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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5A-UAE2010 Learjet 6060-385211Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
9H-AEE1999 Learjet 6060-170211Malta
9H-AFB2007 Learjet 6060-327211Malta
9H-AFJ1994 Learjet 6060-030211Malta
9H-LJE Learjet 6060-362211Malta
9H-SAN2008 Learjet 6060-335211Malta
9M-CAL1994 Learjet 6060-034211Malaysia
9M-FCL1995 Learjet 6060-072211Malaysia
A6-EJA2000 Learjet 6060-200211United Arab Emirates
A6-IAS1998 Learjet 6060-122211United Arab Emirates
A6-MAJ2003 Learjet 6060-270211United Arab Emirates
A9C-ASM1998 Learjet 6060-122211Bahrain
A9C-BXK2008 Learjet 6060-338211Bahrain
C-FBCD1998 Learjet 6060-133211Quebec, Canada
C-FBDR1993 Learjet 6060-010211Canada
C-FBLJ1996 Learjet 6060-092211Canada
C-FBLO1996 Learjet 6060-092211Quebec, Canada
C-FBLU2002 Learjet 6060-253211Canada
C-FCMG1998 Learjet 6060-133211Quebec, Canada
C-FCNR2000 Learjet 6060-179211Quebec, Canada
C-FCTK2001 Learjet 6060-210211Quebec, Canada
C-FEDG2007 Learjet 6060-343211Quebec, Canada
C-FEDU2008 Learjet 6060-343211Quebec, Canada
C-FGJC2001 Learjet 6060-210211Quebec, Canada
C-FJGG1994 Learjet 6060-038211Ontario, Canada
C-FJOL2010 Learjet 6060-387211Canada
C-FRGY1995 Learjet 6060-061211Manitoba, Canada
C-GCIH1995 Learjet 6060-061211B.C, Canada
C-GIIT2002 Learjet 6060-253211Quebec, Canada
C-GJDR2013 Learjet 6060-426211Quebec, Canada
C-GJLN2008 Learjet 6060-349211Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GRBZ2001 Learjet 6060-218211Quebec, Canada
C6-ZIP2001 Learjet 6060-214211Bahamas
CS-EAE2008 Learjet 6060-338211Portugal
D-CCGG2002 Learjet 6060-256211Germany
D-CDNX2006 Learjet 6060-231211Germany
D-CDNY1999 Learjet 6060-160211Germany
D-CDNZ1999 Learjet 6060-161211Germany
D-CDSM2004 Learjet 6060-276211Germany
D-CEJA2000 Learjet 6060-173211Germany
D-CETD2012 Learjet 6060-421211Germany
D-CETV1999 Learjet 6060-148211Germany
D-CFAF1997 Learjet 6060-10727Bavaria, Germany
D-CFAG2004 Learjet 6060-281211Germany
D-CFAL2000 Learjet 6060-203211Germany
D-CFAN1993 Learjet 6060-019211Germany
D-CFAQ2006 Learjet 6060-312211Germany
D-CFAT1999 Learjet 6060-161211Bavaria, Germany
D-CFAZ1994 Learjet 6060-030211Germany
D-CFFB1997 Learjet 6060-107211Germany
D-CFLG2005 Learjet 6060-290211Germany
D-CGEO1999 Learjet 6060-160211Germany
D-CGRK2000 Learjet 6060-203211Bavaria, Germany
D-CGTF2004 Learjet 6060-281211
D-CHER1995 Learjet 6060-051211Germany
D-CHER1999 Learjet 6060-148211Germany
D-CHLE2001 Learjet 6060-211211Hannover, Germany
D-CIII2000 Learjet 6060-179211Germany
D-CIMM2001 Learjet 6060-214211Germany
D-CITA1995 Learjet 6060-06927Cologne, Germany
D-CJAF2008 Learjet 6060-351211Germany
D-CKKK1998 Learjet 6060-144211Germany
D-CLUB Learjet 6060-249211Germany
D-CNUE1999 Learjet 6060-170211Germany
D-COMO2008 Learjet 6060-35027Germany
D-COWS1999 Learjet 6060-170211Germany
D-CPMU1994 Learjet 6060-032211Germany
D-CRAN1993 Learjet 6060-019211
D-CROB2003 Learjet 6060-261211Germany
D-CSIM2004 Learjet 6060-274211Germany
D-CSIX1997 Learjet 6060-120211Germany
D-CSLT2000 Learjet 6060-200211Germany
D-CSTU1999 Learjet 6060-161211Bavaria, Germany
D-CWHS2001 Learjet 6060-246211Germany
D2-EPC2005 Learjet 6060-294211
EC-JVB2001 Learjet 6060-243211Spain
EC-JVM1999 Learjet 6060-161211Spain
EC-JYQ2002 Learjet 6060-249211Spain
EI-DXW2005 Learjet 6060-300211Ireland
EI-IAU2000 Learjet 6060-190211Ireland
EI-IAW2001 Learjet 6060-218211Ireland
EI-REX1999 Learjet 6060-149211Ireland
EI-VIV2006 Learjet 6060-305211Ireland
ER-LGB2002 Learjet 6060-255211Moldova, Republic of
ES-III2006 Learjet 6060-303211Estonia
ES-LVA2009 Learjet 6060-372211Estonia
ES-LVC2004 Learjet 6060-281211Estonia
ES-PVC1995 Learjet 6060-051211Estonia
ES-PVI2003 Learjet 6060-275211Estonia
ES-PVP2006 Learjet 6060-302211Estonia
ES-PVS2000 Learjet 6060-190211Estonia
F-HAVB1999 Learjet 6060-170211France
G-CJMC2005 Learjet 6060-300211United Kingdom
G-HOIL2007 Learjet 6060-313211United Kingdom
G-LGAR2005 Learjet 6060-286211United Kingdom
G-SXTY2004 Learjet 6060-280211United Kingdom
G-XXZZ2008 Learjet 6060-328211United Kingdom
HB-VKI1993 Learjet 6060-019211Switzerland
HB-VNV2000 Learjet 6060-179211Switzerland
HB-VOZ1999 Learjet 6060-148211Switzerland
HB-VWN1999 Learjet 6060-158211Switzerland
HZ-MS1B Learjet 6060-371211
I-GSIN2012 Learjet 6060-414211Italy
I-PRAD Learjet 6060-145211Italy
I-RPLY2001 Learjet 6060-212211Italy
LV-BDX2003 Learjet 6060-270211Argentina
LV-BFR1995 Learjet 6060-059211Argentina
LV-BZJ2008 Learjet 6060-344211Argentina
LV-CAY2001 Learjet 60234211Argentina
LV-CBI2004 Learjet 6060-272211
LV-CCO1996 Learjet 6060-076211Argentina
LV-CIO2000 Learjet 6060-194211Argentina
LV-CKA2007 Learjet 6060-327211Argentina
LV-CKK1995 Learjet 6060-068211Argentina
LV-CPL1994 Learjet 6060-044211Argentina
LV-CRC2008 Learjet 6060-360211Argentina
LV-CUE2000 Learjet 6060-196211Argentina
LV-CZX1999 Learjet 6060-167211Argentina
