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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5H-PAQ1993 ATR 72-2123792Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAR1996 ATR 72-212460276Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAU1993 ATR 72-212385276Tanzania, United Republic of
9H-AAD1995 ATR 72-212464276Bosnia and Herzegowina
B-228011997 ATR 72-2125172Taiwan
C-GLHR1995 ATR 72-2124232Ontario, Canada
C-GRMZ1994 ATR 72-2124322Canada
CU-T15441996 ATR 72-2124722Cuba
CU-T15451996 ATR 72-2124732Portugal
CU-T15471996 ATR 72-2124852Cuba
CU-T15481995 ATR 72-212453276Cuba
CU-T15491995 ATR 72-212459276Cuba
D-ACCC1993 ATR 72-2123792Germany
D-ADDD1993 ATR 72-212385276Germany
D-AEWG1993 ATR 72-212347276Germany
D-AEWH1993 ATR 72-212359276Germany
D-AEWI1994 ATR 72-212404276Germany
D-AEWK1995 ATR 72-2124462Germany
D-ATRR1992 ATR 72-212320276Germany
DQ-FJX ATR 72-212 A12210Fiji
E7-AADSarajevo1995 ATR 72-212464276Bosnia and Herzegowina
EC-HBU1995 ATR 72-212459276Spain
EC-INV1991 ATR 72-212274276Spain
EC-JBI2004 ATR 72-2127132Spain
EC-JEH2005 ATR 72-2127162Spain
EC-JRP1995 ATR 72-2124462Spain
EC-LKKEl Hierro1995 ATR 72-2124612Spain
EC-LNR1994 ATR 72-2124282Spain
EI-CLB1994 ATR 72-2124232Ireland
EI-CLC1994 ATR 72-2124282Ireland
EI-CLD1994 ATR 72-2124322Ireland
EI-CMJ1995 ATR 72-2124672Ireland
EI-SLK1994 ATR 72-212395276Ireland
EI-SLLAoife-Radiant Beauty1994 ATR 72-212387276Ireland
EI-SLM1994 ATR 72-212413276Ireland
EI-SLNSt Cormac1994 ATR 72-212405266Ireland
EI-SLP1995 ATR 72-2124612Ireland
EP-ATH1992 ATR 72-212339276Iran (Islamic Republic of)
EP-ATS1993 ATR 72-2123912Iran (Islamic Republic of)
EP-ATZ1993 ATR 72-2123982Iran (Islamic Republic of)
F-GVZF1995 ATR 72-2124612France
F-OGUO1996 ATR 72-2124752France
F-OGXF1995 ATR 72-2124612France
F-OHFS1994 ATR 72-2123932France
F-OHFZ1995 ATR 72-2124692France
F-OHLB1994 ATR 72-2124222France
F-OHLC1995 ATR 72-2124692France
F-OIQUTiairani2007 ATR 72-212751275French Polynesia
F-OIYA1996 ATR 72-212479275France
F-OIYB1996 ATR 72-212481275France
F-OJMZ ATR 72-21215372France
F-WNUC1996 ATR 72-212460276France
F-WQHC1993 ATR 72-212385276France
F-WQKS1995 ATR 72-212464276France
F-WQLC1995 ATR 72-212453276France
F-WQLH1995 ATR 72-212454276France
F-WQLL1996 ATR 72-212460276France
F-WQNA1996 ATR 72-2124862France
F-WQNA1996 ATR 72-212460276France
F-WQNB1996 ATR 72-2124822France
F-WQNB1996 ATR 72-2124852France
F-WQNB1995 ATR 72-212458276France
F-WQND1995 ATR 72-212459276France
F-WQNE1995 ATR 72-2124692France
F-WQNF1995 ATR 72-212464276France
F-WQNQ1995 ATR 72-212453276France
F-WQNQ1994 ATR 72-2124222France
F-WQNR1994 ATR 72-2124222France
F-WWEA1995 ATR 72-2124462France
F-WWEB1993 ATR 72-212383276France
F-WWEB2005 ATR 72-2127212France
F-WWEB1992 ATR 72-212309276France
