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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
238012005 Cessna 172S172S983514United States
4O-TED2001 Cessna 172S SP172S889814Montenegro
9A-DEE2005 Cessna 172S172S1008514Croatia
9A-DNM2003 Cessna 172S172S947214Croatia
9H-ELP Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S874214Malta
9M-GAA Cessna 172S172S1083614Malaysia
9M-GAI2008 Cessna 172S172S1075114Malaysia
9M-GFH2008 Cessna 172S172S-1086014Malaysia
9M-GQX2008 Cessna 172S172S1084414Malaysia
9M-GQY Cessna 172S172S1085214Malaysia
9M-GRM Cessna 172S172S1083814Malaysia
A2-MBC2006 Cessna 172S172S1011214Botswana
A6-FTL Cessna 172S1034614United Arab Emirates
AF-2652017 Cessna 172S172S1201814Uganda
AF-2672017 Cessna 172S172S1201914Uganda
B-10LR2016 Cessna 172S172S1174214China
B-10LS2016 Cessna 172S172S1174314China
B-708X2018 Cessna 172S172S1223014China
B-708Y2018 Cessna 172S172S1223114China
B-9611 Cessna 172S172S1112714China
B-96152012 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1115814China
B-9642 Cessna 172S172S1126314China
B-9643 Cessna 172S172S1126414China
C-FAKH1998 Cessna 172S172S800814Ontario, Canada
C-FARC2000 Cessna 172S172S841514Alberta, Canada
C-FAUX2000 Cessna 172S172S841714Nova Scotia, Canada
C-FBII2006 Cessna 172S172S1033814Alberta, Canada
C-FCAP2006 Cessna 172S172S1017914New Brunswick, Canada
C-FCHC2000 Cessna 172S172S853014British Columbia, Canada
C-FCLC2001 Cessna 172S172S876314BC, Canada
C-FCQC2002 Cessna 172S172S927014Quebec, Canada
C-FCSP1998 Cessna 172S172S807214British Columbia, Canada
C-FCVY2000 Cessna 172S172S852814Ontario, Canada
C-FDDC1999 Cessna 172S172S831414Quebec, Canada
C-FEGU2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S843214Alberta, Canada
C-FEJT2003 Cessna 172S172S945814Alberta, Canada
C-FESC2017 Cessna 172S172S1210314Ontario, Canada
C-FFZL2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S844814Ontario, Canada
C-FGAR2001 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S888814Ontario, Canada
C-FGIM2002 Cessna 172S172S906114Quebec, Canada
C-FGNP2011 Cessna 172S172S1108914Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FIAQ2006 Cessna 172S172S1013214Ontario, Canada
C-FJPM2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S850214Ontario, Canada
C-FJWE2003 Cessna 172S172S934914Quebec, Canada
C-FMTF2002 Cessna 172S172S921714Alberta, Canada
C-FNET2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S854414Ontario, Canada
C-FNYX2002 Cessna 172S172S903114Ontario, Canada
C-FOEF2014 Cessna 172S172S1150714Alberta, Canada
C-FOGI2006 Cessna 172S172S1014714Alberta, Canada
C-FORE2001 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S884614Alberta, Canada
C-FPEL2001 Cessna 172S172S873014Ontario, Canada
C-FPWV2007 Cessna 172S172S1062814British Columbia, Canada
C-FRAR2004 Cessna 172S172S965914New Brunswick, Canada
C-FSCF2001 Cessna 172S172S879714Ontario, Canada
C-FSCG2001 Cessna 172S172S879814Ontario, Canada
C-FSCO2005 Cessna 172S172S1005614Ontario, Canada
C-FSEX2000 Cessna 172S172S862314Quebec, Canada
C-FSTP2002 Cessna 172S172S918214Alberta, Canada
C-FTCG1999 Cessna 172S172S814014British Columbia, Canada
C-FUMB2002 Cessna 172S172S922514Canada
C-FUWL2001 Cessna 172S172S892014New Brunswick, Canada
C-FUWN2002 Cessna 172S172S925014New Brunswick, Canada
C-FWLQ2002 Cessna 172S172S902814Ontario, Canada
C-FWLU2002 Cessna 172S172S908214Ontario, Canada
C-FWLV2002 Cessna 172S172S914814Ontario, Canada
C-FWML2003 Cessna 172S172S937214Ontario, Canada
C-FWND2006 Cessna 172S172S1039114Alberta, Canada
C-FXVA2003 Cessna 172S172S943514Alberta, Canada
C-GABF2013 Cessna 172S172S1128514Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GAEN2000 Cessna 172S172S835514Alberta, Canada
C-GAGV2001 Cessna 172S172S879914Ontario, Canada
C-GAHT2007 Cessna 172S172S1045914Ontario, Canada
C-GBEL2007 Cessna 172S172S1060914Quebec, Canada
C-GBFJ2004 Cessna 172S172S957214Ontario, Canada
C-GBFK2000 Cessna 172S172S-840514Ontario, Canada
C-GBJF2010 Cessna 172S172S1104214Quebec, Canada
C-GBLQ2002 Cessna 172S172S915214Ontario, Canada
C-GBNG2006 Cessna 172S172S1029014Ontario, Canada
C-GBRL1999 Cessna 172S172S811614British Columbia, Canada
C-GBSP1999 Cessna 172S172S812314Canada
C-GBWQ1999 Cessna 172S172S815814Ontario, Canada
C-GCFS2004 Cessna 172S172S974214British Columbia, Canada
C-GCHU2005 Cessna 172S172S1005614BC, Canada
C-GCIA2006 Cessna 172S172S1021114Alberta, Canada
C-GDRG Cessna 172S172S1091414Ontario, Canada
C-GEPQ1999 Cessna 172S172S809314Ontario, Canada
C-GETQ1999 Cessna 172S172S814914Quebec, Canada
C-GFAM2005 Cessna 172S172S986514Alberta, Canada
C-GFFQ2002 Cessna 172S172S920114Ontario, Canada
C-GFRU2003 Cessna 172S172S943414Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GFSP2004 Cessna 172S172S957914Ontario, Canada
C-GFXS Cessna 172S172S835814Alberta, Canada
C-GFYI2005 Cessna 172S172S977914Canada
C-GGBQ Cessna 172S172S882414Manitoba, Canada
C-GHXU2002 Cessna 172S172S904114Ontario, Canada
C-GIFF2006 Cessna 172S172S1018314Ottawa, Canada
C-GIJO1999 Cessna 172S172S834714Ontario, Canada
C-GIJO1999 Cessna 172S172S834714Ontario, Canada
C-GIST2001 Cessna 172S172S882314Ontario, Canada
C-GIUW Cessna 172S172S878714Alberta, Canada
C-GJMD Cessna 172S172S990114Ontario, Canada
C-GJOX2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S986714Manitoba, Canada
C-GJUU Cessna 172S172S902914Alberta, Canada
C-GJZB2000 Cessna 172S172S853914British Columbia, Canada
C-GKAR2002 Cessna 172S172S905214Quebec, Canada
C-GKKI2001 Cessna 172S172S887714British Columbia, Canada
C-GKSK2000 Cessna 172S172S850014Ontario, Canada
C-GKTF2006 Cessna 172S172S1024714Ontario, Canada
C-GLBG Cessna 172S172S1109114Alberta, Canada
C-GLXP2003 Cessna 172S172S951114Canada
C-GMAW2001 Cessna 172S172S876314British Columbia, Canada
C-GMKG2003 Cessna 172S172S955914British Columbia, Canada
C-GMSU2008 Cessna 172S172S1066814British Columbia, Canada
C-GNTE2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1063014Canada
C-GPBC Cessna 172S172S812914British Columbia, Canada
C-GPPN2000 Cessna 172S172S845914Alberta, Canada
C-GQRA2003 Cessna 172S172S936914Ontario, Canada
C-GRDB2007 Cessna 172S172S1057214Quebec, Canada
C-GSAR1999 Cessna 172S172S821414Ontario, Canada
C-GSCB2001 Cessna 172S172S879314Ontario, Canada
C-GSCR2001 Cessna 172S172S879414Ontario, Canada
C-GSCS2001 Cessna 172S172S879514Ontario, Canada
C-GSCT2001 Cessna 172S172S879614Ontario, Canada
C-GSCX2002 Cessna 172S172S905214Ontario, Canada
C-GSDZ2003 Cessna 172S172S956614British Columbia, Canada
