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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
C-FADO1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222616California, United States
C-FAEQ1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211516Quebec, Canada
C-FAIH1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169016Ontario, Canada
C-FAQG1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521311Ontario, Canada
C-FAUL1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521331Quebec, Canada
C-FBEA1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-514651YT, Canada
C-FBTK1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522431Quebec, Canada
C-FBYL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517321Manitoba, Canada
C-FCDQ1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521661British Columbia, Canada
C-FCNL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517121Ontario, Canada
C-FCOX1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223516British Columbia, Canada
C-FCTR1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522381Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FCUZ1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520061British Columbia, Canada
C-FDJH1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon180514651Yukon, Canada
C-FDNP1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520811Ontario, Canada
C-FDVF1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517021Quebec, Canada
C-FEIC1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522791Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FEJS1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520171British Columbia, Canada
C-FHFO1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522571Alberta, Canada
C-FHPF1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519541British Columbia, Canada
C-FKTT1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219816Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FKVK1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177716Ontario, Canada
C-FLEW Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219216Ontario, Canada
C-FLKC1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225616British Columbia, Canada
C-FLTZ1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190816British Columbia, Canada
C-FMAC1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518191Manitoba, Canada
C-FMBU1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522051British Columbia, Canada
C-FQDB1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208416Quebec, Canada
C-FRPS1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon180514731Ontario, Canada
C-FRVZ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180514901Ontario, Canada
C-FRYA1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148416Canada
C-FRYI1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180514971Quebec, Canada
C-FRYW1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-515021Ontario, Canada
C-FRYX1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515081British Columbia, Canada
C-FSBP1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-515111Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FSBU1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515211Manitoba, Canada
C-FSBZ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515191Quebec, Canada
C-FSDJ1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519691Quebec, Canada
C-FSGA1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515231Ontario, Canada
C-FSGB1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515271Quebec, Canada
C-FSGE1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515291Alberta, Canada
C-FSGF1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515311Quebec, Canada
C-FSGL1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515131Ontario, Canada
C-FSGQ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515401Alberta, Canada
C-FSGT1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515411British Columbia, Canada
C-FSLA1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515441British Columbia, Canada
C-FSLB1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515491British Columbia, Canada
C-FSLH1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515601British Columbia, Canada
C-FSLI1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156216Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FSLJ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515611British Columbia, Canada
C-FSNI1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158216Quebec, Canada
C-FSWV1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515351British Columbia, Canada
C-FTWN1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224516Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FTWP1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522461British Columbia, Canada
C-FTYW1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521161Ontario, Canada
C-FUET1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516731Ontario, Canada
C-FUEY1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166816Ontario, Canada
C-FUGI1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516821British Columbia, Canada
C-FUGM1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516661Ontario, Canada
C-FUGN1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164116Alberta, Canada
C-FUGR1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516451Alberta, Canada
C-FUGS1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516461Quebec, Canada
C-FUIG1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805174516British Columbia, Canada
C-FUQC1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517311Quebec, Canada
C-FUQE1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172816British Columbia, Canada
C-FUQG1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517411Quebec, Canada
C-FUTG1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175616Alberta, Canada
C-FUVP1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517501British Columbia, Canada
C-FVBE1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516981Ontario, Canada
C-FVDF1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517791Quebec, Canada
C-FVDZ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517901Quebec, Canada
C-FVGB1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517941Ontario, Canada
C-FVQK1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5185716British Columbia, Canada
C-FVSC1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184616Manitoba, Canada
C-FVUW1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515341Alberta, Canada
C-FVXC1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518501Manitoba, Canada
C-FWFQ Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222216British Columbia, Canada
C-FWKC1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805188116Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FWKD1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518851Quebec, Canada
C-FWKS1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182416Manitoba, Canada
C-FWVW1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191516Alberta, Canada
C-FWXT1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805188816Ontario, Canada
C-FXAA1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519391Alberta, Canada
C-FXAC1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-519421Alberta, Canada
C-FXBV1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519631Ontario, Canada
C-FXBW1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196416Quebec, Canada
C-FXFI1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519251British Columbia, Canada
C-FXGN1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519341Quebec, Canada
C-FXGV1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519571Quebec, Canada
C-FXIK1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5195116Ontario, Canada
C-FXKI1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519441Quebec, Canada
C-FXUD1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519471Ontario, Canada
C-FXVS1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177116Quebec, Canada
C-FYAQ1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520151Quebec, Canada
C-FYFM1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520211Ontario, Canada
C-FYFX1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202616British Columbia, Canada
C-FYGA1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200116Ontario, Canada
C-FYJA1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520371British Columbia, Canada
C-FYKB1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520271Quebec, Canada
C-FYNO1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520571British Columbia, Canada
C-FYQQ1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207716Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FYQZ1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520681Quebec, Canada
C-FYRI1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171416Alberta, Canada
C-FYZB1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520741Ontario, Canada
C-FZEX1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227716British Columbia, Canada
