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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
39071957 Convair 580455246Mexico
9Q-CRS1967 Convair 58041246Congo
9Q-CRU1967 Convair 58041246Congo
C-FARO1956 Convair CV-580382254Ontario, Canada
C-FAUF1952 Convair 58024246Ontario, Canada
C-FCIB1953 Convair 580327A254Canada
C-FECS1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223Canada
C-FEKF1953 Convair 58080246Alberta, Canada
C-FHEL1954 Convair 580163246Canada
C-FHEM1953 Convair 580(F)12123Canada
C-FHEN1956 Convair 580(F)37523Canada
C-FHEO1953 Convair 58046246Canada
C-FHKFTanker 551955 Convair CV-440-12 (CV-580)374254British Columbia, Canada
C-FICA1954 Convair 58098246Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
C-FIWN1953 Convair 580126246British Columbia, Canada
C-FKFA1956 Convair 580385246Alberta, Canada
C-FKFA1953 Convair 580100246British Columbia, Canada
C-FKFL1957 Convair 580465246British Columbia, Canada
C-FKFL1957 Convair 580372254Alberta, Canada
C-FKFL Convair 580(F)4223Alberta, Canada
C-FKFMTanker 541953 Convair CV-580(AT)70246British Columbia, Canada
C-FKFY1953 Convair 580(AT)129246British Columbia, Canada
C-FKFZ1954 Convair 580(F)15123Alberta, Canada
C-FMGC1953 Convair 580(F)12123Canada
C-FMKF1956 Convair 580309246Alberta, Canada
C-GDTC1953 Convair 58089246Ontario, Canada
C-GDTD1952 Convair 580028246Canada
C-GDTE1953 Convair 580(F)052/08023Canada
C-GEUZ1955 Convair CV-440-12 (CV-580)374254Canada
C-GFHA1953 Convair 58051246Quebec, Canada
C-GFHB1952 Convair 58038246Quebec, Canada
C-GFHC1956 Convair 580352254Quebec, Canada
C-GFHD1953 Convair 580100246Quebec, Canada
C-GFHF1954 Convair 580176246Quebec, Canada
C-GFHH1953 Convair 580109246Quebec, Canada
C-GGWF1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523Canada
C-GGWG1954 Convair 580(F)130/07223Canada
C-GJEE1953 Convair 58065246Canada
C-GJTU1953 Convair 580(F)12123Canada
C-GKFG Convair 58022246Alberta, Canada
C-GKFOTanker 531953 Convair 580782British Columbia, Canada
C-GKFP1956 Convair 580446246Quebec, Canada
C-GKFQ1953 Convair 58086246British Columbia, Canada
C-GKFS1955 Convair 5802772Canada
C-GKFT1953 Convair 58056246Canada
C-GKFW1956 Convair 580347246Alberta, Canada
C-GNMO1952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)152Quebec, Canada
C-GNRL1956 Convair 580(F)37523Quebec, Canada
C-GQBM1953 Convair 58049246Quebec, Canada
C-GQBN1953 Convair 58050246Quebec, Canada
C-GQBO1953 Convair 58030246Quebec, Canada
C-GQBP1953 Convair 580137246Quebec, Canada
C-GQHA1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223Canada
C-GRLQ1956 Convair 580347246Quebec, Canada
C-GRSC1953 Convair 58072246Ontario, Canada
C-GTAO1953 Convair 580116246Alberta, Canada
CF-BGY1953 Convair 58072246Canada
CF-TCL1953 Convair 58013246Canada
CP-2142 Convair 580120246
CS-TMM1956 Convair 580(F)37523Portugal
CS-TMO1954 Convair 580163246Portugal
EC-2551953 Convair 580(F)186/04323Spain
EC-8301957 Convair 580(F)458/11123Spain
EC-8991956 Convair 580(F)354/13423Spain
EC-9431953 Convair 580(F)052/08023Spain
EC-9431954 Convair 580(F)025/06923Spain
EC-GBF1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123Spain
EC-GDY1954 Convair 580(F)025/06923Spain
EC-GHN1953 Convair 580(F)186/04323Spain
EC-GKH1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223Spain
EC-GSJ1954 Convair 580(F)130/07223Spain
EC-HJU1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223Spain
EC-HLD1953 Convair 580(F)052/08023Spain
EC-HMR1953 Convair 580(F)068/12223Spain
EC-HMS1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523Spain
FAB-721953 Convair 580132246La Paz, Bolivia
FAP2061952 Convair 58014246Panama
HK-3675X1954 Convair 580214246Colombia
HR-SAX1953 Convair 58056246Honduras
HZ-SN111956 Convair 580(F)38523Saudi Arabia
HZ-SN141956 Convair 580(F)36123Saudi Arabia
LN-BWG Convair 580(F)4223Norway
LN-PAA1953 Convair 58056246Norway
N100A1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N1011957 Convair 580477246OK, United States
N103DE1954 Convair 580163246United States
N103DE Convair 580163246FL, United States
N113AP1952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)2246United States