C-GSEO2011 Cessna 172S172S1112914Ontario, Canada
C-GSEQ2001 Cessna 172S172S879214Ontario, Canada
C-GSFC2006 Cessna 172S172S1011414British Columbia, Canada
C-GTDK Cessna 172S172S977214British Columbia, Canada
C-GTLF2003 Cessna 172S172S942314British Columbia, Canada
C-GTPV2002 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S917914Canada
C-GUNB2000 Cessna 172S172S861214New Brunswick, Canada
C-GUSY2007 Cessna 172S172S1061114Alberta, Canada
C-GUTC2001 Cessna 172S172S875614Alberta, Canada
C-GWRT1999 Cessna 172S172S817714Alberta, Canada
C-GWVI2012 Cessna 172S172S1116014Ontario, Canada
C-GXSP2001 Cessna 172S172S877014Alberta, Canada
C-GXTZ2004 Cessna 172S172S972314BC, Canada
C-GYPW2007 Cessna 172S172S1057714B.C., Canada
C-GZMN2000 Cessna 172S172S850714Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GZMQ2005 Cessna 172S172S1002814Canada
C-GZMR1999 Cessna 172S172S811914Ontario, Canada
C-GZMT1999 Cessna 172S172S813614Ontario, Canada
C-GZMU1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S813914Ontario, Canada
C-GZMW2004 Cessna 172S172S972514Ontario, Canada
CC-ADF Cessna 172S172S1107014Chile
CC-ADG Cessna 172S172S1107114Chile
CC-ADH Cessna 172S172S1107214Chile
CC-AFC2009 Cessna 172S172S1089014Chile
CC-AFD Cessna 172S172S1086714Chile
CC-AGI Cessna 172S172S1113714Chile
CC-AGK Cessna 172S172S1116814Chile
CC-AIN2003 Cessna 172S172S949314Chile
CC-AIV Cessna 172S172S1123214Chile
CC-AJX1999 Cessna 172S172S830014Chile
CC-AKF2006 Cessna 172S172S1014314Chile
CC-AKG2007 Cessna 172S172S1045314Chile
CC-AKN2000 Cessna 172S172S838514Chile
CC-ALJ2005 Cessna 172S172S988414Los Lagos, Chile
CC-ALT2003 Cessna 172S172S946314Chile
CS-DDQ Cessna 172S172-170214Portugal
CS-DDR2005 Cessna 172S1725876014Portugal
D-EAAQ2006 Cessna 172S172S1035114Germany
D-EACK2005 Cessna 172S172S996914Germany
D-EAFD Cessna 172S172S1069314Germany
D-EAKS2006 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S-1009414Germany
D-EAWU1999 Cessna 172S172S814814Germany
D-EAYY2006 Cessna 172S SP172S1022914Germany
D-EAZL2000 Cessna 172S SP172S0829914Germany
D-EBSP2007 Cessna 172S172S1059714Germany
D-ECCX Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-1042814Germany
D-ECHK Cessna 172S172S1084614Germany
D-EDAT1999 Cessna 172S172S813214Germany
D-EDDH2005 Cessna 172S172S977314Germany
D-EDDV1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S816514Germany
D-EDDX2006 Cessna 172S172S1012413Germany
D-EDLB2003 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S933914
D-EDLY2004 Cessna 172S172S967014NRW, Germany
D-EDTY Cessna 172S172S-908414
D-EDXH2005 Cessna 172S172S977314Germany
D-EEDC Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S-0902414Germany
D-EEFI2014 Cessna 172S Turbo Skyhawk JT-A172S1136814Germany
D-EEFM Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1024414
D-EEKN1999 Cessna 172S172S830814Germany
D-EESX2006 Cessna 172S172S1038214Germany
D-EFCT1999 Cessna 172S172S818614Germany
D-EFER Cessna 172S172-170214Germany
D-EFSP2001 Cessna 172S172S898614Germany
D-EFUC Cessna 172S172S-800314United Kingdom
D-EGJP2001 Cessna 172S172S881414Germany
D-EGLW2001 Cessna 172S172S873114Germany
D-EGMM Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1107514Germany
D-EGPS2002 Cessna 172S172S906514Germany
D-EGTB2009 Cessna 172S SP172S914914
D-EGTB2002 Cessna 172S172S914914Germany
D-EHGS2006 Cessna 172S SP172S1011914Germany
D-EHHB Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S881314Germany
D-EIOH1999 Cessna 172S172S819014Germany
D-EKAA Cessna 172S172S1095614Germany
D-EKCJ Cessna 172S172S1004114Germany
D-EKPT2006 Cessna 172S172S1019914Germany
D-EKSK Cessna 172S SP172S857114Germany
D-ELEE2005 Cessna 172S172S1009914Germany
D-ELFB2005 Cessna 172S SP172S983714Belgium
D-ELSH2001 Cessna 172S172S874014Germany
D-ENAS Cessna 172S172S863114
D-ENEK2006 Cessna 172S172S1041514Germany
D-ENTA2006 Cessna 172S172S1015714Germany
D-EOCD2004 Cessna 172S172S967514
D-EPCE2009 Cessna 172S172S1095814Belgium
D-EPCR2003 Cessna 172S172S948414Germany
D-EPCW2003 Cessna 172S172S955014Germany
D-EPFC2007 Cessna 172S172S1056314Germany
D-ERAE Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S801514Germany
D-ERKS2006 Cessna 172S172S1019014Germany
D-ERRW Cessna 172S172S1103914Germany
D-ERTD2003 Cessna 172S172S929214Germany
D-ESAA2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-1008814Germany
D-ESAE1999 Cessna 172S172S811814Germany
D-ESED2006 Cessna 172S172S1032014Germany
D-ESEX2006 Cessna 172S172S1032014Germany
D-ESEX2006 Cessna 172S172S1029314Germany
D-ESFM2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S980414Germany
D-ESRS2007 Cessna 172S SP172S1062314Germany
D-ESSC Cessna 172S172S953814Germany
D-ESUE2007 Cessna 172S172S1063214Germany
D-ESYT2007 Cessna 172S172S1052414Germany
D-ETGZ2006 Cessna 172S172S1035014Germany
D-ETIP2006 Cessna 172S172S-1024414Germany
D-ETKB Cessna 172S172-7010214Germany
D-ETKJ2008 Cessna 172S SP172S1067814Germany
D-ETNL Cessna 172S SP Skyhawk172S887414Germany
D-ETTU2005 Cessna 172S172S1007514Germany
D-ETWP Cessna 172S172S937414Germany
D-EUFM2012 Cessna 172S172S1118514Germany
D-EUTC Cessna 172S172S881014Germany
D-EVOL2005 Cessna 172S II172S998414Saxony, Germany
D-EVPM2000 Cessna 172S172S841814Germany
D-EVPS2006 Cessna 172S172S1041114Germany
D-EVTC2005 Cessna 172S172S1003714Germany
D-EVZZ Cessna 172S172S930714Germany
D-EWIT2008 Cessna 172S172S1080314Netherlands
D-EWLH Cessna 172S172S884814Germany
D-EXAD2006 Cessna 172S172S1013914Germany
D-EXAH Cessna 172S SP172S1064914Germany
D-EXAV Cessna 172S SP172S1095314
D-EXBS Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S941614
D-EZLL Cessna 172S172S-914714Germany
D-EZTE2000 Cessna 172S172S843314Germany
D-EZWA Cessna 172S SP172S-964614Germany
D-EZWB2003 Cessna 172S172S952914Germany
E-121 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1153014Chile
EC-IKJ Cessna 172S SP172S842114Spain
EC-JFY2004 Cessna 172S172S967814Spain
EC-JOB2005 Cessna 172S172S994914Spain
EC-JPY2005 Cessna 172S172S1001014
EC-JYN2006 Cessna 172S172S1016514Spain
EC-KHD2006 Cessna 172S172S1035014Spain
EC-KVX2006 Cessna 172S172S1020314Spain
EC-LGJ2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S100541Spain
EC-MOB2006 Cessna 172S172S1037814Spain
EC-NAL2000 Cessna 172S172S847914Spain
EC-NAQ1999 Cessna 172S172S810514Spain
EI-DDX Cessna 172S172S 831314Ireland
EI-EDV2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-856114Tiperary, Ireland
EI-GRX2000 Cessna 172S172S861114Ireland
EI-NFW2005 Cessna 172S172S-986114Ireland