LV-FUF2000 Learjet 6060-165211Argentina
LV-FUT2000 Learjet 6060-179211Argentina
LV-FVZ2002 Learjet 6060-247211Argentina
LV-GQR1995 Learjet 60056211Argentina
LV-HBQ2013 Learjet 6060-426211Argentina
LV-HXK2007 Learjet 6060-316211Argentina
LV-WFM1993 Learjet 6060-024211Argentina
LV-WXN1997 Learjet 6060-102211Argentina
LX-LOU Learjet 6060-277211Luxembourg
LX-PRA1999 Learjet 6060-145211Luxembourg
LX-RPL2001 Learjet 6060-212211Luxembourg
LZ-AXA1999 Learjet 6060-167211Bulgaria
LZ-BVE2007 Learjet 6060-329211Bulgaria
LZ-BVV2000 Learjet 6060-203211Bulgaria
LZ-TRH Learjet 6060-399211Bulgaria
M-ABGI2005 Learjet 6060-289211Isle of Man
M-AIRS2004 Learjet 6060-276211United Kingdom
M-ALEX2005 Learjet 6060-287211Isle of Man
M-APWC2007 Learjet 60326211Isle of Man
M-AUTO Learjet 6060-027211United Kingdom
M-ELHI2009 Learjet 6060-373211Isle of Man
M-GLFZ2012 Learjet 6060-421211Isle of Man
M-HOIL2007 Learjet 6060-313211Isle of Man
M-IGHT2009 Learjet 6060-382211
M-IGOR2006 Learjet 6060-305211Isle of Man
M-INNI2008 Learjet 60348211Isle of Man
M-MHAC2007 Learjet 60326211Isle of Man
M-URAL2008 Learjet 6060-328211Isle of Man
M-YETD2012 Learjet 6060-421211Isle of Man
N100NR2003 Learjet 60269211United States
N100R1996 Learjet 6060-084211FL, United States
N101HW1994 Learjet 60037211FL, United States
N101ND1994 Learjet 60037211Florida, United States
N101UD2003 Learjet 6060-275211FL, United States
N102LJ1997 Learjet 6060-102211NY, United States
N103LS2005 Learjet 60288211DE, United States
N104RJ2012 Learjet 60422211Florida, United States
N104SD1992 Learjet 6060-005211United States
N106FF2010 Learjet Inc 60375211IN, United States
N107LJ Learjet Inc 60107211KS, United States
N109JR2001 Learjet 6060-223211United States
N10MB1999 Learjet Inc 60176211TX, United States
N1127M2002 Learjet Inc 60253211UT, United States
N1128M2001 Learjet Inc 60222211UT, United States
N114BD1999 Learjet 60166211WI, United States
N114LJ1999 Learjet Inc 60157211DE, United States
N115AN2006 Learjet 60308211TN, United States
N115SE1996 Learjet 6060-089211CA, United States
N116LJ Learjet 6060-116211KS, United States
N116LM1998 Learjet Inc 60142211OR, United States
N117KB1992 Learjet 60003211California, United States
N119FD1994 Learjet Inc 60029211UT, United States
N11AM1998 Learjet Inc 60118211MD, United States
N11TS1999 Learjet 6060-151211KY, United States
N120LJ1997 Learjet 6060-120211KS, United States
N1221J2000 Learjet Inc 60209211TX, United States
N123CC1993 Learjet 6060-012211United States
N126KD Learjet Inc 60262211IL, United States
N128V2001 Learjet 60226211OH, United States
N12ST2000 Learjet Inc 6060-205211United States
N131TR2001 Learjet Inc 60216211UT, United States
N133LJ Learjet Inc 60133211KS, United States
N134LJ2000 Learjet 6060-134211United States
N140JC1997 Learjet 6060-106211MS, United States
N140LJ1998 Learjet 6060-140211KS, United States
N143AA1998 Learjet 60143211TX, United States
N143FA1998 Learjet 60143211TX, United States
N143LP1995 Learjet Inc 60060211United States
N145LJ1999 Learjet 6060-145211
N147CC1993 Learjet 6060-012211United States
N1498G Learjet Inc 60035211GA, United States
N149LJ1999 Learjet 6060-149211United States
N14T1993 Learjet 6060-026211United States
N14TU1993 Learjet Inc 60026211NC, United States
N154AK1997 Learjet Inc 60114211IL, United States
N156BF2003 Learjet Inc 60266211NY, United States
N156DH1996 Learjet Inc 60091211WV, United States
N159SC1995 Learjet 6060-059211FL, United States
N160AJ1992 Learjet 6060-005211AZ, United States
N160AN1998 Learjet Inc 60126211CT, United States
N160BG2005 Learjet 6060-294211CA, United States
N160BL1997 Learjet 60104211DE, United States
N160BP1998 Learjet Inc 60138211TX, United States
N160EE1996 Learjet Inc 60093211FL, United States
N160EM1999 Learjet 6060-149211Delaware, United States
N160GG1997 Learjet Inc 60113211FL, United States
N160GH Learjet Inc 60129211AZ, United States
N160JD1995 Learjet 60068211CT, United States
N160MG2001 Learjet Inc 60244211FL, United States
N160RM1998 Learjet 6060-147211United States
N160TG2008 Learjet Inc 60339211GA, United States
N164PA1994 Learjet 6060-030211AZ, United States
N166HL1994 Learjet Inc 60041211NY, United States
N167XX1999 Learjet 6060-167211TX, United States
N168ZZ1996 Learjet 6060-078211United States
N16CS1997 Learjet Inc 60098211DE, United States
N170LJ1999 Learjet 6060-170211United States
N170MK1994 Learjet Inc 60002211NC, United States
N173KR1997 Learjet Inc 60099211KS, United States
N175PC1999 Learjet 6060-175211UT, United States
N176KS1995 Learjet Inc 60066211KS, United States
N176MB1999 Learjet 6060-176211United States
N177KS1997 Learjet 6060-109211United States
N178MM2000 Learjet 60178211PA, United States
N179LF1997 Learjet 60101211UT, United States
N180CP1996 Learjet Inc 60081211NM, United States
N183BX Learjet Inc 60285211CO, United States
N188TC1996 Learjet 6060-078211United States
N188TG1996 Learjet 6060-078211United States
