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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
C-FBZI2005 Europa Tri-GearA 06112Ontario, Canada
C-FIRS2001 Europa XS39212Ontario, Canada
C-FIYD2005 Europa A02612Alberta, Canada
C-FOGJ2007 Europa XSA22012Ontario, Canada
C-GFSY2000 Europa Monowheel01175512Ontario, Canada
C-GGHY2004 Europa XSA17312British Columbia, Canada
C-GIET2001 Europa Classic11012British Columbia, Canada
C-GPEL2013 Europa Classic223A12Canada
C-GPHP2002 Europa XSA15012British Columbia, Canada
D-EHBT1997 Europa MonowheelSB193/19312Germany
D-EJJG Europa Monowheel178112Germany
D-ERWH Europa 188912Germany
EI-COE Europa 28612Ireland
EI-GHH1995 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1266612Ireland
EI-GHH Europa Europa066/PFA 247-126660Ireland
F-PAJO2000 Europa XS Tri-Gear41312France
F-PAKV Europa XS Tri-Gear56412France
F-PBBG Europa Monowheel3612France
F-PDMM Europa Monowheel25712France
F-PFGT Europa Monowheel14512France
F-PGKL Europa XS Monowheel39512France
F-PHRC Europa Monowheel10812France
F-PKRL Europa XS Monowheel44712France
F-PKUJ Europa Monowheel29712France
F-PLKE Europa XS38912France
F-PMLH Europa XS56012France
F-POCJ2008 Europa XS Tri-Gear56312France
F-PQUL Europa 18412France
F-PSCZ Europa 19212France
F-PSLH Europa Monowheel27312France
F-PSLN Europa 9812France
F-PSLY Europa Monowheel27512France
F-PSMU Europa XS Tri-Gear43912France
F-PSUA Europa 31012France
G-BVGF1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1256512United Kingdom
G-BVIZ1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1260112United Kingdom
G-BVJN1995 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1266612United Kingdom
G-BVKF1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1263812United Kingdom
G-BVLH2001 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1249112United Kingdom
G-BVLV1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1258512United Kingdom
G-BVOS1988 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1256212United Kingdom
G-BVOW1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1267912United Kingdom
G-BVRA1994 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1263512United Kingdom
G-BVUV1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1276212United Kingdom
G-BVVH2000 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1250512United Kingdom
G-BVVP1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1269712United Kingdom
G-BVWM2000 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1262012United Kingdom
G-BWCV1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259112United Kingdom
G-BWDP1995 Europa PFA 247-1263712United Kingdom
G-BWDX1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1260312United Kingdom
G-BWEG1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1260012United Kingdom
G-BWFH1997 Europa PFA 247-1284212United Kingdom
G-BWFX1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1258612United Kingdom
G-BWGH1997 Europa PFA 247-1258912United Kingdom
G-BWIJ1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1251312United Kingdom
G-BWIV1996 Europa PFA 247-1287112United Kingdom
G-BWJH1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1264312United Kingdom
G-BWKG1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1245112United Kingdom
G-BWNL1996 Europa PFA 247-1267512United Kingdom
G-BWON1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1272012United Kingdom
G-BWRO1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1284912United Kingdom
G-BWUP1998 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1270312United Kingdom
G-BWVS1998 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1268612United Kingdom
G-BWWB1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1267012United Kingdom
G-BWYD1997 Europa PFA 247-1262112United Kingdom
G-BWZA1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1262612United Kingdom
G-BWZT1997 Europa PFA 247-1272712United Kingdom
G-BXCH1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1298012United Kingdom
G-BXDY1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1291412United Kingdom
G-BXEF1997 Europa PFA 247-1279012United Kingdom
G-BXFG1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1250012United Kingdom
G-BXGG1998 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1280312United Kingdom
G-BXHY1998 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1251412United Kingdom
G-BXII2001 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1281212United Kingdom
G-BXIJ1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1269812United Kingdom
