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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
F-HILUOpen Skies1990 Boeing 767-336243412France
G-BNWACity of Brussels1989 Boeing 767-33624333/2652252United Kingdom
G-BNWBCity of Paris1989 Boeing 767-33624334/2812252United Kingdom
G-BNWCCity of Frankfurt1989 Boeing 767-33624335/2842192United Kingdom
G-BNWDCity of Copenhagen1989 Boeing 767-33624336/2862192United Kingdom
G-BNWECity of Lisbon1990 Boeing 767-33624337/2882252United Kingdom
G-BNWFCity of Milan1990 Boeing 767-336243382United Kingdom
G-BNWGCity of Strasbourg1990 Boeing 767-336243392United Kingdom
G-BNWHCity of Rome1990 Boeing 767-33624340/3352United Kingdom
G-BNWICity of Madrid1990 Boeing 767-336243412United Kingdom
G-BNWJCity of Athens1991 Boeing 767-336243422United Kingdom
G-BNWKCity of Amsterdam1991 Boeing 767-336243432United Kingdom
G-BNWLCity of Luxembourg1991 Boeing 767-336252032United Kingdom
G-BNWMCity of Toulouse1991 Boeing 767-336252042United Kingdom
G-BNWNWilliam Wordsworth1991 Boeing 767-33625444/3982192United Kingdom
G-BNWOWilliam Shakespeare1992 Boeing 767-336254422United Kingdom
G-BNWPCity of Dublin1992 Boeing 767-336/ER25443/4192252United Kingdom
G-BNWRCity of Hamburg1992 Boeing 767-336257322United Kingdom
G-BNWSCity of Oporto1992 Boeing 767-33625826/4732United Kingdom
G-BNWTCity of Cork1992 Boeing 767-336258282United Kingdom
G-BNWURobert Burns1993 Boeing 767-336258292United Kingdom
G-BNWVCity of Bonn1993 Boeing 767-336271402United Kingdom
G-BNWWCity of Marseilles1993 Boeing 767-336/ER25831/05262192United Kingdom
G-BNWXCity of Bilbao1994 Boeing 767-336258322United Kingdom
G-BNWYCity of Helsinki1996 Boeing 767-336258342United Kingdom
G-BNWZ1997 Boeing 767-336/ER25733/6482United Kingdom
G-BZHA1998 Boeing 767-336292302252United Kingdom
G-BZHB1998 Boeing 767-336292312United Kingdom
G-BZHC1998 Boeing 767-336292322United Kingdom
HS-JAS1991 Boeing 767-336252032Thailand
N1788B1990 Boeing 767-336243382United States
N254MY1992 Boeing 767-336/ER25443/4192252NC, United States
N283AS1990 Boeing 767-336243382Florida, United States
N489AS1990 Boeing 767-33624337/2882252Delaware, United States
N6018N1992 Boeing 767-33625826/4732United States
N6018N1989 Boeing 767-33624336/2862192United States
N606681998 Boeing 767-336292302252United States
N700KW1992 Boeing 767-336/ER25443/4192252North Carolina, United States
N703KW1991 Boeing 767-336243432NC, United States
N706KW1990 Boeing 767-336243392North Carolina, United States
N793JM1991 Boeing 767-336243422Delaware, United States
N796JM Boeing 767-336243392United States
N797JM1991 Boeing 767-336252032Delaware, United States
VH-ZXAJervis Bay1990 Boeing 767-33624337/2882252Australia
VH-ZXBBourke1990 Boeing 767-336243382Australia
VH-ZXCStanwell1990 Boeing 767-336243392NSW, Australia
VH-ZXD1991 Boeing 767-336243422Australia
VH-ZXEMornington1991 Boeing 767-336243432Australia
VH-ZXF1991 Boeing 767-336252032Australia
VH-ZXGKarratha1992 Boeing 767-336/ER25443/4192252Australia