C-FZFY1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518031Quebec, Canada
C-FZMK1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518161Manitoba, Canada
C-FZRB1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805212316Quebec, Canada
C-FZUD1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521851Ontario, Canada
C-FZWG1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220016Quebec, Canada
C-FZXF1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517921Quebec, Canada
C-GBLK1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518311Alberta, Canada
C-GBRE1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221916Alberta, Canada
C-GBYO Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200016Quebec, Canada
C-GCJV1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521271Ontario, Canada
C-GDVB1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203216Ontario, Canada
C-GEFY1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518951Manitoba, Canada
C-GEKH1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189716Ontario, Canada
C-GEVY1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5209516Ontario, Canada
C-GFJC1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147016Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GGAM1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169616Quebec, Canada
C-GHAZ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161416Alberta, Canada
C-GHFZ1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197016British Columbia, Canada
C-GHUY1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516421British Columbia, Canada
C-GJQD1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517091Yukon, Canada
C-GJQX1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520541Alberta, Canada
C-GQYS1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519021Quebec, Canada
C-GRPR1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214616Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GRTD1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517831Ontario, Canada
C-GTDL1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197016British Columbia, Canada
C-GUFE1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208216British Columbia, Canada
C-GVAE1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187416Manitoba, Canada
C-GVHW1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226916Quebec, Canada
C-GWBI1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517691Alberta, Canada
C-GWLF1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222316Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GYEC1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-515791Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GYVA1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197316British Columbia, Canada
C-GYVC1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805173916British Columbia, Canada
C-GYXT1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193016Quebec, Canada
C-GZBV1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180517261Ontario, Canada
C-GZKF1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196116Quebec, Canada
CF-CTR1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522381Saskatchewn, Canada
CF-LWM1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207816Saskatchewan, Canada
CF-QGN1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211716British Columbia, Canada
CF-SGC1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515251British Columbia, Canada
CF-TEI1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon180522751Ontario, Canada
CF-TQE1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164716Alberta, Canada
CF-TYY1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521301Ontario, Canada
CF-UGL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516261Quebec, Canada
CF-UGM1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516661Quebec, Canada
CF-VSB1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518201British Columbia, Canada
CF-VXB1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518521Alberta, Canada
CF-VZB1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518081Quebec, Canada
CF-WOM1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180519191Ontario, Canada
CF-WXF1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199016British Columbia, Canada
CF-YBX1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520561Saskatchewan, Canada
CF-YCR1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199916Ontario, Canada
CF-YIX1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520351British Columbia, Canada
CF-YLU1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204616Ontario,
CF-YVS1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520871Ontario, Canada
CF-ZIU1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521881Ontario, Canada
CF-ZNI1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805216016Alberta, Canada
CF-ZNJ1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805217016Ontario, Canada
CF-ZOX1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180521041Alberta, Canada
CX-BDY1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon5149314Uruguay
F-OCLR Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190216France
G-ASYI Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148516United Kingdom
G-AXWW Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210916United Kingdom
G-AXWX Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211016United Kingdom
G-FESC1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222716United Kingdom
HP-414 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805173016Panama
I-DEPI1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225516Italy
LN-BIK1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210516Norway
LN-BIM1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156616Norway
LN-BWH1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199516Norway
N1037V1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198916WA, United States
N104NR1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169316AK, United States
N1050V1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196616WI, United States
N113BH1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184416WY, United States
N116AK1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805146916AK, United States
N118RA1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193516DE, United States
N119WC1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223516AK, United States
N11HH1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148416WA, United States
N121RD Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205316CA, United States
N123GT1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168916PA, United States
N123LJ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805152616AK, United States
N1251B1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175616AK, United States
N125801964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805145816TX, United States
N128SW1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169916NV, United States
N1365B1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222816AK, United States
N13MQ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169216AK, United States
N14PL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171116MT, United States
N164JD1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518161Il, United States
N180AG1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218716GA, United States
N180AP1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147216KS, United States
N180AQ1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184816AZ, United States
N180BH1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805213216CO, United States
N180BK Cessna 180H Skywagon1805212016WY,
N180BT1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181516MT, United States
N180DC1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160516SC, United States
N180DR Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176216OH, United States
N180EM1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203416IL, United States
N180EW1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163616ID, United States
N180GH1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160716TX, United States
N180HR1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163316MT, United States
N180J Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175716MN, United States
N180KA1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226316AZ, United States
N180KW1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193316CA, United States
N180LC1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148316WA, United States
N180LV1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199316DE, United States
N180NA1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205016WV, United States
N180PC1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175916AZ, United States
N180PD1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172516NV, United States
N180PK1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218216OH, United States
N180PP Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171916NV, United States