G-BXLK1998 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1261312United Kingdom
G-BXLZ1997 Europa PFA 247-1281512United Kingdom
G-BXNC1997 Europa PFA 247-1297012United Kingdom
G-BXOB1997 Europa PFA 247-1289212United Kingdom
G-BXTD1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1277212United Kingdom
G-BXUM1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1261112United Kingdom
G-BYFG2003 Europa XSPFA 247-1340712United Kingdom
G-BYIK1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1277112United Kingdom
G-BYJI1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1301012United Kingdom
G-BYPK1999 Europa PFA 247-1350212United Kingdom
G-BYPM1999 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1341812United Kingdom
G-BYSA2000 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1319912United Kingdom
G-BZAM2000 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1296912United Kingdom
G-BZHS2002 Europa PFA 247-1286512United Kingdom
G-BZNYNovember Yankee2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1335512United Kingdom
G-BZTH2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1249412United Kingdom
G-BZTI2001 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1317212United Kingdom
G-BZTN2006 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1371512United Kingdom
G-CBES2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1269112United Kingdom
G-CBHI2001 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1324512United Kingdom
G-CBOF2006 Europa XSPFA 247-1346212United Kingdom
G-CBWF Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1387912United Kingdom
G-CBWP2002 Europa PFA 247-1293012United Kingdom
G-CBXW2002 Europa XSPFA 247-1367412United Kingdom
G-CBYN2002 Europa XS Tri GearPFA 247-1375112United Kingdom
G-CCEF2004 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1303812United Kingdom
G-CCFK2004 Europa XSPFA 247-1374412United Kingdom
G-CCGW2003 Europa PFA 247-1254812United Kingdom
G-CCJX2006 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1372712United Kingdom
G-CCOV2004 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1399812United Kingdom
G-CCRJ2004 Europa PFA 247-1296612United Kingdom
G-CCUL2004 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1311912United Kingdom
G-CCUY2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1318912United Kingdom
G-CDBX2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1397112United Kingdom
G-CDEX2004 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1250712United Kingdom
G-CDPY2000 Europa PFA 247-1302912United Kingdom
G-CDVS2006 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1321712United Kingdom
G-CEBV2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1400712United Kingdom
G-CEIW2006 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1270712United Kingdom
G-CEKV2007 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1249312United Kingdom
G-CEMI2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1398912United Kingdom
G-CEOW2007 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1387712United Kingdom
G-CERI2003 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1397012United Kingdom
G-CEYK2008 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1447612United Kingdom
G-CFKZ2008 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1417812United Kingdom
G-CFLI2010 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1314412United Kingdom
G-CFMP2010 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1350512United Kingdom
G-CFVR2009 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1454312United Kingdom
G-CGDH2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1374612United Kingdom
G-CGNZ2007 Europa XS Tri-GearA19012
G-CGVJ2014 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1375212United Kingdom
G-CGVX2013 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1271912United Kingdom
G-CGZV2012 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1356312United Kingdom
G-CHAH2005 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1294912United Kingdom
G-CHAV2000 Europa PFA 247-1276912United Kingdom
G-CHEB1997 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1296712United Kingdom
G-CHET1999 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1327712United Kingdom
G-CHOX2003 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1397412United Kingdom
G-CHUG2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1296012United Kingdom
G-CICA2013 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA-1362112United Kingdom
G-CILF2014 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1274612United Kingdom