N189LJ2000 Learjet Inc 60189211UT, United States
N190LJ2000 Learjet 6060-190211United States
N19401994 Learjet Inc 60002211United States
N1972H2013 Learjet 6060-423210OK, United States
N198HB2000 Learjet Inc 60198211MS, United States
N198HB2000 Learjet 60198211Tennessee, United States
N1JB2008 Learjet Inc 60363211FL, United States
N200MT Learjet 60150211OH, United States
N201UD Learjet Inc 60387211DE, United States
N202LJ2000 Learjet Inc 60202211DE, United States
N202N2002 Learjet 60258211MA, United States
N202SJ2006 Learjet 6060-311211KS, United States
N205FX1992 Learjet 6060-005211United States
N205ST2000 Learjet Inc 6060-205211United States
N206HY1994 Learjet Inc 60028211OK, United States
N207AW2005 Learjet Inc. 60282211CT, United States
N207FX1995 Learjet 6060-050211United States
N207LJ2000 Learjet 60207211Delaware, United States
N208BH2000 Learjet 60208211NV, United States
N208BX1995 Learjet 6060-059211United States
N208FX1995 Learjet 6060-059211United States
N210FX1995 Learjet 6060-064211United States
N212JA1993 Learjet 6060-010211UT, United States
N215FX1997 Learjet 6060-101211United States
N215KM1997 Learjet Inc 60109211CO, United States
N216FX1997 Learjet 6060-103211United States
N217BX1997 Learjet Inc 60105211NV, United States
N217FX1997 Learjet 6060-105211United States
N219DC1995 Learjet Inc 60061211NJ, United States
N21AC1995 Learjet Inc 60070211KY, United States
N21NV Learjet Inc 60268211NV, United States
N220FX2003 Learjet 60267211United States
N221FX1997 Learjet 6060-111211United States
N222BR2006 Learjet 6060-310211UT, United States
N224FX1998 Learjet 6060-126211United States
N225FX1998 Learjet 6060-127211United States
N226FX1998 Learjet 6060-128211United States
N226SF1996 Learjet 6060-092211United States
N227N1994 Learjet 6060-049211Washington, United States
N228N1994 Learjet 6060-031211Washington, United States
N229RP2007 Learjet Inc 60320211UT, United States
N22G1993 Learjet 60022211OH, United States
N22GU1993 Learjet 60022211United States
N230FX1998 Learjet Inc 60138211
N232LJ Learjet 6060-232211United States
N234FX1999 Learjet 6060-151211United States
N235CG2000 Learjet 6060-203211United States
N236FX1999 Learjet 6060-157211United States
N239FX1999 Learjet 60166211United States
N23PZ Learjet Inc 60197211VA, United States
N23SR2001 Learjet Inc 60229211IL, United States
N240BX1999 Learjet 6060-167211United States
N240FX1999 Learjet 6060-167211United States
N240JK1998 Learjet Inc 60137211WI, United States
N241BX1999 Learjet Inc 60172211UT, United States
N242FX1999 Learjet 6060-174211Texas, United States
N242ZX1999 Learjet 6060-174211TX, United States
N243F1999 Learjet 6060-175211FL, United States
N243FX1999 Learjet 6060-175211United States
N244FX1999 Learjet 6060-178211United States
N245FX2000 Learjet 6060-182211United States
N246FX2000 Learjet 6060-183211United States
N247MH1995 Learjet 6060-051211Utah, United States
N247SC2003 Learjet 6060-270211FL, United States
N248FX2000 Learjet Inc 60188211United States
N248LA2002 Learjet 60248211TX, United States
N249FX2000 Learjet 6060-193211United States
N24G1993 Learjet Inc 60018211OH, United States
N24GU1993 Learjet Inc 60018211Ohio, United States
N24SR2001 Learjet 60234211IL, United States
N250FX2000 Learjet 6060-194211United States
N250SG2000 Learjet Inc 60194211TX, United States
N251FX2000 Learjet Inc 6060-195211United States
N251SD2000 Learjet Inc 6060-195211TX, United States
N252FX2000 Learjet Inc 60196211TX, United States
N252RP2001 Learjet Inc 60235211GA, United States
N253FX2001 Learjet 60241211NV, United States
N253FX2000 Learjet 60199211United States
N254FX2002 Learjet 6060-247211UT, United States
N254FY Learjet Inc 60200211AZ, United States
N255BD2001 Learjet 60221211CT, United States
N255FX2001 Learjet 6060-220211TX, United States
N255SL2000 Learjet Inc 60188211FL, United States
N255SP1996 Learjet 6060-090211United States
N256FX Learjet Inc 60257211TX, United States
N259FX2005 Learjet 60295211TX, United States
N25MX1993 Learjet 6060-012211CA, United States
N260AJ1993 Learjet Inc 60021211Arizona, United States
N260AN1998 Learjet Inc 60124211CT, United States
N260CA1999 Learjet 6060-149211DE, United States
N260DB2005 Learjet 6060-290211UT, United States
N260FX2007 Learjet Inc 60307211TX, United States
N261FX2007 Learjet 60319211TX, United States
N262DB2005 Learjet 6060-286211UT, United States
N262FX2007 Learjet Inc 60323211TX, United States
N263FX2008 Learjet Inc 60334211TX, United States
N264FX2008 Learjet 60340211TX, United States
N265FX2008 Learjet Inc 60345211TX, United States
N266FX2008 Learjet 60348211TX, United States
N267FX2008 Learjet Inc 60356211TX, United States
N268WS Learjet Inc 60268211NV, United States
N269GJ1996 Learjet Inc 60096211United States
N269JH2000 Learjet Inc 60201211DE, United States
N272DJ2004 Learjet 6060-272211UT, United States
N273FX1999 Learjet 6060-158211United States
