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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
9G-MKR1980 Boeing 747-200F224814Ghana
9G-MKS1981 Boeing 747-200F224864390Ghana
G-MKBA1980 Boeing 747-200F224814United Kingdom
G-MKDA1981 Boeing 747-200F224864390United Kingdom
HL74521980 Boeing 747-200F224814Korea, Republic of
HL74591981 Boeing 747-200F224864390Korea, Republic of
N5573F1980 Boeing 747-200F224814United States
N776BA1981 Boeing 747-200F224864390WA, United States
N778BA1980 Boeing 747-200F224814WA, United States
N807FT Boeing 747-200F218284495