G-CKRL2017 Europa XSPFA 247-131221Leicestershire, United Kingdom
G-CLAV2004 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1264112United Kingdom
G-CLHZ2019 Europa Europa XSPFA 247-1413412Surrey, United Kingdom
G-CLXU2021 Europa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-127081Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
G-CORA2000 Europa XSPFA 247-1356512United Kingdom
G-CROB2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1351012United Kingdom
G-CROY1998 Europa PFA 247-1289612United Kingdom
G-CUTY1996 Europa PFA 247-1291012United Kingdom
G-DAMY1996 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1278112United Kingdom
G-DAYI1996 Europa PFA 247-1302712United Kingdom
G-DAYS1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1281012United Kingdom
G-DDBD2006 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1356912United Kingdom
G-DDSC2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1329112United Kingdom
G-DEBR2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1292212United Kingdom
G-DESL1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259712United Kingdom
G-DLCB1996 Europa PFA 247-1265212United Kingdom
G-DONZ1994 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1254512United Kingdom
G-DRMM1999 Europa PFA 247-1320112United Kingdom
G-DURO1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1255412United Kingdom
G-DYUP2018 Europa LAA 247-1511312Lancashire, United Kingdom
G-DZEL1993 Europa PFA 247-1256912United Kingdom
G-EENI1998 Europa PFA 247-1283112United Kingdom
G-EESA1995 Europa PFA 247-1253512United Kingdom
G-EIKY1997 Europa PFA 247-1263412United Kingdom
G-EINI2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1356212United Kingdom
G-ELSA1994 Europa PFA 247-1275812United Kingdom
G-EMIN1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1267312United Kingdom
G-EMSI1995 Europa PFA 247-1281712United Kingdom
G-EOFS1999 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1303312United Kingdom
G-EORJ2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1313912United Kingdom
G-EUAB2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1395912United Kingdom
G-EUEL2020 Europa EliteEU04A-00011Norfolk, United Kingdom
G-EURX2000 Europa XSPFA 247-1366112United Kingdom
G-EUXS Europa PFA 247-1292312United Kingdom
G-EXES2005 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1357412United Kingdom
G-EZZA2002 Europa XSPFA 247-1384112United Kingdom
G-FELL1998 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1320812United Kingdom
G-FITY2009 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1407312United Kingdom
G-FIZY2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1329112United Kingdom
G-FLOR1999 Europa PFA 247-1279312United Kingdom
G-FLOX1998 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1273212United Kingdom
G-FLRT2005 Europa PFA 247-1292612United Kingdom
G-FLYT1996 Europa PFA 247-1265312United Kingdom
G-FOGI2005 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1331312United Kingdom
G-GBXS1998 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1319612United Kingdom
G-GCAC2002 Europa XSPFA 247-1394012United Kingdom
G-GIDY2004 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1346712United Kingdom
G-GIWT2001 Europa XSPFA 247-1362312United Kingdom
G-GOLX2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1351012United Kingdom
G-HIIL1995 Europa PFA 247-1253512United Kingdom
G-HOFC1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1273612United Kingdom
G-HUEW2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1415612United Kingdom
G-IANI2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1371412United Kingdom
G-IBBS1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1274512United Kingdom
G-IGII2002 Europa PFA 247-1250612United Kingdom
G-IHCI2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1278312United Kingdom
G-IKRK2002 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1290312United Kingdom
G-ILLZ2015 Europa XS Tri GearPFA247-1355012United Kingdom
G-ILUM2000 Europa XSPFA 247-1356512United Kingdom
G-IMAB2002 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1312812United Kingdom
G-INAV1987 Europa AC0011United Kingdom
G-IOWE2001 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1330312United Kingdom
G-IPOD2007 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1400712United Kingdom
G-IRON2005 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1423512United Kingdom
G-IRPW2013 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1449512United Kingdom
