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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
A6-GDP1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210984495United Arab Emirates
G-BLVECity of Lincoln1975 Boeing 747-2B4B21097/2624495United Kingdom
G-BLVFCity of Lancaster1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210984495United Kingdom
N202AE1975 Boeing 747-2B4B Combi21099/2644362Lebanon
N202AE1975 Boeing 747-2B4B21097/2624495United States
N203AE1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210984495United States
N204AE1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210994362United States
N710CK1975 Boeing 747-2B4B21097/2624495MI, United States
N712CK1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210984495MI, United States
N713CK1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210994362MI, United States
OD-AGH1975 Boeing 747-2B4B21097/2624495Lebanon
OD-AGI1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210984495Lebanon
OD-AGJ1975 Boeing 747-2B4B210994362Lebanon