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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
3014 Hughes 369D80-1079W14Dominican Republic
31163 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)646414Japan
31184 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)649014Japan
31194 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)650014Japan
31213 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)652114Japan
31216 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)652414Japan
31220 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)652814Japan
31232 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)643214Japan
31274 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)658612Japan
31297 Hughes (Kawasaki) OH-6D (369D)650314Japan
B-HHM1981 Hughes 369D711019D14China
BPS-91976 Hughes 369D1160030D14Bahrain
C-FAET Hughes 369D610969D14Alberta, Canada
C-FAPU Hughes 369D811073D14Canada
C-FASX Hughes 369D1150D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FBVH1980 Hughes 369D800779D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FBVY1977 Hughes 369D570143D14Ontario, Canada
C-FDTN1977 Hughes 369D370102D14Alberta, Canada
C-FERA1978 Hughes 369D980346D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FFYO1978 Hughes 369D580315D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FGHS1981 Hughes 369D1098D14Canada
C-FGHT Hughes 369D1099D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FGLB1982 Hughes 369D1120D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FILW1980 Hughes 369D1100851D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FKHS1980 Hughes 369D1000825D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FLGK1979 Hughes 369D890579D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FMAL1982 Hughes 369D611010D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FOHD1981 Hughes 369D31091514British Columbia, Canada
C-FOHE Hughes 369D410942D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FOHS1981 Hughes 369D410950D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FOZW1980 Hughes 369D1100835D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FREH1980 Hughes 369D1100855D14Alberta, Canada
C-FRZP1979 Hughes 369D290455D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FTHU1980 Hughes 369D1100849D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FWNK1980 Hughes 369D500718D14Quebec, Canada
C-FWNQ Hughes 369D811041D14Quebec, Canada
C-FXOT1978 Hughes 369D1180390D14British Columbia, Canada
C-FYIP1976 Hughes 369D1260061D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GAKF1977 Hughes 369D970197D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GAKH1977 Hughes 369D1160038D14Quebec, Canada
C-GAPU Hughes 369D811073D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GBCW1977 Hughes 369D1260057D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GBUY Hughes 369D610958D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GCIT1976 Hughes 369D1260034D14Canada
C-GCKH Hughes 369D500716D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GCKV1977 Hughes 369D570141D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GCTV1976 Hughes 369D96005D14Alberta, Canada
C-GDCM1981 Hughes 369D310916D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GDDE Hughes 369D911084D14Alberta, Canada
C-GDFF1980 Hughes 369D900807D14Quebec, Canada
C-GDMP1981 Hughes 369D610993D14Alberta, Canada
C-GFKN1980 Hughes 369D200661D14Alberta, Canada
C-GFOI1979 Hughes 369D790542D14Quebec, Canada
C-GFWD Hughes 369D1131D14Yukon, Canada
C-GGHC Hughes 369D980334D14Ontario, Canada
C-GGOB Hughes 369D290457D14Alberta, Canada
C-GGSI1977 Hughes 369D370101D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GGVN Hughes 369D400694D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GHFA Hughes 369D290459D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GHFL Hughes 369D1143D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GHFP1978 Hughes 369D1270245D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GHFZ1978 Hughes 369D1070212D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GHGD Hughes 369D500715D14Ontario, Canada
C-GHNF Hughes 369D770165D14Quebec, Canada
C-GHVK1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14Canada
C-GIFZ Hughes 369D490505D14Canada
C-GIKB1981 Hughes 369D711015D14Alberta, Canada
C-GIPX Hughes 369D390474D0Alberta, Canada
C-GIWN1976 Hughes 369D1260044D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GIYZ Hughes 369D121096D14Alberta, Canada
C-GJHU Hughes 369D711029D14Yukon, Canada
C-GJLC1981 Hughes 369D1129D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GKHG Hughes 369D300693D14Alberta, Canada
C-GKHV1980 Hughes 369D200655D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GKLJ Hughes 369D400694D14Alberta, Canada
C-GLCB1978 Hughes 369D280259D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GLHI1981 Hughes 369D110868D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GLHI1981 Hughes 369D110868D14Yukon, Canada
C-GLHK1980 Hughes 369D300659D14Alberta, Canada