F-WWEB1994 ATR 72-2124232France
F-WWEC2018 ATR 72-212 A15002France
F-WWEC1993 ATR 72-212347276France
F-WWEC1993 ATR 72-212369276France
F-WWEC1994 ATR 72-212425276France
F-WWEC1995 ATR 72-212447276France
F-WWED1993 ATR 72-2123912France
F-WWED1994 ATR 72-212426276France
F-WWED1995 ATR 72-212448276France
F-WWEF1993 ATR 72-212349276France
F-WWEF1993 ATR 72-212370276France
F-WWEF1994 ATR 72-2124282France
F-WWEG1996 ATR 72-2124732France
F-WWEH1991 ATR 72-212244276France
F-WWEH1994 ATR 72-212429276France
F-WWEH1996 ATR 72-2124752France
F-WWEI1994 ATR 72-212431276France
F-WWEJ1996 ATR 72-2124722France
F-WWEK1993 ATR 72-2123982France
F-WWEL1996 ATR 72-212479275France
F-WWEL2007 ATR 72-212751275France
F-WWEL1996 ATR 72-212481275France
F-WWEL1991 ATR 72-212270276France
F-WWEL1994 ATR 72-212407276France
F-WWEM1992 ATR 72-212320276France
F-WWEM1994 ATR 72-212408276France
F-WWEM2004 ATR 72-2127132France
F-WWEN1991 ATR 72-212248276France
F-WWEO1994 ATR 72-212438276France
F-WWEP1994 ATR 72-212440276France
F-WWEP2005 ATR 72-2127162France
F-WWEP1993 ATR 72-212372276France
F-WWEQ1993 ATR 72-212355276France
F-WWEQ1996 ATR 72-212481275France
F-WWES1996 ATR 72-2124822France
F-WWES1995 ATR 72-212451276France
F-WWET2010 ATR 72-2129212France
F-WWEV1993 ATR 72-212359276France
F-WWEX1991 ATR 72-212263276France
F-WWEZ1993 ATR 72-212362276France
F-WWFM1994 ATR 72-212434276France
F-WWLA1994 ATR 72-212377276France
F-WWLB1995 ATR 72-212453276France
F-WWLC1992 ATR 72-212344276France
F-WWLC1991 ATR 72-212274276France
F-WWLC1994 ATR 72-212413276France
F-WWLD1994 ATR 72-212414276France
F-WWLD1997 ATR 72-2125232France
F-WWLD1993 ATR 72-2123792France
F-WWLE1993 ATR 72-212345276France
F-WWLE1995 ATR 72-212459276France
F-WWLE1996 ATR 72-2124852France
F-WWLF1993 ATR 72-212385276France
F-WWLG1994 ATR 72-212387276France
F-WWLG1996 ATR 72-2124862France
F-WWLH1996 ATR 72-212460276France
F-WWLI1994 ATR 72-2123932France
F-WWLI1995 ATR 72-212454276France
F-WWLJ1994 ATR 72-212395276France
F-WWLK1994 ATR 72-212399276France
F-WWLK1997 ATR 72-2125172France
F-WWLL1994 ATR 72-212401276France
F-WWLO1995 ATR 72-212458276France
F-WWLO1994 ATR 72-212404276France
F-WWLP1995 ATR 72-2124612France
F-WWLP1994 ATR 72-212405266France
F-WWLP1992 ATR 72-212288276France
F-WWLQ1995 ATR 72-212463276France
F-WWLR1995 ATR 72-212464276France
F-WWLS1992 ATR 72-212336276France
F-WWLS1994 ATR 72-212410276France
F-WWLT1992 ATR 72-212338276France
F-WWLU1995 ATR 72-2124672France
F-WWLU1992 ATR 72-212339276France
F-WWLW1995 ATR 72-2124692France
F-WWLW1993 ATR 72-212375276France
F-WWLX1992 ATR 72-2123422France
F-WWLY1994 ATR 72-212420276France
F-WWLZ1994 ATR 72-2124222France
G-BYTO1996 ATR 72-2124722United Kingdom
G-BYTP1996 ATR 72-2124732United Kingdom
G-IACY2017 ATR 72-21214482
