ANFC1991 ATR 72-202237268Siegerland, Germany
D-ANFC1992 ATR 72-2022372Germany
D-ANFD1991 ATR 72-202246268Germany
D-ANFD1991 ATR 72-202256276Germany
D-ANFF1992 ATR 72-202292276Germany
D-ATRS1991 ATR 72-2022392Germany
D-ATZE1990 ATR 72-2021772Germany
D2-FLB1995 ATR 72-2024702Angola
D2-FLC1996 ATR 72-2024832Angola
EC-3831989 ATR 72-202154268Spain
EC-5151990 ATR 72-2021832Spain
EC-8731991 ATR 72-202260268Spain
EC-ESS1989 ATR 72-202154268Spain
EC-EYK1990 ATR 72-2021832Spain
EC-FIV1991 ATR 72-202260268Spain
EC-GQF1996 ATR 72-2024892Spain
EC-GRP1996 ATR 72-2024882Spain
EC-GRP1996 ATR 72-2024882Spain
EC-GRU1996 ATR 72-2024932Spain
EC-IKQIslas Canarias1996 ATR 72-2024772Spain
EC-IMH1993 ATR 72-2023672Spain
EC-IPJ1992 ATR 72-2023072Spain
EC-IYH1992 ATR 72-2023302Spain
EC-IZO2004 ATR 72-2027112Spain
EC-JCD1995 ATR 72-2024522Spain
EC-KIZ1990 ATR 72-2022042Spain
EC-KJA1990 ATR 72-2022072Spain
EC-LHV1994 ATR 72-202416270Spain
EC-LNP1992 ATR 72-202285266
EC-LNQ1992 ATR 72-2023032Spain
EC-LZR1995 ATR 72-202441266
EI-FXG1991 ATR 72-2022242Ireland
EI-FXH1991 ATR 72-2022292Ireland
EI-FXJ1992 ATR 72-202292276Ireland
EI-FXK1991 ATR 72-202256276Ireland
EI-REA1995 ATR 72-202441266Ireland
EI-REB1996 ATR 72-2024702Ireland
EI-RED1993 ATR 72-2023732Ireland
EI-REE1992 ATR 72-2023422Ireland
EI-REF1990 ATR 72-2022012Ireland
EI-REG1993 ATR 72-2023672Ireland
EI-REHAisling / Vision1991 ATR 72-202260268Ireland
EI-SLG1990 ATR 72-2021832Ireland
EI-SLW1991 ATR 72-2022322Ireland
EI-SLZ1994 ATR 72-2024192Ireland
EI-SOA1991 ATR 72-202(F)26522Ireland
F-GJKP1992 ATR 72-2023132France
F-GJRQ1993 ATR 72-2023672France
F-GJRX1993 ATR 72-2023732France
F-GKJK1990 ATR 72-2022042France
F-GKOA1990 ATR 72-2022012France
F-GKOB1991 ATR 72-2022322France
F-GKOB1991 ATR 72-2022322France
F-GKOB1991 ATR 72-2022322France
F-GKOC1992 ATR 72-2023072France
F-GKOD1992 ATR 72-2023132France
F-GKOF1992 ATR 72-2022372Gabon
F-GKOG1992 ATR 72-2023262France
F-GKOH1992 ATR 72-2023302France
F-GKOI1992 ATR 72-2023422France
F-GKOJ1993 ATR 72-202357276France
F-GKOK1993 ATR 72-2023672France
F-GKOL1993 ATR 72-2023732France
F-GKPD1990 ATR 72-2021772France
F-GKPH1993 ATR 72-2023522France
F-GMGK1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-GPOA1990 ATR 72-2022042France
F-GPOB1990 ATR 72-2022072France
F-GPOC1992 ATR 72-2023112France
F-GPOD1993 ATR 72-2023612France
F-OGQP1991 ATR 72-202220276France
F-OHAG1992 ATR 72-2023012French Polynesia
F-OHAT1993 ATR 72-2023652French Polynesia
F-OHFQ1997 ATR 72-202509268France
F-OHJA1995 ATR 72-2024562French Polynesia
F-OHOB1992 ATR 72-2023962Viet Nam
F-OHOC1992 ATR 72-2022372France
F-OKVM1992 ATR 72-2023412France
F-OKVN1991 ATR 72-2022152France
F-OLAO1993 ATR 72-2023962France
F-ORAC1990 ATR 72-2022042France
F-ORAN1990 ATR 72-2022072France
F-WAGR1993 ATR 72-2023732France
F-WKOF1992 ATR 72-2022372Gabon
F-WKVB1997 ATR 72-2025192France
F-WKVB1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WKVB1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WKVB1995 ATR 72-202441266France
F-WKVC1996 ATR 72-2024832France
