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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
N175SG1985 Boeing 747-338232244UT, United States
N176SG1986 Boeing 747-33823408/6384432UT, United States
N177SG1987 Boeing 747-338238234UT, United States
N5573P1985 Boeing 747-338232234United States
N747ZZ1984 Boeing 747-338232224490NY, United States
VH-EBTCity of Wagga Wagga1984 Boeing 747-338232224490NSW, Australia
VH-EBUCity of Warrnambool1985 Boeing 747-338232234NSW, Australia
VH-EBVCity of Geraldton1985 Boeing 747-338232244NSW, Australia
VH-EBWCity of Tamworth1986 Boeing 747-33823408/6384432NSW, Australia
VH-EBXCity of Wodonga1986 Boeing 747-338236884NSW, Australia
VH-EBYCity of Mildura1987 Boeing 747-338238234NSW, Australia
XT-DMA1985 Boeing 747-338232244Burkina Faso
XT-SAG1987 Boeing 747-338238234