G-ITST2017 Europa PFA 247-1282112West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-IVER2000 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1363212United Kingdom
G-IVET1994 Europa PFA 247-1251112United Kingdom
G-JAGY2000 Europa XSA09411West Midlands, United Kingdom
G-JAMY2000 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1355712United Kingdom
G-JAPS2003 Europa XSPFA 247-1398012United Kingdom
G-JAYD2005 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1388712Suffolk, United Kingdom
G-JERO2002 Europa XSPFA 247-1369112United Kingdom
G-JHKP2003 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1382812United Kingdom
G-JHYS2001 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1330712United Kingdom
G-JIMM2004 Europa XSPFA 247-1407112United Kingdom
G-JOST2006 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1291512United Kingdom
G-JULZ2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1304512United Kingdom
G-JWXS2001 Europa XSPFA 247-1374312United Kingdom
G-KDCC2005 Europa XSPFA 247-1356212United Kingdom
G-KIMM2001 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1340412United Kingdom
G-KIRB2000 Europa XSPFA 247-136151United Kingdom
G-KITS1995 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1284412United Kingdom
G-KITZ2001 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1357812United Kingdom
G-KWIP1995 Europa PFA 247-125571United Kingdom
G-LABS2002 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1259512United Kingdom
G-LACE1997 Europa PFA 247-129621United Kingdom
G-LAMM1995 Europa PFA 247-129411United Kingdom
G-LDVO2011 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1325412United Kingdom
G-LEBE2001 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1292712United Kingdom
G-LILP2002 Europa XSPFA 247-138021United Kingdom
G-LINN2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1411812United Kingdom
G-MAAN2002 Europa XSPFA 247-140091United Kingdom
G-MAUS2005 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1265112United Kingdom
G-MAVE Europa PFA 247-127601United Kingdom
G-MEGG2003 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1320212United Kingdom
G-MFHI1998 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1284112United Kingdom
G-MIME2001 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1285012United Kingdom
G-MKPU1993 Europa PFA 247-1256912United Kingdom
G-MLXP2013 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1297412United Kingdom
G-MUZO2005 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1262312United Kingdom
G-NDOL1995 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259412United Kingdom
G-NEAT1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1264212United Kingdom
G-NESA2001 Europa XSPFA 247-135441United Kingdom
G-NHRJ1999 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-131121United Kingdom
G-NICX2016 Europa XSLAA 247-1536212Essex, United Kingdom
G-NIGL1997 Europa PFA 247-127751United Kingdom
G-OBDM2003 Europa XSPFA 247-140481United Kingdom
G-OBEV1998 Europa PFA 247-128131United Kingdom
G-OBJT2005 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1262312United Kingdom
G-ODJG1996 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1288912United Kingdom
G-ODTI1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1301012United Kingdom
G-ODTW1995 Europa PFA 247-128901United Kingdom
G-OEZY1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259012United Kingdom
G-OGAN1999 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1273412United Kingdom
G-OIZI2000 Europa XSPFA 247-136151United Kingdom
G-OJHL1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1303912United Kingdom
G-OKEV1998 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1309112United Kingdom
G-OMIK2001 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1299112United Kingdom
G-OPJKThe First of The Many1995 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1248712United Kingdom
G-OPRC2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1328112United Kingdom
G-ORPC2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1352112United Kingdom
G-OSJN2005 Europa XSPFA 247-136871United Kingdom
G-OSLD2000 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1364112United Kingdom
G-OSMT1995 Europa PFA 247-127051United Kingdom
G-OUHI2001 Europa XSPFA 247-136841United Kingdom
G-OURO1995 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1252212United Kingdom
G-OWWW2003 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1268312United Kingdom
G-OZEF2003 Europa XSPFA 247-140411United Kingdom
G-PATF1999 Europa PFA 247-127571United Kingdom
G-PATS1998 Europa PFA 247-128881United Kingdom