C-GLHQ1980 Hughes 369D200662D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GLHS1980 Hughes 369D1100853D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GLHT1979 Hughes 369D390479D14Alberta, Canada
C-GLHU1980 Hughes 369D1200857D14Alberta, Canada
C-GLHW1980 Hughes 369D110888D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GLWE Hughes 369D370103D14Canada
C-GMDT1980 Hughes 369D300700D14New Brunswick, Canada
C-GMGP Hughes 369D310913D14Alberta, Canada
C-GMNU1978 Hughes 369D380271D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GMSN1977 Hughes 369D970198D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GMTB1981 Hughes 369D310918D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GNLQ Hughes 369D370094D14Alberta, Canada
C-GNMG Hughes 369D300693D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GNTK1978 Hughes 369D980344-D14Alberta, Canada
C-GOPC Hughes 369D1280405D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GPCE Hughes 369D490487D14Alberta, Canada
C-GPGE1977 Hughes 369D1160022D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GPHB Hughes 369D270087D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GPHC Hughes 369D180257D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GPHE Hughes 369D600703D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GQAE1979 Hughes 369D590506D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GQCA Hughes 369D11086614British Columbia, Canada
C-GQOI1977 Hughes 369D170068D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GRJR1980 Hughes 369D300678D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GRLC1998 Hughes 369D280260D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GRTX1983 Hughes 369D1130D14Ontario, Canada
C-GRWC1982 Hughes 369D1120D14
C-GRYH1979 Hughes 369D190442D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GRYL1979 Hughes 369D190447D14Quebec, Canada
C-GRYT1979 Hughes 369D190448D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GRYU Hughes 369D290449D14Ontario, Canada
C-GRYV1979 Hughes 369D290450D0Quebec, Canada
C-GRYW1979 Hughes 369D190451D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GSHE1978 Hughes 369D1280431D14Alberta, Canada
C-GSHT Hughes 369D911083D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GSSN1979 Hughes 369D590506D14Alberta, Canada
C-GSZK1978 Hughes 369D1170235D14Quebec, Canada
C-GSZM1978 Hughes 369D1170237D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GSZN1978 Hughes 369D1270243D14Quebec, Canada
C-GSZQ1977 Hughes 369D1270246D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GTNB Hughes 369D1160011D14Alberta, Canada
C-GTNM1979 Hughes 369D490485D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GTTE1982 Hughes 369D610968D14Alberta, Canada
C-GTZP1979 Hughes 369D590519D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GTZR1979 Hughes 369D790554D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GUFO Hughes 369D290461D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GUMA1979 Hughes 369D890556D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVCG1979 Hughes 369D490493D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVEB Hughes 369D611006D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVHG1977 Hughes 369D570132D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVOU1979 Hughes 369D490486D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVPH Hughes 369D510981D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GVZD Hughes 369D1070209D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GWPD1978 Hughes 369D870167D14Ontario, Canada
C-GWPK1980 Hughes 369D300676D14Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-GWPQ Hughes 369D700755D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GXOB1977 Hughes 369D270089D14Alberta, Canada
C-GXON1977 Hughes 369D370093D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GYAJ1977 Hughes 369D370097D14Canada
C-GYJC Hughes 369D1145D14British Columbia, Canada
C-GYXS Hughes 369D470118D14Quebec, Canada
C-GZIO Hughes 369D500715D14British Columbia, Canada
CS-HAX1981 Hughes 369D1129D14Portugal
CS-HCE1980 Hughes 369D1200856D14Portugal
CS-HCI1982 Hughes 369D1146D14
D-HASH1980 Hughes 369D700708D14Germany
D-HCAT1983 Hughes 369D1199D14Germany
D-HEDA1980 Hughes 369D700748D14Germany
D-HEIN Hughes 369D811040D14Germany
D-HHOP Hughes 369D77-0166D14Germany
D-HLUX Hughes 369D29-0450D14Germany
D-HMOE Hughes 369D911077D14Germany
D-HOKH Hughes 369D811040D14Germany
D-HOME Hughes 500D (369D)129-06281Germany
D-HSUR1980 Hughes 369D500702D14Germany
DQ-FDR Hughes 369D700709D14Fiji
EC-FRX1976 Hughes 369D1160029D14Spain
F-GJLX Hughes 369D91-1058D14France
F-GSIC1980 Hughes 369D500717D14France
G-BEJY1976 Hughes 369D1160011D14United Kingdom
G-BESS1976 Hughes 369D1160029D14Essex, United Kingdom
G-BFAY1977 Hughes 369D670148D14United Kingdom
G-BHST1980 Hughes 369D400714D14United Kingdom
G-BHWD1980 Hughes 369D30068914United Kingdom
G-BIOA1980 Hughes 369D1200880D14United Kingdom
G-BMJH1980 Hughes 369D500696D14United Kingdom
G-BMJV1981 Hughes 369D110871D14United Kingdom
G-BNMY1980 Hughes 369D700748D14United Kingdom
G-BPYL1980 Hughes 369D1000796D14United Kingdom