G-IACZ2018 ATR 72-212 A14822United Kingdom
G-OILA1996 ATR 72-2124722United Kingdom
G-OILB1996 ATR 72-2124732United Kingdom
G-UKTL1997 ATR 72-2125232United Kingdom
HS-PGH1995 ATR 72-2124692Thailand
HS-PGJ1994 ATR 72-2124222Thailand
I-ATROLago di Bracciano1994 ATR 72-2124232Italy
I-ATRQFiume Sineto1994 ATR 72-2124282Italy
I-ATRRFiume Piave1994 ATR 72-2124322Italy
I-ATRS1995 ATR 72-2124672Switzerland
N129031995 ATR 72-212459276TX, United States
N244AT1991 ATR 72-212244276United States
N248AT1991 ATR 72-212248276United States
N260AE1991 ATR 72-212263276UT, United States
N263AT1991 ATR 72-212263276United States
N270AT1991 ATR 72-212270276UT, United States
N274AT1991 ATR 72-212274276OK, United States
N288AM1992 ATR 72-212288276UT, United States
N308AE1992 ATR 72-212309276UT, United States
N309AM1992 ATR 72-212309276United States
N320AT1992 ATR 72-212320276United States
N322AC1992 ATR 72-212320276UT, United States
N342AT1993 ATR 72-212345276UT, United States
N345AT1993 ATR 72-212345276United States
N348AE1993 ATR 72-212349276UT, United States
N349AT1993 ATR 72-212349276United States
N355AT1993 ATR 72-212355276UT, United States
N369AT1993 ATR 72-212369276UT, United States
N377AT1994 ATR 72-212377276UT, United States
N379FA1993 ATR 72-2123792United States
N385FA1993 ATR 72-212385276FL, United States
N399AT1994 ATR 72-212399276UT, United States
N401AM1994 ATR 72-212401276TX, United States
N407AT1994 ATR 72-212407276UT, United States
N408AT1994 ATR 72-212408276UT, United States
N410AT1994 ATR 72-212410276UT, United States
N414WF1994 ATR 72-212414276UT, United States
N417AT1994 ATR 72-212417276UT, United States
N420AT1994 ATR 72-212420276UT, United States
N425MJ1994 ATR 72-212425276UT, United States
N426AT1994 ATR 72-212426276UT, United States
N429AT1994 ATR 72-212429276UT, United States
N431AT1994 ATR 72-212431276UT, United States
N434AT1994 ATR 72-212434276UT, United States
N438AT1994 ATR 72-212438276TX, United States
N440AM1994 ATR 72-212440276UT, United States
N447AM1995 ATR 72-212447276UT, United States
N448AM1995 ATR 72-212448276UT, United States
N451AT1995 ATR 72-212451276UT, United States
N4AE1991 ATR 72-212244276UT, United States
N530AS1995 ATR 72-212453276UT, United States
N531AS1995 ATR 72-212454276UT, United States
N532AS1995 ATR 72-212458276UT, United States
N533AS1996 ATR 72-212460276UT, United States
N534AS1995 ATR 72-212463276UT, United States
N535AS1995 ATR 72-212464276UT, United States
N630AS1992 ATR 72-212336276UT, United States
N631AS1993 ATR 72-212362276TN, United States
N632AS1992 ATR 72-212338276TN, United States
N633AS1992 ATR 72-212344276UT, United States
N634AS1993 ATR 72-212370276UT, United States
N635AS1993 ATR 72-212372276TN, United States
N636AS1993 ATR 72-212375276TN, United States