N273MC2000 Learjet Inc 60181211IA, United States
N275HZ2001 Learjet 6060-215211DE, United States
N276BG2004 Learjet 6060-276211Delaware, United States
N27ZH2000 Learjet Inc 60187211CA, United States
N280LJ2004 Learjet 6060-280211Florida, United States
N292KD1997 Learjet Inc 60103211United States
N296L2005 Learjet Inc 60296211FL, United States
N298EF1997 Learjet Inc 60103211PR,
N299SC1997 Learjet Inc 60112211TX, United States
N29LJ2001 Learjet Inc 60240211OR, United States
N3015M2001 Learjet Inc 60231211KS, United States
N301LJ2006 Learjet 6060-301211MD, United States
N301RJ1995 Learjet 60054211DE, United States
N306R1996 Learjet 6060-084211United States
N30992010 Learjet Inc 60375211KS, United States
N309MG2001 Learjet 60223211CA, United States
N30GJ2012 Learjet 60204211FL, United States
N30W1995 Learjet Inc 60065211United States
N312AL2001 Learjet 60225211DE, United States
N313AR1999 Learjet 60154211New Jersey, United States
N314CM2005 Learjet 6060-2952CA, United States
N3192M1997 Learjet Inc 60103211United States
N320AC2001 Learjet 60233211Michigan, United States
N326HG1999 Learjet Inc 60163211MD, United States
N326SM Learjet Inc 60370211KS, United States
N327AR2006 Learjet 6060-311211UT, United States
N32SW1994 Learjet 60002211FL, United Arab Emirates
N331PL Learjet Inc 60331211UT, United States
N335AF2001 Learjet Inc 60244211WI, United States
N337BG2008 Learjet Inc 60337211Mexico
N338PR2008 Learjet 6060-338211PR,
N343EC2008 Learjet 6060-343211DE, United States
N352XR2008 Learjet 6060-352211FL, United States
N352XR2008 Learjet 6060-352211Florida, United States
N355AP2006 Learjet 6060-304211DE, United States
N356WA1998 Learjet Inc 60123211TX, United States
N357AP2010 Learjet 60377211TX, United States
N357WP2005 Learjet 6060-300211Ohio, United States
N358AP2000 Learjet Inc 60196211TX, United States
N358AP2000 Learjet 6060-196211United States
N358JA Learjet 60358211FL, United States
N358P2000 Learjet Inc 6060-205211VT, United States
N359AP2001 Learjet 6060-220211TX, United States
N360AN1998 Learjet Inc 60137211WI, United States
N360SN2008 Learjet 6060-360211Texas, United States
N361TS2008 Learjet 60361211KS, United States
N362SC2007 Learjet 60326211United States
N372SC2009 Learjet 6060-373211Florida, United States
N375BW2001 Learjet 60223211Oklahoma, United States
N380BA Learjet Inc 60292211FL, United States
N380L Learjet 60380211CT, United States
N381SC2008 Learjet 6060-351211Florida, United States
N383LJ Learjet 6060-383211CT, United States
N384JW1998 Learjet 60130211PA, United States
N38CP1997 Learjet Inc 60108211OH, United States
N38SV2001 Learjet Inc 60229211IL, United States
N393AC Learjet 6060-393211UT, United States
N396LJ Learjet Inc 60396211KS, United States
N397JK2003 Learjet 6060-261211United States
N4003K2005 Learjet 6060-286211United States
N4003L2005 Learjet 6060-287211United States
N400502006 Learjet 6060-305211Cansas, United States
N400762008 Learjet 6060-344211United States
N401SY2002 Learjet 6060-256211California, United States
N403661993 Learjet 6060-019211KS,
N405DC1995 Learjet Inc 60064211FL, United States
N405TK2001 Learjet 60233211OK, United States
N415NP Learjet Inc 60024211ID, United States
N415NP1993 Learjet 6060-024211ID, United States
N418R1994 Learjet 6060-047211United States
N420JP1998 Learjet Inc 60147211UT, United States
N420KM Learjet 6060-197211WA, United States
N421XR2012 Learjet 6060-421211Kansas, United States
N422CP1999 Learjet 6060-171211United States
N424KW1999 Learjet Inc 60153211VA, United States
N424MW1999 Learjet Inc 60171211MD, United States
N426JN1998 Learjet Inc 60142211United States
N427PM2001 Learjet 6060-210211OK, United States
N42JP Learjet Inc 60368211UT, United States
N43NR1994 Learjet 60043211PA, United States
N440MC2006 Learjet 6060-301211United States
N448GL2000 Learjet 60206211NV, United States
N44EL1994 Learjet 60036211FL, United States
N44QF2001 Learjet 6060-215211IL, United States
N44RM1993 Learjet Inc 60004211NY, United States
N454AN1994 Learjet Inc 60045211AL, United States
N459SF1994 Learjet Inc 60049211DE, United States
N460AN1998 Learjet 6060-127211CT, United States
N460BG1996 Learjet 6090211Kansas, United States
N460JD1999 Learjet 6060-158211DE, United States
N460MC2006 Learjet 60309211TX, United States
N461MC2005 Learjet Inc 60284211TX, United States
N464TF2000 Learjet 60185211CA, United States
N470MD2000 Learjet Inc 60187211CA, United States
N483VL2008 Learjet 60355211TX, United States
N487LP2008 Learjet 60361211TN, United States
N48KZ1992 Learjet Inc 60003211CA, United States
N494PA1996 Learjet 6060-076211TX, United States
N496WH1995 Learjet Inc 60063211MN, United States
N498SW1993 Learjet 60017211KS, United States
N500312000 Learjet 6060-203211United States
N5006V1995 Learjet Inc 60065211United States
N500CW1998 Learjet 6060-133211Delaware, United States
N500SW1993 Learjet 60017211DE, United States