G-BZSK1981 Hughes 369D1129D14United Kingdom
G-CCPY1980 Hughes 369D200674D14United Kingdom
G-CCUN1980 Hughes 369D1170220D14United Kingdom
G-CCUO1980 Hughes 369D400711D14United Kingdom
G-DIGZ1982 Hughes 369D1111D14Norfolk, United Kingdom
G-ERIS1981 Hughes 369D110871D14United Kingdom
G-FASH1981 Hughes 369D110871D14United Kingdom
G-FEDL1980 Hughes 369D900785D14United Kingdom
G-GOGO1978 Hughes 369D480294D14United Kingdom
G-HEWS1981 Hughes 369D511003D14United Kingdom
G-HEWT1980 Hughes 369D500702D14United Kingdom
G-HKHM1981 Hughes 369D711019D14United Kingdom
G-HOOK1980 Hughes 369D700708D14United Kingdom
G-ITUP1980 Hughes 369D500696D14United Kingdom
G-JIMI1980 Hughes 369D1200856D14United Kingdom
G-KSBF1980 Hughes 369D500696D14United Kingdom
G-MCDD1982 Hughes 369D1111D14United Kingdom
G-OIOW1979 Hughes 369D490488D14United Kingdom
G-ONTA1982 Hughes 369D1146D14United Kingdom
G-PENI1980 Hughes 369D1100832D14United Kingdom
G-PJMD1981 Hughes 369D110871D14United Kingdom
G-SOOD1982 Hughes 369D1142D14United Kingdom
HA-RTL Hughes 369D690532D14Hungary
HB-XFR1977 Hughes 369D1160027D14Switzerland
HB-XKT1980 Hughes 369D1000796D14Switzerland
HB-ZRL1980 Hughes 369D700748D14Switzerland
HH-5 Hughes 369D63-1201D14Finland
HL9103 Hughes 369D126-0043D1Korea, Republic of
HP-1478PA Hughes 369D480295D14Panama
HP-1616PT Hughes 369D980334D14Panama
I-ANBE1982 Hughes 369D1127D15Italy
I-ECHI Hughes 369D390471D14Italy
JA9279 KHI Kawasaki-Hughes 369D670814New Zealand
LX-HLE1980 Hughes 369D1200880D14Luxembourg
N102CW1977 Hughes 369D870184D14FL, United States
N103FW Hughes 369D811073D14AK, United States
N105JL1980 Hughes 369D900807D14CA, United States
N107SF Hughes 369D1280405D14PA, United States
N10887 Hughes 369D1290637D14DE, United States
N1088G1980 Hughes 369D700736D14WA, United States
N1088N1980 Hughes 369D300679D14AK, United States
N1089D1981 Hughes 369D510966D14DE, United States
N1089E Hughes 369D510979D14
N1089N Hughes 369D510964D14CA, United States
N1089S Hughes 369D510963D14
N1089Y1981 Hughes 369D510962D14WA, United States
N1090A1981 Hughes 369D410953D14MN, United States
N1090L Hughes 369D300692D14
N1090S Hughes 369D800788D14HI, United States
N1091A1980 Hughes 369D700748D14
N1091P1980 Hughes 369D300683D14AK, United States
N1091S1980 Hughes 369D300691D14AK, United States
N1091W1980 Hughes 369D300700D14AK, United States
N1092K1980 Hughes 369D600727D14FL, United States
N1092L1981 Hughes 369D410940D14CA, United States
N1092Y Hughes 369D410931D14
N10948 Hughes 369D410929D14CA,
N10959 Hughes 369D600743D14MI, United States
N1095N1981 Hughes 369D310925D14AZ,
N1095S1980 Hughes 369D70074214FL,
N1095T1980 Hughes 369D800769D14MT, United States
N1095W1980 Hughes 369D800779D14
N1095Y Hughes 369D900784D14DC, United States
N1095Z Hughes 369D700755D14WI, United States
N109661980 Hughes 369D1000818D14WA, United States
N10969 Hughes 369D310903D14
N1096C1980 Hughes 369D800780D14IN, United States
N1096G Hughes 369D900785D14KS, United States
N1096L1980 Hughes 369D800789D14WA, United States
N1096N1980 Hughes 369D700759D14FL, United States
N1096X Hughes 369D1100836D14AK, United States
N109741981 Hughes 369D310919D14AZ,
N1097G Hughes 369D800757D14
N1097J1980 Hughes 369D900801D14PA, United States
N1098G1981 Hughes 369D310914D14AZ,
N109951980 Hughes 369D500721D14CA, United States
N1099Z Hughes 369D500717D14
N1101N1981 Hughes 369D510960D14TX, United States
N1101U Hughes 369D510959D14
N1102A Hughes 369D800778D14
N1102B Hughes 369D610958D14
N1102D1980 Hughes 369D900806D14NC, United States
N1102U Hughes 369D100820D14HI,
N11035 Hughes 369D900810D14AK, United States
N1103L1980 Hughes 369D100081214AK, United States
N1103N Hughes 369D410945D14HI,
N1103V1980 Hughes 369D1000823D14CA, United States
N110541981 Hughes 369D310910D14OR, United States
N110561981 Hughes 369D310905D14WA, United States
N1106G1981 Hughes 369D510955D14GA, United States
N1106K1981 Hughes 369D410950D14AK, United States
N1106N1981 Hughes 369D410946D14DE, United States
N1106P Hughes 369D210894D14
N1106T Hughes 369D410937D14
N1106U1981 Hughes 369D410943D14UT, United States
N1106V1981 Hughes 369D410944D14OR, United States
N1106Z1981 Hughes 369D210900D14AK, United States
N1107A1981 Hughes 369D210896D14FL, United States
N1107G1981 Hughes 369D210899D14AK, United States
N1107N1981 Hughes 369D210902D14CA, United States
N1107P1981 Hughes 369D210897D14AK, United States
N1107T1981 Hughes 369D210898D14OR, United States
N110821980 Hughes 369D1100845D14MT, United States
N1108G1980 Hughes 369D1200865D14CA, United States
N1108N1981 Hughes 369D210893D14CA,
N1108T Hughes 369D611000D14
N1108U1980 Hughes 369D1000817D14Colombia
N1108Y Hughes 369D1100842D14
N1108Z1980 Hughes 369D1100844D14CA, United States
N11094 Hughes 369D500645D14CA, United States
N1109D1980 Hughes 369D800686D14CA, United States
N1109N1980 Hughes 369D1100846D14CA, United States
N1109P1980 Hughes 369D1100849D14OK, United States
N1109W1982 Hughes 369D611010D14
N1109Z1979 Hughes 369D119060814
N110BG1981 Hughes 369D610949D14OR, United States
N1110Q1981 Hughes 369D611011D14NC, United States
N1110S Hughes 369D110871D14