N180PR1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218616LA, United States
N180RY1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805145516CO, United States
N180SA Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190316TN, United States
N180SF1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223116FL, United States
N180SH1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191816AK, United States
N180SK1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215716AK, United States
N180SL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164416AK, United States
N180SR1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186016AK, United States
N180XB1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200816MA, United States
N180YH Cessna 180H Skywagon1805159716MI, United States
N1818 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155116OK, United States
N181XL1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167016FL, United States
N186981969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207616CA, United States
N189WH1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205916WA, United States
N1966K1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5176116WA, United States
N196A Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186816MN, United States
N1LU Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222216WA, United States
N205ND1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805174416MN, United States
N2171Z1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805213616AK,
N21MC1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209316AK, United States
N2404F Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160416MO, United States
N2408F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160816AZ, United States
N2415F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161516OH, United States
N2418F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161816AK,
N2419F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161916AK, United States
N2421F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805162116AK, United States
N2423F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805162316ID, United States
N2425F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805162516GA, United States
N2429F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805162916WA, United States
N2430F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163016AK, United States
N2434F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163416MT, United States
N2435F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5163516AK, United States
N2437F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163716AK, United States
N2440F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164016California, United States
N2448F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164816AK, United States
N2449F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805165016PA, United States
N2451F1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805165216WI, United States
N2452F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805165416OR, United States
N2453F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805165516AK, United States
N2460F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166216NY, United States
N2467F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166916WA, United States
N2472F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167416AK, United States
N2473F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167516MT, United States
N2477F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167916AK, United States
N2478F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168016TX, United States
N2479F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168116OK, United States
N2483F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168516AK, United States
N2484F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168616AK, United States
N2486F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805168816CA, United States
N2494F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169616OK, United States
N2495F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169716KY, United States
N2496F Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169516UT, United States
N2498F1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170016AK, United States
N2499F Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170116CA,
N249MD1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150116OR, United States
N2672M1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172916AK, United States
N26MM Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166516AK, United States
N26PR1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161416NY, United States
N2700X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150016MN, United States
N2703X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150316CO, United States
N2704X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150416TX, United States
N2705X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150516ID, United States
N2706X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515061United States
N2709X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805150916AK, United States
N2710X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151016MN, United States
N2714X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151416AK, United States
N2716X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151616WA, United States
N2718X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151816MA, United States
N2720X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805152016ME, United States
N2722X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805152216AK, United States
N2728X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805152816NJ, United States
N2730X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153016AK, United States
N273391970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214016AK, United States
N2733X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153316AK, United States
N2736X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153616OR, United States
N2737X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153716NM, United States
N2739X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153916KS, United States
N2742X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805154216AK, United States
N2746X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805154616TX, United States
N2747X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805154716AK, United States
N274T1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224416ME, United States
N2753X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155316ID, United States
N2755X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155516CA, United States
N2757X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155716AK, United States
N2758X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155816NY, United States
N2763X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156316ND, United States
N2765X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156516WA, United States
N2766X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156616United States
N2768X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805156816CA, United States
N2772X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157216AK, United States
N2773X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157316AK, United States
N2774X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157416MT, United States
N2775X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157516TX, United States
N2776X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157616NY, United States
N2777X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157716DE, United States
N2780X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158016ID, United States
N2781X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158116GA, United States
N2783X Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158316WA,
N2784X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158416NY, United States
N2786X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158616AK, United States
N2788X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805158816AK, United States
N2790X Cessna 180H Skywagon1805159016WA, United States
N2795X Cessna 180H Skywagon1805159516AK, United States
N2798X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805159816OR, United States
N2799X1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805159916NE, United States
N2800T1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190616ME, United States
N2869U1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221616NH, United States
N288DB1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805144916AK, United States
N28RR1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224116IN, United States
N303J1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon180520811NY,
N3280Q Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166716AZ,
N32DB1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171416Minnesota, United States
N3336T1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805149416MN, United States
