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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
C-IFLJ1997 J & J Ultralights Super Tukan00112Ontario, Canada
C-IGFE1999 J & J Ultralights Tukan27095712Ontario, Canada
C-IWOW2002 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (C-IWOW)12Ontario, Canada
G-MMIE1984 Midland Ultralights Ltd TIGER CUB 440G7-71United Kingdom
G-MMIG Midland Ultralights Ltd TIGER CUB 440G12-9RB1United Kingdom
G-MMJY Midland Ultralights Ltd TIGER CUB 440SO671United Kingdom
G-MMLL1984 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0011United Kingdom
G-MNDU1985 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0111United Kingdom
G-MNDV1986 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0121United Kingdom
G-MNDW1985 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0141United Kingdom
G-MNFC1985 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0151United Kingdom
G-MNRT1986 Midland Ultralights Ltd Siroccco 377GBMU-01611United Kingdom
G-MNRU Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0171United Kingdom
G-MTEO1987 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0191United Kingdom
G-MTEP1987 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0181United Kingdom
G-MTJN1987 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0201United Kingdom
G-MTRC1987 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0211United Kingdom
G-MTRD1987 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0221United Kingdom
G-MVSM1988 Midland Ultralights Ltd SIROCCO 377GBMU-0231United Kingdom
N102GF2005 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N102GF)12FL, United States
N1099Z J & J Ultralights TukanWR80312WA, United States
N10TZ1995 J & J Ultralights Tukan00112FL, United States
N116RM J & J Ultralights TukanRDM-391312FL, United States
N139SW2002 J & J Ultralights Tukan SE14BSW12FL, United States
N152VN2007 J & J Ultralights SeawingSW06MEW-62052312NY, United States
N158ZX J & J Ultralights TukanWLC00112AZ, United States
N159ZX2008 J & J Ultralights Tukan Special edition4169565M12FL, United States
N162KS J & J Ultralights Tukan443112OK, United States
N1644 J & J Ultralights Tukan441612FL, United States
N1711M Topdog Ultralights 58210WAM12WI, United States
N179RD2004 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N179RD)12CO, United States
N1828P2005 J & J Ultralights SeawingSW00112FL, United States
N184CT2000 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N184CT)12CO, United States
N197A2001 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N197A)12TN, United States
N199LS2002 J & J Ultralights TukanTK024609612AR, United States
N2017M Sky Rider Ultralights Inc QUICKSILVER MX II SP05412
N2079D Jacksonville Ultralights Inc RALLY 3932512FL, United States
N209CD J & J Ultralights TukanT2-10812GA, United States
N21572000 J & J Ultralights Seawing215712IL, United States
N2227P J & J Ultralights SeawingSW226012NY, United States
N2267W1983 Ultralights Of Plano CONDOR III+203094311TX, United States
N235WP South Florida Ultralights XSTDTD 030812FL, United States
N242AT J & J Ultralights Tukan II002 (N242AT)12PR,
N2489Q2007 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N2489Q)12NC, United States
N2504V2000 Topdog Ultralights 582COA26TDA12CO, United States
N25401 Omni Ultralights Inc ROTEC RALLY 3905812GA,
N2549C2002 J & J Ultralights TukanBS000112WV, United States
N2571N2002 Topdog Ultralights 582A50TDA12NM, United States
N2629C J & J Ultralights Tukan1357111312OK, United States
N2641T J & J Ultralights Tukan196512AK, United States
N2673P2004 J & J Ultralights Seawing11563112MI, United States
N2734R2001 J & J Ultralights TukanWS02TW12MS, United States
N2775A J & J Ultralights SeawingSNJ582 20700312FL, United States
N285SW2002 J & J Ultralights Seawing1000123458212TX, United States
N2879A2001 J & J Ultralights Tukan105224712GA, United States
N309CL J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N309CL)12NY, United States
N3165W1997 J & J Ultralights TukanA10CWB12NJ, United States
N317481995 J & J Ultralights Tukan00212CA, United States
N323TW J & J Ultralights Tukan100412Mexico
N3296W2001 Topdog Ultralights 582C0A24TDA12CO, United States
N3330C2000 Topdog Ultralights 582C0A02TDA12CO, United States