EI-OOR2006 Cessna 172S172S1037414Ireland
F-GAXZ2004 Cessna 172S172S964314France
F-GCBY Cessna 172S SP172S1062714
F-GLLF Cessna 172S172S80920France
F-GMIP2009 Cessna 172S172S1101914France
F-GMLA Cessna 172S172S87150France
F-GMSN Cessna 172S SP172S1082614France
F-GNER2005 Cessna 172S172S-977514France
F-GPBD Cessna 172S172S85740France
F-GPFA Cessna 172S172S81590France
F-GPPL Cessna 172S172S84210France
F-GTJC Cessna 172S172S82770France
F-GTJC Cessna 172S172S827714France
F-GTNV2005 Cessna 172S172S996314France
F-GVBV Cessna 172S172S108301France
F-GVPT Cessna 172S172S93220France
F-GVRA Cessna 172S172S82780France
F-GXZF2006 Cessna 172S172S1011314France
F-HABD2006 Cessna 172S172S-102101
F-HACC2004 Cessna 172S172S-975314France
F-HACR2007 Cessna 172S172S1064114France
F-HAEC Cessna 172S172S1004114France
F-HAFI2002 Cessna 172S172S902214France
F-HAFL Cessna 172S172S84570France
F-HAFP Cessna 172S172S938414France
F-HAMC2001 Cessna 172S172S-880814France
F-HAPD Cessna 172S172S-114021France
F-HAPT2011 Cessna 172S172S1118714
F-HARI2010 Cessna 172S172S1102414
F-HATZ Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1093014France
F-HBJM2005 Cessna 172S172S-977614France
F-HCFX2004 Cessna 172S172S974714France
F-HEEL2007 Cessna 172S172S1049714France
F-HEJC Cessna 172S172S1107414France
F-HFBC Cessna 172S SP/153314France
F-HFPB2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1063714Ile De France, France
F-HFPE2008 Cessna 172S172S1069214France
F-HFPH2008 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1070314France
F-HFPK2008 Cessna 172S172S1074814France
F-HFPL Cessna 172S172S1088314France
F-HIJI2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S99141France
F-HINE2019 Cessna 172S172S1235814France
F-HJAK1999 Cessna 172S172S825814France
F-HJBM2011 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1111214France
F-HJOC2007 Cessna 172S172S1050514
F-HJOZ2008 Cessna 172S172S-1065814France
F-HLAG2019 Cessna 172S172S1235914France
F-HLEX2007 Cessna 172S172S1049914France
F-HNEG2003 Cessna 172S172S950714France
F-HOGY2007 Cessna 172S172S1044714France
F-HOLK2019 Cessna 172S172S123601France
F-HONG2008 Cessna 172S172S1071714France
F-HOOL2019 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S123760France
F-HPAF2003 Cessna 172S172S930614France
F-HSBC2008 Cessna 172S172S-1072714France
F-HUEL2019 Cessna 172S172S1237714France
F-HUNY2008 Cessna 172S172S-1065814France
F-HVMS2001 Cessna 172S172S897614France
F-OHXY Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S931014France
F-OIAX2002 Cessna 172S172S921314France
F-OIJA Cessna 172S172S-81540France
F-OIJC1999 Cessna 172S172S-830304France
F-OIJZ Cessna 172S172S97590France
F-OJAG2006 Cessna 172S172S1024914France
F-ONDA2001 Cessna 172S172S898814Guadeloupe
F-OOOO2004 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S96081Guadeloupe
F-OORV2003 Cessna 172S172S-93871Guadeloupe
F-OPRG2005 Cessna 172S172S-988814France
G-BZPM2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-856114United Kingdom
G-CBFO2001 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S892914United Kingdom
G-CBXJ1999 Cessna 172S172S812514United Kingdom
G-CBXJ1999 Cessna 172S172S812514United Kingdom
G-CCTT1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S815714United Kingdom
G-CDOU2005 Cessna 172S172S-986114United Kingdom
G-CEDY2006 Cessna 172S172S1021414United Kingdom
G-CEMH2007 Cessna 172S172S-1042014United Kingdom
G-CEWK1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-829414United Kingdom
G-CFIO2002 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S907914United Kingdom
G-CFMM1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-824214United Kingdom
G-CGHD2009 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1100014United Kingdom
G-CGTM2004 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S959714Kent, United Kingdom
G-CIBD2006 Cessna 172S172S103771443254, Sweden
G-CICB2005 Cessna 172S172S1007514Sweden
G-CIIS2006 Cessna 172S172S-1024414United Kingdom
G-CKIE2011 Cessna 172S172S1111814Sweden
G-CKIF2013 Cessna 172S172S1129114Hampshire, United Kingdom
G-CLBJ2008 Cessna 172S172S1070514Ireland
G-CLMK2020 Cessna 172S172S1247614Ireland
G-CLMX2007 Cessna 172S172S1064514Ireland
G-CLPK2020 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1247714Ireland
G-CMBR1999 Cessna 172S172S814414United Kingdom
G-CSEA2005 Cessna 172S172S980214United Kingdom
G-CSSE2005 Cessna 172S172S1000914United Kingdom
G-DBOD2010 Cessna 172S172S-1096114West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-DJMM2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-848214United Kingdom
G-EGCD2003 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S933014Cheshire, United Kingdom
G-EICK2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1042614Ireland
G-ENNK2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-853814United Kingdom
G-ETAT2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S867414United Kingdom
G-FACE2002 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S919414United Kingdom
G-FLKY2001 Cessna 172S172S895214United Kingdom
G-FLOW2004 Cessna 172S172S967714United Kingdom
G-GBTL2006 Cessna 172S172S-1032214United Kingdom
G-GEHL1999 Cessna 172S172S-832414United Kingdom
G-GFEA2006 Cessna 172S172S1021414United Kingdom
G-GFMT1999 Cessna 172S172S825814United Kingdom
G-HABS2006 Cessna 172S172S1042114United Kingdom
G-HERC2001 Cessna 172S172S-898514United Kingdom
G-HLOB1980 Cessna 172S SP172S1094914WEST SUSSEX, United Kingdom
G-ILPY2001 Cessna 172S172S870414United Kingdom
G-ISHK2005 Cessna 172S172S978314United Kingdom
G-ISLY1999 Cessna 172S172S-815214Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom
G-IZZS1999 Cessna 172S172S815214United Kingdom
G-JEBS2012 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1118814WARWICKSHIRE, United Kingdom
G-JHPA2006 Cessna 172S172S1041914United Kingdom
G-JKKK2008 Cessna 172S172S1066314United Kingdom
G-JKPF1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-829414Wiltshire, United Kingdom
G-JMKE2002 Cessna 172S172S924814United Kingdom
G-LACI2005 Cessna 172S172S997814United Kingdom
G-LLCH2001 Cessna 172S172S882214United Kingdom
G-LOOC2009 Cessna 172S172S1100614West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-LSCM2000 Cessna 172S172S-844514United Kingdom
G-MEGS2008 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1072314United Kingdom
G-MRPT2000 Cessna 172S172S861114United Kingdom
G-NALA2006 Cessna 172S172S1021414United Kingdom
G-NETT2006 Cessna 172S172S1041514United Kingdom