N1110S1981 Hughes 369D110871D14DELAWARE, United States
N1110Z1981 Hughes 369D110868D14OK, United States
N11110 Hughes 369D790469D14UT, United States
N11113 Hughes 369D1200884D14CA,
N111211979 Hughes 369D890556D14CA,
N111221980 Hughes 369D400710D14Switzerland
N1112B Hughes 369D610969D14CA, United States
N1112G Hughes 369D1100852D14
N1113A Hughes 369D1200874D14
N1113L Hughes 369D1100837D14HI, United States
N112AS1980 Hughes 369D900808D14SC, United States
N113HT1978 Hughes 369D780314D14SC, United States
N113RS1979 Hughes 369D590506D14HI, United States
N114HD1978 Hughes 369D280261D14HI, United States
N114NA1981 Hughes 369D110877D14VA,
N115HD1981 Hughes 369D711020D14HI, United States
N115SU1981 Hughes 369D110868D14Alabama, United States
N11879 Hughes 369D470118D14DE, United States
N11AS1979 Hughes 369D790541D14NC, United States
N124AL1979 Hughes 369D290455D14AK, United States
N131751982 Hughes 369D1111D14United States
N131AL1977 Hughes 369D1170230D14AK, United States
N138TX1979 Hughes 369D1290646D14MD, United States
N138WH1981 Hughes 369D911027D14OR, United States
N13NM Hughes 369D811073D14United States
N145AL1980 Hughes 369D1200856D14AK, United States
N151JP1978 Hughes 369D480301D14CA, United States
N155PH1977 Hughes 369D370101D14OR, United States
N1578F1981 Hughes 369D610957D14DE, United States
N161LA1981 Hughes 369D711015D14MD, United States
N163D Hughes 369D1260066D14FL, United States
N163PJ1982 Hughes 369D1068D14CA, United States
N166MB1980 Hughes 369D1000831D14UT, United States
N166PJ1982 Hughes 369D1188D14CA, United States
N167AL Hughes 369D270083D14CA, United States
N16DK Hughes 369D91-1058D14United States
N175JL1977 Hughes 369D270076D14PA, United States
N18KJ1980 Hughes 369D200649D14CA, United States
N190CA1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14United States
N2017V Hughes 369D1100827D14AZ, United States
N2019L Hughes 369D1290601D14AZ, United States
N2022L Hughes 369D980345D14AZ, United States
N2098N1979 Hughes 369D1090596D14DE, United States
N209RM Hughes 369D200673D14FL, United States
N211EH1978 Hughes 369D380288D14HI, United States
N212VT1981 Hughes 369D811039D14WA, United States
N214PC1980 Hughes 369D1100851D14OR, United States
N215FA1981 Hughes 369D1100859D14GA,
N216FA1981 Hughes 369D210889D14CA, United States
N220AL1979 Hughes 369D1090606D14OK, United States
N221TG1981 Hughes 369D410951D14FL, United States
N2227L1981 Hughes 369D610990D14CA, United States
N2260U Hughes 369D1171D14TX, United States
N22BB1978 Hughes 369D980346D14WI,
N230MD1981 Hughes 369D510978D14MD, United States
N231 Hughes 369D1170232D14CA, United States
N240FL1978 Hughes 369D480298D14MD, United States
N24TR Hughes 369D110887D14
N255SP1977 Hughes 369D870173D14WA, United States
N25MP Hughes 369D1136D14FL,
N25MP Hughes 369D790545D14FL,
N2645D Hughes 369D510967D14
N2660T Hughes 369D1290650D14OK, United States
N268ST1977 Hughes 369D470122D14CO, United States
N26RV Hughes 369D110864D14MD,
N2734X Hughes 369D1100832D14
N27385 Hughes 369D1160011D14
N277SP Hughes 369D290461D14CA,
N28ML1978 Hughes 369D1080362D14DE, United States
N28MP Hughes 369D970191D14OR, United States
N297071977 Hughes 369D670148D14CA, United States
N29JV Hughes 369D500715D14AK,
N2LY1981 Hughes 369D1200892D14DE, United States
N303BT1980 Hughes 369D1000829D14PA, United States
N305CK Hughes 369D1143D14
N3115Y Hughes 369D500716D14AK, United States
N315SH1982 Hughes 369D1120D14UT, United States
N316HK1979 Hughes 369D390479D14Kansas, United States
N317BM1981 Hughes 369D610992D14TX, United States
N317MM1977 Hughes 369D570143D14Nevada, United States
N31HM1977 Hughes 369D1160027D14DE, United States
N31PL Hughes 369D1170234D14
N322KB1978 Hughes 369D1280401D14AK, United States
N3235Q Hughes 369D1290633D14FL, United States
N32CL Hughes 369D1193D14FL, United States
N32TT Hughes 369D670153D14OK, United States
N33CN1977 Hughes 369D670150D14FL, United States
N33TJ Hughes 369D711016D14DE, United States
N343M Hughes 369D790543D14DE, United States
N346BB1976 Hughes 369D1260061D14MD,
N3481980 Hughes 369D1000824D14CA, United States
N34CM1982 Hughes 369D1194D14WY, United States
N353AH1981 Hughes 369D811079D14PA, United States
N362JS Hughes 369D300676D14CA, United States
N363CC1977 Hughes 369D1070208D14Pennsylvania, United States
N365PR Hughes 369D1180365D14Delaware, United States
N369AW1977 Hughes 369D470117D14PA, United States
N369D Hughes 369D190444D14CO, United States
N369D Hughes 369D1070209D14PA, United States
N369HD Hughes 369D610994D14
N369HL Hughes 369D1170233D14OR, United States
N369HL1980 Hughes 369D1170220D14United Kingdom
N369KK1977 Hughes 369D470125D14CA, United States
N369LA Hughes 369D1260036D14
N369MD Hughes 369D590492D14,C,
N369MH1978 Hughes 369D380287D14Hawaii, United States
N369MP1977 Hughes 369D670150D14FL, United States
N369PB1978 Hughes 369D480305D14FL, United States
N369RT1980 Hughes 369D1000819D14MD, United States
N369SC Hughes 369D480295D14CA, United States
N369SC1978 Hughes 369D380273D14DE, United States
N369SH Hughes 369D11086614
N369TH Hughes 369D1000830D14OR, United States
