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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
1001979 Mudry CAP-10B10012France
101VT Mudry CAP-10B10112France
102315-SI Mudry CAP-10B10212France
103 Mudry CAP-10B10312France
104315-SD Mudry CAP-10B10412France
107 Mudry CAP-10B10712France
108 Mudry CAP-10B10812France
109 Mudry CAP-10B10912Bretagne, France
111 Mudry CAP-10B11112France
1131985 Mudry CAP-10B20912
115 Mudry CAP-10B11512France
118VB1980 Mudry CAP-10B11812
125312-YK Mudry CAP-10B12512France
133 Mudry CAP-10B13312France
1341980 Mudry CAP-10B13412France
1351981 Mudry CAP-10B13512France
1361981 Mudry CAP-10B13612France
138 Mudry CAP-10B13812France
171972 Mudry CAP-10B1712France
20315-SR1972 Mudry CAP-10B2012Italy
2122000 Mudry CAP-10B21212France
213 Mudry CAP-10B21312France
214 Mudry CAP-10B21412France
215 Mudry CAP-10B21512France
291972 Mudry CAP-10B2912
4X-CYI1983 Mudry CAP-10B18812Israel
6F-TFVN Mudry CAP-10B612France
B-HUC1983 Mudry CAP-10B20012China
C-FCXX1975 Mudry CAP-10B5712Canada
C-GEGP1990 Mudry CAP-10B22912Quebec, Canada
CN-TBW1973 Mudry CAP-10B3912Morocco
D-EBEA1981 Mudry CAP-10B8412Germany
D-EBIX1987 Mudry CAP-10B22012Germany
D-EQWN1983 Mudry CAP-10B/K18512Germany
D-ESPK1981 Mudry CAP-10B13612Germany
D-ETUR1973 Mudry CAP-10B3812Germany
D-EXXX Mudry CAP-10B5912Germany
EC-FVK Mudry CAP-10B26412Igualada, Spain
F-BNDC1973 Mudry CAP-10B3912France
F-BSGC Mudry CAP-10B0412France
F-BTDM1972 Mudry CAP-10B2912France
F-BTDN Mudry CAP-10B3012France
F-BUDA Mudry CAP-10B430France
F-BUDB Mudry CAP-10B320France
F-BUDC Mudry CAP-10B330France
F-BUDD Mudry CAP-10B340France
F-BUDE1973 Mudry CAP-10B350France
F-BUDF1973 Mudry CAP-10B360France
F-BUDG1973 Mudry CAP-10B3912France
F-BUDH1973 Mudry CAP-10B380France
F-BUDI1973 Mudry CAP-10B400France
F-BUDJ1973 Mudry CAP-10B4112France
F-BUDK Mudry CAP-10B520France
F-BUDL Mudry CAP-10B4412France
F-BUDM Mudry CAP-10B450France
F-BUDN Mudry CAP-10B460France
F-BUDO Mudry CAP-10B470France
F-BUDQ1974 Mudry CAP-10B4912France
F-BUDR Mudry CAP-10B500France
F-BUDS Mudry CAP-10B530France
F-BUDV Mudry CAP-10B7212France
F-BXHA Mudry CAP-10B550France
F-BXHB Mudry CAP-10B580France
F-BXHC Mudry CAP-10B5912France
F-BXHD Mudry CAP-10B6012France
F-BXHE Mudry CAP-10B6112France
F-BXHK1976 Mudry CAP-10B6812France
F-BXHL Mudry CAP-10B6912France
F-BXHN Mudry CAP-10B7112France
F-BXHQ1977 Mudry CAP-10B7712France
F-BXHR1977 Mudry CAP-10B7912France
F-BXHT Mudry CAP-10B8212France
F-BXHU Mudry CAP-10B8312France
F-BXHV1978 Mudry CAP-10B8512France
F-BXXR Mudry CAP-10B3212France
F-GAUE Mudry CAP-10B17312France
F-GAUF Mudry CAP-10B970France
F-GAUG Mudry CAP-10B1440France
F-GAUH Mudry CAP-10B10612France
F-GAUO1982 Mudry CAP-10B14012France
F-GAUT Mudry CAP 10B1740France
F-GAUV Mudry CAP 10B17502France
F-GDTE1983 Mudry CAP-10B/K18512France
F-GDTH1984 Mudry CAP-10B19212France
F-GDTJ Mudry CAP-10B20412France
F-GDTK1983 Mudry CAP-10B19312France
F-GDTN Mudry CAP-10B7312France
F-GDTQ Mudry CAP-10B22712France
F-GDTU1983 Mudry CAP-10B19312France
F-GDTY Mudry CAP-10B22612France
F-GEOR1977 Mudry CAP-10B7712France
F-GGYA Mudry CAP-10B23212France
F-GGYB Mudry CAP-10B23312France
F-GGYC Mudry CAP-10B23512France
F-GGYD Mudry CAP-10B23412France
F-GGYE Mudry CAP-10B23712France
F-GGYF Mudry CAP-10B23812France
F-GGYJ Mudry CAP-10B24312France
F-GGYL Mudry CAP-10B24512France
F-GGYU Mudry CAP-10B25312France
