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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
C-FAWR1964 Cessna 180G180513601Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FNAT1964 Cessna 180G180513401Ontario, Canada
C-FPGN1964 Cessna 180G180513461Alberta, Canada
C-FPGX1964 Cessna 180G180513691British Columbia, Canada
C-FPGZ1964 Cessna 180G1805137116British Columbia, Canada
C-FPHL1964 Cessna 180G180513231Quebec, Canada
C-FPLV1963 Cessna 180G180513371Quebec, Canada
C-FPLY1964 Cessna 180G180513811Quebec, Canada
C-FPRQ1963 Cessna 180G180513161Ontario, Canada
C-FPTV1964 Cessna 180G180513141Ontario, Canada
C-FPUC1964 Cessna 180G180513301British Columbia, Canada
C-FPVH1964 Cessna 180G180513741British Columbia, Canada
C-FPVO1964 Cessna 180G1805140416British Columbia, Canada
C-FPVW1964 Cessna 180G180514031British Columbia, Canada
C-FPXT1964 Cessna 180G180513781Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FPYZ1964 Cessna 180G180514101Yukon, Canada
C-FRAP1964 Cessna 180G1805140216British Columbia, Canada
C-FRHI1964 Cessna 180G180514061Quebec, Canada
C-FRIX1964 Cessna 180G180514231Ontario, Canada
C-FRJO1964 Cessna 180G180514361British Columbia, Canada
C-FRKP1964 Cessna 180G180514281British Columbia, Canada
C-FRLI1964 Cessna 180G180514181British Columbia, Canada
C-FRNF1964 Cessna 180G180514321Quebec, Canada
C-FRNK1964 Cessna 180G180514391Quebec, Canada
C-FZZR1964 Cessna 180G1805139416Ontario, Canada
C-GACT1962 Cessna 180G180514441Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GDRT1964 Cessna 180G1805136816Ontario, Canada
C-GJNF1964 Cessna 180G180513771British Columbia, Canada
CF-GAF1963 Cessna 180G180513201Ontario, Canada
CF-PGY1964 Cessna 180G180513701British Columbia, Canada
CF-RLJ1964 Cessna 180G180-514191Saskatchewan, Canada
N1250W1964 Cessna 180G1805142916MN, United States
N1250W1964 Cessna 180G1805124916MN, United States
N126MS1964 Cessna 180G1805137316WY, United States
N1281B Cessna 180G1805135716AZ,
N1492F1964 Cessna 180G1805136816VT,
N180SJ1964 Cessna 180G1805131816MN, United States
N180WG1964 Cessna 180G1805141316TX, United States
N180YP1964 Cessna 180G1805134916AK, United States
N181JB1963 Cessna 180G1805132916OR, United States
N18CD1964 Cessna 180G1805140216WA, United States
N197V1964 Cessna 180G1805141616PA, United States
N223WH1964 Cessna 180G1805135516WI, United States
N411SH1964 Cessna 180G1805135016FL, United States
N42077 Cessna 180G1805138616FL, United States
N4613U1963 Cessna 180G1805131316CA, United States
N4619U Cessna 180G1805131916NV,
N4624U1963 Cessna 180G1805132416AK, United States
N4625U1963 Cessna 180G1805132516WA, United States
N4626U Cessna 180G1805132616TN,
N4631U1963 Cessna 180G1805133116UT, United States
N4635U1963 Cessna 180G1805133516WA, United States
N4642U1964 Cessna 180G1805134216AK, United States
N4656U Cessna 180G180-5135616AK,
N4659U Cessna 180G1805135916
N4662U1964 Cessna 180G1805136216AK, United States
N4666U1964 Cessna 180G1805136616ME, United States
N4679U1964 Cessna 180G1805137916AZ, United States
N4680U1964 Cessna 180G1805138016TX, United States
N4682U1964 Cessna 180G1805138216AK, United States
N4688U1964 Cessna 180G1805138816KS, United States
N4695U1964 Cessna 180G1805139516MN, United States
N4699U1964 Cessna 180G1805139916TX, United States
N4700U Cessna 180G1805140016NV,
N4701U1964 Cessna 180G1805140116SD, United States
N4705U1964 Cessna 180G1805140516AK, United States
N4707U1964 Cessna 180G1805140716AK, United States
N4708U Cessna 180G1805140816
N4715U1964 Cessna 180G1805141516MN, United States
N4721U1964 Cessna 180G1805142116AK, United States
N4722U Cessna 180G1805142216AK, United States
N4725U1964 Cessna 180G1805142516AK, United States
N4727U1964 Cessna 180G1805142716Kansas, United States
N4731U Cessna 180G1805143116MO, United States
N4733U1964 Cessna 180G1805143316AK, United States
N4734U1964 Cessna 180G1805143416AK, United States
N4737U1964 Cessna 180G1805143716CA, United States
N4738U1964 Cessna 180G1805143816MI, United States
N4743U1964 Cessna 180G1805144316AK, United States
N538PC1963 Cessna 180G1805132816ND, United States
N54221963 Cessna 180G180-5131716AK, United States
N5466E1964 Cessna 180G1805136316MN, United States
N609PF1963 Cessna 180G1805132816ND, United States
N7131964 Cessna 180G1805135116AK, United States
N751S1964 Cessna 180G1805142416TX, United States
N80AA1964 Cessna 180G1805142616OR, United States
N8646W1964 Cessna 180G1805137216AK, United States
N891MB1964 Cessna 180G1805139416OK, United States
N9173K Cessna 180G1805131516OH, United States
N94BT1964 Cessna 180G1805139216AK, United States
N951C1963 Cessna 180G1805133616CO, United States
N981SC1963 Cessna 180G1805133916WA, United States
N98FC1964 Cessna 180G1805139616Canada
VH-DFO1964 Cessna 180G1805142716VIC, Australia
VH-DLB1964 Cessna 180G180513931Australia
VH-JPI Cessna 180G1805135916Australia