F-WKVD1992 ATR 72-2023962France
F-WKVD1995 ATR 72-2024442France
F-WKVE1995 ATR 72-2024502France
F-WKVF1992 ATR 72-202316270France
F-WKVG1995 ATR 72-2024562France
F-WKVH1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WKVH1995 ATR 72-2024552France
F-WKVI1993 ATR 72-2023522France
F-WKVI1995 ATR 72-2024702France
F-WKVJ1992 ATR 72-2023412France
F-WNUA1993 ATR 72-2023962France
F-WNUC1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WNUC1997 ATR 72-2025192France
F-WNUE1991 ATR 72-2022152France
F-WNUH1994 ATR 72-202416270France
F-WQAG1990 ATR 72-2022042France
F-WQAL1990 ATR 72-2022012France
F-WQGJ1992 ATR 72-2023012France
F-WQIX1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WQLM1995 ATR 72-2024702France
F-WQNA1995 ATR 72-2024552France
F-WQNC1995 ATR 72-202441266France
F-WQND1997 ATR 72-2025192France
F-WQND1995 ATR 72-2024522France
F-WQNE1995 ATR 72-2024562France
F-WQNF1991 ATR 72-202260268France
F-WQNF1989 ATR 72-202154268France
F-WQNF1995 ATR 72-2024502France
F-WQNG1995 ATR 72-2024442France
F-WQNH1997 ATR 72-202509268France
F-WQNH1995 ATR 72-2024702France
F-WQNI1990 ATR 72-2021832France
F-WQNI1995 ATR 72-2024492France
F-WQNK1997 ATR 72-2025082France
F-WQNL1997 ATR 72-2024962France
F-WQNM1996 ATR 72-2024772France
F-WQNN1995 ATR 72-2024552France
F-WQNR1996 ATR 72-2024832France
F-WQNS1992 ATR 72-2023012France
F-WQOF1995 ATR 72-202441266France
F-WQOL1995 ATR 72-2024702France
F-WQRY1992 ATR 72-2023422France
F-WQUI1992 ATR 72-2023302France
F-WWEA1993 ATR 72-202364272France
F-WWEA1991 ATR 72-202241270France
F-WWED1990 ATR 72-2021892France
F-WWED1992 ATR 72-2023112France
F-WWED1991 ATR 72-2022392France
F-WWED1996 ATR 72-2024702France
F-WWED1991 ATR 72-202253276France
F-WWEE1991 ATR 72-202256276France
F-WWEE1995 ATR 72-2024492France
F-WWEF1990 ATR 72-2022072France
F-WWEG1991 ATR 72-202237268France
F-WWEG1993 ATR 72-2023502France
F-WWEG1992 ATR 72-2023072France
F-WWEH1991 ATR 72-202260268France
F-WWEH1995 ATR 72-2024502France
F-WWEH1990 ATR 72-2021772France
F-WWEI1996 ATR 72-2024772France
F-WWEI1992 ATR 72-2023132France
F-WWEJ1993 ATR 72-2023522France
F-WWEJ1992 ATR 72-2023962France
F-WWEJ1993 ATR 72-2023962France
F-WWEK1991 ATR 72-2022152France
F-WWEK1989 ATR 72-202154268France
F-WWEK2004 ATR 72-2027112France
F-WWEK1993 ATR 72-2023532France
F-WWEL1992 ATR 72-2022372France
F-WWEM1991 ATR 72-202217276France
F-WWEM1993 ATR 72-2023652France
F-WWEM1991 ATR 72-202246264France
F-WWEN1992 ATR 72-202272264France
F-WWEN1991 ATR 72-202220276France
F-WWEN1994 ATR 72-2024352France
F-WWEP1990 ATR 72-2021802France
F-WWEQ1995 ATR 72-2024442France
F-WWEQ1992 ATR 72-2023222France
F-WWEQ1991 ATR 72-2022242France
F-WWER1990 ATR 72-2022042France
F-WWES1990 ATR 72-2021832France
F-WWEU1993 ATR 72-2023732France
F-WWEV1996 ATR 72-2024832France
F-WWEW1990 ATR 72-2021862France
F-WWEW1995 ATR 72-2024522France
F-WWEW1993 ATR 72-202357276France
F-WWEW1992 ATR 72-2023422France
F-WWEX1991 ATR 72-2022292France
F-WWEX1993 ATR 72-2023612France
F-WWLB1992 ATR 72-2023032France
F-WWLC1994 ATR 72-2024372France
F-WWLC1997 ATR 72-202509268France
