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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
HL74002001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264144Korea, Republic of
HL74031998 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD26408/11634Korea, Republic of
HL74342002 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD328094Korea, Republic of
HL74372003 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD328084Korea, Republic of
HL74392003 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD33516/13384Korea, Republic of
HL74492000 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264114Korea, Republic of
HL74621997 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264064Korea, Republic of
HL74662001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264134Korea, Republic of
HL74672001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD270734Korea, Republic of
HL74801990 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD246194Korea, Republic of
HL74992004 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD335174Korea, Republic of
HL76002004 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD339454Korea, Republic of
HL76012004 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD339494Korea, Republic of
HL76022005 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD343014Korea, Republic of
LX-DCV1990 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD246194Luxembourg
N578BC1990 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD246194Washington, United States
N606591998 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD26408/11634United States
N702CK2000 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264114MI, United States
N705CK2001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264134United States
N706CK2001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD270734Michigan, United States
N710CK1997 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264064Michigan, United States
N712CK2001 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD264144Michigan, United States
N713CK2003 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD328084Michigan, United States
N715CK2002 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD328094MI, United States
N716CK1998 Boeing 747-4B5F/SCD26408/11634MI, United States