N333AH1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148816TX, United States
N333FF1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805217716MT, United States
N3404Y1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190416AK, United States
N3405Y1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190516MN, United States
N3408Y1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190816CO, United States
N3409Y1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190916AK, United States
N3411Y1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191116WA, United States
N3412Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191216CA, United States
N3416Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191616NY, United States
N3417Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805191716MT, United States
N3420Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192016ME, United States
N3422Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192216AK, United States
N3424Y Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192416
N3424Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189616TX, United States
N3426Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192616ME, United States
N3431Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193116NE, United States
N3437Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193716TX, United States
N3438Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193816AK, United States
N3441Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805194116AK, United States
N3443Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805194316AK, United States
N3448Y Cessna 180H Skywagon1805194816KS, United States
N3449Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805194916ID, United States
N3450Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805195016FL, United States
N3455Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805195516AZ, United States
N3456Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805195616MO, United States
N3458Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805195816MT, United States
N3459Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805195916ME, United States
N3460Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196016WA, United States
N3462Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196216OR, United States
N3467Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196716AK, United States
N3468Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805196816AK, United States
N3472Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197214Alaska, United States
N3473C Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176016TX, United States
N3474Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197416WY, United States
N3476Y Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197616
N3480Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198016ME, United States
N3481Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198116CO, United States
N3483Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198316GA, United States
N3484Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198416CO, United States
N3487Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198716LA,
N3488Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805198816AK, United States
N3490Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199016CO, United States
N3491Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199116CA, United States
N3494Y Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199416AK, United States
N3496Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199616OR, United States
N3497Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199716WA, United States
N3498Y1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199816AL,
N369CM1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205816WA, United States
N3755P Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221416United States
N39CF Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227016,A,
N39J Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227416OK, United States
N3SM1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148816TX, United States
N3YN Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147716KS, United States
N4090H1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208316FL, United States
N417GP Cessna 180H Skywagon1805153816AK,
N4231S1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219816OH, United States
N4384K1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182716LA, United States
N444XP1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205116OR, United States
N4491969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210016WA, United States
N470JC1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226516CA, United States
N474291966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177716MN, United States
N4742Q Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182216AK, United States
N4746U Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5144616CO,
N4747U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805144716AK, United States
N4750U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805145016IL, United States
N4751U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805145116OR, United States
N4757U1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805145716WA, United States
N4763U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805146316AK, United States
N4764U1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805146416TX, United States
N4766U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805146616OR, United States
N4770U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147016NY, United States
N4771U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147116CA, United States
N4775U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147516CO, United States
N4779U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147916WI, United States
N4781U Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148116ID, United States
N4786U Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148616CA,
N4787U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148716CA, United States
N4789U Cessna 180H Skywagon1805148916WA, United States
N4792U1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805149216WA, United States
N4795U1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805149516NY, United States
N4798U Cessna 180H Skywagon1805149816AK, United States
N4799U1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805149916NY, United States
N4802 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206616AL,
N480251969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208216LA,
N4803E1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203316NH, United States
N480911969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204716AK, United States
N48US1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197716TX, United States
N500AK1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805166316TX, United States
N511CW1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805185916MN, United States
N51PH1964 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805147816MI, United States
N51R1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163116NC, United States
N52072 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805248016LA,
N52GM Cessna 180H Skywagon1805178816MN,
N5383X1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189816AK, United States
N544Z1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219016AK, United States
N54530 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186216Thailand
N545721972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225616WA, United States
N586471972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227716FL, United States
N6219U Cessna 180H Skywagon1805201916ME, United States
N65DW1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202616WA, United States
N65LG1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151716DE, United States
N67WW1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181216CA, United States
N6LT1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211116CA, United States
N700HJ1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187716AK, United States
N7069U1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184616ME, United States
N707881970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211716HI, United States
N7091966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805169416OR, United States
N71ER1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-5196516MO, United States
N71JH1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167816ME, United States
N71RD Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221416
N720CS1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805216516WI, United States
N723CS Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189716WI, United States
N7275P1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167716AK, United States
N73BT1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160616OR, United States
