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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
26011961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520922Portugal
26021961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521922Portugal
26051961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.526322Lisbon, Portugal
26081961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520322Portugal
26091961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.520622Portugal
26111961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.523822Portugal
38021961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521522Taiwan
38211963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.552422Taiwan
38421961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.517022Taiwan
58-11961958 Northrop T-38A TalonN.510522California, United States
59-15941958 Northrop T-38A-15-NO TalonN.510722United States
59-1595 Northrop T-38A TalonN.510822United States
59-16001959 Northrop T-38A-15-NO TalonN.511322AZ, United States
59-16011959 Northrop T-38A-15-NO TalonN.511422Maxwell AFB, AL, United States
59-16041959 Northrop T-38A-20-NO TalonN.511722Pensacola, FL, United States
59-16051959 Northrop T-38A TalonN.511822Texas, United States
60-05491960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.512222Illinois, United States
60-05531960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.512622United States
60-05551960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.512822United States
60-05661960 Northrop T-38A-35-NO TalonN.513922Dayton, OH, United States
60-05701960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.514322United States
60-0573TF-5731960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.514622United States
60-0578Sweet Doreen1960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.515122California, United States
60-0581White Shark1960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.515422California, United States
60-05861960 Northrop T-38A TalonN.515922Colorado, United States
60-05931961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.516622United States
61-08191961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.518522United States
61-08241961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.519022Utah, United States
61-08261961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.519222AZ, United States
61-08291961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.519522United States
61-08491961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521522Mississippi, United States
61-08511961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.521722United States
61-08541961 Northrop T-38A-40-NO TalonN.522022Arizona, United States
61-08941961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.526022CALIFORNIA, United States
61-08971961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.526322United States
61-09001961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.526622Connecticut, United States
61-09021961 Northrop T-38A-40-NO TalonN.526822United States
61-09081961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.527422Ca, United States
61-09091961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.527522United States
61-0925TESTER081961 Northrop T-38A TalonN529122Maryland, United States
61-0925TESTER081961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.529122Maryland, United States
61-09301961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.529622United States
61-09411961 Northrop T-38A-40-NO TalonN.530722Illinois, United States
61-09421961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.530822Mississippi, United States
6108251961 Northrop T-38A TalonN.519122United States
62-36112-6111962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.531622Izmir, Turkey
62-36201962 Northrop T-38A-45-NO TalonN.532522
62-36321962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.533222United States
62-36341962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.533922UT, United States
62-36361962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.534122AZ, United States
62-36381962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.534322United States
62-36431962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.534622TN, United States
62-36451962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.535022Dallas, TX, United States
62-36511962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.535622AZ, United States
62-3653BB1962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.535822United States
62-36591962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.536422California, United States
62-3660HO1962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.536522New Mexico, United States
62-36611962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.536622United States
62-3665EN1962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.537022FL, United States
62-36691962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.537422AZ, United States
62-36731962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.537822MI, United States
62-36901962 Northrop T-38A-45-NO TalonN.539522Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
62-3691FF1962 Northrop T-38A TalonN539622Virginia, United States
62-36921962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.539722
62-37011962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.540622North Dakota, United States
62-3702 Northrop T-38A TalonN.540722Texas, United States
62-37231962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.542822Alabama, United States
62-37381962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.544322United States
62-37471962 Northrop T-38A TalonN.545222AZ, United States
63-8125EN1963 Northrop T-38A TalonN547222Texas, United States
63-81281963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.547522United States
63-81291963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.547622CA, United States
63-81311963 Northrop T-38A-50-NO TalonN.547822
63-81331963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.548022
63-81411963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.548822AZ, United States
63-81452-1451963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.549222Izmir, Turkey
63-81471963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.549422
63-81481963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.549522United States
63-81541963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.550122FL, United States
63-81711963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.551822United States
63-81821963 Northrop T-38A-50-NO TalonN.552922California, United States
63-81971963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.554422Rhode Island, United States
63-82211963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.556822
63-82241963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.557122Oregon, United States
63-82281964 Northrop T-38A-50-NO TalonN.557522United States
63-82291963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.557622VA, United States
63-82331963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.558022United States
63-82341963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.558122CA, United States
63-82351963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.558222United States
63-82391963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.558622United States
63-82431963 Northrop T-38A TalonN.559022AZ, United States
64-102341964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.566322United States
64-102391964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.566822United States
64-130041964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.577322
64-13175HO Northrop T-38A TalonN.560422New Mexico, United States
64-13176FF1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN560522Va, United States
64-131791964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.560822CA, United States
64-13190Grease Lightning1964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.561922California, United States
64-131951964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.562422United States
64-131981964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.562722Texas, United States
64-132011964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.563022AZ, United States
64-132061964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.563522United States
64-132081964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.563722United States
64-132091964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.563822United States
64-132101964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.563922Midland, Texas, United States
64-13212Jedidiah1964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.564122California, United States
64-132141964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.564322United States
64-132161964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.567522United States
64-132171964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.564622
64-132241964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.565322United States
64-132301964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.565922United States
64-132381964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.566722Texas, United States
64-132401964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.566922
64-132441964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.567322AZ, United States
64-132471964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.567622California, United States