G-NOUS2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1064914United Kingdom
G-NXOE2010 Cessna 172S172S1100214West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-OAKR2004 Cessna 172S172S964314United Kingdom
G-OARS2010 Cessna 172S172S1104814United Kingdom
G-OJAG2005 Cessna 172S172S979414United Kingdom
G-OPYE1998 Cessna 172S172S-805914United Kingdom
G-OSPK2006 Cessna 172S172S1026114United Kingdom
G-OWST1999 Cessna 172S172S-816314United Kingdom
G-OYZK2000 Cessna 172S172S-844314United Kingdom
G-PFCL2003 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S933014United Kingdom
G-PLBI2001 Cessna 172S172S882214United Kingdom
G-RGAP2006 Cessna 172S172S1042114United Kingdom
G-SHSP1999 Cessna 172S172S807914United Kingdom
G-SHWK2004 Cessna 172S172S964214United Kingdom
G-SKKY2005 Cessna 172S172S-985014United Kingdom
G-SMEG2008 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1072314Wiltshire, United Kingdom
G-SOOA2009 Cessna 172S172S1092814United Kingdom
G-TAMR2000 Cessna 172S172S848014United Kingdom
G-TDRA2005 Cessna 172S172S984814United Kingdom
G-THYB2007 Cessna 172S172S1056914County Cork, Ireland
G-TIML2006 Cessna 172S172S1018714United Kingdom
G-TOME2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S852314United Kingdom
G-UFCA1999 Cessna 172S172S831314United Kingdom
G-UFCB1999 Cessna 172S172S831814United Kingdom
G-UFCC2000 Cessna 172S172S861114United Kingdom
G-UFCD2000 Cessna 172S172S-844314United Kingdom
G-UFCE2003 Cessna 172S172S930514United Kingdom
G-UFCF2003 Cessna 172S172S930614United Kingdom
G-UFCG2003 Cessna 172S172S945014United Kingdom
G-UFCH2003 Cessna 172S172S950714United Kingdom
G-UFCI2007 Cessna 172S172S-1050814United Kingdom
G-UFCJ2007 Cessna 172S172S1048514United Kingdom
G-VOUS2013 Cessna 172S SP172S1126614United Kingdom
G-WABH1999 Cessna 172S172S-816314United Kingdom
G-WACM2001 Cessna 172S172S900514United Kingdom
G-YFZT2004 Cessna 172S172S-958714United Kingdom
G-YNYS2001 Cessna 172S172S872514United Kingdom
G-ZACE2001 Cessna 172S172S880814United Kingdom
G-ZAHN2006 Cessna 172S172S-1011114United Kingdom
HA-AIR2007 Cessna 172S172S1056314Györ-Moson-Sopron, Hungary
HA-BET2007 Cessna 172S172S1061414Tököl, LHTL, Hungary
HA-CTG2006 Cessna 172S172S1013914Hungary
HA-CTZ Cessna 172S172-170214Komarnanska, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
HA-DCA2010 Cessna 172S SP172S995114Hungary
HA-MAT2008 Cessna 172S SP172S1075514Hungary
HA-SUM2003 Cessna 172S172S947014LHUD , Szeged, Hungary
HA-SVJ2003 Cessna 172S172S939214Budaörs / LHBS, Hungary
HA-SVM2005 Cessna 172S172S1007514Hungary
HA-SZI Cessna 172S172S1077314Hungary
HB-CCQ2009 Cessna 172S172S1092814Switzerland
HB-CQW1999 Cessna 172S SP172S828814Switzerland
HB-CYU2003 Cessna 172S172S932314Switzerland
HB-CZO2005 Cessna 172S172S1006714Switzerland
HB-CZR2000 Cessna 172S172S849914Switzerland
HB-TDA2011 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1114414Switzerland
HB-TDB2011 Cessna 172S172S1114514Switzerland
HB-TDC2012 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1118114Switzerland
HB-TDD2013 Cessna 172S172S1132314Switzerland
HB-TEE2007 Cessna 172S172S1052414Switzerland
HB-TLZ2003 Cessna 172S172S947214Switzerland
HB-TPD2005 Cessna 172S172S1007514Switzerland
HI-668S Cessna 172S SPNot found HI-668S14Dominica
HK-50642007 Cessna 172S172S1060014Colombia
HK-5065 Cessna 172S172S1090914Colombia
HL1084 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1076714Korea, Republic of
HL10922004 Cessna 172S172S973514Korea, Republic of
HL11282007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1051314Korea, Republic of
HL11432008 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1073114Korea, Republic of
HL11442008 Cessna 172S172S1068614Korea, Republic of
HL11452002 Cessna 172S172S924014Korea, Republic of
HL1164 Cessna 172S172S980614Korea, Republic of
HL1169 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1060914Korea, Republic of
HL11702007 Cessna 172S172S1065214Taean-gun, Korea, Republic of
HL1171 Cessna 172S172S1123714Korea, Republic of
HL11732013 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1131614Korea, Republic of
HL11742013 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1131714Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of
HL11752013 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1131814Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of
HL11801999 Cessna 172S172S806314Korea, Republic of
HL11812001 Cessna 172S172S882114Korea, Republic of
HL11832005 Cessna 172S172S983414Korea, Republic of
HL11872004 Cessna 172S172S968914Korea, Republic of
HL11912002 Cessna 172S172S906414Korea, Republic of
HL1198 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1128414Korea, Republic of
HL12132004 Cessna 172S172S972214Korea, Republic of
HL1221 Cessna 172S172S1153314Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of
HL1222 Cessna 172S172S1153414Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of
HL1223 Cessna 172S172S1153514Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of
HL12352007 Cessna 172S172S1049114Korea, Republic of
HL12382007 Cessna 172S172S1048914Korea, Republic of
HL12622004 Cessna 172S172S968914Korea, Republic of
HL12682018 Cessna 172S172S1212514Korea, Republic of
HL12692018 Cessna 172S172S1213214Korea, Republic of
HL12712018 Cessna 172S172S1214214Korea, Republic of
HL12732017 Cessna 172S172S1204414Korea, Republic of
HL12852017 Cessna 172S172S1204914Korea, Republic of
HL1291 Cessna 172S172S1243414Korea, Republic of
HL12922004 Cessna 172S172S966614Korea, Republic of
HL12932021 Cessna 172S172S1263814Korea, Republic of
HS-KPD2001 Cessna 172S172S876614Thailand
I-ACVD1998 Cessna 172S172S806814Italy
I-ACVL2003 Cessna 172S172S933614Italy
I-ACVR2005 Cessna 172S172S998014Italy
I-AMDO2007 Cessna 172S SP172S1062314Italy
I-BOBB2006 Cessna 172S172S1041814Italy
I-BUGY2006 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1032314Italy
I-GESP2007 Cessna 172S172S1058314Italy
I-MIBC Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-1077414Italy
I-SPAT Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S874214Italy
I-STDI2003 Cessna 172S172S938214Italy
JA001X1999 Cessna 172S172S822914Japan
JA01AL2014 Cessna 172S172S1138514Japan
JA31HA Cessna 172S172S1101414Japan
JA33UK2009 Cessna 172S172S1093914Japan
JA37HA Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1176614Japan
JA391A2016 Cessna 172S172S1168914Japan
JA392A2016 Cessna 172S172S1173214Japan
JA393A2016 Cessna 172S172S1173314Japan