N741M1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163916AK, United States
N74LJ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175516AK, United States
N74MG1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805163216OR, United States
N75FB1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170716ID, United States
N75KB1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186916WA, United States
N75VA1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805193616MN, United States
N7649A1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805197016WA, United States
N7671970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805213816WY, United States
N76LJ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176416TX, United States
N779TM Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227116TN, United States
N77AV1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805155616AK, United States
N7901V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805180116WA, United States
N7904V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805180416AK, United States
N7905V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805180516MT, United States
N7907V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805180716AK, United States
N7910V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181016AK, United States
N7911V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181116WA, United States
N7914V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181416CO, United States
N7925V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182516CA, United States
N7926V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182616SD, United States
N7928V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182816MT, United States
N7929V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805182916WY, United States
N7930V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183016SD, United States
N7933V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183316ME, United States
N7935V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183516AK, United States
N7936V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183616NH, United States
N7937V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183716AK, United States
N7938V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183816WA, United States
N7939V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805183916OR, United States
N7942V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184216AK, United States
N7945V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805184516DE,
N7953V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805185316AK, United States
N7955V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805185516CO, United States
N7958V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805185816AK, United States
N7961V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186116WA, United States
N7963V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186316
N7964V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186416AK, United States
N7971V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187116CA, United States
N7973V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187316ID, United States
N7975V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187516UT, United States
N7978V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187816FL,
N7979V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187916WA, United States
N7987V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805188716AK, United States
N7990V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189016AK, United States
N7994V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189416OK, United States
N7999V1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805189916AK, United States
N7CT1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805161616WA, United States
N8060Z1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805199216AK, United States
N8062V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224216OR, United States
N8202V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170416AK, United States
N8203V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170516AK, United States
N8204V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170616ID, United States
N8206V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805170816AK, United States
N8208V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171016AK, United States
N8213V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171516ME, United States
N8215V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805171716WA, United States
N8221V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172316Alaska, United States
N8228V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805173016
N8233V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805173516WA, United States
N8237V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805173916AK, United States
N8241V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805174316AK, United States
N8245V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805174716NV, United States
N8249V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175116AK, United States
N8273P1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805190116NM, United States
N833EC Cessna 180H Skywagon1805157916ND,
N850CF Cessna 180H Skywagon1805181316AK, United States
N855PM Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172216TX, United States
N89SJ1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192316WA, United States
N8SQ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805172516NV, United States
N8VJ1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176716WY, United States
N9001M1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210116AK, United States
N9002M1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210216WA, United States
N9007M1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210716NC, United States
N9008M1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805210816ME, United States
N9012M1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211216MN, United States
N9013M Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211316
N9014M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805211416MN, United States
N9024M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805212416AK, United States
N9028M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805212816AK, United States
N9029M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805212916AK, United States
N9037M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805213716MI, United States
N9039M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805213916NY, United States
N9042M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214216AK, United States
N9043M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214316AK, United States
N9044M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214416AK, United States
N9047M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214716MN, United States
N9048M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214816AK, United States
N9049M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805214916NJ, United States
N9051M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215116AK, United States
N9052M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215216AK, United States
N9054M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215416TX, United States
N9055M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215516NM, United States
N9059M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805215916AK, United States
N9067M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805216716MT, United States
N9068M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805216816OK, United States
N9069M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805216916LA, United States
N9076M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805217616IA, United States
N9080M Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218016
N9081M1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218116GA, United States
N9083M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218316AK, United States
N9084M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218416AK, United States
N9089M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805218916ME, United States
N9092M Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219216
N9093M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219316OK, United States
N9095M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219516AK, United States
N9096M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219616MT, United States
N9097M1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805219716MN, United States
N91213 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200016
N912201968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200716MN, United States
N912231969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805200916AK, United States
N912241969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805201016CO, United States
N912251969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805201116CA, United States