64-132511964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.568022United States
64-132531964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.568222United States
64-132551964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.568422United States
64-132611964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.569022United States
64-132621964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.569122United States
64-132651964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.569422MO, United States
64-132661964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.569522United States
64-132671964 Northrop T-38A-50-NO TalonN.569622United States
64-13268WM1964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.569722Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
64-132691964 Northrop T-38A TalonN569822Virginia, United States
64-132701964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.569922Beale AFB, United States
64-132711964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.570022California, United States
64-13278HO Northrop T-38A TalonN.570722New Mexico, United States
64-13281BB1964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.571022United States
64-132841964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.571322United States
64-132851964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.571422
64-132861964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.571522United States
64-132931964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.572222United States
64-132951964 Northrop T-38A-55-NO TalonN.572422United States
64-132971964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.572622California, United States
64-13301BB1964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.573022United States
64-133041964 Northrop T-38A TalonN.573322
65-103171965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.573622United States
65-103201965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.573922United States
65-103251965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.574422Warner Robins Georgi, United States
65-103261965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.574522United States
65-103311965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.575022United States
65-103321965 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.575122United States
65-103351965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.575422United States
65-10342BB1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.576122CA, United States
65-10355VN1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.577422United States
65-103571965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.577622United States
65-103611965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.578022Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-103621965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO Talon5781A22United States
65-103641965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.578322United States
65-103651965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO Talon1234522United States
65-103761965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.579522United States
65-103781965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.579722United States
65-103841965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.580322United States
65-103901965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.580922United States
65-103941965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.581322United States
65-104011965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.582022United States
65-104031965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.582222United States
65-104071965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.582622United States
65-104121965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.583122United States
65-104131965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.583222United States
65-10418WM1965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.583722United States
65-10419WM Spirit of Windsor1965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.583822Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-104201965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.583922United States
65-104261965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.584522Oklahoma, United States
65-104291965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.584822United States
65-104351965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.585422United States
65-104411965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586022Dayton, OH, United States
65-104421965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586122Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-104451965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586422United States
65-104491965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.586822United States
65-104531965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.587222United States
65-104551965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.587422United States
65-104641965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.588322United States
65-104681965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.588722United States
65-104691965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.588822United States
65-104701965 Northrop T-38A-60 TalonN.588922United States
65-10472EN1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.589122TX, United States
66-43211966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.589622United States
66-43241966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.589922United States
66-43261966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590122United States
66-43271966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590222United States
66-43301966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590522United States
66-43321966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590822United States
66-43331966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590922United States
66-43341966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.591022United States
66-43351966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.591122United States
66-43371966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.591222United States
66-43401966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.591722United States
66-43411966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.591822United States
66-43421966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.591922United States
66-43441966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.592122United States
66-43451966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.592222United States
66-43461966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.592322United States
66-43471966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.592422United States
66-4348EN1966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.592522United States
66-43511966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.592822United States
66-43521967 Northrop T-38A TalonN.592922United States
66-4353 Northrop T-38A TalonN.597822United States
66-4354 Northrop T-38A TalonN.597922United States
66-43591968 Northrop T-38A TalonN.599022United States
66-43601966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.599122United States
66-43611966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.599222United States
66-43621966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.599322United States
66-43631966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.599422United States
66-43641966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.579522United States
66-43671966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.599822United States
66-43691966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonT.600022LINCOLN, NEBRASKA/US, United States
66-4370 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonT.600122United States
66-4372 Northrop T-38A TalonT.600322United States
66-43731966 Northrop T-38A TalonT.600422United States
66-43751966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonT.600622
66-43771966 Northrop T-38A TalonT.600822United States
66-43791966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonT.601022United States
66-4384 Northrop T-38A TalonT.601522United States
66-43861966 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonT.601722United States
66-43871966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonT.601822United States
66-43881966 Northrop T-38A TalonT.601922AZ, United States
66-83491966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.590522United States
66-83551966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.597122United States
66-83581966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.597422United States
66-83621966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.593222United States
66-83671966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.593722United States
66-83721966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.594222United States
66-83751966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.594522United States
66-83781966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.594822United States
66-83901966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.596022United States
66-8391 Northrop T-38A TalonN.595922United States
66-83941966 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.596422United States
66-83951966 Northrop T-38A-65-NO TalonN.596522United States
