Information of RAF Mildenhall

Mildenhall, England, United Kingdom

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  • RAF Mildenhall - Tower of Mildenhall AFB , UK - by Henk Geerlings by Henk Geerlings
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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:EGUN
Airport IATA Code:MHZ
Longitude/Latitude:E 000° 29' 11.06"/N 52° 21' 42.96"
Elevation:33 ft / 10.06 m
Location:Mildenhall, England, United Kingdom
Magnetic Variation:W 1°51.8' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC 0(+1DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Approach Control LAKENHEATH APP136.5 M309.2 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS375.5 M
Centralized Approach Control CAC277.775 M
Departure Control LAKENHEATH DEP250.3 M
Ground Control GND121.8 M337.975 M
Operations AMC AIRLIFT AMCC131.975 M234.0 M
Pilot To Metro Service PMSV METRO284.425 M
Command Post 100 ARW COMD POST313.55 M
Pilot To Dispatcher PTD131.975 M308.85 M
Tower TWR122.55 M

Communication Remarks

  • Centralized Approach Control - -Crossing acft ctc LONDON MIL or LAKENHEATH APP CON 5 min or 20 NM before entering or leaving MATZ bdry. Acft ldg at MILDENHALL ctc LONDON MIL or LAKENHEATH APP 5 min or 20NM before MATZ bdry.
  • Pilot To Metro Service - Full obsn, fcst, PMSV avbl H24. Remote briefing svc avbl fr 21 OWS DSN 496-6125 or C011-49-6302-67-6125. Horizon partially restricted N by building complex.

Runway Information

Runway 11/29

Dimension:9221 x 200 ft / 2810.6 x 61.0 m
Surface:Part concrete, part asphalt, or part bitumen-bound macadam.
  Runway 11 Runway 29
Longitude:0.468000 / E 000° 28' 04.80"0.508167 / E 000° 30' 29.40"
Latitude:52.364333 / N 52° 21' 51.60"52.358667 / N 52° 21' 31.20"
End Elevation:27.0 ft33.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:27.033.0
Lighting System 1:Sequenced Flashing LightsSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:Centerline Lighting SystemTouchdown Zone Lighting
Lighting System 3:High Intensity Runway LightsCenterline Lighting System
Lighting System 4:Runway End Identifier LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 5:NATO standardRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 6:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorNATO standard
Lighting System 7:PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


A-GEAR - Nml down-avbl with 15 min PN-advs twr with rqrd config.
Caution - Two jet arpt wi 5 NM. Tfc pat overlap, strict pro compliance rqr.
Fluid - De-Ice LPOX LOX HPOX
Fuel - A1+, J8
JASU - (4)60 (16)86 (3)95
Lighting - HIRL uni-directional visible wi aprx 15 of active rwy cntrln. Beginning at 3000' remaining rwy cntrln lgt altn red/W, last 1000' all red. PAPI Rwy 11-29 GS 2.9 . PAPI and ILS RPI are not coincident for Rwy 29/11.
Miscellanouis - 1st 500' Rwy 11 and 29 conc. Middle 8221' of rwy is porous friction sfc; no 180 turns on porous friction sfc. Anti-hijack pro: Twr apvl rqr prior to eng start. All arr/dep acft will file IFR/VFR FPL. Acft carrying PAX or cargo offload ct
Miscellanouis - c AMCC, VIP ctc Comd Post NLT 30 min prior to ldg. COMSEC not avbl ctc Comd Post DSN 238-2121 or AMCC DSN 238-2247. For CSTMS/AG/IMG ctc ATOC DSN 238-2272 or AMCC DSN 238-2247.
Noise Abadment - Quiet hr 2300-0600Z++ Mon-Thu, 1800Z Fri- 0600Z++ Mon and UK hol exc HHQ drct msn and AIR EVAC flt. Non AMC acft req arr/dep dur quiet hr must rcv apvl thru Comd Post DSN 238-2121, C011-44-1638-54-2121. AMC aircrews refer to HQ AMC afld rst
Noise Abadment - d. Acft with apv quiet hr waiver must arr at sked time. No acft or gnd maint OPS conducted dur quiet hr wo 100 ARW/CC or designated rep apvl, ctc Comd Post DSN 238-2121. Acft opr conducted outside of 0900-1800Z++ Sat, Sun and UK hol is dis
Noise Abadment - couraged due to lcl civic considerations. When Rwy 11 in use; tran acft inst practice apch/multi inst apch proh. Dep acft will not initiate turn til 1 NM past afld bdry (exc for SID). Acft dep Rwy 11 will turn at 1.8 DME of MLD TACAN or 1 N
Noise Abadment - M fr afld bdry. Avoid ovft of Mildenhall village 1 NM SE, Beck Row .5 NM N, West Row .5 NM S, Isleham 3 NM SW and Ely Cathedral (MLD Rad 286/8.6). No practice apch Sat, Sun and UK hol.
Oil - O-148-156
Restricted - PPR rqr. Contact Afld Ops at DSN 238-7676/7675/7674. Min 24 hr ntc rqr and no more than 7 days prior. AMC ACFT (except KC135/C130) and Air Evac are exm and should contact 727 AMCC at DSN 238-2247/2724 for msn sked. All divert acft ctc 100 A
Restricted - RW Comd Post on 313.55 for PPR exc AMCC and emerg acft. A/D proh to acft with fwd firing munitions. All C130 maint repair teams (MRT) coming to RAF Mildenhall must incl ECM or ALE-47 qualified pers.
Traffic Pattern - VFR overhead pat 1800'. Rectangular pat 1200' for conventional and jet acft. Reduced rwy seperation std are in eff for USAFE ftr acft and SOG C-130 acft only.
Transit Alert - Opr H24. Ns abtmt rstd apply. Ltd alert pers, park/hgr space and maint. Min scv cap for C-21/C-12 acft. All others must be supported by owning crew. No dragchute repack. No ftr maint/ltd svc cap avbl. Svc not provided to acft flying sorti
Transit Alert - es out of afld.

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