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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
83-12851983 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-0082480United States
84-00591984 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00834United States
84-00601984 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00844Westover ARB, MA, United States
84-00611984 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00854United States
84-00621986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00864United States
85-0001City of Dover1985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00874United States
85-00021985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00884370Dover AFB, DE, United States
85-0003Chevrons of Dover1985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00894United States
85-00041985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-0090480Dover AFB, DE, United States
85-00061985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00924United States
85-00071985 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00934United States
85-0008Spirit of 9-11, Let's Roll1986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-0094480
85-00091987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-00954
86-00121986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-0098480Fort Worth, TX, United States
86-00131986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-009947Dover, DE, United States
86-00141986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01004United States
86-00161986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01024United States
86-00171986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-0103480Ft. Worth, TX, United States
86-00181986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01044Westover ARB, MA, United States
86-00191986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01054United States
86-00201986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01064United States
86-00211986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01074United States
86-0022City of Rio Vista2000 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01084United States
86-00231986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01094Westover ARB, MA, United States
86-00241986 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01104California, United States
87-00271987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01134United States
87-00281987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01144United States
87-00291987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01154United States
87-00301987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01164United States
87-00311987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01174Westover ARB, MA, United States
87-00311987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01174Delaware, United States
87-00321987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01184United States
87-00331988 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01194United States
87-00351987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01214United States
87-00361987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01224United States
87-00371987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01234Westover ARB, MA, United States
87-00381987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01244Westover ARB, MA, United States
87-00391987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01254Westover ARB, MA, United States
87-00401987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01264United States
87-00411987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01274Westover ARB, MA, United States
87-0042City of Vacaville1987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01284United States
87-0043AE05881987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01294United States
87-0044City of Vallejo1987 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01304United States
87-00451988 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy500-01314United States