N501272004 Learjet 6060-280211United States
N5013D Learjet Inc 60032211KS,
N5013U2002 Learjet 6060-255211United States
N501541999 Learjet 6060-170211United States
N5018L2009 Learjet 6060-373211KANSAS, United States
N5027Q Learjet Inc 60242211DE, United States
N502872001 Learjet Inc 60243211KS, United States
N502RB2000 Learjet 60199211United States
N502RP2000 Learjet 60199211United States
N503302001 Learjet Inc 60245211KS, United States
N5034Z Learjet Inc 60034211KS, United States
N5035F2001 Learjet 6060-246211KS, United States
N503BC2001 Learjet Inc 60239211VA, United States
N503RE2001 Learjet 60227211FL, United States
N504222002 Learjet Inc 60249211KS, United States
N504332002 Learjet 6060-250211KS, United States
N504AB1995 Learjet 60067211TN, United States
N5072L Learjet Inc 60072211KS, United States
N50EL1999 Learjet 6060-158211United States
N50FW1995 Learjet 6060-058211Florida, United States
N50GJ2012 Learjet 60204211United States
N50LK2007 Learjet 6060-316211UT, United States
N512CZ2001 Learjet 60210211TX, United States
N520S2001 Learjet 60233211MI, United States
N520SC2001 Learjet 60233211MI, United States
N523MV1999 Learjet 60154211DE, United States
N529KF1995 Learjet Inc 60064211IL, United States
N541993 Learjet Inc 60009211OK, United States
N545LF2007 Learjet 6060-327211TX, United States
N545SB2005 Learjet 6060-290211Texas, United States
N551993 Learjet Inc 60013211OK, United States
N550DG2008 Learjet 60348211United States
N551BD1995 Learjet Inc 60062211FL, United States
N551ST Learjet Inc 60048211KS, United States
N552SK2001 Learjet Inc 60219211AZ, United States
N555EH2001 Learjet 60236211DE, United States
N561994 Learjet 60033211OK, United States
N560AN1998 Learjet Inc 60138211CT, United States
N561TC1993 Learjet 6060-010211United States
N571994 Learjet Inc 60039211OK, United States
N574DA1995 Learjet Inc 60055211OH, United States
N574DA2007 Learjet 60321211MO, United States
N581995 Learjet Inc 60057211OK, United States
N580BA Learjet Inc 60292211United States
N582MM2001 Learjet 60227211DE, United States
N588BA1993 Learjet Inc 60023211UT, United States
N588BF2012 Learjet 60421211United States
N58ST2000 Learjet Inc 60186211DE, United States
N591996 Learjet Inc 60080211OK, United States
N596MC2001 Learjet 60226211OH, United States
N59FD1996 Learjet 6060-084211United States
N600AJ2000 Learjet 60199211NY, United States
N600CL1997 Learjet Inc 60110211NE, United States
N600CN1994 Learjet Inc 6060-040211OK, United States
N600EF2000 Learjet Inc 60182211PR,
N600GG1997 Learjet Inc 60115211DE, United States
N600L Learjet 60259211CT, United States
N600L1993 Learjet 6060-020211United States
N600LC Learjet Inc 60265211CT, United States
N600LG2001 Learjet Inc 60230211NC, United States
N600LJ1994 Learjet 60047211Montana, United States
N600LN1996 Learjet Inc 60082211IN, United States
N600ML2001 Learjet 60217211DE, United States
N600NM2000 Learjet Inc 60182211PR,
N600PH1996 Learjet Inc 60074211IL, United States
N600SJ2000 Learjet 6060-180211NV, United States
N600TD1996 Learjet 6060-084211PA, United States
N601CN1996 Learjet Inc 60087211OK, United States
N601GG2000 Learjet Inc 60192211DE, United States
N601LJ1992 Learjet Inc 60001211KS, United States
N602AC1998 Learjet 60141211New Mexico, United States
N602DM1994 Learjet Inc 60002211United States
N602SC1997 Learjet 6060-095211United States
N603GP2001 Learjet 60241211NV, United States
N603GR2001 Learjet 60241211Florida, United States
N603SC1996 Learjet Inc 60096211UT, United States
N604BK Learjet Inc 60262211United States
N604ED2006 Learjet 6060-304211Utah, United States
N604GJ2000 Learjet 60185211CA, United States
N604KT2006 Learjet Inc 60315211CA, United States
N604SL1995 Learjet 6060-060211California, United States
N605SB1999 Learjet 60156211ID, United States
N606L1993 Learjet 6060-020211TX, United States
N606SB2000 Learjet Inc 60184211CT, United States
N607SB1996 Learjet Inc 60086211TX, United States
N608JA Learjet Inc 60325211UT, United States
N60AJ Learjet 6060-393211United States
N60AN1997 Learjet Inc 60099211CT, United States
N60BC1997 Learjet Inc 60105211NV, United States
N60CE1995 Learjet 60069211VA, United States
N60FE1992 Learjet Inc 60003211FL, United States
N60FZ2005 Learjet 6060-290211Utah, United States
N60GF1996 Learjet Inc 60077211NY, United States
N60HM1995 Learjet 60067211AL, United States
N60KF1995 Learjet 6060-059211Illinois, United States
N60KH2004 Learjet 6060-272211Wisconsin, United States
N60KJ1992 Learjet 6060-005211AZ, United States
N60LE2008 Learjet Inc 60354211TX, United States
N60LJ Learjet Inc 60388211KS, United States
N60LJ2005 Learjet Inc 60283211KS, United States
N60LJ Learjet Inc 60374211KS, United States
N60LJ2000 Learjet 60164211VT, United States
N60LR Learjet Inc 60125211KS, United States
N60MG1994 Learjet Inc 60042211MD, United States
N60MN1997 Learjet Inc 60100211DE, United States
N60RL Learjet Inc 60278211OH, United States