N637AS1993 ATR 72-212383276UT, United States
N640AS1994 ATR 72-212405266GA, United States
N641AS1994 ATR 72-212387276GA, United States
N642AS1994 ATR 72-212395276GA, United States
N643AS1994 ATR 72-212413276GA, United States
N699011993 ATR 72-2123792United States
N699021993 ATR 72-212385276TX, United States
N800FX1992 ATR 72-212336276TN, United States
N801FX1992 ATR 72-212338276TN, United States
N802FX1992 ATR 72-212344276TN, United States
N803FX1993 ATR 72-212362276TN, United States
N804FX1993 ATR 72-212370276TN, United States
N805FX1993 ATR 72-212372276TN, United States
N806FX1993 ATR 72-212375276TN, United States
N807FX1993 ATR 72-212383276TN, United States
N812FX1994 ATR 72-212404276TN, United States
N812FX1994 ATR 72-212404276TN, United States
N816FX1993 ATR 72-212347276TN, United States
N819FX1993 ATR 72-212359276TN, United States
N820FX1991 ATR 72-212248276TN, United States
N820FX1991 ATR 72-212248276TN, United States
N941WP1993 ATR 72-212349276Hawaii, United States
N942WP1994 Aerospatiale ATR 72-2124252United States
N943WP Aerospatiale ATR 72-2124202United States
N944WP Aerospatiale ATR 72-2123452United States
OK-YFT1994 ATR 72-212387276Czech Republic
OY-CIW1994 ATR 72-2124222Denmark
OY-CNJ1994 ATR 72-212414276Denmark
OY-LHC1994 ATR 72-212405266Denmark
PK-MFA1993 ATR 72-2123792Indonesia
PR-TTI1995 ATR 72-212454276Brazil
PR-TTJ1995 ATR 72-212463276Brazil
RDPL-341762010 ATR 72-212938270Lao People's Democratic Rep.
S2-AFE1993 ATR 72-212385276Bangladesh
S2-AFN1993 ATR 72-2123792Bangladesh
S5-ACK1993 ATR 72-212369276Slovenia
SP-SPD1994 ATR 72-212387276Poland
SU-BPT1993 ATR 72-212385276Egypt
T9-AAD1995 ATR 72-212464276Bosnia and Herzegowina
VN-B2461997 ATR 72-2125232Viet Nam
VT-DKC2005 ATR 72-2127212India
XY-AEY1994 ATR 72-2123932Myanmar
XY-AEZ1996 ATR 72-2124752Myanmar
XY-AIA1994 ATR 72-2124222Myanmar
XY-AIC1996 ATR 72-2124752Myanmar
XY-AIE1995 ATR 72-212458276Myanmar
XY-AIH1995 ATR 72-2124692Myanmar
XY-AIR1995 ATR 72-2124672Myanmar
YR-FVL2007 Aerospatiale ATR 72-2127472
YV-1004C1996 ATR 72-2124822Venezuela
YV-1005C1996 ATR 72-2124852Venezuela
YV-1073C1996 ATR 72-2124862Venezuela
YV19291996 ATR 72-2124822Venezuela
YV24211996 ATR 72-2124822Venezuela
YV24221996 ATR 72-2124862Venezuela
ZK-JSY1993 ATR 72-2123792New Zealand
ZK-JSZ1993 ATR 72-212385276New Zealand
ZK-MCC1995 ATR 72-212464276New Zealand
ZK-MCQ1995 ATR 72-212453276New Zealand
ZK-MCS1995 ATR 72-212454276New Zealand
ZK-MCW1995 ATR 72-212458276New Zealand
ZK-MCX1996 ATR 72-212460276New Zealand
ZK-MCY1995 ATR 72-212463276New Zealand
ZK-MVR2018 ATR 72-212 A14872New Zealand
ZK-MVU2018 ATR 72-212 A15002New Zealand
ZK-MZC2019 ATR 72-212 A1581268New Zealand
ZS-XCA1995 ATR 72-212463276South Africa
ZS-XCB1996 ATR 72-212460276South Africa