N114ML1957 Convair 580372254NY,
N116GS1952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)2246United States
N118GT Convair 580161250MI,
N12170 Convair 580120246United States
N131FL1955 Convair 580155246MI, United States
N141FL1953 Convair 580111246MI, United States
N151FL1953 Convair 58051246MI, United States
N153WC1957 Convair 580455246United States
N16211953 Convair 58013246United States
N20061954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N200A1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N252781954 Convair 58098246
N26KA1953 Convair 58049246Utah, United States
N2729R1954 Convair 580150246NM, United States
N318CP1957 Convair 580455254Fort Worth, TX, United States
N321K1956 Convair 580387220United States
N32KA Convair 58022246OK, United States
N333TN1957 Convair 580455246NH,
N34151953 Convair 58046246United States
N34241953 Convair 580782United States
N34321956 Convair 580(F)37523United States
N362Q1953 Convair 580116246FL, United States
N371FL1956 Convair 580309246MI, United States
N3778C Convair 580120246,C,
N3UW Convair 580343246OK, United States
N4801C1952 Convair 58030246
N4802C1952 Convair 58038246MN,
N500ME1954 Convair 580157246TX,
N5126N Convair 580496246MI,
N531SA1953 Convair 580(F)12123United States
N532SA1954 Convair 580163246United States
N533SA1956 Convair 580(F)37523
N534SA1953 Convair 58046246United States
N535SA1953 Convair 580(F)068/12223United States
N536SA1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223United States
N537SA1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123United States
N538JA1952 Convair 58034248United States
N566EA1968 Convair CV-580381248United States
N58031953 Convair 580110246District of Columbia, United States
N58041954 Convair 580155246United States
N58081956 Convair 580348254
N58091952 Convair 58017246CO,
N580AS1952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)2246WA, United States
N580AS1952 Convair 5802/PAC79246United States
N580HW1952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)2246WA, United States
N58111957 Convair 580(F)459/06523United States
N58121953 Convair 580(F)135/02223United States
N58121956 Convair 580352254NJ, United States
N58131954 Convair 580(F)130/07223United States
N58141953 Convair 580129246CO,
N58151953 Convair 580782United States
N58151953 Convair 580782District of Columbri, United States
N58161953 Convair 580126246
N58241953 Convair 580(F)12123United States
N58271953 Convair 58046246United States
N58281956 Convair 580(F)37523United States
N58281956 Convair 5803752D.C., United States
N5829Jane1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123United States
N582HG1953 Convair 58046246FL, United States
N582PL1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223United States
N5834Lorene1952 Convair 58024246United States
N58381954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N583HG1953 Convair 58065246FL, United States
N583PLJane1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123United States
N58401952 Convair 580028246United States
N58411953 Convair 580(F)068/12223United States
N58451953 Convair 580(F)052/08023United States
N58471954 Convair 580163246United States
N584E1952 Convair 58024246WA, United States
N585P1954 Convair 580163246WA, United States
N586P1953 Convair 580(F)068/12223United States
N587X1956 Convair 580(F)36123United States
N588PL Convair 580161250United States
N588X1953 Convair 580(F)052/08023United States
N589PL Convair 580446246
N589X1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523United States
N590X1954 Convair 580(F)130/07223United States
N6226M1957 Convair 580477246WA, United States
N631MB1954 Convair 580176246MI, United States
N631MW1953 Convair 580137246MI, United States
N718RA1954 Convair 580163246United States
N731021952 Convair CV-340-31 (CV-580)2246United States
N731061952 Convair 5807246AZ, United States
N731071952 Convair 5808246FL, United States
N731171954 Convair 580(F)025/06923United States
N731181952 Convair 580028246United States
N73120Sunliner Pima1952 Convair 58034248Colorado, United States
N731251953 Convair 580(F)052/08023United States
