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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
4X-AJW Cessna 180F180-5128614Israel
C-FAOE1963 Cessna 180F180512601Quebec, Canada
C-FBIT1963 Cessna 180F180513001British Columbia, Canada
C-FBSJ1963 Cessna 180F180513011Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FECJ1963 Cessna 180F1805124314Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FFVQ1963 Cessna 180F180512161Quebec, Canada
C-FOQV1963 Cessna 180F180512321British Columbia, Canada
C-FOUF1963 Cessna 180F180512421Ontario, Canada
C-FOUZ1963 Cessna 180F180512381Ontario, Canada
C-FOXA1963 Cessna 180F1805125014Manitoba, Canada
C-FOXC1963 Cessna 180F180-512551Alberta, Canada
C-FOXS1963 Cessna 180F180512841Quebec, Canada
C-FPBM1963 Cessna 180F180512711Ontario, Canada
C-FPFY1963 Cessna 180F180512611Ontario, Canada
C-FPLC1963 Cessna 180F180513021Quebec, Canada
C-FPMI1963 Cessna 180F180512791Quebec, Canada
C-FPML1963 Cessna 180F180512911British Columbia, Canada
C-FPZX1963 Cessna 180F180512691Alberta, Canada
C-FQCF1963 Cessna 180F180512121Canada
C-FYHS1963 Cessna 180F180512481British Columbia, Canada
C-FYWW1963 Cessna 180F180512781Ontario, Canada
C-FZAO1963 Cessna 180F180512261Ontario, Canada
C-GHQT1962 Cessna 180F180512011British Columbia, Canada
C-GWOZ1962 Cessna 180F180511871Saskatchewan, Canada
CF-AIG1963 Cessna 180F180-512951Saskatchewan, Canada
CF-OFE1963 Cessna 180F1805125214Newfoundland, Canada
D-EDSA1963 Cessna 180F1805130814Germany
ET-ABT1963 Cessna 180F180-5121914Ethiopia
F-OBZG Cessna 180F512040France
G-BDVR1963 Cessna 180F180-5121914United Kingdom
G-BMAF1963 Cessna 180F180-5121914United Kingdom
N111181963 Cessna 180F1805123014GA, United States
N1250M1963 Cessna 180F1805121314AZ, United States
N1302D1963 Cessna 180F1805127214FL, United States
N163RH Cessna 180F1805130714ME, United States
N180GL1962 Cessna 180F1805120314DE, United States
N180TB1963 Cessna 180F1805127314AK, United States
N2100Z1962 Cessna 180F1805120014NM, United States
N2105Z1962 Cessna 180F1805120514MN, United States
N2117Z1963 Cessna 180F1805121714AK, United States
N2118Z1963 Cessna 180F1805121814NV, United States
N2119Z1963 Cessna 180F180-5121914United States
N2120Z1963 Cessna 180F1805122014AK, United States
N2121Z1963 Cessna 180F1805122114AK, United States
N2123Z1963 Cessna 180F1805122314WA, United States
N2125Z1963 Cessna 180F1805122514MT, United States
N2134Z1963 Cessna 180F1805123414MN, United States
N2135Z1963 Cessna 180F1805123514LA, United States
N2137Z1963 Cessna 180F1805123714AK, United States
N2144Z1963 Cessna 180F1805124414AK, United States
N2145Z Cessna 180F1805124514AK, United States
N2146Z1963 Cessna 180F1805124614AK,
N2151Z Cessna 180F1805125114AK, United States
N2157Z1963 Cessna 180F1805125714TX, United States
N2162Z1963 Cessna 180F1805126214AK, United States
N2163Z1963 Cessna 180F1805126314ID, United States
N2165Z1963 Cessna 180F1805126514ME, United States
N2166Z1963 Cessna 180F1805126614OR, United States
N2167Z1963 Cessna 180F1805126714WY, United States
N2175Z1963 Cessna 180F1805127514WA, United States
N2182Z1963 Cessna 180F1805128214AK, United States
N2187Z1963 Cessna 180F1805128714WI, United States
N2188Z1963 Cessna 180F1805128814AK, United States
N2192Z1963 Cessna 180F1805129214AK, United States
N2194Z Cessna 180F1805129414
N2195Z1963 Cessna 180F1805129514OK, United States
N2196Z1963 Cessna 180F1805129614NY, United States
N2198Z Cessna 180F1805129814NH, United States
N257221963 Cessna 180F1805127414ID, United States
N2680C1962 Cessna 180F1805119514MO, United States
N2688Y1962 Cessna 180F1805118814WI, United States
N2689Y1962 Cessna 180F1805118914KS, United States
N2690Y1962 Cessna 180F1805119014AK, United States
N2694Y1962 Cessna 180F1805119414AK, United States
N2696Y1962 Cessna 180F1805119614CA, United States
N2698Y1962 Cessna 180F1805119814MT, United States
N32EK1963 Cessna 180F1805126414TX, United States
N334Y1963 Cessna 180F1805129914CA, United States
N345RC1963 Cessna 180F1805123114CA, United States
N37GC Cessna 180F1805129014WA, United States
N3NQ1963 Cessna 180F1805122414NY, United States
N4600U1963 Cessna 180F180513001CA,
N4605U1963 Cessna 180F1805130514CO, United States
N4611U1963 Cessna 180F1805131114WA, United States
N4612U1963 Cessna 180F1805131214WY, United States
N48051 Cessna 180F180-5123314AK,
N50RA1963 Cessna 180F1805121514MT, United States
N70661963 Cessna 180F1805130414AK, United States
N7074Q1963 Cessna 180F1805125014AK, United States
N713671963 Cessna 180F1805124314ME, United States
N751MC1963 Cessna 180F1805123614TX, United States
N9190C1962 Cessna 180F1805120214ID, United States
N95EM1963 Cessna 180F1805130614AK, United States
VH-REI1963 Cessna 180F180511851QLD, Australia