JA394A2016 Cessna 172S172S1173414Japan
JA395A2016 Cessna 172S172S1173514Japan
JY-GCA2006 Cessna 172S172S1041914Jordan
JY-III2006 Cessna 172S172S1041914Jordan
JY-KKK2008 Cessna 172S172S1066314Jordan
JY-NNN2006 Cessna 172S172S1041514Jordan
LN-AGM2004 Cessna 172S172S967414Norway
LN-AGW2005 Cessna 172S172S979314Norway
LN-AZA2018 Cessna 172S172S1218214Norway
LN-AZB2018 Cessna 172S172S1218714Norway
LN-AZC2018 Cessna 172S172S1221214Norway
LN-AZF2019 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S-1224514Norway
LN-BTT2007 Cessna 172S172S1053914Norway
LN-FTG2011 Cessna 172S172S1111814Norway
LN-FTH Cessna 172S172S1120014Norway
LN-FTI Cessna 172S172S1120114Norway
LN-FTJ2013 Cessna 172S172S1129114Norway
LN-FTK2013 Cessna 172S172S1125014Norway
LN-LVT Cessna 172S172S843814Norway
LN-NRO Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1101114Norway
LN-RFK2000 Cessna 172S172S864114Norway
LN-TFK2004 Cessna 172S172S959114Norway
LX-AIE Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1073914
LX-AIO Cessna 172S SP172S1072214Luxembourg
LX-EJM2005 Cessna 172S172S1008114Luxembourg
LZ-CFT2006 Cessna 172S172S1037714Bulgaria
LZ-UGB2004 Cessna 172S172S-958714Bulgaria
N100332005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S979714CA, United States
N100402005 Cessna 172S172S980214FL, United States
N1004E2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S987214CA, United States
N1006T2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S980414FL, United States
N1006T2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1059414FL, United States
N1006V2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S980514GA, United States
N100PM2004 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S959914FL, United States
N1011B2007 Cessna 172S172S1059514TX, United States
N1016R2006 Cessna 172S172S1012314IA, United States
N101GV1998 Cessna 172S172S802114ID, United States
N101VK1999 Cessna 172S172S821114TX, United States
N102252007 Cessna 172S172S1059614KS, United States
N1023Q2007 Cessna 172S172S1059714DE, United States
N1028K2005 Cessna 172S172S999814IA, United States
N1029Z2005 Cessna 172S172S-988814KS, United States
N102KS2005 Cessna 172S172S1009114OH, United States
N102VK2000 Cessna 172S172S849314CA, United States
N1033Y2007 Cessna 172S172S1059814Ireland
N1036M2007 Cessna 172S172S1059914CA, United States
N1038C2007 Cessna 172S172S1060014AZ, United States
N103KF1999 Cessna 172S172S814314UT, United States
N103KS2005 Cessna 172S172S1009314OH, United States
N103VK2000 Cessna 172S172S853214TX, United States
N104682005 Cessna 172S172S981714CO, United States
N104AA2000 Cessna 172S172S841314OR, United States
N104ED2000 Cessna 172S172S848414CA, United States
N104FS1999 Cessna 172S172S825314WI, United States
N104JB2010 Cessna 172S172S1102314IL, United States
N104MA2000 Cessna 172S172S838514AZ, United States
N1053X2005 Cessna 172S172S980914KS, United States
N1057R2005 Cessna 172S172S-981414VA, United States
N1059N2005 Cessna 172S172S982314IN, United States
N105ED2000 Cessna 172S172S848514CA, United States
N105LU2005 Cessna 172S172S977414FL, United States
N105ME2000 Cessna 172S172S847614CA, United States
N106242005 Cessna 172S172S982514FL, United States
N1067P Cessna 172S172S979814KS, United States
N10698 Cessna 172S172S979914KS, United States
N106ED2000 Cessna 172S172S848614CA, United States
N106ET2000 Cessna 172S172S856314PA, United States
N106KA2007 Cessna 172S172S1062114TX, United States
N106ME2000 Cessna 172S172S847914FL, United States
N106NK2012 Cessna 172S172S1115614United States
N106RA1999 Cessna 172S172S824114DE, United States
N106SK Cessna 172S172S1022514DE, United States
N106VK2002 Cessna 172S172S905114TX, United States
N1071Z2005 Cessna 172S172S982614LA, United States
N107MA2000 Cessna 172S172S860414United Kingdom
N1084B2006 Cessna 172S172S1039914OH, United States
N108762007 Cessna 172S172S1060314IA, United States
N1087C2006 Cessna 172S172S1026814NJ, United States
N108972007 Cessna 172S172S1060614ND, United States
N1089D2006 Cessna 172S172S1026914NY, United States
N1089H2006 Cessna 172S172S1027014KS, United States
N108ED2007 Cessna 172S172S1063114CA, United States
N108PT2005 Cessna 172S172S1008914NJ, United States
N108TC2001 Cessna 172S172S880114LA, United States
N108VK2001 Cessna 172S172S893214TX, United States
N1090J2006 Cessna 172S172S1027114CO, United States
N1090R2006 Cessna 172S172S1027214WA, United States
N1090T2007 Cessna 172S172S1060714WA, United States
N1090V2006 Cessna 172S172S1028314VA, United States
N1090W2006 Cessna 172S172S1028414SD, United States
N10910 Cessna 172S172S1028514DE, United States
N1092A2006 Cessna 172S172S1028614AL, United States
N1097N2005 Cessna 172S172S982114AZ, United States
N1097Y2006 Cessna 172S172S1029614FL, United States
N109TL2005 Cessna 172S172S1005614Montana, United States
N10SN2017 Cessna 172S172S1202814United States
N110192006 Cessna 172S172S1030014DE, United States
N1101U2006 Cessna 172S172S1029914MI, United States
N1104X2006 Cessna 172S172S1029714GA, United States
N1107G2006 Cessna 172S172S1030314AZ, United States
N1109V2006 Cessna 172S172S1031114FL, United States
N111002006 Cessna 172S172S1029414KS, United States
N1110L2006 Cessna 172S172S1029214KS, United States
N1113A2006 Cessna 172S172S1029514KS, United States
N1120Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1031314CA, United States
N112142006 Cessna 172S172S1031414MS, United States
N112492005 Cessna 172S172S983514FL, United States
N1129K2006 Cessna 172S172S-1031514CA, United States
N112GW2000 Cessna 172S172S840214OR, United States
N112PZ2005 Cessna 172S172S983314FL, United States
N112SV2003 Cessna 172S172S938014AL, United States
N1130T Cessna 172S172S987414DE, United States
N1132W2006 Cessna 172S172S1012514WY, United States
N1132X2006 Cessna 172S172S1031614CA, United States
N1133C2006 Cessna 172S172S1031714KS, United States
N113432006 Cessna 172S172S1032414FL,
N1134G2006 Cessna 172S172S1031814DE, United States
N113642006 Cessna 172S172S1032514FL, United States
N1137W2006 Cessna 172S172S1032614FL, United States
N113822005 Cessna 172S172S986514TX, United States
N1138Y2006 Cessna 172S172S1032714IL, United States
N113SF2001 Cessna 172S172S876114LA, United States
N113SV2003 Cessna 172S172S951214DE, United States
N1140G2006 Cessna 172S172S1032914CT, United States
N114FB2005 Cessna 172S172S981114FL, United States
N114SV2004 Cessna 172S172S957314AR, United States
N114VK2001 Cessna 172S172S869514TX, United States