G-PATZ1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1262512United Kingdom
G-PEGY2000 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1271312United Kingdom
G-PHXS2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1387612United Kingdom
G-PLPM2000 Europa XSPFA 247-132871United Kingdom
G-PTAG2000 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1312112United Kingdom
G-PTYE1996 Europa PFA 247-124961United Kingdom
G-PUDS1999 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1299912United Kingdom
G-PUPY2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1369412United Kingdom
G-RATZ1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1258212United Kingdom
G-RBBB1997 Europa PFA 247-126641United Kingdom
G-RBJW2004 Europa XSPFA 247-136001United Kingdom
G-RDHS2005 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1388712United Kingdom
G-REJP2006 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1408612United Kingdom
G-RICS1997 Europa Tri-GearPFA 247-1274712United Kingdom
G-RIKS2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1332912United Kingdom
G-RIXS2003 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1382212United Kingdom
G-RJWX2001 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1319712United Kingdom
G-RMAC2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1271712United Kingdom
G-RMMT2004 Europa XS Tri-GearA26012United Kingdom
G-ROBD1994 Europa PFA 247-126711United Kingdom
G-RONA1997 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1258812United Kingdom
G-ROOV1999 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1321412United Kingdom
G-ROPA Europa PFA 247-123961United Kingdom
G-ROWI1999 Europa XSPFA 247-134821United Kingdom
G-RPAF2005 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1420212United Kingdom
G-RPCC2007 Europa XSPFA 247-146151United Kingdom
G-RWLY2001 Europa XSPFA 247-137011United Kingdom
G-SAMY1995 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1290112United Kingdom
G-SELF2004 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1299612United Kingdom
G-SHSH2002 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1272212United Kingdom
G-SMDH2006 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1336712United Kingdom
G-SNOP1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259712United Kingdom
G-SNOZ1994 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1254512United Kingdom
G-SRYY2002 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1380612United Kingdom
G-SSGS Europa 08212United Kingdom
G-STES2019 Europa Europa XSPFA 247-1393112United Kingdom
G-STUE2006 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1286912United Kingdom
G-SUSE2002 Europa XSPFA 247-139051United Kingdom
G-SYCO1996 Europa PFA 247-125401United Kingdom
G-TAGR2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1306112United Kingdom
G-TERN1998 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1278012United Kingdom
G-TKAY1999 Europa PFA 247-128041United Kingdom
G-TOPK2004 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1419312United Kingdom
G-TSUE2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1261212United Kingdom
G-URMS2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1292212United Kingdom
G-VKIT2005 Europa Tri GearPFA 247-1278312United Kingdom
G-VPSJ1993 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1252012United Kingdom
G-WEEM2003 Europa XSPFA 247-140791United Kingdom
G-WIKI2011 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1409512United Kingdom
G-WUFF2003 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1294212United Kingdom
G-WWWG1996 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1259712United Kingdom
G-XSDJ2002 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1337812United Kingdom
G-XSRF2010 Europa XS Tri-GearLAA 247-1500812United Kingdom
G-YETI2014 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1274612United Kingdom
G-YURO1992 Europa MonowheelPFA 220-1198112United Kingdom
G-ZIGY2005 Europa XSPFA 247-136931United Kingdom
G-ZORO1996 Europa PFA 247-126721United Kingdom
G-ZTED2005 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1249212United Kingdom
HB-YJF2016 Europa Monowheel029412Switzerland
LN-SKJ Europa XS Tri-GearA22512Norway
LN-STE Europa XS Monowheel55612Norway
LX-CWT Europa XS Tri-Gear43412Luxembourg
N1004T2002 Europa XS MonowheelA20012TX, United States
N100MF1998 Europa Monowheel05112WI, United States
N100RH Europa MotorgliderA22412NV, United States
N108EA2006 Europa XS Tri-GearA22612OH, United States
N111EU1996 Europa Monowheel11112CA, United States
N11KD2000 Europa XSA5312FL, United States
