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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
3B-NATPaille en queue1994 Airbus A340-3120484Mauritius
3B-NAUPink Pigeon1994 Airbus A340-3120764Mauritius
3B-NAVKestrel1995 Airbus A340-3120944294Mauritius
4R-ADD1994 Airbus A340-3120364Sri Lanka
6Y-JMCSpirit of New York1994 Airbus A340-3120484Jamaica
A4O-LA1994 Airbus A340-3120364Oman
A4O-LBAl Fateh1994 Airbus A340-312394293Oman
A4O-LCCity of Doha1994 Airbus A340-3120404Oman
A4O-LDAbu Dhabi1995 Airbus A340-3120974Oman
A4O-LE1995 Airbus A340-3121034Oman
A4O-LF1996 Airbus A340-3121334Oman
A9C-LB1994 Airbus A340-312394293Bahrain
A9C-LD1995 Airbus A340-3120974Bahrain
A9C-LE1995 Airbus A340-3121034Bahrain
A9C-LF1996 Airbus A340-3121334Bahrain
C-FDRO1994 Airbus A340-3120484Quebec, Canada
CS-TOAFernao Mendes Pinto1994 Airbus A340-3120414Portugal
CS-TOBD. Joao de Castro1994 Airbus A340-3120444Portugal
CS-TOCWenceslau de Moraes1995 Airbus A340-3120794Portugal
CS-TODD. Francisco de Almeida1995 Airbus A340-3120914Portugal
CS-TQL1996 Airbus A340-3121334Portugal
EC-KHU Airbus A340-3120074Spain
EI-EHZ1995 Airbus A340-3120944294Ireland
F-GLZA Airbus A340-3120054France
F-GLZB Airbus A340-3120074France
F-GLZC1993 Airbus A340-3120294France
F-GLZG1994 Airbus A340-3120494France
F-GLZH1995 Airbus A340-3120784France
F-GLZI1995 Airbus A340-3120844260France
F-OHPZ1994 Airbus A340-3120364France
F-WHPZ1994 Airbus A340-3120364France
F-WWJD1994 Airbus A340-3120484France
F-WWJF1995 Airbus A340-3120944294France
F-WWJG1994 Airbus A340-3120764France
F-WWJP1996 Airbus A340-3121334France
F-WWJX1994 Airbus A340-3120364France
LV-BMT1994 Airbus A340-3120484Argentina
LV-CEK1995 Airbus A340-3120944294Argentina
M-YRGQ1996 Airbus A340-3121334Isle of Man
N691SB1995 Airbus A340-3120944294Florida, United States
PZ-TCP1994 Airbus A340-3120494Suriname