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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
HL72032018 Boeing 777-3B5/ER60378/15432Korea, Republic of
HL77822009 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37643/7852Korea, Republic of
HL77832009 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37644/8062Korea, Republic of
HL77842009 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37136/8232Korea, Republic of
HL80062015 Boeing 777-3B5/ER376522Korea, Republic of
HL80082015 Boeing 777-3B5/ER438162Korea, Republic of
HL80092015 Boeing 777-3B5/ER419992Korea, Republic of
HL80102015 Boeing 777-3B5/ER42120/12862277Korea, Republic of
HL80112015 Boeing 777-3B5/ER42123/13032Korea, Republic of
HL80412016 Boeing 777-3B5(ER)60375/14022277Korea, Republic of
HL80422016 Boeing 777-3B5/ER603762Korea, Republic of
HL82082010 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37645/8672Korea, Republic of
HL82092010 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37646/8752Korea, Republic of
HL82102010 Boeing 777-3B5/ER40377/8822Korea, Republic of
HL82162011 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37647/9332Korea, Republic of
HL82172011 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37648/9382Korea, Republic of
HL82182011 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37649/9762Korea, Republic of
HL82502012 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37650/10232Korea, Republic of
HL82742013 Boeing 777-3B5/ER41998/10812Korea, Republic of
HL82752013 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37651/11092Korea, Republic of
N5020K2009 Boeing 777-3B5/ER37644/8062United States