N60RU1998 Learjet Inc 60136211FL, United States
N60RY1997 Learjet Inc 60108211United States
N60SB1993 Learjet 6060-023211United States
N60SE Learjet Inc 60273211WV, United States
N60SJ Learjet Inc 60386211
N60SN2003 Learjet 60267211CA, United States
N60SR1993 Learjet Inc 60023211UT, United States
N60TG2001 Learjet 60225211Georgia, United States
N60TX1997 Learjet 6060-097211United States
N60VE2001 Learjet Inc 60222211UT, United States
N60VV1997 Learjet 60104211DE, United States
N60XA Learjet Inc 60343211UT, United States
N60XR Learjet 60358211FL, United States
N60YC2003 Learjet 60267211United States
N60ZD1999 Learjet 60166211United States
N610TM1992 Learjet 6060-005211United States
N610TS1993 Learjet 6060-010211United States
N613H Learjet Inc 60313211UT, United States
N614TS1997 Learjet 60104211CT, United States
N618R1994 Learjet 6060-04426United States
N61DP1998 Learjet 6060-122211OK, United States
N61WF2007 Learjet 6060-313211Florida, United States
N61ZZ1998 Learjet Inc 60128211United States
N620JF1995 Learjet 6060-074211United States
N621LJ Learjet Inc 60121211KS, United States
N626KM1993 Learjet 6060-012211United States
N627AF2000 Learjet Inc 60193211OK, United States
N631LJ1998 Learjet 6060-131211KS, United States
N638LJ1994 Learjet Inc 60038211NY, United States
N63BL1995 Learjet 6060-051211TX, United States
N645MD2002 Learjet 6060-247211UT, United States
N647EF1994 Learjet 60047211WA, United States
N648TS1999 Learjet 6060-148211FL, United States
N649SP Learjet Inc 60390211WI, United States
N64HA2000 Learjet Inc 6060-205211United States
N64HX2000 Learjet Inc 6060-205211United States
N64JP2001 Learjet 6060-246211UT, United States
N64MG Learjet 6060-224211WA, United States
N64SL1994 Learjet Inc 60029211OR, United States
N654AN1995 Learjet Inc 60065211AL, United States
N658KS1995 Learjet Inc 60071211MO, United States
N65HU2001 Learjet Inc 60228211FL, United States
N65LJ2001 Learjet 6060-243211Florida, United States
N65LR Learjet Inc 60365211TX, United States
N660AS2000 Learjet Inc 60191211TX, United States
N660CJ1998 Learjet Inc 60126211UT, United States
N668JH Learjet 6060-393211UT, United States
N668RC1994 Learjet 6060-044211WA, United States
N675BP2007 Learjet 60321211MO, United States
N688DB1997 Learjet Inc 60097211MS, United States
N688LJ1996 Learjet Inc 60088211
N692PC1993 Learjet 6060-010211UT, United States
N694HC2010 Learjet 6060-385211KS, United States
N699DA2001 Learjet Inc 60237211MI, United States
N69LJ Learjet 6060-027211DE, United States
N700JE2000 Learjet Inc 60210211RI, United States
N702R1997 Learjet Inc 60113211Florida, United States
N706CJ2000 Learjet Inc 60207211NY, United States
N706CR1999 Learjet Inc 60168211PA, United States
N707SG1997 Learjet 6060-109211United States
N708CF2001 Learjet 6060-212211Minnesota, United States
N710SG2000 Learjet 6060-191211TX, United States
N710TP1994 Learjet Inc 60046211CA, United States
N711SE1993 Learjet Inc 60015211FL, United States
N711VT1994 Learjet 6060-045211United States
N716RJ2011 Learjet 60403211Florida, United States
N717EP2012 Learjet 60410211New York, United States
N717FF2001 Learjet Inc 60213211FL, United States
N717JB1996 Learjet Inc 60093211New York, United States
N718AN1995 Learjet Inc 60065211United States
N719JB2005 Learjet 60288211NY, United States
N721MJ1999 Learjet Inc 60159211UT, United States
N721SE1999 Learjet Inc 60168211Nevada, United States
N723HC2012 Learjet 6060-420211United States
N724CJ2007 Learjet Inc 60322211KS, United States
N724EH2008 Learjet 60346211FL, United States
N725SC1996 Learjet Inc 60083211CA, United States
N727BG2001 Learjet 6060-218211New York, United States
N727SJ1998 Learjet Inc 60147211UT, United States
N729LJ2006 Learjet 60298211UT, United States
N72CE Learjet Inc 60285211CO, United States
N730M Learjet Inc 60048211KS, United States
N732LH1993 Learjet Inc 60021211AZ, United States
N733SW1993 Learjet Inc 60007211KS, United States
N738RJ Learjet 6060-409211DE, United States
N744DB1995 Learjet Inc 60053211DE, United States
N747DP2002 Learjet Inc 60251211IL, United States
N747SG1997 Learjet 6060-109211United States
N749SS Learjet 60252211AL, United States
N752BP2000 Learjet 6060-184211United States
N753BP2001 Learjet Inc 60238211OR, United States
N759SH1998 Learjet 60143211United States
N75CT2006 Learjet Inc 60299211CO, United States
N767CP1996 Learjet Inc 60086211United States
N769DS1995 Learjet 6060-052211FL, United States
N76XR Learjet Inc 60376211CT, United States
N770BG2000 Learjet 6060-203211IL, United States
N770BM2005 Learjet 6060-289211Arizona, United States
N770PC2007 Learjet 60318211OH, United States
N772PP2005 Learjet Inc 60293211OK, United States
N7734T1998 Learjet Inc 60139211TX, United States
N773SW2002 Learjet 60254211ND, United States
N777MC2000 Learjet Inc 60180211IA, United States
N777VC2007 Learjet 60318211DE, United States
N777YY1995 Learjet 60054211Delaware, United States