N115242006 Cessna 172S172S1034014TX, United States
N1152D2006 Cessna 172S172S1033814NE, United States
N1152Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1033914WA, United States
N1154D2006 Cessna 172S172S1034114AZ, United States
N1154G2006 Cessna 172S172S1012614MA, United States
N1154W2007 Cessna 172S172S1060814FL, United States
N1155N2007 Cessna 172S172S1060914KS, United States
N1155W2006 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1032314IA, United States
N1157B2006 Cessna 172S172S1035114DE, United States
N115832006 Cessna 172S172S1035614KS, United States
N1158E2006 Cessna 172S172S1035314NY, United States
N1158Q2006 Cessna 172S172S1035414DE, United States
N1158V2006 Cessna 172S172S1035514NY, United States
N115912006 Cessna 172S172S1035914IL, United States
N1159K2006 Cessna 172S172S1035714GA, United States
N1159Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1036214FL, United States
N115LW2005 Cessna 172S172S986814TX, United States
N115SV2004 Cessna 172S172S966314MO, United States
N116142006 Cessna 172S172S1036014NY, United States
N11665 Cessna 172S172S1036414KS, United States
N1166W2006 Cessna 172S172S1036314NY, United States
N116822006 Cessna 172S172S1036514NH, United States
N116882006 Cessna 172S172S1037414DE, United States
N116912006 Cessna 172S172S1037114KS, United States
N116972006 Cessna 172S172S1037314KS, United States
N116992006 Cessna 172S172S1037614KS, United States
N116SV2005 Cessna 172S172S981514NH, United States
N1172E2006 Cessna 172S172S1037714IN, United States
N1172X2006 Cessna 172S172S1037814FL, United States
N1173X2006 Cessna 172S172S1037914NC, United States
N117CK2005 Cessna 172S172980614FL, United States
N117PR2006 Cessna 172S172S1023514FL, United States
N117SV2005 Cessna 172S172S1007314AR, United States
N118022007 Cessna 172S172S1046314NC, United States
N1180A2007 Cessna 172S172S1046614DE, United States
N1180N2007 Cessna 172S172S1046114MI, United States
N1180T2007 Cessna 172S172S1046214FL, United States
N1188L2006 Cessna 172S172S1037014DE, United States
N118SV2005 Cessna 172S172S1010214AR, United States
N119002007 Cessna 172S172S1061614WA, United States
N1194P2007 Cessna 172S172S1061714IA, United States
N1196M2006 Cessna 172S172S1042414TX, United States
N119972006 Cessna 172S172S1039214DE, United States
N1199D2006 Cessna 172S172S1038814FL, United States
N1199G Cessna 172S172S1038914KS, United States
N1199H2006 Cessna 172S172S1039014FL, United States
N11SQ2006 Cessna 172S172S1038414FL, United States
N1200V2006 Cessna 172S172S1039414FL, United States
N1201E2006 Cessna 172S172S1035214NC, United States
N1201Y2006 Cessna 172S172S1041514NJ, United States
N1202U2005 Cessna 172S172S983414FL, United States
N120642005 Cessna 172S172S983914OH, United States
N120672007 Cessna 172S172S-1042014DE, United States
N120692006 Cessna 172S172S1041214IA, United States
N1206U2006 Cessna 172S172S1041714CA, United States
N1206Y2006 Cessna 172S172S1041914DE, United States
N120802007 Cessna 172S172S1062214KS, United States
N1208M2006 Cessna 172S172S1041314IA, United States
N120CK2005 Cessna 172S172S980714FL, United States
N1211D2005 Cessna 172S172S994914FL, United States
N121272006 Cessna 172S172S1041814IA, United States
N121622007 Cessna 172S172S1062314DE, United States
N1216A2006 Cessna 172S172S1034914DE, United States
N1216Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1042114United States
N121732007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1042614United States
N1218S2012 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1116114CALIFORNIA, United States
N1219D2007 Cessna 172S172S1062614DE, United States
N121CW2001 Cessna 172S172S897514FL, United States
N121WW2007 Cessna 172S172S1045314FL, United States
N1229N2005 Cessna 172S172S998414IA, United States
N1229R2007 Cessna 172S172S1045714RI, United States
N122EP2007 Cessna 172S172S1043514TX, United States
N122VK2005 Cessna 172S172S985614TX, United States
N1230G2005 Cessna 172S172S983814DE, United States
N1235B2006 Cessna 172S172S1027814OH, United States
N1235E2005 Cessna 172S172S984714NV, United States
N12386 Cessna 172S172S985714CA, United States
N1238L2007 Cessna 172S172S1061114KS, United States
N123GG2004 Cessna 172S172S960014NJ, United States
N123PF1999 Cessna 172S172S808614AL, United States
N123VK2006 Cessna 172S172S1012114TX, United States
N1240S2006 Cessna 172S172S1030514KS, United States
N124192006 Cessna 172S172S1030614IN, United States
N1242B2006 Cessna 172S172S1030714OH, United States
N1242C2006 Cessna 172S172S1030814FL, United States
N1242N2006 Cessna 172S172S1030914CA, United States
N124782006 Cessna 172S172S1031914VT, United States
N1249X2005 Cessna 172S172S984514VA, United States
N124CK2005 Cessna 172S172S980814GA, United States
N124LH2018 Cessna 172S172S1218214Kansas, United States
N124ME2000 Cessna 172S172S837214ID, United States
N124PL1999 Cessna 172S172S819414FL, United States
N1254D2006 Cessna 172S172S1012714FL, United States
N1255L Cessna 172S172S1029114KS, United States
N1257Z2005 Cessna 172S172S985814NM, United States
N125LH2018 Cessna 172S172S1218714Kansas, United States
N125LH2019 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S-1224514Iowa, United States
N12612006 Cessna 172S172S-1032214Georgia, United States
N1261M2006 Cessna 172S172S-1032214DE, United States
N1265E2006 Cessna 172S172S1033114DE, United States
N1266V Cessna 172S172S1033214KS, United States
N126LH2018 Cessna 172S172S1221214Kansas, United States
N126ME2000 Cessna 172S172S837814CO, United States
N1278L2007 Cessna 172S172S1063214DE, United States
N1279V2007 Cessna 172S172S1065014FL, United States
N127KW2005 Cessna 172S172S982714UT, United States
N127ST2004 Cessna 172S172S962514United Kingdom
N1281Q2006 Cessna 172S172S1033314VA, United States
N1283Y2007 Cessna 172S172S1065214CA, United States
N12857 Cessna 172S172S1033414KS, United States
N1285X2007 Cessna 172S172S1065314DE, United States
N1287E2006 Cessna 172S172S1033514MA, United States
N1289Y2005 Cessna 172S172S985114FL, United States
N128RM2001 Cessna 172S172S893714MO, United States
N128SC1999 Cessna 172S172S825014TX, United States
N128SH2019 Cessna 172S172S1245714United States
N1290T2019 Cessna 172S172S1232014Kansas, United States
N1297C2006 Cessna 172S172S1029314KS, United States
N1297Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1029814KS, United States
N129WS2005 Cessna 172S172S1001214RI, United States
N12SA2014 Cessna 172S172S1144214United States
N1301X2006 Cessna 172S172S1030414KS, United States