N369TJ Hughes 369D911069D14TX, United States
N369TR1977 Hughes 369D570141D14OR, United States
N369WM1981 Hughes 369D510976D14FL, United States
N36KR1978 Hughes 369D580315D14Texas, United States
N3753Z1977 Hughes 369D1260057D14,F,
N38NR Hughes 369D570133D14,G,
N400BE1977 Hughes 369D470115D14UT, United States
N40543 Hughes 369D1145D14NY, United States
N405AT1980 Hughes 369D500717D14South Carolina, United States
N40AP1980 Hughes 369D1000825D14AZ, United States
N411SM Hughes 369D600743D14UT, United States
N413MB1979 Hughes 369D190451D14AK, United States
N415B Hughes 369D911083D14FL,
N41HM Hughes 369D1131D14United Kingdom
N4257X1979 Hughes 369D490493D14,C,
N4265J1979 Hughes 369D790542D14PA, United States
N4282X Hughes 369D180253D14AK, United States
N444BB1980 Hughes 369D1100855D14ME, United States
N444HM Hughes 369D670149D14
N444KB1981 Hughes 369D210901D14AK, United States
N446TN Hughes 369D1211037D14
N4571V Hughes 369D490487D14AK, United States
N4575Z Hughes 369D370094D14CA, United States
N466621979 Hughes 369D590510D14FL, United States
N472031980 Hughes 369D800777D14FL, United States
N47861 Hughes 369D310915D14NV, United States
N484 Hughes 369D870177D14TX, United States
N48MP1982 Hughes 369D1137D14ID, United States
N4943T Hughes 369D400694D14
N4943T1979 Hughes 369D1190614D14CA, United States
N4960X Hughes 369D590518D14
N499SL1979 Hughes 369D190448D14NM, United States
N5000N Hughes 369D410934D14AZ, United States
N500DC1978 Hughes 369D290456D14PA, United States
N500DH Hughes 369D950001D14
N500DW Hughes 369D410942D14OH, United States
N500EK1979 Hughes 369D1190610D14MN, United States
N500GK Hughes 369D911074-D14TX, United States
N500LW Hughes 369D470120D14AK, United States
N500MV1977 Hughes 369D770156D14NV, United States
N500NC1977 Hughes 369D1260052D14MN, United States
N500TN1979 Hughes 369D590521D14MD, United States
N500VS1977 Hughes 369D170072D14OR, United States
N500XV1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14United Kingdom
N500Y Hughes 369D370099D14GA, United States
N500ZE1981 Hughes 369D610983D14CA, United States
N5011R Hughes 369D610973D14
N5012A Hughes 369D510980D14CA, United States
N5013P1981 Hughes 369D610984D14WY, United States
N5018T1981 Hughes 369D611008D14AZ,
N501CH1977 Hughes 369D170050D14OR, United States
N501DH1975 Hughes 369D950002D14CA,
N501EF1977 Hughes 369D270091D14CA, United States
N502181981 Hughes 369D610991D14CA, United States
N5025G Hughes 369D711017D14
N5025Y Hughes 369D610997D14
N5027P1981 Hughes 369D611002D14PA, United States
N5028E Hughes 369D611006D14
N5028N Hughes 369D611007D14
N5029X Hughes 369D711028D14
N502CH1978 Hughes 369D180252D14OR, United States
N502HB1978 Hughes 369D480291D14CA, United States
N5035F Hughes 369D711013D14FL,
N503SH1980 Hughes 369D500701D14MD, United States
N5052B1981 Hughes 369D611009D14CA, United States
N5056A Hughes 369D711025D14CA,
N505RM Hughes 369D1080358D14HI, United States
N505ST1982 Hughes 369D1135D14OK, United States
N50605 Hughes 369D711019D14CA,
N5060C Hughes 369D711014D14CA,
N5063G Hughes 369D711021D14WA, United States
N5065T Hughes 369D300693D14
N5070J Hughes 369D121096D14FL, United States
N50713 Hughes 369D710982D14WA, United States
N50723 Hughes 369D711032D14MT, United States
N5072F Hughes 369D811024D14OR, United States
N5074L Hughes 369D811051D14CA, United States
N5074R1982 Hughes 369D1151D14UT, United States
N5077P Hughes 369D811072D14OK, United States
N5079R Hughes 369D811035D14
N5080K Hughes 369D711031D14CA,
N50867 Hughes 369D811041D14
N50902 Hughes 369D811043D14CA,
N5090N Hughes 369D811042D14
N5093Y Hughes 369D811045D14FL,
N50972 Hughes 369D811049D14,C,
N50AP1978 Hughes 369D380287D14United States
N50AP Hughes 369D770161D14
N50AP1979 Hughes 369D1090585D14PA, United States
N50FE Hughes 369D711004D14FL, United States
N50QD1979 Hughes 369D390478D14New York, United States
N5100N Hughes 369D81106814
N5104G Hughes 369D811040D14CA,
N5104Y Hughes 369D811063D14FL,
N5105N Hughes 369D911055D14MO, United States
N5106Y1981 Hughes 369D811057D14GA, United States
N51076 Hughes 369D1094D14
N5107Y Hughes 369D410936D14NV,
N5108E1981 Hughes 369D811075D14CA, United States
N510PA Hughes 369D811073D14United States
N510PM1979 Hughes 369D390462D14MD, United States
N510TV Hughes 369D1060010D14FL, United States
N5110N Hughes 369D911084D14
N5110Y Hughes 369D510970D14OR, United States
N5112S Hughes 369D1095D14FL,
N5112U Hughes 369D911085D14AZ, United States
N5114Y Hughes 369D1087D14
N511SB1979 Hughes 369D1090592D14UT, United States
N511SH1979 Hughes 369D290455D14Oregon, United States
N5124X Hughes 369D1099D14
N5125Q1982 Hughes 369D1100D14AK, United States
N5127X Hughes 369D1191D14NM, United States
N5129N1982 Hughes 369D1101D14AK, United States
N512SB1978 Hughes 369D1180390D14OK, United States
N5132Y Hughes 369D1108D14HI, United States
N513381981 Hughes 369D1098D14
N5133U1982 Hughes 369D1102D14AK, United States
N5134V1982 Hughes 369D1103D14AK, United States
N5135X1982 Hughes 369D1109D14DC,
N5138A1982 Hughes 369D1112D14GU, Guam
N513HT1981 Hughes 369D410961D14DE, United States
N513SB1982 Hughes 369D1120D14AK, United States