F-WWLC1992 ATR 72-202305270France
F-WWLD1991 ATR 72-202279264France
F-WWLE1994 ATR 72-202416270France
F-WWLE1991 ATR 72-2022582France
F-WWLG1995 ATR 72-202441266France
F-WWLI1996 ATR 72-2024882France
F-WWLI1992 ATR 72-2023262France
F-WWLJ1992 ATR 72-202328264France
F-WWLJ1996 ATR 72-2024892France
F-WWLK1992 ATR 72-2022812France
F-WWLL1992 ATR 72-2023302France
F-WWLM1995 ATR 72-2024552France
F-WWLM1992 ATR 72-202283276France
F-WWLN1995 ATR 72-2024562France
F-WWLN1996 ATR 72-2024932France
F-WWLO1992 ATR 72-202285266France
F-WWLQ1992 ATR 72-2022902France
F-WWLQ1997 ATR 72-2025192France
F-WWLT1997 ATR 72-2024962France
F-WWLT1992 ATR 72-202292276France
F-WWLU1997 ATR 72-2025082France
F-WWLW1992 ATR 72-202297264France
F-WWLW1994 ATR 72-2024192France
F-WWLX1992 ATR 72-202299266France
F-WWLX1992 ATR 72-2023422France
F-WWLY1992 ATR 72-2023012France
G-BVTJ1992 ATR 72-2023422United Kingdom
G-BVTK1993 ATR 72-202357276United Kingdom
G-BWDA1995 ATR 72-2024442United Kingdom
G-BWDB1995 ATR 72-2024492United Kingdom
G-BWTL1995 ATR 72-202441266United Kingdom
G-BWTM1995 ATR 72-2024702United Kingdom
G-BXTN1996 ATR 72-2024832United Kingdom
G-BXXA1992 ATR 72-2023012United Kingdom
G-BXYV1992 ATR 72-2023222United Kingdom
G-OASL1991 ATR 72-202(F)26522United Kingdom
G-UKTJ1997 ATR 72-202509268United Kingdom
G-UKTK1997 ATR 72-2025192United Kingdom
G-UKTL1997 ATR 72-2025232United Kingdom
G-UKTM1997 ATR 72-2025082United Kingdom
G-UKTN1997 ATR 72-2024962United Kingdom
HA-KAO1990 ATR 72-2021832Hungary
HB-AFH1992 ATR 72-2023132Switzerland
HB-AFJ1989 ATR 72-202154268Switzerland
HB-AFK1991 ATR 72-2022322Switzerland
HB-AFM1993 ATR 72-202364272Switzerland
HB-AFV1992 ATR 72-2023412Switzerland
HB-AFW1994 ATR 72-2024192Switzerland
HB-AFX1991 ATR 72-202(F)26522Switzerland
HB-ALM1993 ATR 72-2023962Switzerland
HB-ALQ1995 ATR 72-202(F)44922Switzerland
HI-10001997 ATR 72-202(F)4832Dominican Republic
HL52291995 ATR 72-2024562Korea, Republic of
HL52301995 ATR 72-2024552Korea, Republic of
HS-PGA1993 ATR 72-2023732Thailand
HS-PGB1993 ATR 72-2023672Thailand
HS-PGC1995 ATR 72-2024522Thailand
HS-PGD1995 ATR 72-2024552Thailand
HS-PGE1995 ATR 72-2024502Thailand
HS-PGF1996 ATR 72-2024772Thailand
LZ-FAD1990 ATR 72-2021832Bulgaria
M-ABEF1995 ATR 72-2024702Isle of Man
M-ABEG1996 ATR 72-2024832Isle of Man
M-ABJM1995 ATR 72-202(F)45622Isle of Man
N19DZ1992 ATR 72-202297264United Kingdom
N252AM1991 ATR 72-202253276United States
N253AT1991 ATR 72-202253276United States
N721TE1991 ATR 72-202217276United States
N722TE1991 ATR 72-202220276United States
N723TE1992 ATR 72-202283276United States
N809FX1991 ATR 72-202217276TN, United States
N810FX1991 ATR 72-202220276TN, United States
N811FX1992 ATR 72-202283276TN, United States
N813FX1992 ATR 72-202292276TN, United States
N815FX1991 ATR 72-2022292United States
N817FX1991 ATR 72-202256276TN, United States
N821FX1991 ATR 72-202253276TN, United States
OK-XFACesky Krumlov1992 ATR 72-202285266Czech Republic
OK-XFB1992 ATR 72-202297264Czech Republic
OK-XFCNitra1992 ATR 72-202299266Prague, Czech Republic