F-GGYV Mudry CAP-10B25412France
F-GHKU Mudry CAP-10B21112France
F-GIHT1972 Mudry CAP-10B2512France
F-GIRU Mudry CAP-10B1412France
F-GIZL1972 Mudry CAP-10B1812France
F-GKAJ1972 Mudry CAP-10B2712France
F-GKAM Mudry CAP-10B11412France
F-GKJI1972 Mudry CAP-10B2012France
F-GKKA Mudry CAP-10B25712France
F-GKKC Mudry CAP-10B5912France
F-GKKM Mudry CAP-10B27012France
F-GKKZ Mudry CAP-10B11312France
F-GMPV Mudry CAP-10B26012France
F-GNCV Mudry CAP-10B30312France
F-GNDL Mudry CAP-10B26912France
F-GNEV Mudry CAP-10B11512France
F-GNVA1969 Mudry CAP-10B0212France
F-GOAS Mudry CAP-10B13312France
F-GOUM Mudry CAP-10B12212France
F-GOUP Mudry CAP-10B13812France
F-GPOP Mudry CAP-10B1012France
F-GRED Mudry CAP-10B3012France
F-GROU1972 Mudry CAP-10B2412France
F-GUAT Mudry CAP-10B0812France
F-GUMI1981 Mudry CAP-10B12612France
F-GXBK1983 Mudry CAP-10B18812France
F-GYDC Mudry CAP-10B30812France
F-GYKA Mudry CAP-10B30012France
F-GYKD Mudry CAP-10B30212France
F-GYKR Mudry CAP-10B31412France
F-GYKS Mudry CAP-10B31312France
F-GYZA Mudry CAP-10B30512France
F-GYZB Mudry CAP-10B30612France
F-GYZC Mudry CAP-10B31012France
F-HBPY1983 Mudry CAP-10B18212France
F-HNGA Mudry CAP-10B9512France
F-ODIU Mudry CAP-10B9212France
F-ODMU Mudry CAP-10B13112France
F-ODNL Mudry CAP-10B7012France
F-ODNR Mudry CAP-10B13912France
F-PXKE Mudry CAP-10BA112France
F-PYPK Mudry CAP-10B0412France
F-PYTU Mudry CAP-10BA312France
F-PZLD Mudry CAP-10B0112France
F-TFVB1970 Mudry CAP-10B0312France
F-TFVDVD Mudry CAP-10B412France
F-TFVQ1969 Mudry CAP-10B0212France
F-WZCG Mudry CAP-10B14512France
G-BECZ1976 Mudry CAP-10B6812United Kingdom
G-BEXR1977 Mudry CAP-10B7612United Kingdom
G-BKCX1982 Mudry CAP-10B14912United Kingdom
G-BKUC1983 Mudry CAP-10B20012United Kingdom
G-BLVK1981 Mudry CAP-10B14112United Kingdom
G-BRDD1988 Mudry CAP-10B22412United Kingdom
G-BXBK1972 Mudry CAP-10B1712United Kingdom
G-BXBU1980 Mudry CAP-10B10312United Kingdom
G-BXFE1981 Mudry CAP-10B13512United Kingdom
G-BXRA1971 Mudry CAP-10B312United Kingdom
G-BXRB1979 Mudry CAP-10B10012United Kingdom
G-BXRC1980 Mudry CAP-10B13412United Kingdom
G-BYFY1992 Mudry CAP-10B26312United Kingdom
G-CAPI1977 Mudry CAP-10B7612United Kingdom
G-CAPX1998 Mudry CAP-10B28012United Kingdom
G-CCNX2004 Mudry CAP-10B31112United Kingdom
G-CCXC1982 Mudry CAP-10B16512United Kingdom
G-CDCE1973 Mudry CAP-10B03912United Kingdom
G-CDIF2002 Mudry CAP-10B30212United Kingdom
G-CEHS2002 Mudry CAP-10B30412United Kingdom
G-CPDW1983 Mudry CAP-10B19512United Kingdom
G-CPXC2002 Mudry CAP-10B30112United Kingdom
G-CZCZ1972 Mudry CAP-10B5412United Kingdom
G-DAVM1998 Mudry CAP-10B27812United Kingdom
G-GDTU1983 Mudry CAP-10B19312United Kingdom
G-IVAL2003 Mudry CAP-10B30712United Kingdom
G-LORN1999 Mudry CAP-10B28212United Kingdom
G-MOZZ1991 Mudry CAP-10B25612United Kingdom
G-ODIN1984 Mudry CAP-10B19212United Kingdom
G-OIOB1983 Mudry CAP-10B19412United Kingdom
G-RIFN1995 Mudry CAP-10B27612United Kingdom
G-SLEA1980 Mudry CAP-10B12412United Kingdom
G-WIXI1998 Mudry CAP-10B27912United Kingdom
G-WIXY1977 Mudry CAP-10B7712United Kingdom
HB-SAN1982 Mudry CAP-10B14712Switzerland
HB-SAS1983 Mudry CAP-10B18212Switzerland
HB-SAV1983 Mudry CAP-10B/K18512Switzerland
HB-SAW1985 Mudry CAP-10B20912Switzerland
HB-SAX1990 Mudry CAP-10B24612Switzerland
HL1502 Mudry CAP-10B27412Korea, Republic of
HL15031998 Mudry CAP-10B28112Korea, Republic of
HS-BCS2002 Mudry CAP-10B30412Thailand
