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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5R-MKG1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-21217Madagascar
8P-BDS1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-58217Barbados
9Y-TDI1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-63217Trinidad and Tobago
C-FATS1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-75217Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FAWX1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-64217Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FCVJ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-74217Quebec, Canada
C-FEJL1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-75217Ontario, Canada
C-FKBK1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-18217Alberta, Canada
C-FKHD1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-11217Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FRQC1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-26217Northwest Territory, Canada
C-FRQI1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-124217Manitoba, Canada
C-FYSJ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-73217New Brunswick, Canada
C-GESP1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-70217Ontario, Canada
C-GGAV1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-69217Ontario, Canada
C-GNAH1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-107217Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GNAL1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GQAG1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-74217Quebec, Canada
C-GQAHSpirit of Muskrat Dam1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-58217Ontario, Canada
C-GQFD1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-40217British Columbia, Canada
C-GSFP1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-43217Canada
C-GVNQ1985 Beech 99 AirlinerU-67217Quebec, Canada
C-GWYD1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-113217Canada
C-GXFC1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-18217Alberta, Canada
D-IBSP1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-10217Germany
D-IEXA1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-69217Germany
D-IEXB1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-70217Germany
D-IEXE1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-46217Germany
D-IEXF1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-62217Germany
EC-LZK1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-46217Spain
EI-BKY1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-124217Ireland
F-BIEM1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-75217France
F-BRUF1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-121217France
F-BRUN1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-11217France
F-BRUX1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-122217France
F-BSRZ1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-19217France
F-BSTE1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-18217France
F-BSTO1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-87217France
F-BSTU1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-107217France
F-BSUG1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-5921737001, France
F-BSUJ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-62217France
F-BSUK1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-21217France
F-BSUZ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217France
F-BTMA1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-90217France
F-BTME1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-79217France
F-BTMO1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-86217France
F-BUYG1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-63217France
F-GFPE1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-21217France
G-DLAB1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-73217United Kingdom
G-NUIT1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-70217United Kingdom
HP-1233AP1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-18217Panama
LN-SAZ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-62217Norway
N100WP1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-5217Maine, United States
N1033S1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-64217United States
N1048C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-7217New York, United States
N1049C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-9217CA, United States
N1058C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-21217IL,
N1075C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-38217Illinois, United States
N107TJ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-107217Maine, United States
N108BA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-40217MN, United States
N112NA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-58217Delaware, United States
N1173C1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217Illinois, United States
N1178C1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-62217United States
N128SF1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-87217AK, United States
N14MV1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-59217UT, United States
N194WA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-64217NH, United States
N195WA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-38217NH, United States
N199SD1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-26217AK, United States
N200TCState of Maine1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-7217Maine, United States
N200WPThe Aroostook Flyer1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-64217United States
N201TCCity of Albany1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-2217Maine, United States
N202TCCity of Bangor1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-38217Maine, United States
N203BH1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-5217ME,
N205BH1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-7217FL,
N207BH1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-107217Maine, United States
N209BH1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-73217IN, United States
N246V1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-10217Wisconsin, United States
N24BH1985 Beech 99 AirlinerU-67217UT, United States
N295R1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-113217KS,
N299CZ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-74217WI, United States
N300WPLa Ville de Quebec1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-22217
N3115C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-18217ME,
N3236V1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-69217
N336PL1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-352Pennsylvania, United States
N37CA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-43217,W,
N39TN1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-2217DE, United States
N410SA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-10217Washington, United States
N451C1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-66217NH,
N551GP1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-79217Arizona, United States
N59CA1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-87217AL, United States
N650EX1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-19217Massachusetts, United States
N671GP1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-86217Arizona, United States
N699CZ1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-10217WI, United States
N7199N1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-2217Maine, United States
N746A1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-26217Pennsylvania, United States
N7801R1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-58217Wisconsin, United States
N788C1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-124217United States
N796A1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-73217Pennsylvania, United States
N7986R1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-107217North Carolina, United States
N799TS1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217United States
N8012RSpirit of Walla Walla1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-69217Washington, United States
N8013R1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-70217Washington, United States
N851SA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-25217UT, United States
N855SA1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-46217Florida, United States
N857SA1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-75217Florida, United States
N899AG1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-73217DE, United States
N899JM1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-43217United States
N910AM1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-40217Michigan, United States
N910JM1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-40217Florida, United States
N921GP1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-90217Arizona, United States
N985MA1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-22217Florida, United States
N995E1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-63217United States
N999DZ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-70217Utah, United States
N99NN1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-10217WI, United States
OO-WAY1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-21217Belgium
OO-WAZ1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-62217Belgium
OY-BEN1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-26217Denmark
OY-BKU1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217Denmark
OY-BYU1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217Denmark
PT-FSC1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-65217Brazil
SE-IOG1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-124217Sweden
TF-ELC1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-26217Iceland
TF-ELD1969 Beech 99 AirlinerU-57217Iceland
V2-ANU1968 Beech 99 AirlinerU-58217Antigua and Barbuda