N785DR2005 Learjet 6060-289211NY, United States
N787LC Learjet Inc 60398211TN, United States
N787LD2002 Learjet 60248211TX, United States
N787LP Learjet Inc 60398211TN, United States
N787LP2002 Learjet 60248211TN, United States
N787TS2008 Learjet 60355211Colorado, United States
N788MM1993 Learjet 6060-016211TX, United States
N789MB2001 Learjet 60227211United States
N78FR1997 Learjet Inc 60109211CO, United States
N790SU1980 Learjet Inc 60146211KS, United States
N797CP1996 Learjet Inc 60086211United States
N797CS2007 Learjet 60324211CT, United States
N797PA1997 Learjet Inc 60098211TX,
N79SC2003 Learjet 6060-270211Florida, United States
N801722007 Learjet 60326211UT, United States
N801772006 Learjet Inc 60306211United States
N804JD Learjet Inc 60332211TX, United States
N805JD Learjet Inc 60333211TX, United States
N806JD Learjet Inc 60359211TX, United States
N807011999 Learjet 6060-148211United States
N8084J2001 Learjet 6060-218211KS, United States
N8089Y Learjet Inc 60089211AZ, United States
N808SK1993 Learjet Inc 60008211FL, United States
N808WG1997 Learjet Inc 60112211TX, United States
N8090P Learjet Inc 60090211KS, United States
N809R1980 Learjet Inc 60146211KS, United States
N809SD Learjet Inc 60360211TX, United States
N80DX1993 Learjet 6060-012211CA, United States
N810SD Learjet Inc 60364211
N810Y2000 Learjet Inc 60183211TX, United States
N810YS2010 Learjet 60397211PR,
N811RA Learjet Inc 60264211NY, United States
N811SD2009 Learjet 6060-373211TX, United States
N812RP2000 Learjet 6060-190211New Mexico, United States
N812SD Learjet Inc 60386211TX, United States
N814GF Learjet Inc 60085211FL, United States
N814TS2007 Learjet 60319211United States
N821DF1994 Learjet Inc 60042211DC, United States
N824LM2012 Learjet 60410211New York, United States
N826LJ1999 Learjet 6060-145211
N826LJ1999 Learjet 6060-145211Florida, United States
N826SR2000 Learjet 6060-203211United States
N826SS1993 Learjet 6060-015211United States
N82701995 Learjet 6060-063211United States
N82711995 Learjet 6060-066211United States
N82KK1997 Learjet Inc 60095211CT, United States
N835AF2001 Learjet Inc 60244211WI, United States
N838RC2004 Learjet Inc 60276211DE, United States
N83TR Learjet Inc 60374211TX, United States
N841TT1994 Learjet Inc 60031211NC, United States
N843CP1993 Learjet Inc 60011211OR, United States
N844S2012 Learjet 60417211Connecticut, United States
N849WC Learjet Inc 60211211United States
N857PT2013 Learjet 6060-426211Florida, United States
N85NC1996 Learjet 6090211NY, United States
N860PD1996 Learjet Inc 60073211UT, United States
N861PA1993 Learjet 6060-015211United States
N862PA1993 Learjet 6060-014211IL, United States
N863PA1993 Learjet Inc 60004211FL, United States
N864PA1993 Learjet 6060-017211United States
N869AV2006 Learjet Inc 60306211DE, United States
N869JS1992 Learjet 6060-005211United States
N875CA2005 Learjet 60286211ND, United States
N876CS2002 Learjet 60263211MD, United States
N87831993 Learjet Inc 60006211KY, United States
N8811A1998 Learjet 60119211FL, United States
N883RA Learjet Inc 60389211OK, United States
N88881998 Learjet Inc 60128211United States
N88891998 Learjet Inc 60128211CT, United States
N888KL1998 Learjet 60141211OK, United States
N889DW1997 Learjet Inc 60117211WA, United States
N88MZ2012 Learjet 6060-411211Florida, United States
N88V1999 Learjet Inc 60155211FL, United States
N898PA1997 Learjet Inc 60111211OR, United States
N8JR1996 Learjet Inc 60084211NC, United States
N900KK1995 Learjet 6060-052211FL, United States
N900P Learjet Inc 60366211IL, United States
N901PM2011 Learjet 60404211KS, United States
N903AG1994 Learjet Inc 60045211United States
N903AM1997 Learjet 6060-104211United States
N903AM2003 Learjet 60269211AL, United States
N909JS2000 Learjet 60206211NV, United States
N909SK1995 Learjet Inc 60060211FL, United States
N90AQ Learjet Inc 60024211United States
N90MC1998 Learjet 6060-130211United States
N916BG2001 Learjet 60236211DE, United States
N919RS1993 Learjet Inc 60025211FL, United States
N9200M1998 Learjet Inc 60132211UT, United States
N923SK1994 Learjet Inc 60050211OK, United States
N924PS1994 Learjet Inc 60050211OK, United States
N924PS1994 Learjet 6060-050211New Mexico, United States
N928CD1997 Learjet Inc 60110211NE, United States
N929GW1999 Learjet 60165211FL, United States
N929GW2013 Learjet 60427211Florid, United States
N929SR1998 Learjet Inc 60144211CO, United States
N92BL1995 Learjet 60058211TX, United States
N92FG1995 Learjet 60056211FL, United States
N92NS1996 Learjet 6060-092211UT, United States
N93BA Learjet Inc 6060-094211KS, United States
N93EW Learjet Inc 60402211TX, United States
N940P1995 Learjet Inc 60071211United States
N945G1997 Learjet Inc 60106211United States
N945GS1997 Learjet 6060-106211United States
N954WS Learjet Inc 60271211FL, United States
N95AG1996 Learjet 60079211OH, United States
N95BD2001 Learjet 60232211AZ, United States