I-AIKE1988 Mudry CAP-10B22212Italy
I-BLAS1983 Mudry CAP-10B15112Italy
I-GYKS Mudry CAP-10B31312Italy
I-IZAG Mudry CAP-10B14512Italy
I-IZAI Mudry CAP-10B24212Italy
I-IZAL Mudry CAP-10B25512Italy
I-IZAN Mudry CAP-10B27112Italy
I-SIBM1982 Mudry CAP-10B14612Italy
I-TONT1974 Mudry CAP-10B19012Italy
JY-GSR1981 Mudry CAP-10B14112Jordan
LN-KAP Mudry CAP-10B13012Norway
N10MU Mudry CAP-10B9112FL, United States
N10WY1983 Mudry CAP-10B18712HI, United States
N11BW1983 Mudry CAP-10B15212FL, United States
N126SM Mudry CAP-10B30212FL, United States
N140JA1982 Mudry CAP-10B14012California, United States
N1414T1985 Mudry CAP-10B20612CA, United States
N151AS Mudry CAP-10B15112
N151NA1984 Mudry CAP-10B19712FL, United States
N15JJ1984 Mudry CAP-10B20112NM, United States
N170RC1972 Mudry CAP-10B1712United Kingdom
N173RC Mudry CAP-10B10312United Kingdom
N175RC1981 Mudry CAP-10B13512United Kingdom
N229SS Mudry CAP-10B22912PA, United States
N25AK Mudry CAP-10B5612WA, United States
N270CA1984 Mudry CAP 10B19612IL, United States
N30GM1975 Mudry CAP-10B5712CT, United States
N38DH1981 Mudry CAP-10B13212VA, United States
N40JV1977 Mudry CAP-10B8012OH, United States
N4237S1990 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-15412VA, United States
N4238C1965 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-15512United Kingdom
N4238L Mudry CAP-10BEPC-15612KS, United States
N4238X Mudry CAP-10BEPC-15712KS, United States
N423961990 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-16112FL, United States
N4239S1982 Mudry CAP 10BEPC-15812CA, United States
N424151982 Mudry CAP 10BEPC-16212NC, United States
N42419 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-16312KS, United States
N4243A1982 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-16412TX, United States
N4247M1982 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-16512CA, United States
N4247S1982 Mudry CAP-10BEPC-17012MI, United States
N4249R Mudry CAP-10BEPC-17212OK, United States
N44BW1987 Mudry CAP-10B21912FL, United States
N455AS Mudry CAP-10B15012MI,
N501DW1983 Mudry CAP-10B19412DE, United States
N502DW1983 Mudry CAP-10B19512DE, United States
N503DW Mudry CAP-10B20212United Kingdom
N64ND1982 Mudry CAP-10B17512AK, United States
N73AE1998 Mudry CAP-10B27812DE, United States
N780S1978 Mudry CAP-10B8712New Zealand
N80DD1973 Mudry CAP-10B3412TX, United States
N80MC Mudry CAP-10B22112DE, United States
N80TP1983 Mudry CAP-10B18812PA, United States
N82BW1981 Mudry CAP-10B14212FL, United States
N82DM1978 Mudry CAP-10B8812IL, United States
N85RW1985 Mudry CAP-10B20812OK, United States
N86KB Mudry CAP-10B14312FL, United States
N9910B Mudry CAP-10B26712AK, United States
OE-AYY1972 Mudry CAP-10B5412Austria
OO-LAR1984 Mudry CAP-10B19812Belgium
OO-LAT Mudry CAP-10B7312Belgium
OO-OFD1987 Mudry CAP-10B22012Belgium
OO-TOC1973 Mudry CAP-10B03712Belgium
PH-GCT Mudry CAP-10B1212Moena, Netherlands
PH-RIC1969 Mudry CAP-10B0212Apeldoorn, Netherlands
PH-STV Mudry CAP-10B8912Oegstgeest, Netherlands
PP-CHA1982 Mudry CAP-10B14712Brazil
PT-LXM Mudry CAP-10B24112Brazil
SE-MIF1973 Mudry CAP-10B4212Sweden
VH-FFY1983 Mudry CAP-10B20012New South Wales, Australia
VH-SUD1990 Mudry CAP-10B24912NSW, Australia
VH-SZY1990 Mudry CAP-10B25012SA, Australia
VH-YAN1992 Mudry CAP-10B26512Australia
VH-YAO1992 Mudry CAP-10B26612Australia
VH-YLO1985 Mudry CAP-10B20812Australia