N5141Y Hughes 369D1114D14MT, United States
N5142A Hughes 369D421115D14
N5149N Hughes 369D1124D14
N515161981 Hughes 369D610998D14United States
N5152N Hughes 369D1126D14CA,
N5154Y Hughes 369D1119D14CA,
N515SB Hughes 369D711029D14AZ, United States
N5162N1982 Hughes 369D1111D14FL, United States
N51666 Hughes 369D1122D14
N5166C1982 Hughes 369D1121D14Turks and Caicos Islands
N51720 Hughes 369D1150D14
N5172K1982 Hughes 369D1123D14MP, Northern Mariana Islands
N5183Y1982 Hughes 369D1127D15
N5187S1982 Hughes 369D610968D14PA, United States
N5189G Hughes 369D1141D14CA,
N5189V Hughes 369D1144D14
N5199N Hughes 369D1178D14CA,
N519PA1977 Hughes 369D370097D14FL, United States
N5200Y1982 Hughes 369D1198D14AZ, United States
N520PA Hughes 369D490505D14FL, United States
N5211R1982 Hughes 369D1161D14PA, United States
N521ZZ Hughes 369D970190D14GU, Guam
N5225C1979 Hughes 369D590497D14WA, United States
N526CS1978 Hughes 369D1080361D14HI, United States
N5283C Hughes 369D1192D14CA, United States
N5287J Hughes 369D811073D14United States
N5288X Hughes 369D911059D14FL, United States
N5291X1981 Hughes 369D911062D14AK, United States
N5292J Hughes 369D911064D14CA,
N52934 Hughes 369D911065D14FL, United States
N5293E1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14United States
N5294A1981 Hughes 369D911066D14AZ, United States
N5294X Hughes 369D911067D14
N5294X Hughes 369D1190611D14
N5295X Hughes 369D1200867D14FL,
N5296C Hughes 369D911069D14
N530NT Hughes 369D160003D14AZ, United States
N5313Y1979 Hughes 369D490496D14CA, United States
N538461982 Hughes 369D1070-D14NC, United States
N5411981 Hughes 369D711023D14TX, United States
N54528 Hughes 369D390464D14WA, United States
N54534 Hughes 369D310913D14CA,
N54808 Hughes 369D900785D14
N54WK Hughes 369D690532D14OR, United States
N555BH1980 Hughes 369D1200857D14Florida, United States
N555JC1977 Hughes 369D180256D14FL, United States
N556AC1977 Hughes 369D870173D14WA, United States
N56SM1978 Hughes 369D380287D14TX, United States
N58165 Hughes 369D1070209D14
N58167 Hughes 369D1070217D14
N58168 Hughes 369D1070218D14CA, United States
N581831977 Hughes 369D280268D14CA, United States
N581841978 Hughes 369D280270D14CO, United States
N58185 Hughes 369D280258D14MD,
N581911977 Hughes 369D1070187D14AK, United States
N582161978 Hughes 369D480303D14CO, United States
N58220 Hughes 369D480304D14
N58221 Hughes 369D880319D14
N58239 Hughes 369D1280392D14OK,
N58240 Hughes 369D890560D14HI, United States
N58241 Hughes 369D580316D14DE, United States
N58243 Hughes 369D1080349D14Hawaii, United States
N58243 Hughes 369D410934D14Hawaii, United States
N582471978 Hughes 369D1080386D14WY, United States
N582511978 Hughes 369D880317D14HI, United States
N582521978 Hughes 369D1080364D14NV, United States
N58253 Hughes 369D1280405D14,K,
N582561978 Hughes 369D1080380D14WA, United States
N58257 Hughes 369D1180384D14
N58260 Hughes 369D1280416D14OK, United States
N582611979 Hughes 369D1280417D14WA, United States
N58262 Hughes 369D390483D14
N58263 Hughes 369D490484D14Arizona, United States
N582641979 Hughes 369D490485D14
N58265 Hughes 369D390471D14
N582671979 Hughes 369D390473D14NV, United States
N58268 Hughes 369D1280420D14WA, United States
N582691978 Hughes 369D1280421D14WA, United States
N58277 Hughes 369D290463D14FL,
N58291 Hughes 369D290459D14IL,
N582951979 Hughes 369D490494D14OR, United States
N58298 Hughes 369D600703D14HI, United States
N583061979 Hughes 369D100651D14CA, United States
N58311 Hughes 369D490505D14
N58315 Hughes 369D490495D14AK, United States
N58317 Hughes 369D490498D14AK, United States
N58318 Hughes 369D590499D14AK, United States
N583221978 Hughes 369D1280394D14VI, Virgin Islands (U.S.)
N5832E Hughes 369D1200869D14
N58334 Hughes 369D890559D14
N58336 Hughes 369D99058114
N58337 Hughes 369D1090582D14AK, United States
N58338 Hughes 369D390482D14PA,
N583391979 Hughes 369D290428D14AZ,
N583411979 Hughes 369D790544D14NV, United States
N58346 Hughes 369D690532D14United States
N583501979 Hughes 369D790546D14CA, United States
N583521979 Hughes 369D1290626D14NV, United States
N58355 Hughes 369D1190627D14
N583571979 Hughes 369D1290628D14
N583691980 Hughes 369D1200848D14
N58395 Hughes 369D890563D14
N583981979 Hughes 369D890470D14
N584001980 Hughes 369D1200862D14CA, United States
N58406 Hughes 369D1090587D14
N58414 Hughes 369D480306D14
N584151978 Hughes 369D480312D14AK, United States
N584201978 Hughes 369D880337D14LA, United States
N584211978 Hughes 369D880338D14CA, United States
N584241979 Hughes 369D1090593D14AK, United States
N58425 Hughes 369D1090591D14CO,
N584281979 Hughes 369D1290624D14OH, United States
N584301979 Hughes 369D1290636D14WA, United States
N584311979 Hughes 369D1290647D14TX, United States
N584351979 Hughes 369D1290625D14
N600JA Hughes 369D611009014
N602RA1981 Hughes 369D610983D14Alaska, United States
N606AS1981 Hughes 369D510987D14NC, United States
N606WA1979 Hughes 369D590507D14OK, United States
N607WA1978 Hughes 369D980344-D14HI, United States
N60VS1979 Hughes 369D1090594D1Oregon, United States
N611WA1979 Hughes 369D590517D14HI, United States
N61735 Hughes 369D690534D14CA, United States