N95BQ2001 Learjet 60232211AZ, United States
N95CE2011 Learjet 60408211KS, United States
N95SC1999 Learjet 6060-148211Florida, United States
N960H1993 Learjet 6060-015211United States
N969JD1999 Learjet 60154211DE, United States
N973HR Learjet Inc 6026029NY, United States
N977SS Learjet Inc 60257211United States
N984BD Learjet Inc 60378211DE, United States
N988P Learjet Inc 60366211MA, United States
N98JV1998 Learjet 60135211TX, United States
N98UF2007 Learjet 60323211WA, United States
N991DB2000 Learjet 60177211CA, United States
N999LJ2006 Learjet 60314211CA, United States
N999YC2008 Learjet 60353211FL, United States
N99ZC1999 Learjet 60162211CT, United States
N9CU1996 Learjet 60075211FL, United States
N9ZM1999 Learjet 6060-151211United States
OD-MHA2007 Learjet 60326211Lebanon
OE-CII Learjet 6060-169211Austria
OE-GDF2004 Learjet 6060-276211Austria
OE-GFA2001 Learjet 6060-214211Austria
OE-GGL2005 Learjet 6060-287211Austria
OE-GII Learjet 6060-169211
OE-GKP2004 Learjet 6060-280211Austria
OE-GLJ Learjet Learjet 6060-414211Austria
OE-GLX2007 Learjet 6060-332211Austria
OE-GLY2007 Learjet 6060-3332115020, Austria
OE-GMA2003 Learjet 6060-270211Austria
OE-GMD2006 Learjet 6060-305211Austria
OE-GNF2006 Learjet 6060-304211Austria
OE-GNI Learjet 6060-236211Austria
OE-GNL1994 Learjet 6060-032211Austria
OE-GSE2009 Learjet 6060-372211Austria
OE-GSU2007 Learjet 6060-317211Austria
OE-GSV2005 Learjet 6060-300211Austria
OE-GTF2004 Learjet 6060-281211Austria
OE-GTO2006 Learjet 6060-303211Austria
OE-GVB1999 Learjet 6060-167211Austria
OE-GVD2009 Learjet 6060-373211Austria
OE-GVH2011 Learjet 6060-405211Austria
OE-GVJ2008 Learjet 6060-359210Austria
OE-GVQ Learjet 6060-409211Austria
OE-GVT2008 Learjet 6060-360211Austria
OE-GVV2008 Learjet 6060-364211Austria
OE-GYG Learjet 6060-197211Austria
OE-INA Learjet 6060-383211Austria
OH-AEM2005 Learjet 6060-300211Finland
OH-GVE2004 Learjet 6060-281211
OH-GVI2007 Learjet 6060-317211Finland
OH-III2006 Learjet 6060-303211Finland
OH-IVS2008 Learjet 60355211Finland
OH-VIV2006 Learjet 6060-305211Finland
OH-VMF2006 Learjet 6060-312211Finland
OO-ADH2008 Learjet 6060-344211Belgium
OO-TME2002 Learjet 6060-255211Belgium
OY-JKH1998 Learjet 60141211Denmark
OY-LGI2001 Learjet 6060-243211Denmark
OY-LJD1992 Learjet 6060-005211Denmark
OY-LJF2000 Learjet 6060-173210Port Louis, Denmark
OY-LJH1995 Learjet 6060-051211Denmark
OY-LJK2002 Learjet 6060-256211Denmark
P4-BAZ2004 Learjet 6060-272211Aruba
PP-BED2006 Learjet 6060-310211Brazil
PP-BIN2005 Learjet 6060-290211Brazil
PP-CTP2008 Learjet 6060-343211Brazil
PP-LRR2003 Learjet 60267211Brazil
PP-WIN Learjet 6060-159211Brazil
PT-XGS2000 Learjet 60164211Brazil
RP-C6481996 Learjet 6060-093211Philippines
SU-BZI1999 Learjet 6060-149211Egypt
SX-BNR2006 Learjet 6060-231211Greece
T-101998 Learjet 6060-140211Argentina
T-112006 Learjet 6060-304211Buenos Aires, Argentina
TC-ELL1994 Learjet 6060-030211Turkey
TC-KLC Learjet 6060-395211Turkey
TC-MEN2008 Learjet 6060-335211Turkey
TC-RKS2005 Learjet 6060-282211Turkey
TC-TRC2007 Learjet 60326211Turkey
TG-AIR2010 Learjet 60377211Guatemala
UR-CHH1993 Learjet 6060-016211Ukraine
UR-NAC1993 Learjet 6060-016211Ukraine
VH-AND2004 Learjet 6060-281211New South Wales, Australia
VH-MZL2003 Learjet 6060-270211NSW, Australia
VH-NPP1999 Learjet 6060-158211Bew South Wales, Australia
VH-SBU2006 Learjet 6060-304211Queensland, Australia
VH-THG2008 Learjet 6060-352211New South Wales, Australia
VH-XPN2005 Learjet 6060-290211Queensland, Australia
VP-BBZ2008 Learjet 6060-328211Bermuda
VP-BCY2001 Learjet 6060-215211Bermuda
VP-BEZ1999 Learjet 6060-149211Bermuda
VP-BGB1992 Learjet 6060-005211Bermuda
VP-BGS2005 Learjet 6060-289211Bermuda
VP-BOD2001 Learjet 6060-220211Bermuda
VP-CCD2006 Learjet 6060-312211Cayman Islands
VP-CHU Learjet 6060-393211Cayman Islands
VP-CIO2008 Learjet 6060-350211Bermuda
VP-CRB1998 Learjet 6060-125211United Kingdom
XA-COI1999 Learjet 6060-174211Mexico
XA-FLY2002 Learjet 6060-250211Mexico
XA-IBC1998 Learjet 6060-124211
XA-IRE1995 Learjet 6060-058211Mexico
XA-JGC2006 Learjet 6060-311211Mexico
XA-JJS1998 Learjet 6060-131211Mexico
XA-JKM1999 Learjet 6060-175211Mexico
XA-MDM1996 Learjet 6060-089211Mexico
XA-MGM1995 Learjet 6060-052211Mexico
XA-MHP1998 Learjet 6060-131211Mexico
XA-ONE1998 Learjet 6060-127211Mexico
XA-ORA2002 Learjet 6060-245210MORELIA, Mexico
XA-TZF1996 Learjet 6060-088211Mexico
XA-TZI1996 Learjet 6060-088211Mexico
XA-VIG Learjet 6060-116211Mexico
XA-VLA Learjet 6060-217211Mexico
XA-ZTA2000 Learjet 6060-134211CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIH., Mexico
YL-ABA2005 Learjet 6060-300211Latvia
YL-BJA2008 Learjet 6060-328211Latvia
YR-RPB1994 Learjet 6060-030211Romania
Z3-MKD Learjet 6060-279211Macedonia
ZK-JAK2009 Learjet 6060-382211New Zealand
ZS-GSG2006 Learjet 6060-301211South Africa
ZS-NVP2001 Learjet 6060-210211South Africa
ZS-TEJ2000 Learjet 6060-173210South Africa