N120EJ Europa Tri-GearA21012CA, United States
N120EU Europa Monowheel12012NC, United States
N121XS2001 Europa XSA121MG12Canada
N123EU2003 Europa A149MG12HI, United States
N127ZP Europa Classic MonowheelA01212NY, United States
N128HW2006 Europa MotorgliderA16212OR, United States
N128LJ Europa XS Tri-GearA25812TN, United States
N12AY Europa ClassicA54A12FL, United States
N134AB Europa XS Tri-GearPFA 247-1387912United Kingdom
N135TD2001 Europa XS1 (N135TD)12CA, United States
N138WJ Europa XS Tri-GearA13812TX, United States
N139AB1999 Europa Tri-GearA5412FL, United States
N13NM Europa A02612OK, United States
N141EW2005 Europa XS MonowheelA14112NY, United States
N146PK2005 Europa XS Tri-GearA-16312CA, United States
N149RS2005 Europa A04212OH, United States
N152MT1999 Europa 15212KS, United States
N159HR2005 Europa XS Tri GearA26412MD, United States
N165BB2000 Europa XS MonowheelA13112FL, United States
N166BB2003 Europa A166MG12MN, United States
N176DH2003 Europa Tri-Gear9247612CA, United States
N176KP2008 Europa XS Tri-GearA26812IL, United States
N17YP Europa XS MotorgliderA042MT12MN, United States
N1960J1999 Europa 13012DE, United States
N199E Europa A03312
N1BJ2000 Europa 1 (N1BJ)12TX, United States
N200ME Europa A-22812CA, United States
N200XS Europa XS MonowheelA07812OH, United States
N202Y Europa A05912NC, United States
N203EC2003 Europa XS MonowheelA00112WI, United States
N205CN2006 Europa XS MonowheelA20512Ukraine
N20XS Europa XS Tri-GearA20212TN, United States
N211KA Europa XS Monowheel0112AK, United States
N213RZ Europa XSA21312AZ, United States
N214KS2005 Europa XSA21413CA, United States
N216JE1998 Europa MonowheelA4512GA, United States
N216PR Europa XS Tri-GearA09712FL, United States
N218RS1999 Europa A00812IL, United States
N224XS2004 Europa XS Tri-GearA224MG12NY, United States
N228FT Europa XSA-11512OR, United States
N229WC2003 Europa XS MonowheelA22912WA, United States
N240701998 Europa XS Tri-Gear9512OK, United States
N241BW2005 Europa XS MonowheelA18512MI, United States
N245E2006 Europa XSA-24512TN, United States
N246CR2004 Europa XSA10012KY, United States
N255ES Europa A005MG12GA, United States
N259SR Europa A20712OR, United States
N261CM2006 Europa XS Tri GearA22212GA, United States
N262AE2005 Europa XS Tri-GearA26212TX, United States
N262WF2001 Europa XS Monowheel00112NC, United States
N27EU2001 Europa A02712CA, United States
N283JL Europa XSA28312FL, United States
N284A2005 Europa XS Tri-GearA28412FL, United States
N28ET2002 Europa Classic MonowheelA2812NV, United States
N295LC2005 Europa Tri-GearA03912TX, United States
N303AU2000 Europa Tri-GearA16812CT, United States
N377EA Europa XSA207A12United States
N378PJ2004 Europa Monowheel36312WI, United States
N388SG Europa XS Tri-GearA23712PA, United States
N391RH1997 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1298012CO, United States
N396ST Europa XS MonowheelA19812MI,
N398JB2000 Europa XSA09411FL, United States
N3EU Europa Tri-GearA06312OH, United States
N4041F Europa XS Tri-GearA24112UT, United States
N40SH2006 Europa XS100112AZ, United States
N410D2011 Europa XS Tri-Gear14712AZ, United States
N417J2001 Europa Tri-GearA056XS12FL, United States
N419PL2007 Europa XS Tri-GearA241A12KS, United States
N4220S1998 Europa A06012CA, United States
N4225W2005 Europa A02612FL, United States
N42AH2002 Europa AMG05812TX, United States
N42EU2002 Europa AMG05812TX, United States
N430692006 Europa Tri GearA285-0112LA, United States
N447CB2000 Europa Classic1 (N447CB)12NV, United States
N44EU2000 Europa MonowheelA04412CT, United States
N4880W Europa ClassicA06212IA, United States
N49FL Europa XS MonowheelA04912OR, United States
N4EU Europa XS Tri-GearA10112
N512SA Europa PFA2471275812FL, United States
N526BE Europa XS MonowheelA12912IL, United States
N531RP2005 Europa Tri-Gear1 (N531RP)12NY, United States
N55XS2005 Europa XS Tri-GearA05512LA, United States
N59GS Europa 08212MA, United States
N6066K2001 Europa XSA12712NY, United States
N610EL2007 Europa XSH12612PA, United States
N6125A2003 Europa XSA21612UT, United States
N6173K Europa Monowheel12A12FL, United States
N625AZ2006 Europa XSC09512IN, United States
N63EU1996 Europa MonowheelA-2412CO, United States
N645XS2000 Europa XS MonowheelA16112WA, United States
N666PA Europa XS Tri-GearA26712AR, United States
N69XS Europa XS MonowheelA06912IA, United States
N6JG2001 Europa XSA11612TX, United States
N6LB2000 Europa XSA09812NV, United States
N713PT Europa A02512NC, United States
N728EA Europa XS Tri-GearJLF00112FL, United States
N741JH Europa XSA-12812CO, United States