N61PJ1977 Hughes 369D770162D14CA, United States
N622PB1978 Hughes 369D880318D14ID, United States
N622WA1980 Hughes 369D200674D14HI, United States
N6327V Hughes 369D270087D14Canada
N633WA Hughes 369D042D14HI, United States
N64DB1977 Hughes 369D1170231D14CA, United States
N64MK2000 Hughes 369D890565D14HI, United States
N655WA1980 Hughes 369D400711D14HI, United States
N65AM Hughes 369D1000796D14DE, United States
N65CR1976 Hughes 369D1160011D14Oregon, United States
N666LM1977 Hughes 369D180256D14FL,
N67HF1978 Hughes 369D1280403D14WY, United States
N68GS1980 Hughes 369D300678D14OK, United States
N690WA1978 Hughes 369D1170237D14Hawaii, United States
N69DV1981 Hughes 369D410950D14Montana, United States
N69PE1980 Hughes 369D1000831D14United States
N69PF Hughes 369D1060012D14ID, United States
N7012G Hughes 369D510981D14GA, United States
N702AB Hughes 369D1160013D14IL,
N7070N1979 Hughes 369D690531D14NY, United States
N7079K1981 Hughes 369D610988D14DE, United States
N70876 Hughes 369D1170D14FL,
N70WA1976 Hughes 369D1160029D14NJ, United States
N711KV1978 Hughes 369D1070212D14Hawaii, United States
N713HT1977 Hughes 369D370096D14NC, United States
N7148Z1977 Hughes 369D570136D14AZ, United States
N7163H Hughes 369D370105D14MP, Northern Mariana Islands
N7163K Hughes 369D1180389D14GU, Guam
N7168F1977 Hughes 369D570131D14OH, United States
N716M Hughes 369D1169D14DE, United States
N717MA1980 Hughes 369D500701D14MD, United States
N721RP1981 Hughes 369D310918D14PA, United States
N725M1980 Hughes 369D500726D14NC, United States
N7299A1979 Hughes 369D490489D14VA, United States
N741FA Hughes 369D1200873D14
N744FA Hughes 369D410939D14
N74KC1979 Hughes 369D390479D14ID, United States
N753RT1980 Hughes 369D800753D14DE, United States
N765HV1981 Hughes 369D310904D14PA, United States
N769GJ1980 Hughes 369D1100854D14OR, United States
N775BD1977 Hughes 369D970197D14UT, United States
N78RT1976 Hughes 369D1260034D14Washington, United States
N800TP1981 Hughes 369D610993D14OK,
N80BF1980 Hughes 369D500702D14United States
N811CA Hughes 369D980334D14CA,
N812CE1980 Hughes 369D720D14CA, United States
N818CE1981 Hughes 369D610983D14CA, United States
N81GG1979 Hughes 369D100634D14HI, United States
N8259U Hughes 369D811044D14
N8306F1978 Hughes 369D380274D14FL, United States
N8307F Hughes 369D480293D14
N8334F1976 Hughes 369D1160025D14
N8335F1976 Hughes 369D1160030D14
N8336F1976 Hughes 369D1060006D14AZ, United States
N8338F Hughes 369D960018D14
N8343F1976 Hughes 369D1160020D14AK, United States
N8347F Hughes 369D1260054D14FL, United States
N8348F Hughes 369D1260051D14GA, United States
N8351F Hughes 369D170008D14CA, United States
N8352F Hughes 369D126-0066D14United States
N8353F1977 Hughes 369D1260062D14PA, United States
N8354F1977 Hughes 369D170048D14OR, United States
N8356F Hughes 369D1260063D14NC, United States
N8357F Hughes 369D170069D14AK, United States
N8359F Hughes 369D1260053D14FL, United States
N8363F Hughes 369D270081D14UT,
N8365F1977 Hughes 369D270085D14WA, United States
N8366F Hughes 369D270082D14AZ, United States
N8369F Hughes 369D270086D14
N8379F1978 Hughes 369D480291D14
N8382F Hughes 369D480300D14
N8386F Hughes 369D570130D14HI,
N8387F Hughes 369D270080D14OR,
N8394F Hughes 369D370103D14California, United States
N8395F1978 Hughes 369D880339D14FL, United States
N8396F1977 Hughes 369D370102D14
N8513Q1977 Hughes 369D570143D14
N8531X Hughes 369D1290635D14FL, United States
N8535T Hughes 369D270077D14FL, United States
N8601F1977 Hughes 369D470121D14FL, United States
N8605F1977 Hughes 369D470119D14CA, United States
N8606F Hughes 369D370100D14CA,
N8607F Hughes 369D980336D14Canada
N8608F Hughes 369D470056D14CA,
N8609F Hughes 369D570135D14CA,
N8612F1977 Hughes 369D570142D14WA, United States
N8613F Hughes 369D670127D14
N8617F1977 Hughes 369D570128D14CO, United States
N8618F1977 Hughes 369D570126D14FL, United States
N861MC1978 Hughes 369D980348D14FL, United States
N8620F1977 Hughes 369D770160D14CA, United States
N8624F1977 Hughes 369D670145D14CA, United States
N8625F1977 Hughes 369D470111D14HI, United States
N8626F1977 Hughes 369D170074D14PA, United States
N8628F1977 Hughes 369D670138D14Tennessee, United States
N8629F1977 Hughes 369D670144D14FL, United States
N862MC1980 Hughes 369D600724D14FL, United States
N8631F Hughes 369D770158D14
N8634F Hughes 369D980347D14
N8639F1978 Hughes 369D1280431D14AK, United States
N863MC1980 Hughes 369D1200879D14FL, United States
N8648F Hughes 369D180257D14AK, United States
N8652F Hughes 369D180255D14
N8661F Hughes 369D690522D14CO, United States
N8662F Hughes 369D690530D14
N8667F Hughes 369D280272D14CA, United States
N8670F Hughes 369D870168D14MD, United States
N8674F Hughes 369D970185D14MD,
N8681F1977 Hughes 369D970199D14CO, United States
N8684F Hughes 369D1170228D14CA, United States
N8687F Hughes 369D1070213D14
N8688F1977 Hughes 369D1070208D14VA, United States
N8689F Hughes 369D1070215D14
N868W Hughes 369D1000800D14DE, United States
N8690F1977 Hughes 369D170075D14CA, United States
N8694F Hughes 369D380275D14UT, United States
N8697F1977 Hughes 369D1170221D14MO, United States
