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Lakenheath, England, United Kingdom

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Latest photos of RAF Lakenheath
  • RAF Lakenheath - Mitchells Farm strip near Lakenheath - view over fuselage of G-LSCM - windsock on right - by magnaman by magnaman
  • RAF Lakenheath - Mitchells Farm - near Lakenheath. Nice grass strip at end of lane from Farm. Thanks Adrian for great hospitality. - by magnaman by magnaman
  • RAF Lakenheath - Actually Mitchells Farm strip near Wilburton not far from Lakenheath. Strip crosses left to right with hangar on right (north end) of strip - by magnaman by magnaman
  • RAF Lakenheath - F15s 222 / 331 / 306 and 222 about to scramble - by John Coates by John Coates
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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:EGUL
Airport IATA Code:LKZ
Longitude/Latitude:E 000° 33' 39.60"/N 52° 24' 33.60"
Elevation:32 ft / 9.75 m
Location:Lakenheath, England, United Kingdom
Magnetic Variation:W 1°50.5' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC 0(+1DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Approach Control APP136.5 M309.2 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS356.725 M
Centralized Approach Control CAC LONDON MIL277.775 M
Departure Control DEP250.3 M
Ground Control GND375.45 M
Pilot To Metro Service PMSV METRO284.425 M
Command Post COMD POST379.8 M
Pilot To Dispatcher PTD244.475 M
Radar Only Frequency RADAR128.9 M242.05 M
Tower TWR122.1 M338.925 M

Communication Remarks

  • Centralized Approach Control - Mil acft cros MATZ or ldg at LAKENHEATH ctc LONDON MIL 277.775 or LAKENHEATH RADAR 242.05 5 min or 20 NM before MATZ bdry; civ acft tran svc avbl 0600-2359Z++Mon-Fri exc US hol.
  • Pilot To Metro Service - METRO-Remote briefing svc avbl H24 2245Z++ Sun - 1800Z++ Fri, Closed Sat. For PMSV (284.425) and RSB ctc 21 OWS DSN 496-6145/6146 or C011-49-06302-67-6145/6146.
  • Command Post - HAVE QUICK timing avbl. VIP acft ctc COMD POST 20 min prior to ETA.

Runway Information

Runway 06/24

Dimension:9000 x 150 ft / 2743.2 x 45.7 m
Surface:Part concrete, part asphalt, or part bitumen-bound macadam.
  Runway 06 Runway 24
Longitude:0.544333 / E 000° 32' 39.60"0.577667 / E 000° 34' 39.60"
Latitude:52.402500 / N 52° 24' 09.00"52.416333 / N 52° 24' 58.80"
End Elevation:28.0 ft29.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:31.032.0
Lighting System 1:High Intensity Runway LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 2:Runway End Identifier LightsRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 3:NATO standardNATO standard
Lighting System 4:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


A-GEAR - E5 cable in place dep end. Dur tkof and ldg both 2500' BAK-12 and dep end BAK-1 2 rigged for no ntc engagements.
Caution - Two jet arpt tfc pat overlap. Portion of N Twy not vis fr twr. Few edge lgt on prk areas. Veh driving lanes adj S twy tfc. Acft security gates on S twy and N acft shelter loop are 83' wide, 15' tall. Use taxi lgt max bright for ngt opr. All
Caution - aircrews ctc APP CON for status of EGD208 (Stanford trng area). Acft ldg Rwy 06 with wingspan greater than 140' must back taxi for prk on Twy W and Twy H due to wing tip obst btn Twy H and Twy P. Bird haz May-Sep. Weather observing site l
Caution - imitations at the primary observation site include limited visual references beyond 5000 meters. In addition, the tower blocks the 06 approach. At the Alternate Observing Site (ASO), building 1394, the visibility is restricted to the sout
Caution - h due to the close proximity of building 1220, the fuel barn, and to the north-northwest by building 1395. Use caution when taxiing on Twy Sierra, Rwy 06 arm/de-arm (N and S), Rwy 24 arm/de-arm (N and S) due to twy lgt placed in excess of
Caution - 10' fr edge of the full strength pavement. Nstd paint mrk on Twy H. Cranes lctd on apch end Rwy 06 til Feb 09.
Fluid - De-Ice LPOX LOX
Fuel - A1+
JASU - 1(MA-1A) 1(M32A-60A) 1(MD-3) 1(A/M32-86)
Lighting - ABn, red coded LK. O/R SS-SR. PAPI and ILS RPI Rwy 06 not coincident. PAPI Rwy 06 GS 2.5 . PAPI and PAR RPI Rwy 24 not coincident.
Miscellanouis - Fst 1000' Rwy 24 and fst 500' Rwy 06 conc, middle 7500' porous friction sfc. No jet run up or 180 turns on porous friction sfc. All four eng acft shutdown/downspeed outboard eng on twy. VIP/PAX/CARGO acft ctc PTD, 20 min out if chg to prio
Miscellanouis - r coord. All arr/dep file IFR FPL. RSRS applied, if unable advs ATC. Wx obsn dur publ opr hr, vis determined at 30' AGL. Stor of classified material is not avbl at afld management, ctc Comd Post DSN 226-4800/ C441638-52-4800. Obsn site lim
Miscellanouis - itations at the prim obsn site incl ltd visual ref byd 5000M. Rwy 06 apch is blkd by twr. Ltd gnd handling eqpt coml PAX acft, EGUN 3NM SW has full coml PAX handling capability. Due to Fire Dept auth vehicles, E4, KC10, 747 and C5 acft at p
Miscellanouis - erm sev risk cat.
Noise Abadment - Mand quiet hr 2300-0600Z++ Mon-Thu, 1800Z++ Fri-0600Z++ Mon. Tran acft arr/dep Sat, Sun, UK and US hol btn 0900-1800Z++. All other arr/dep dur quiet hr rqr 48 FW/CC apvl. Full stop ldg only dur quiet hr or H24 on Sat, Sun and US and UK hol
Noise Abadment - . Avoid ovft of towns W and NE of afld. Aftburner max climb rqr 48 OG/CC apvl. No acft or gnd maint ops to be conducted dur mand quiet hr. Acft rqr hldg dur publ quiet hr exp LIBERTY or GROWLER fix at hi alt.
Oil - O-148
Operating Hours - Opr 0600-2200Z++ Mon-Thu; 0600-1800Z++ Fri; clsd Sat-Sun, UK and US hol.
Restricted - PPR req, ctc AMOPS DSN 226-4186/2349 C44-1638-52-4186/2349. Fax 2316. Acft executing lo apch, touch and go, go around or missed apch dur VMC shall maint 1000' or blw til passing dep end of rwy.
Traffic Pattern - VFR overhead 1500. Use ctn when arr VFR to Rwy 06 due to close proximity and similar hdg of Rwy 11 at Mildenhall.
Transit Alert - Svc avbl 0700-2200Z++ Mon-Thu; 0700-1800Z++ Fri; exp 2-4 hr svc dly. Fleet svc avbl 24 hr PN, ctc DSN 238-2296.

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