N731261953 Convair 58053246Colorado, United States
N73126 Convair 58053246United States
N731311953 Convair 580(F)068/12223United States
N73149Eugene1954 Convair 580163246United States
N731531955 Convair 580179246United States
N731561953 Convair 580(F)186/04323United States
N731571956 Convair 580312246United States
N731581954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N731611956 Convair 580(F)354/13423United States
N731621956 Convair 580(F)36123United States
N73163 Convair 580366246United States
N731661955 Convair CV-440-12 (CV-580)374254AZ, United States
N731671954 Convair 580381246Dallas, TX, United States
N731681956 Convair CV-580382254
N7517U1953 Convair 58013246United States
N76001953 Convair 580(F)135/02223United States
N76001954 Convair 580(F)147/01223United States
N76Y1954 Convair 580214246United States
N770PR1953 Convair 58056246Puerto Rico
N771PR Convair 58033246CA, United States
N7721956 Convair 580309246United States
N777TL1967 Convair 58041246OH,
N8419H1954 Convair 580(F)130/07223United States
N8420H1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523United States
N8421H1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123United States
N8444H1953 Convair 580327A254United States
N9012J1953 Convair 58056246Florida, United States
N905GA1953 Convair 580(F)12123FL, United States
N90852 Convair 58022246Minnesota, United States
N908541953 Convair 58049246Minnesota, United States
N911957 Convair 580477246OK, United States
OO-DHB1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123Belgium
OO-DHC1953 Convair 580(F)068/12223Belgium
OO-DHD1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223Belgium
OO-DHE1953 Convair 580(F)052/08023Belgium
OO-DHF1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223Belgium
OO-DHG1954 Convair 580(F)025/06923Belgium
OO-DHH1953 Convair 580(F)186/04323Belgium
OO-DHI1956 Convair 580(F)354/13423Belgium
OO-DHJ1956 Convair 580(F)36123Belgium
OO-DHL1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523Belgium
OO-EEA1954 Convair 580163246Belgium
OO-EEB1953 Convair 58046246Belgium
OO-EED1956 Convair 580(F)37523Belgium
OO-HUB1954 Convair 580(F)130/07223Belgium
OO-SCM1956 Convair 580(F)354/13423Belgium
OO-SCN1956 Convair 580(F)36123Belgium
OO-SCS1955 Convair CV-440-12 (CV-580)374254Belgium
OO-SCV1956 Convair CV-580382254Belgium
OO-VGH1952 Convair 580028246Belgium
PH-CGK1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223Netherlands
PI-C3421953 Convair 580327A254Philippines
PJ-CVB1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223Netherlands Antilles
TAM 721967 Convair 58041246Bolivia
TG-MYM1953 Convair 580327A254Guatemala
VH-BZH1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123Australia
VH-BZI1957 Convair 580(F)459/06523Australia
VH-PAL1959 Convair 580501240Australia
VH-PDL1953 Convair 580137240Australia
VH-PDW1953 Convair 58086246Australia
VH-PDX1953 Convair 580126246New South Wales, Australia
XA-LOU Convair 580120246Mexico
XA-UPL1952 Convair 58024246Mexico
YV-53C Convair 580161250Venezuela
YV-84C1954 Convair 580157246Venezuela
YV-969C1954 Convair 580150246Venezuela
YV-971C1953 Convair 58013246
ZK-CIB1953 Convair 580327A254Chatham Islands, New Zealand
ZK-CID1956 Convair 580(F)38523Chatham Islands, New Zealand
ZK-CIE1957 Convair 580399254Chatham Islands, New Zealand
ZK-CIF1956 Convair 580381246Chatham Islands, New Zealand
ZK-FTA Convair 580(F)16822Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-KFH Convair 580(F)4223Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-KFJ Convair 580(F)11422Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-KFL Convair 580(F)37222Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-KSA Convair 580507240Christchurch, New Zealand
ZK-PAL1959 Convair 580501240New Zealand
ZK-PNR1953 Convair 580137246New Zealand
ZS-KEI1954 Convair 580141240South Africa
ZS-LYL1952 Convair 58039240South Africa
ZS-SKG1954 Convair 580(F)025/06923South Africa
ZS-SKH1954 Convair 580(F)147/01223South Africa
ZS-SKI1953 Convair 580(F)186/04323South Africa
ZS-SKK1953 Convair 580(F)135/02223South Africa
ZS-SKL1957 Convair 580(F)458/11123South Africa