OK-XFDMlada Boleslav1992 ATR 72-2023032Czech Republic
OM-VRA1993 ATR 72-2023732Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-VRB1993 ATR 72-2023672Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-VRC1992 ATR 72-2023072Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-VRD1990 ATR 72-2021772Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OY-CIB1994 ATR 72-2024372Denmark
OY-LHA1997 ATR 72-2025082Denmark
OY-LHB1997 ATR 72-2024962
OY-RTA1991 ATR 72-202260268Denmark
OY-RTC1997 ATR 72-2025082Denmark
OY-RTD1997 ATR 72-202509268Denmark
OY-RTE1989 ATR 72-202154268Denmark
OY-RTF1997 ATR 72-2024962Denmark
OY-RUB1992 ATR 72-2023012Denmark
OY-RUG1998 ATR 72-202509268Denmark
PK-HVH1993 ATR 72-2023732Indonesia
PK-YRI1992 ATR 72-2023262Indonesia
PK-YRX1992 ATR 72-2023422Indonesia
PK-YRY1990 ATR 72-2022012Indonesia
PP-PTH1993 ATR 72-2023652Brazil
PP-PTK1993 ATR 72-2023522Brazil
PP-STY1993 ATR 72-2023672Brazil
PR-AZR1997 ATR 72-2025192Brazil
PR-AZSGralha Azul1997 ATR 72-2025232Brazil
PR-AZT1995 ATR 72-202450264Brazil
PR-AZVLa Ville Rose1993 ATR 72-2023962Brazil
PR-AZW1992 ATR 72-2023962Brazil
PR-AZYAzzurro1993 ATR 72-2023652Brazil
PR-MPY1997 ATR 72-2025192Brazil
RDPL-341321993 ATR 72-2023962Lao People's Democratic Rep.
RDPL-341371992 ATR 72-2023962Lao People's Democratic Rep.
RP-C90171995 ATR 72-2024442Philippines
SE-MGH1991 ATR 72-2022392Sweden
SE-MGI1991 ATR 72-202241270Sweden
SE-MGL1993 ATR 72-2023532Sweden
SE-MGM1993 ATR 72-2023502Sweden
SE-MGN1994 ATR 72-2024372Sweden
SP-EFI1992 ATR 72-202297264Poland
SP-EFK1992 ATR 72-202299266Poland
SP-LFA1991 ATR 72-202246264Poland
SP-LFB1991 ATR 72-202(F)26522Poland
SP-LFC1992 ATR 72-202272264Poland
SP-LFC1992 ATR 72-2022722Poland
SP-LFD1991 ATR 72-202279264Poland
SP-LFE1992 ATR 72-202328264Poland
SP-SPC1992 ATR 72-202272264Poland
SP-SPE1995 ATR 72-202441266Poland
SP-SPG1996 ATR 72-2024882Poland
SP-SPH1996 ATR 72-2024892Poland
SX-BAOAugusta1992 ATR 72-2023262Greece
SX-BAPGripas1992 ATR 72-2023302Greece
SX-BFK1992 ATR 72-2023132Greece
SX-BIEThales1991 ATR 72-2022392Greece
SX-BIFDemocritus1991 ATR 72-202241270Greece
SX-BIG1992 ATR 72-2022902Greece
SX-BIH1992 ATR 72-202305270Greece
SX-BIIHippocrates1993 ATR 72-2023532Greece
SX-BIK1993 ATR 72-2023502Greece
SX-BILMelina-Ellada1994 ATR 72-2024372Greece
SX-DIP1992 ATR 72-202328264Greece
T3-ATR1995 ATR 72-2024562Kiribati
T7-COB1995 ATR 72-202444274San Marino
TS-LBB1991 ATR 72-2022582Tunisia
TS-LBC1992 ATR 72-2022812Tunisia
VN-B2021991 ATR 72-2022152Viet Nam
VN-B2041992 ATR 72-2023412Viet Nam
VN-B2061994 ATR 72-2024192Viet Nam
VN-B2081994 ATR 72-202416270Viet Nam
VN-B2161995 ATR 72-2024502Viet Nam
VN-B2421997 ATR 72-202509268Viet Nam
VN-B2481997 ATR 72-2025192Viet Nam
VT-DEB1995 ATR 72-202(F)45622India
VT-FQA1992 ATR 72-2023132India
YL-RAI1996 ATR 72-202(F)4932Latvia
YU-ALN1990 ATR 72-2021802Serbia
YU-ALO1990 ATR 72-2021862Serbia
YU-ALP1990 ATR 72-2021892Serbia
YU-ALR1993 ATR 72-202357276Serbia
ZS-NDI1990 ATR 72-2022042South Africa
ZS-NDJ1990 ATR 72-2022072South Africa
ZS-XCE1993 ATR 72-2023962China