N7552Z1999 Europa MonowheelA08313CA, United States
N765AK Europa XSA07512IA, United States
N77EU2002 Europa XS MonowheelA07712CA, United States
N7854M2003 Europa ClassicA03412NM, United States
N800DX Europa MonowheelA08912TX, United States
N8027U2004 Europa XLA04812FL, United States
N8028N Europa XS Tri-GearA22312NC, United States
N808MJ Europa XSA19712NM, United States
N814AT Europa A05212FL, United States
N817DA2003 Europa XSA22712NV, United States
N819A1996 Europa Tri-GearTG00212CO, United States
N81EU1997 Europa Tri GearUK8112MI, United States
N826GG2004 Europa XSA25412OR, United States
N827161999 Europa Tri-GearUK16212DE, United States
N82GT Europa XSA07112
N841E1997 Europa A03012WA, United States
N8XS2003 Europa ClassicUK18512AZ, United States
N90EU Europa A03112IN, United States
N911XS Europa XS Monowheel16412CA, United States
N912EA2000 Europa XS Tri-GearEA003XS12FL, United States
N912EE2002 Europa ClassicA05712CA, United States
N914AB2002 Europa XS118A12WA, United States
N914BL2005 Europa A12412GA, United States
N914EA2000 Europa XS MonowheelEA002XS12FL, United States
N914KM1999 Europa Tri-Gear1 (N914KM)12LA, United States
N914PB2003 Europa XSA21212CA, United States
N914TX2007 Europa XS Tri-Gear00112CA, United States
N914XL Europa XSA22112TX, United States
N914XS1998 Europa XSA001XS12NM, United States
N9153M Europa XSA05612IL, United States
N929N2004 Europa XSA26012ID, United States
N951EU Europa XS Monowheel12212CA, United States
N952JL2004 Europa XS MonowheelA08612GA, United States
N96EG1997 Europa A00912TN, United States
N96V Europa XS MonowheelA 07912CA, United States
N9DT2003 Europa Tri-GearA-18212PA, United States
N9XS2002 Europa MGA12312TN, United States
OE-ABH Europa 1940Austria
OE-ADD Europa Monowheel13312Austria
OE-AKE Europa 2500Austria
OE-AMS Europa XL18312Austria
OE-CFB Europa 1740Austria
OE-CHL Europa Monowheel22712Austria
OE-CKD Europa Monowheel13412Austria
OE-CMW1995 Europa 17312Austria
OE-CNH Europa Monowheel13212Austria
OH-WAB Wassmer WA-52 Europa11214Finland
OK-BER2005 Europa XSPFA 247-136871Czech Republic
OO-1452004 Europa Monowheel38212Belgium
OY-GDS1999 Europa Classic9406123700 Rønne, Denmark
OY-JBB2004 Europa Classic940509440 Aabybro, Denmark
OY-NJK2002 Europa M960604100 Ringsted, Denmark
OY-ODA1999 Europa Classic9408025491 Blommenslyst, Denmark
OY-RAF2019 Europa Aviation Ltd Europa Classic2011-06/31312Denmark
PH-ADH1999 Europa MonowheelPFA 247-1261112Netherlands
PH-AMD Europa TG32212Wognum, Netherlands
PH-BGV Europa Monowheel26412Loosdrecht, Netherlands
PH-DIY2009 Europa XS Tri-Gear58912Netherlands
PH-GES Europa AL Europa XS3910
PH-GOO Europa XS Tri-Gear43912Netherlands
PH-IEN Europa XS TG30512Delden, Netherlands
PH-JAI2001 Europa XS Tri-Gear46012Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
PH-JGW Europa XS Tri-Gear20612Dorst, Netherlands
PH-LOB Europa XS Tri-Gear39412Netherlands
PH-MJW Europa XS Monowheel18212Eibergen, Netherlands
PH-MUG2004 Europa XS MonowheelPFA 247-1346712Netherlands
PH-POP1999 Europa Monowheel15712Amsterdam, Netherlands
PH-SBR Europa XS Tri-GearA16812Bennebroek, Netherlands
PH-SIE2012 Europa XS Tri-Gear12612Netherlands
PH-ZIP Europa Tri-Gear07712
PH-ZTI2001 Europa XS Tri-GearPFA-247 1317212Germany
SE-XRX2002 Europa XS Tri-Gear30012Sweden
SE-XUT2002 Europa XS Monowheel324-100012Sweden
VH-ABO1997 Europa 3271Australia
VH-BWI1998 Europa V2651VIC, Australia
VH-CUA2004 Europa 2811Australia
VH-ECT2003 Europa 2611NSW, Australia
VH-ESI1999 Europa W2731Australia
VH-EUM2000 Europa XS4841Australia
VH-FCL1999 Europa V3571Australia
VH-IHV2004 Europa XS4001WA, Australia
VH-IIO2000 Europa N4191Australia
VH-IXS2001 Europa XS3431Australia
VH-JEP2003 Europa 28712Australia
VH-JXN1999 Europa 1301QLD, Australia
VH-KAE2000 Europa Monowheel45412Australia
VH-KIT2000 Europa N3831Australia
VH-NSE1999 Europa N1701NSW, Australia
VH-ODC1999 Europa XS04221Australia
VH-SVV2003 Europa Tri Gear14212QLD, Australia
VH-TMX1999 Europa N3691Australia
VH-WHD2000 Europa XS3461NSW, Australia
VH-XLJ2004 Europa XS4711Australia
VH-XSH2001 Europa XS Tri-Gear35212Australia
VH-XSI1999 Europa XSV4241Australia
VH-XSS2001 Europa XS3661Australia
ZK-CHV Europa XS Monowheel45612Katikati, New Zealand
ZK-DMR Europa XS Monowheel40612New Zealand
ZK-EPA2008 Europa XS Monowheel35512New Zealand
ZK-NWM Europa Tri-GearAO2612Hastings, New Zealand
ZK-RJL Europa Classic2390Timaru, New Zealand
ZK-RPR Europa XS Monowheel40612Whakatane, New Zealand
ZK-TIM Europa Classic29212Christchurch, New Zealand
ZK-UBD Europa XS Monowheel14412Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-VMC Europa XS Tri Gear9512New Zealand