N8699F Hughes 369D1070204D14
N86ST1981 Hughes 369D711012D14MD, United States
N88MP1981 Hughes 369D911027D14FL, United States
N88SE1980 Hughes 369D800775D14NV, United States
N8964T Hughes 369D811038D14CA, United States
N89ZC1981 Hughes 369D1098D14GA, United States
N9007F Hughes 369DNot found N9007F14Texas, United States
N90096 Hughes 369D270083D14
N904311980 Hughes 369D1100833D14UT, United States
N90AL1978 Hughes 369D880321D14HI, United States
N90D Hughes 369D711030D14
N9106Z Hughes 369D800776D14CA, United States
N9114Y Hughes 369D911077D14
N911AP1980 Hughes 369D200661D14OK, United States
N911FT Hughes 369D811036D14CA, United States
N912EG Hughes 369D770165D14
N913EG Hughes 369D600739D14
N9149F Hughes 369D1190607D14
N9159F Hughes 369D1090605D14PA, United States
N9163F Hughes 369D690540D14WA, United States
N9166A1981 Hughes 369D611018D14VA, United States
N9186P Hughes 369D210895D14WA, United States
N920JP Hughes 369D290449D14MN, United States
N9222F1982 Hughes 369D1097D14OH, United States
N9253F1977 Hughes 369D1170193D14CA, United States
N925KF Hughes 369D1280406D14
N9276F1978 Hughes 369D180254D14CA, United States
N935M1981 Hughes 369D1111125D14CA, United States
N936M Hughes 369D670151D14FL, United States
N937M Hughes 369D811060D14TX, United States
N9413F1978 Hughes 369D1180379D14OH, United States
N957RJ Hughes 369D290457D14CA, United States
N9589F Hughes 369D1170229D14
N9793S Hughes 369D1160028D14FL, United States
N985MV Hughes 369D610985D14OR, United States
N988DF1980 Hughes 369D700737D14SC, United States
N998SH1980 Hughes 369D1100847D14OR, United States
N9FU1980 Hughes 369D1100858D14HI, United States
OE-KXW1980 Hughes 369D700748D14Austria
OE-XBB1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14Austria
OE-XHE Hughes 369D770166D14Austria
OE-XHE Hughes 369D77-0166D14Austria
OH-HNO Hughes 369D790543D14Finland
OH-HNP Hughes 369D1260066D14Finland
OO-HFS1980 Hughes 369D1200880D14Belgium
OO-LVK1980 Hughes 369D1200881D14Belgium
OO-RYM1983 Hughes 369D1199D14Belgium
OO-VCH Hughes 369D77-0166D14Belgium
OY-HCJ1979 Hughes 369D1090594D1Denmark
OY-HDB Hughes 369D811040D14Denmark
PNC-0106 Hughes 369D61-1000D14Colombia
PNP-101 Hughes 369D1000822D14Lima-Callao, Peru
SE-HUU1979 Hughes 369D1090594D1Sweden
SE-HVY1977 Hughes 369D970188D15Sweden
SE-JCH1981 Hughes 369D1200892D14STOCKHOLM, Sweden
SE-JGF1976 Hughes 369D1160037D15Sweden
SE-JPE Hughes 369D1099D14Sweden
SE-JVI1980 Hughes 369D300678D14Sweden
SE-JVJ1982 Hughes 369D1127D15Sweden
VH-CSY1981 Hughes 369D610998D14Australia
VH-LLC1979 Hughes 369D490484D14VIC, Australia
VH-MDL Hughes 369D490484D14Australia
VH-PLF1979 Hughes 369D790561D14Australia
XA-IIL Hughes 369D1180365D14Mexico
YJ-HEL Hughes 500D (369D)80-0778D14Vanuatu
ZK-HAY Hughes 369D690532D14New Zealand
ZK-HBA Hughes 369D510970D14Havelock North, New Zealand
ZK-HBZ1981 Hughes 369D610992D14New Zealand
ZK-HCM Hughes (Kawasaki) 369D670814Queenstown, New Zealand
ZK-HEL Hughes 369D800778D14Havelock North, New Zealand
ZK-HHG1976 Hughes 369D1160030D14Gisborne, New Zealand
ZK-HHX Hughes 369D1070219D14Wanganui, New Zealand
ZK-HJF Hughes 369D510963D14Gisborne, New Zealand
ZK-HJO Hughes 369D1070204D14Te Anau, New Zealand
ZK-HMG Hughes 369D990558D14Gisborne, New Zealand
ZK-HMN Hughes 369D470108D14Te Anau, New Zealand
ZK-HNJ Hughes 369D1280406D14Fox Glacier, New Zealand
ZK-HNR Hughes 369D890580D14Havelock North, New Zealand
ZK-HNT Hughes 369D590514D14Taumarunui, New Zealand
ZK-HOJ Hughes 369D490491D14Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-HOQ Hughes 369D700709D14Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-HOT Hughes 369D1280415D14New Zealand
ZK-HPF Hughes 369D490484D14New Zealand
ZK-HQW Hughes 369D180253D14Upper Moutere, New Zealand
ZK-HRE Hughes 369D1087D14Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-HRF Hughes 369D1190627D14Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-HRI Hughes 369D1280433D14Masterton, New Zealand
ZK-HRP Hughes 369D1160013D14Ashburton, New Zealand
ZK-HSD Hughes 369D1090595D14Gisborne, New Zealand
ZK-HSH Hughes 369D890562D14Papakura, New Zealand
ZK-HSR Hughes 369D1160024D14Lake Hawea, New Zealand
ZK-HUW Hughes 369D1280415D14Greymouth, New Zealand
ZK-HUX Hughes 369D1190607D14Oamaru, New Zealand
ZK-HUZ Hughes 369D1280429D14Rotorua, New Zealand
ZK-HVT Hughes 369D1090586D14Fox Glacier, New Zealand
ZK-HWC Hughes (Kawasaki) 369D670214Fox Glacier, New Zealand
ZK-HWE Hughes (Kawasaki) 369D670114Haast, New Zealand
ZK-HWH1977 Hughes 369D170072D14Papakura, New Zealand
ZK-HXX Hughes 369D300675D14Richmond, New Zealand
ZK-HXZ Hughes 369D1170233D14Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
ZK-HYY Hughes 369D600739D14Papakura, New Zealand
ZK-HZR Hughes 369D126-0043D1New Zealand
ZK-IDD1977 Hughes 369D670138D14New Zealand
ZK-IKL1980 Hughes 369D800753D14New Zealand
ZK-IMT Hughes 369D670153D14New Zealand
ZK-ISP Hughes 369D890562D14New Zealand
ZS-HML1982 Hughes 369D1142D14South Africa
ZS-HWX1980 Hughes 369D1200872D14South Africa
ZS-RCD1980 Hughes 369D900785D14South Africa
ZS-RCN1979 Hughes 369D490488D14South Africa