N1305B2007 Cessna 172S172S1065414NC, United States
N1306C2007 Cessna 172S172S1065514TX, United States
N1306M2006 Cessna 172S172S1033614VA, United States
N1307A2005 Cessna 172S172S984314NJ, United States
N1307C2006 Cessna 172S172S1033714IL, United States
N1309G2006 Cessna 172S172S1034214AZ, United States
N130JA2000 Cessna 172S172S865214IL, United States
N130JA2002 Cessna 172S172S916514NY, United States
N131512006 Cessna 172S172S1034414MA, United States
N1315C2008 Cessna 172S172S1065614GA, United States
N1318Q2008 Cessna 172S172S1065714DE, United States
N1320P2008 Cessna 172S172S-1065814DE, United States
N1322K2006 Cessna 172S172S1034514CA, United States
N1322X2006 Cessna 172S172S1034714DE, United States
N1323K2006 Cessna 172S172S1034814DE, United States
N1323X2006 Cessna 172S172S1036714NY, United States
N132422006 Cessna 172S172S1034614KS, United States
N1324D2006 Cessna 172S172S1036814NC, United States
N1324R2006 Cessna 172S172S1036914OK, United States
N1327N2006 Cessna 172S172S1038014IN, United States
N1327Z2006 Cessna 172S172S1038214DE, United States
N1328M Cessna 172S172S1038514KS, United States
N1328Q Cessna 172S172S1038614KS, United States
N132RM2001 Cessna 172S172S891914OH, United States
N1330N2006 Cessna 172S172S1039614AL, United States
N1330S2006 Cessna 172S172S1039814MO, United States
N133122006 Cessna 172S172S1040114FL, United States
N1333E2006 Cessna 172S172S1040414FL, United States
N134702006 Cessna 172S172S1039314DE, United States
N1348L2005 Cessna 172S172S993914PR,
N134921973 Cessna 172S172S942814United States
N134B2003 Cessna 172S172S934514DE, United States
N1355B2006 Cessna 172S172S1040514DE, United States
N1358J2006 Cessna 172S172S1040614CA, United States
N1361M2005 Cessna 172S172S984214CA, United States
N1369Q2005 Cessna 172S172S994614CA, United States
N136ME2000 Cessna 172S172S845614FL, United States
N136RJ1999 Cessna 172S172S813314CA, United States
N1377S2005 Cessna 172S172S984014MI, United States
N137ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842014MA, United States
N137RJ1999 Cessna 172S172S829614CA, United States
N1380F2006 Cessna 172S172S1040714TX, United States
N138ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842214WA, United States
N139122006 Cessna 172S172S1040814TX, United States
N139742006 Cessna 172S172S1040914CA, United States
N139ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842314CT, United States
N139TW2002 Cessna 172S172S913914OK, United States
N140082005 Cessna 172S172S988614CA, United States
N1400H2006 Cessna 172S172S1041014NV, United States
N140192005 Cessna 172S172S988214DE, United States
N1401G2006 Cessna 172S172S1041114IA, United States
N1401T2005 Cessna 172S172S988414NH, United States
N1403R Cessna 172S172S987714DE, United States
N1407D2008 Cessna 172S172S1066614MI, United States
N140822005 Cessna 172S172S1000314NE, United States
N140JA2000 Cessna 172S172S865314IL, United States
N140RA1999 Cessna 172S172S831214FL, United States
N1410E2008 Cessna 172S172S1066714FL, United States
N141112006 Cessna 172S172S1042714DE, United States
N141332008 Cessna 172S172S1066814KS, United States
N1416A2006 Cessna 172S172S1042814DE, United States
N1416W Cessna 172S172S1066914FL, United States
N1418A2008 Cessna 172S172S1067014DE, United States
N1419D2008 Cessna 172S172S1067114FL, United States
N1419F2008 Cessna 172S172S1067214NY, United States
N141CW2003 Cessna 172S172S938914AZ, United States
N141JE1999 Cessna 172S172S817914TX, United States
N141RC2006 Cessna 172S172S1032014United States
N1420A2008 Cessna 172S172S1067314KS, United States
N142BS2005 Cessna 172S172S988114TX, United States
N142ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842514GA, United States
N1433S2008 Cessna 172S172S1068414NY, United States
N1438H2008 Cessna 172S172S1068514CA, United States
N143ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842714PA, United States
N143RA1999 Cessna 172S172S831414MN, United States
N1441Z2008 Cessna 172S172S1068614MI, United States
N1444C2005 Cessna 172S172S989014FL, United States
N1446M2008 Cessna 172S172S1068714MI, United States
N1448Z2005 Cessna 172S172S989114IN,
N1449C2005 Cessna 172S172S989214IN, United States
N144ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842814VA, United States
N145112007 Cessna 172S172S1058214VT, United States
N145122007 Cessna 172S172S1058314DE, United States
N145ME2000 Cessna 172S172S842914TX, United States
N145P1999 Cessna 172S172S828014AR, United States
N146232006 Cessna 172S172S1043014TX, United States
N1463F2005 Cessna 172S172S989514FL, United States
N1464A2006 Cessna 172S172S1043114FL, United States
N1464C2005 Cessna 172S172S989714OH, United States
N1465K2006 Cessna 172S172S1042214FL, United States
N146692007 Cessna 172S172S1044414CA, United States
N1468A2007 Cessna 172S172S1044514MI, United States
N1468E2007 Cessna 172S172S1044614HI, United States
N146ME2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S843214OK, United States
N146TC2002 Cessna 172S172S914614FL, United States
N1472P2005 Cessna 172S172S989914NY, United States
N147HA2006 Cessna 172S172S1021914GA, United States
N147JT2005 Cessna 172S172S997814
N148142007 Cessna 172S172S1045114FL, United States
N148292007 Cessna 172S172S1058514TX, United States
N1482M2007 Cessna 172S172S1058414WA, United States
N1484B2007 Cessna 172S172S1045214CA, United States
N148972005 Cessna 172S172S-985014FL, United States
N14PV2003 Cessna 172S172S952814MT, United States
N14WG2019 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1241514Oregon, United States
N1502E2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S-990014OH, United States
N1503J Cessna 172S172S990114KS, United States
N1507X2005 Cessna 172S172S990314NY, United States
N150JA2000 Cessna 172S172S865414IL, United States
N150SU2015 Cessna 172S172S1156514Ohio, United States
N150TE Cessna 172S172S1099614CA, United States
N150TH2003 Cessna 172S172S945314NJ, United States
N152222007 Cessna 172S172S1045414FL, United States
N1522R2008 Cessna 172S172S1071614TX, United States
N152552007 Cessna 172S172S1045514TN, United States
N1527P2007 Cessna 172S172S1045614GA, United States
N1538W2005 Cessna 172S172S-986114FL, United States
N1539T2005 Cessna 172S172S984814United States
N153ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843314TX, United States
N153PC Cessna 172S172S1095614United States
N1544C2000 Cessna 172S172S836514GA, United States
N154ME2000 Cessna 172S172S853414DE, United States
N156DW1999 Cessna 172S172S834214DE, United States