66-83981966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.595422United States
66-84021966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.598722United States
66-84031966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.598822United States
66-84041966 Northrop T-38A TalonN.598922United States
67-14826WM1967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602122United States
67-148271970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602222United States
67-148281967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602322Virginia, United States
67-148301967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602522United States
67-148311966 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602622United States
67-148331967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.602922United States
67-148351967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.603022Oklahoma, United States
67-148381967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.603322United States
67-14845City of Knob Noster1967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.604122United States
67-148471967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.604322United States
67-148531967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.604922United States
67-148591967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.605522United States
67-149161967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.605722United States
67-14917RA1967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.605822Texas, United States
67-149201967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.606122Missouri, United States
67-149231967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.606422United States
67-149241967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.606522United States
67-149261967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.606722United States
67-149271967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.606822United States
67-149281967 Northrop T-38A-15-NO TalonT.606822United States
67-149301967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.607122United States
67-149351967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.607622United States
67-14936VN1967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.607722United States
67-149371967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.607822United States
67-149381967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.607922Texas, United States
67-149391967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.608022Virginia, United States
67-149401967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.608122United States
67-149421967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.608322United States
67-149461967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.608722Davis-Monthan AFB, A, United States
67-149471967 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.608822United States
67-149521967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.609322United States
67-149531967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.609422United States
67-149551967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.609622United States
67-149561967 Northrop T-38A TalonT.609722Michigan, United States
68-80951968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.610022United States
68-80971968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.610222Mississippi, United States
68-81051968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.611022United States
68-81061968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.611122United States
68-81091968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.611422United States
68-81101968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.611522United States
68-81111968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.611622United States
68-81171968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.612222United States
68-81231968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.612822TX, United States
68-81241968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.612922United States
68-81291968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.613422United States
68-81311968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.613622United States
68-81321968 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.613722United States
68-81331968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.613822United States
68-81361968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.614122United States
68-81381968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.613322United States
68-81391968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.614422United States
68-8141HO1968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.614622United States
68-8142 Northrop T-38A TalonT.614722United States
68-81431968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.614822United States
68-81451968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615022United States
68-81461968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615022United States
68-81471968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615222United States
68-8150 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615522United States
68-81521968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615722United States
68-81531968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.615822California, United States
68-81561968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.616122United States
68-8160 Northrop T-38A TalonT.616522United States
68-8163 Northrop T-38A TalonT.616822United States
68-81661968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.617122United States
68-81671968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.617222United States
68-81681968 Northrop T-38A-70-NO TalonT.617322United States
68-8172HO1968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.617722United States
68-81731968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.617822United States
68-81741968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.617922United States
68-81751968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.618022United States
68-8176 Northrop T-38A TalonT.618122United States
68-81771968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.618222
68-8179Spirit of Warrensburg1968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.618422United States
68-81841968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.618922United States
68-81851968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.619022United States
68-81861968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.619122United States
68-81901968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.619522United States
68-81921968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.619722United States
68-81931968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.619822United States
68-81961968 Northrop T-38A-75-NO TalonT.620122United States
68-82011968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.620422United States
68-82041968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.620722
68-8213 Northrop T-38A TalonT.621822United States
68-8217Willie One1968 Northrop T-38A TalonT.622222United States
69-70781969 Northrop T-38A TalonT.622822United States
69-7080 Northrop T-38A TalonT.623022United States
69-70811969 Northrop T-38A TalonT.623122United States
69-70831969 Northrop T-38A TalonT.623322
69-70851969 Northrop T-38A TalonT.623522Texas, United States
70-15591970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.624922CA, United States
70-15641970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.625422
70-1567 Northrop T-38A TalonT.625722United States
70-15771970 Northrop T-38A-85-NO TalonT.626722United States
70-1579TESTER171970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.626922Maryland, United States
70-1580 Northrop T-38A TalonT.627022United States
70-15821971 Northrop T-38A-85-NO TalonT.627222
70-15831970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.627322United States
70-1584 Northrop T-38A TalonT.627422United States
70-15851970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.627522United States
70-1589 Northrop T-38A TalonT.627922United States
70-19501970 Northrop T-38A-85-NO TalonT.628122United States
70-1951RA1970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.628422United States
70-19531970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.628622United States
70-19541970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.628522United States
70-19551970 Northrop T-38A-85-NO TalonT.628822Vance AFB, OK, United States
70-1956 Northrop T-38A-85-NO TalonT.628922United States
701579171970 Northrop T-38A TalonT.626922Maryland, United States
N38MX1965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO Talon1234522United States
N821NA1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.577222United States
N901NA1966 Northrop T-38A TalonSee comment.22TX, United States
N906NA1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.574522TX, United States
N913NA1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.577422TX, United States
N920NA1969 Northrop T-38A Talon66-838622TX, United States
N923NA1966 Northrop T-38A Talon66-835522TX, United States
N938TC1965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO Talon5781A22CA, United States
N966NA1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.577622CA, United States
N999NA1965 Northrop T-38A TalonN.519122United Arab Emirates