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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
EI-DBW1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23899/1822255Ireland
N245AY1987 Boeing 767-20123897/1732255UT, United States
N246AY1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23898/1752255UT, United States
N248AY1988 Boeing 767-20123900/1902255UT,
N249AU1987 Boeing 767-20123901/1972255UT,
N250AY1988 Boeing 767-20123902/2172255UT,
N603P1987 Boeing 767-20123897/1732255United States
N604PCity of London1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23898/1752255United States
N606P1988 Boeing 767-20123900/1902255United States
N607P1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23899/1822255United States
N614PCity of Los Angeles1987 Boeing 767-20123901/1972255United States
N617P1988 Boeing 767-20123902/2172255United States
N645US1987 Boeing 767-20123897/1732255United States
N646US1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23898/1752255United States
N647US1987 Boeing 767-201/ER23899/1822255United States
N648US1988 Boeing 767-20123900/1902255United States
N649US1987 Boeing 767-20123901/1972255United States
N650US1988 Boeing 767-20123902/2172255United States