N156ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843514VA, United States
N157ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843614GA, United States
N158ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843814DE, United States
N159632005 Cessna 172S172S990414CA, United States
N159ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843914AR, United States
N159RA1999 Cessna 172S172S831914DE, United States
N159SP2003 Cessna 172S172S945314NJ, United States
N1600U2005 Cessna 172S172S990514AL, United States
N1606Z2005 Cessna 172S172S1000814KS, United States
N1608S2005 Cessna 172S172S990714RI, United States
N1609T2005 Cessna 172S172S1000414KS, United States
N160ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844014MN, United States
N1614D2005 Cessna 172S172S990914MI, United States
N1615A2005 Cessna 172S172S991014TX, United States
N161ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844114MN, United States
N162372005 Cessna 172S172S991214NY, United States
N162982005 Cessna 172S172S1000914FL, United States
N162ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844214GA, United States
N163GQ2003 Cessna 172S172S956614GA, United States
N163ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844414ME, United States
N163RA1999 Cessna 172S172S-832414FL, United States
N1643C2016 Cessna 172S172S1175414Delaware, United States
N1646C2016 Cessna 172S172S1172914United States
N1655H2005 Cessna 172S172S991414OH, United States
N1658C2016 Cessna 172S172S1175614United States
N165AR1998 Cessna 172S172S801814GA, United States
N165MW2006 Cessna 172S172S1020314TX, United States
N1668C2016 Cessna 172S172S1175814United Arab Emirates
N166CS2016 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1166414United States
N166ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844614GA, United States
N1671C2016 Cessna 172S172S1175914DELAWARE, United Arab Emirates
N1674E2005 Cessna 172S172S991514SD, United States
N167892005 Cessna 172S172S991614VA, United States
N1678C2016 Cessna 172S172S1176314United Arab Emirates
N167ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844714TX, United States
N16815 Cessna 172S172S992114FL, United States
N1685L2007 Cessna 172S172S1050614DE, United States
N168872007 Cessna 172S172S1061414IA, United States
N1688C2007 Cessna 172S172S1061214FL, United States
N1688L2007 Cessna 172S172S1061314CA, United States
N168942007 Cessna 172S172S1061514CA, United States
N168952007 Cessna 172S172S1061814TX, United States
N168CB2002 Cessna 172S172S911914UT, United States
N168ME2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S844814DE, United States
N1690L2007 Cessna 172S172S1062014FL, United States
N1691L2007 Cessna 172S172S1062114TX, United States
N169CB2002 Cessna 172S172S924714WI, United States
N169ER2006 Cessna 172S172S1041614CA, United States
N169LP1999 Cessna 172S172S823414NJ, United States
N169ME2000 Cessna 172S172S844914AZ, United States
N1700G2006 Cessna 172S172S1012414DE, United States
N170442007 Cessna 172S172S1062714TX, United States
N1705L2007 Cessna 172S172S1062914NY, United States
N1707C2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1063014OK, United States
N170BL2018 Cessna 172S Turbo Skyhawk JT-A172S1216614North Carolina, United States
N170CS Cessna 172S172S1109214KS, United States
N170ME2000 Cessna 172S172S845014IN, United States
N170RB Cessna 172S172S1113014TX, United States
N171ME2000 Cessna 172S172S846014VA, United States
N171RA1999 Cessna 172S172S823714FL, United States
N172082007 Cessna 172S172S1060414KS, United States
N172092007 Cessna 172S172S1060514KS, United States
N172232007 Cessna 172S172S1063514KS, United States
N1722L2007 Cessna 172S172S1063314FL, United States
N1723L2007 Cessna 172S172S1063614DE, United States
N1724U2007 Cessna 172S172S1044314VA, United States
N1726T2017 Cessna 172S172S1205214United States
N1728W2007 Cessna 172S172S1061914KS, United States
N1729H2005 Cessna 172S172S1000514NY, United States
N1729W2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP172S1063714United States
N172BW2005 Cessna 172S172S981314TX, United States
N172CY2001 Cessna 172S172S872914CA, United States
N172EL2018 Cessna 172S172S1218814California, United States
N172FA2005 Cessna 172S172S981914IL, United States
N172FR2008 Cessna 172S172S1072814OR, United States
N172FU2006 Cessna 172S172S1018214IL, United States
N172GW1999 Cessna 172S172S828914FL, United States
N172HF2012 Cessna 172S172S111781United States
N172HG Cessna 172S172S1113914United States
N172HW2000 Cessna 172S172S840714KY, United States
N172HX2002 Cessna 172S172S926314GA, United States
N172JF Cessna 172S172S1050714KS, United States
N172JV2003 Cessna 172S172S942014OR, United States
N172KD2001 Cessna 172S172S890814MD, United States
N172KS2003 Cessna 172S172S948114UT, United States
N172RA2005 Cessna 172S172S991914CO, United States
N172RH2003 Cessna 172S172S943214MD, United States
N172RK1999 Cessna 172S172S808214FL, United States
N172RL2004 Cessna 172S172S962814FL, United States
N172RV2008 Cessna 172S172S1077614NJ, United States
N172TG2002 Cessna 172S172S912614AK, United States
N172WF1999 Cessna 172S172S816714WI, United States
N172ZF2000 Cessna 172S172S845114FL, United States
N173042007 Cessna 172S172S1064314AZ, United States
N173062007 Cessna 172S172S1064414DE, United States
N1730L2007 Cessna 172S172S1063814United States
N1730S2007 Cessna 172S172S1063914KS, United States
N1730W2007 Cessna 172S172S1064114DE, United States
N1733L2006 Cessna 172S172S1064914FL, United States
N1733L2007 Cessna 172S Skyhawk172S1064914United States
N1734L2007 Cessna 172S172S1064514DE, United States
N1735C2007 Cessna 172S172S1064614KS, United States
N1735L2007 Cessna 172S172S1064714KS, United States
N1735X2007 Cessna 172S172S1064814CA, United States
N173ME2000 Cessna 172S172S845514AL, United States
N174092008 Cessna 172S172S1066014MI, United States
N1740C2007 Cessna 172S172S1061014MI, United States
N1740P Cessna 172S172S1063414NC, United States
N1743C2008 Cessna 172S172S1066314TX, United States
N1743L2008 Cessna 172S172S1066514PA, United States
N174ME2000 Cessna 172S172S845214CA, United States
N175ME2000 Cessna 172S172S843714DE, United States
N175SP2003 Cessna 172S172S945714FL, United States
N1763K2005 Cessna 172S172S1000214OK, United States
N176MC2006 Cessna 172S172S1017814AR, United States
N176ME2000 Cessna 172S172S847014OH, United States
N176TA2018 Cessna 172S172S1211514United States
N1774T2017 Cessna 172S172S1211114DE, United States