N912301969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805201616OR, United States
N912341969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202016AK, United States
N912491969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202316AK, United States
N912801969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202816CA, United States
N912901969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203016AK, United States
N912911969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203116ME, United States
N912991969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203616AK, United States
N913021969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203816AK, United States
N913031969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805203916AK, United States
N913041969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204016MI, United States
N91305 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805162816MO, United States
N9130G1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204616MD,
N913111969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204416AK, United States
N913611969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805204516AK, United States
N913901969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206016AK, United States
N913931969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206316AK, United States
N913941969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206416WA, United States
N913971969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206716MN, United States
N913991969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206916AK, United States
N914021969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207016AK, United States
N914081969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207316NY, United States
N914121969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805207516AK, United States
N914301969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208016AK, United States
N914391969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208516CO, United States
N91462 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209016
N914641969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209116CA, United States
N914701969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209416CA, United States
N914731969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209616MI, United States
N914751969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209716AK, United States
N914761969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209816WA, United States
N914781969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209916AZ, United States
N914FC1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805208616NJ, United States
N9333C1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805165616AK, United States
N95EA1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805205216AK, United States
N968K Cessna 180H Skywagon1805160316MN, United States
N96LG1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805151171United States
N9701G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220116AK, United States
N9702G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220216WA, United States
N9704G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220416SD, United States
N9706G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220616CO, United States
N9707G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220716ID, United States
N9708G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805220816TX, United States
N9710G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221016WA, United States
N9711G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221116AK, United States
N9712G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221216AK, United States
N9713G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221316CO, United States
N9715G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221516AK, United States
N9717G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221716AK, United States
N9718G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221816NV, United States
N9719G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805221916
N9720G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222016TX, United States
N9721G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222116AK, United States
N9725G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222516NC, United States
N9726G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222616OR, United States
N9727G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222716Germany
N9729G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805222916LA, United States
N9730G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223016LA, United States
N9732G1971 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223216AZ, United States
N9733G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223316GA, United States
N9736G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223616NM, United States
N9737G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223716AK, United States
N9739G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805223916TX, United States
N9740G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224016NM, United States
N9748G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805224816MN, United States
N9750G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225016WA, United States
N9751G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225116AK, United States
N9753G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225316AK, United States
N9754G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225416AK, United States
N9755G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805225516MN,
N9762G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226216
N9764G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226416MI, United States
N9766G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226616CA, United States
N9767G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805226716MI, United States
N9773G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805227316AK, United States
N9780G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805228016TN, United States
N9781G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805228116AK, United States
N9782G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805228214WA, United States
N9783G1972 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805228316OR, United States
N9901V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175316AZ, United States
N9902V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175416TX, United States
N9906V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805175816AK, United States
N9911V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176316WA, United States
N9913V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176516CO, United States
N9914V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805176616MS, United States
N9918V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177016TN, United States
N9923V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177516WA, United States
N9926V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805177816MN, United States
N9928V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805178016AK, United States
N9929V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805178116
N9930V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805178216OH, United States
N9934V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805178616ID, United States
N9939V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805179116AK, United States
N9941V Cessna 180H Skywagon1805179316AK, United States
N9943V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805179716CA, United States
N9944V1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805179816AK, United States
N9984X1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805192016ME, United States
N999AG1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805202916NM, United States
N9HQ1968 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805194616MI, United States
N9PD1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805206216OR, United States
OH-CDN1970 Cessna 180H Skywagon180-521341Finland
OH-CNW1969 Cessna 180H Skywagon5200214Finland
VH-IXQ1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180514961Australia
VH-NZC1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon180516091Australia
VH-SDB1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805164016Australia
VH-TDR1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515921NSW, Australia
VH-TYT Cessna 180H Skywagon180-516791Australia
VH-VNW1966 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805167916Australia
VH-WNL1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon180518181Australia
VH-WSD1965 Cessna 180H Skywagon180515061QLD, Australia
XW-PED1967 Cessna 180H Skywagon1805186316Lao People's Democratic Rep.
ZK-DBX Cessna 180H Skywagon1805187216Wellington, New Zealand
ZK-KRM Cessna 180H Skywagon1805188916Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-PKD Cessna 180H Skywagon1805154816Marton, New Zealand
ZS-LWY Cessna 180H Skywagon1805209016South Africa