N3371P1998 J & J Ultralights Tukan8120512OK, United States
N35071 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58210001412NH, United States
N35133 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N35133)11IA, United States
N3781S1995 J & J Ultralights Tukan01412OK, United States
N3961Z1983 Southwest Missouri Ultralights QUICKSILVER MX II129612MO, United States
N3971V Adventures In Ultralights Inc ROTEC RALLY 32519512OK, United States
N3975M1983 Carolina Ultralights Inc QUICKSILVER MX II128612OK, United States
N3987Y Eastern Ultralights Snoop IIS830002B12FL,
N3990B Lambert Ultralights STARFLIGHT DBL 1000500612
N3995B Eastern Ultralights Snoop IIS830007B12NJ,
N402PW2000 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58220500212FL, United States
N4216P2002 J & J Ultralights Seawing2 EB 9 8 5240212MO, United States
N4385H1996 J & J Ultralights Tukan623560112MD, United States
N43TG2007 J & J Ultralights Tukan700112TX, United States
N4435F2007 J & J Ultralights SeawingSNJ58220700412MD, United States
N4473Q Kittyhawk North-ultralights QUICKSILVER MX II157112MN, United States
N45290 Sky-hi Ultralights Inc EIPPER MX II102712
N4606F1999 J & J Ultralights Tukan627512AZ, United States
N48WB1989 Cloudbuster Ultralights Cloudbuster112PA, United States
N4901F J & J Ultralights Tukan44712FL, United States
N4979P1984 Eastern Ultralights Snoop IIS-83-000912IL, United States
N513602007 J & J Ultralights Tukan2964412FL, United States
N514DF Eastern Ultralights Snoop II01012CA, United States
N52018 Sky Riders Ultralights EIPPER MX II114511
N5348C Change Of Pace Ultralights Inc SHADOW 5032502912
N553BD J & J Ultralights Tukan11712MI, United States
N5595A Hi-plain Ultralights Inc RALLY 32545512CO, United States
N5647K2001 J & J Ultralights Tukan01011WY, United States
N5653D J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ50310002512VT, United States
N5678M2003 J & J Ultralights Tukan280312NY, United States
N570471998 J & J Ultralights Tukan135612NV, United States
N582E2007 J & J Ultralights Tukan300112MA, United States
N582NC2004 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58230403612NC, United States
N598W J & J Ultralights TukanWLC00212AZ, United States
N6040U2006 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N6040U)12SC, United States
N6113P J & J Ultralights Tukan0047074440811MN, United States
N6136R J & J Ultralights Tukan41576864208512FL, United States
N6162L2000 J & J Ultralights Tukan001 (N6162L)12IL, United States
N626201999 J & J Ultralights Tukan10054712CA, United States
N705302001 J & J Ultralights SeawingCSW01A12FL, United States
N747AZ1997 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58249900612MD, United States
N7513W1999 J & J Ultralights TukanMT 00111ID, United States
N754992006 J & J Ultralights TukanTKN50374W12TN, United States
N75TK2006 J & J Ultralights Tukan600112TX, United States
N7644C Topdog Ultralights TOPDOGUTA13TDA12UT, United States
N767892000 J & J Ultralights Tukan2411199012FL, United States
N7711Z2007 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58230102812LA, United States
N771AW2004 J & J Ultralights Tukan001AW12AL, United States
N8022E2006 J & J Ultralights TukanRS-020412FL, United States
N8067M2004 J & J Ultralights Tukan S E7140712NJ, United States
N810BC J & J Ultralights Tukan015212ID, United States
N820472002 Topdog Ultralights TOP DOG 582A49TDA12CA, United States
N8609B1998 J & J Ultralights TukanCBP1998112WV, United States
N8AU Eastern Ultralights Snoop II1827112
N907DD2007 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58200404012AK, United States
N907T2000 J & J Ultralights Tukan1176012WY, United States
N917RE1983 Bj&h Ultralights ROTEC RALLY 32540512
N920AA Indiana Ultralights Inc EAGLE II40010112
N932AA1983 Ultralights Inc EAGLE 2-PLACE40012812OK, United States
N947MH2003 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58210303512DE, United States
N947RC2004 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58360403812WA, United States
N947WL1999 J & J Ultralights SeawingSWJ58210500112ME, United States
N970DC1996 J & J Ultralights Tukan97049477712IL, United States
UNKNOWN Ultralights variousUnknown1
ZK-FHL Eastern Ultralights SnoopMAANZ/2220Blenheim, New Zealand